Stardeus Changelog

v0.10.37 (2024.04.07)

  • [Note] This update marks the code freeze of v0.10
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.23f1
  • [Balance] Reduce Xenodetector energy cost from 250kW to 50kW
  • [Misc] Update Hungarian and Portuguese Brazil (Classic) translations
  • [Bug] Fix build menu pagination would reset the internal state to page 1 while showing page 2+ after an item in page 2+ was selected
  • [Bug] Fix translation issue with device relocation tutorial step
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of minor auto-reported internal errors
  • [Bug] Remove class name debug text showing up in expedition status notification tooltip

v0.10.36 (2024.03.10)

  • [Bug] Fix potential race condition that could lead to a crash when loading sprites

v0.10.35 (2024.03.09)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.21f1
  • [Balance] Move Coffee research from Tier 3 to Tier 2
  • [UI/UX] Improve expedition status notification
  • [UI/UX] Reorder the tutorials to put simpler tutorials before more complicated ones
  • [UI/UX] Warn when leaving a planet with an ongoing expedition or copter mission
  • [Bug] Fix (2/0) showing up near deposits in some planet tooltips
  • [Bug] Fix Tool Menu not always rebuilding correctly after unlocking new research
  • [Bug] Fix planet factions would be revealed in the tooltip without needing to scan the planet

v0.10.34 (2024.02.23)

  • [Balance] Scale minimum micro meteoroid severity together with colony size
  • [Performance] Improve performance of the Dust Storm visual effect
  • [Bug] Fix encountering a derelict ship with damaged Beta Waves Transceiver would reset Beta Waves Synchronization to zero
  • [Bug] Fix beings could get stuck in “Fighting” state and not taking any tasks even after combat was over

v0.10.33 (2024.02.03)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.19f1
  • [Feature] Allow replacing interior walls
  • [Feature] Copy the configuration of replaced objects (Door Permissions, etc.)
  • [Balance] Jumping through a Black Hole will discharge all Void Rippers that produce a piece of Dark Matter
  • [UI/UX] Add help for material favorites
  • [Bug] Fix Signal that would spawn raiders would not check if the teleporter designated for trade was removed / disabled
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon would not try to extinguish burning objects in space (solar panels, engines, etc)
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon would eject Biofuel when trying to shoot at enemies

v0.10.32 (2024.01.24)

  • [Mods] Mark More Beverages v1.0.10 mod as not compatible
  • [Bug] Prevent edge cases where a game over could happen while still having a ship computer
  • [Bug] Handle a rare case when moving a section could produce an internal error

v0.10.31 (2024.01.20)

  • [Balance] Scale research datoid cost by difficulty level (peaceful = 50%, relaxing = 75%, balanced = 100%, challenging = 125%, impossible = 150%)
  • [Balance] Reduce research datoid costs for higher tiers (before applying difficulty scale)
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce merchant price markups
  • [UI/UX] Add missing “Planetary Flight” element in engine UI details
  • [Bug] Fix Space Port Merchants would regenerate a random name and faction after save / load
  • [Bug] Fix Merchant ships would regenerate the merchant completely after save / load
  • [Bug] Fix Orbotrons would not go on expeditions
  • [Bug] Fix inability to launch an expedition if the ship was further away from the target
  • [Bug] Fix memory leak in lights system when game window would get resized during gameplay
  • [Bug] Fix removing the last Ship Computer would not cause a Game Over under certain conditions

v0.10.30 (2024.01.15)

  • [Bug] Fix Stock Market UI wouldn’t open since a recent update if portfolio was empty

v0.10.29 (2024.01.15)

  • [Tech] Improve game assets load speed
  • [UI/UX] Tone down the pause frame

v0.10.28 (2024.01.13)

  • [Balance] Double the maximum possible ship speed in the Starmap
  • [Balance] Allow installing Thruster Upgrade into all engines except Maneuvering Controllers
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.17f1
  • [AI] Backport a few minor AI improvements from new AI logic changes
  • [UI/UX] Add Pause Frame option in Video Settings (on by default)
  • [UI/UX] Improve stock market UI tooltips
  • [UI/UX] Add “Focus on launched Probe” game setting
  • [UI/UX] Improve the description of the Thruster Upgrade
  • [Bug] Fix owned stock average price wouldn’t get displayed in the chart after 3 years of game time
  • [Bug] Fix upgraded thrusters would still show non-upgraded power values in UI

v0.10.27 (2024.01.05)

  • [Balance] Genetic Engineering (Cloning Pod) research will not require Alien datoids
  • [Balance] Cloning Pod will be able to clone Eggs
  • [Misc] Generate Vents that match the surrounding wall type when generating ships
  • [Bug] Fix a new Connector would create more than one initial connection when Auto Connect Upgrade was installed
  • [Bug] Fix deconstructing a disconnected Ship Computer would trigger a false Not Enough CPU warning

v0.10.26 (2023.12.25)

  • [Bug] Fix raid event could make the game stuck and would fail to load the save afterwards

v0.10.25 (2023.12.25)

  • [Balance] Disabling Neural Network Fragmentation will not disable achievements
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle expeditions to resource deposits without depth would keep mining without results

v0.10.24 (2023.12.24)

  • [Balance] Adjust research unlock costs to reduce grind by making higher tiers cheaper
  • [Balance] Move Terraform Controls research node closer to other terraforming tech
  • [Balance] Make Mining Automation research relatively more expensive
  • [Balance] Make Asimov Override and Starcreds Mining upgrades show up more frequently in merchant inventories
  • [Balance] Increase the price of Starcreds Mining upgrade
  • [Balance] Reduce negative Faction standing impact done by raids
  • [Tech] Temporarily prevent VSync from being OFF until the 10x speed degradation is resolved
  • [Bug] Fix movable devices would still show “Relocate” option in the context menu even if relocation was forbidden
  • [Bug] Fix placing a multi-tile in sandbox mode would not update the walking difficulty map correctly
  • [Bug] Fix resource deposits that were not supposed to have depth would still track depth internally and forbid extracting the resource after a while

v0.10.23 (2023.12.17)

  • [Feature] Add a game modifier to disable Neural Network Fragmentation
  • [Balance] Stasis Pods, Breach Capsules, Meteoroids and other space bodies will not appear while the ship is traveling at FTL speeds between Galaxies
  • [UI/UX] Display resource deposit depth when starting a shuttle expedition
  • [UI/UX] Disallow launching a shuttle expedition to a resource deposit if it is too deep to mine manually
  • [AI] Workers will immediately drop material hauling tasks if target material was destroyed
  • [Bug] Fix resource production tutorial not highlighting crafter options
  • [Bug] Fix relocating an object over an unbuilt floor could complete the relocation before the floor was built
  • [Bug] Fix Mutiny event would get logged even if there were no mutineers
  • [Bug] Fix installing an upgrade on a robot that was inside an ML Booth would not complete
  • [Bug] Fix temperature resistent objects could catch on fire
  • [Bug] Fix crafting devices would lose track of the global inventory count

v0.10.22 (2023.12.09)

  • [Balance] Allow enabling / disabling force fields instantly without waiting for current shield transition to end
  • [UI/UX] Add a “Backer Edition” tag for owners of The Journey DLC (clicking it opens the Extras folder)
  • [Bug] Fix shuttles would keep items looted by raiders if the raid was over, showing those items as expedition loot later
  • [Bug] Fix raiders could select a shuttle that was out on an expedition as an escape option
  • [Bug] Fix expedition member would fail to enter the shuttle if the member was standing on the shuttle work spot when the expedition was starting
  • [Bug] Fix failing to launch an expedition would not remove the configuration event, allowing to continue configuring an expedition with a bad state
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle expedition returning with an empty storage could cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix returning from an expedition with no loot would show “Expedition Loot” popup with no contents
  • [Bug] Fix a trade with a space port would not abort if the ship moved too far away
  • [Bug] Fix starmap decoration labels would be clickable and interactive
  • [Bug] Fix attempting to view a codex entry for non-researchable devices (e.g. Stasis Pod) would cause an error
  • [Bug] Fix local maneuvering with force fields enabled could leave a ghost force field vfx

v0.10.21 (2023.12.03)

  • [Balance] Objects in space will be stopping materials from floating away (i.e. soil on solar panels)
  • [Balance] Improve firefighter retargeting speed

v0.10.20 (2023.12.03)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.14f1
  • [Balance] Construction tasks for devices attached in space will require presence of constructed adjacent structure
  • [Balance] Improve firefighter distribution when extinguishing flames
  • [UI/UX] Show Aesthetics in Codex entries
  • [UI/UX] Show information about recovered loot after expedition ends
  • [UI/UX] Crafting devices will show color coded electricity consumption of the product
  • [UI/UX] Rename “Nuclear Battery” research node to “Nuclear Cell”
  • [Bug] Fix losing a shuttle mid expedition would still show a message about the shuttle returning
  • [Bug] Fix cleaning dirty large solar panels would only yield one piece of soil per whole panel
  • [Bug] Fix possibility of eternal flame in certain rare conditions
  • [Bug] Fix freeze / crash when showing a chart that contained extremely large numbers

v0.10.19 (2023.11.26)

  • [Balance] Make Battery Discharge / Overload events occur less frequently
  • [Balance] Battery Overload event will pick the target from Carrier Drones in addition to Construction Drones
  • [Balance] Battery discharge / overload events will never affect robots that are less than 1 month old
  • [Balance] Adjust construction cost of CPU module (reduce required Transistor count 10 -> 5)
  • [UI/UX] Make Starmap object labels interactive
  • [UI/UX] Highlight the label when hovering an object in the Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Starting an expedition will auto-fill either the last used or currently selected Shuttle
  • [Misc] Add extra checks to prevent launching an expedition with invalid state
  • [Misc] Disallow selecting workers under direct control as expedition members
  • [Bug] Fix large Matter Reactor still showing 50kW in the device title

v0.10.18 (2023.11.20)

  • [Balance] Eggs will spawn more frequently
  • [Balance] Reduce cost of collecting Dark Matter via Particle Collector to 5MW
  • [Balance] Increase Matter Reactor output from 50kW to 150kW
  • [Balance] Increase GPU module electricity consumption by ~2x
  • [Balance] Reduce unlock cost of the Local Maneuvering research node
  • [Balance] Having objects (including other engines) in path of the engine flame will have consequences
  • [UI/UX] Toilets / showers will show “Dirty” warning at 85% full instead of 50%
  • [UI/UX] Local Maneuvering menu in Ship Controls will not focus on the thrusters when selecting them
  • [UI/UX] Make drag inertia act more predictably across different frame rates

v0.10.17 (2023.11.13)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.13f1
  • [Balance] Generate more common resource deposits on newly discovered planets
  • [Balance] “Travel To” option will pick a position much closer to the object in Planet layer
  • [QOL] Retry delivering materials to devices with deficit immediately after purchasing items from a merchant
  • [Misc] Update Russian and Ukrainian translations
  • [Bug] Fix “Explore Planet” quest could get into a state where the ship had to fly back and return to progress
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of auto-reported internal edge case errors

v0.10.16 (2023.11.08)

  • [UI/UX] Always show Datoid names when hovering requirements in the Research Tree
  • [Bug] Fix Tractor Beams would ignore Auto Target Off setting for incoming threats
  • [Bug] Fix a few issues with Tractor Beam targeting logic

v0.10.15 (2023.11.05)

  • [Feature] Add Auto-select projectile option for Tractor Beams. On by default.
  • [Balance] Double the pull strength of Tractor Beam
  • [Balance] Each fully charged Void Ripper will spawn Dark Matter after jumping through a black hole
  • [Balance] Having a functional Radar will automatically identify planet resource types when your ship gets close
  • [Balance] Increase Shuttle speed in the Starmap by 5x
  • [Balance] Increase Copter speed in the Starmap by 20x
  • [Balance] Increase Copter speed on ship by 3x
  • [Balance] Make robotic workers more common in merchant inventory in earlier game stages
  • [Balance] Make Asimov Override Upgrade easier to find through merchants
  • [Balance] Increase move speed and acceleration for all beings except Crawlers
  • [Balance] Increase base construction speed by 2.5x
  • [Balance] Increase deconstruction speed by 2x
  • [Balance] Increase repair speed by 2x
  • [UI/UX] List unconfigured Tractor Beams among other unconfigured devices
  • [Bug] Fix interrupting a material delivery task would not always cancel material reservations
  • [Bug] Fix current being speed was displayed incorrectly when inspecting it in the UI

v0.10.14 (2023.10.30)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.12f1
  • [Balance] Auto-unlock the required Robot Cap to support the number of starting bots if game modifiers were used
  • [Bug] Fix telescope could find a terraformable planet that belonged to another faction

v0.10.13 (2023.10.28)

  • [Balance] Remove micrometeoroid penetration prevention debuff from walls that were not adjacent to unenclosed areas
  • [Bug] Hotfix game could freeze after winching a section with active teleporters
  • [Bug] Fix winching could cause beings to move between some teleporters as if it was a normal path, receiving environmental damage in result

v0.10.12 (2023.10.27)

  • [Feature] Eggs will sometimes spawn Crawler Goo
  • [Balance] Eggs will be able to hatch in any conditions (slower when cold, faster when warm)
  • [Balance] Eggs won’t spawn more than 15 crawlers at a time
  • [Balance] Sentry will have max mining skill of 5 (was 3)
  • [Balance] Orbotron will be able to do Demolition and Repairs
  • [Balance] Orbotron will now have a mining skill (max 7)
  • [Balance] Orbotron will be cheaper to unlock in Research Tree
  • [Misc] Deleting the last known save file will not delete the save folder if the folder is not completely empty
  • [UI/UX] Eggs will show their hatch progress
  • [UI/UX] Show a hint about Void Ripper spawning Dark Matter when going through a Black Hole for the first time
  • [Bug] Fix relocating larger devices on top of themselves or in sandbox mode would not update the walkability map correctly
  • [Bug] Fix deleting the current save would not refresh the Continue button

v0.10.11 (2023.10.26)

  • [UI/UX] Add building size information to codex details
  • [Misc] Add translation keys for overriding “Locked” / “Unlocked” / “Unlock” in Research for some languages
  • [Bug] Fix teleporter self-correction logic could fail to rebuild the teleporter map
  • [Bug] Fix Crawlers would unsuccessfully attempt to attach to Cats during combat
  • [Bug] Fix several auto reported internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix InfoPanel UI would keep rebuilding when looking at certain devices, preventing some tooltips from showing up

v0.10.10 (2023.10.24)

  • [Balance] Increase Rock -> Uranium conversion material cost from 25 to 50 Rock per 1 Uranium
  • [Balance] Increase Rock -> Uranium conversion electricity cost from 30 to 60kW
  • [Tech] Add validation and self-correction logic for the Teleporter network
  • [Bug] Fix grounded beings would not evaluate repair tasks for floor tiles

v0.10.9 (2023.10.23)

  • [Balance] Make shuttle mining expeditions 25% more efficient
  • [Balance] Increase mining depth 25% slower
  • [Balance] Reduce Copper mining difficulty by ~20%
  • [Bug] Fix grounded beings would not attempt to build floors even if they could reach the spot
  • [Bug] Fix firefighters could start ignoring fires after firefighting for some time

v0.10.8 (2023.10.22)

  • [AI] Beings who can firefight will try to extinguish themselves if they catch on fire
  • [Bug] Fix “Moving Ship Sections” tutorial could get stuck in the build a bridge step if build tool was cancelled too early
  • [Bug] Fix multiple concurrent explosions could have caused some edge case internal errors

v0.10.7 (2023.10.22)

  • [Bug] Fix “Deploy Resource Miner” would not work since the last build
  • [Bug] Fix Electricity tutorial could get stuck on building a bridge if build mode was cancelled too early
  • [Bug] Fix an internal state bug in the new fire system
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of auto-reported internal errors

v0.10.6 (2023.10.21)

  • [Misc] Add developer tools to manipulate temperature / oxygen
  • [UI/UX] Explain why AutoDrill Rig cannot be deployed to resources owned by another faction
  • [UI/UX] Restore last used Mining Orders settings when launching a new Expedition
  • [Tech] Use the new fire system in a safer way to prevent potential crashes
  • [Bug] Fix spawning a derelict ship too close to the map edge could have resulted in generation failure
  • [Bug] Fix relocation was allowed for a device that was undergoing deconstruction due to a mental breakdown
  • [Bug] Fix several auto-reported internal errors

v0.10.5 (2023.10.20)

  • [UI/UX] Restore “Owned: X” tooltips for material UI elements that have no count display
  • [Bug] Fix inventory list would keep resetting to page 1 if clock was running
  • [Bug] Fix Advanced Controls tutorial wouldn’t show pencil mode binding (R4) on Steam Deck

v0.10.4 (2023.10.19)

  • [Misc] Make tutorials more difficult to break by going off-script
  • [UI/UX] Group materials with variations in the Inventory view
  • [UI/UX] Make favorite materials have highlighted names across all UI
  • [UI/UX] Ctrl + click material ui should toggle favorite status in almost every UI element that shows a material
  • [UI/UX] Show where you would emerge when going through a black hole, if such information is known
  • [UI/UX] Add inline search in more UI lists (codex materials, blueprints)
  • [UI/UX] Rearrange the order of Basic Controls tutorial steps to make it less intimidating
  • [Bug] Fix Trade View would allow to sell both generic clothing items and their variations at the same time, potentially leading to a sale error

v0.10.3 (2023.10.18)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.11f1
  • [Balance] Adjust resource distribution in biomes generation to produce more mineral deposits
  • [Feature] Objects deconstructed by a colonist with mental breakdown will be auto rebuilt
  • [UI/UX] Add a list of favorite material counts in top left
  • [UI/UX] Ctrl + click in the Inventory material list will add / remove it from favorites
  • [UI/UX] Create log entry when a colonist deconstructs an object during a mental breakdown
  • [UI/UX] Sort Datoid costs in Research Tree by datoid type instead of by quantity
  • [Misc] Add “space scan_*” console commands for debugging resource generation
  • [Bug] Fix micro meteoroid strike could have a false hit if it completely missed the ship
  • [Bug] Fix expedition members could catch on fire and receive fire damage while on expedition
  • [Bug] Fix Relocating refillable storages (Reactors, Fluid Cannons, etc) would reset configuration and eject the fuel
  • [Bug] Fix collecting floating materials by winching ship sections would not stop collected materials from hovering
  • [Bug] Fix several auto-reported internal errors

v0.10.2 (2023.10.17)

  • [Misc] When the ship rotates to adjust the flight direction, the rotation will affect the trajectories of some of the incoming space bodies
  • [Bug] Fix beings would retry delivery of unreachable materials without a proper delay
  • [Bug] Fix beings would fail to find paths between interconnected areas that were unreachable from the outside
  • [Bug] Fix a few cases when prompt to open the Starmap would not auto-close when Starmap was opened through a shortcut
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration option would still be available during the electricity grid CPU deficit
  • [Bug] Fix expedition ending before shuttle had left the ship would apply extreme mood penalty to human crew members
  • [Bug] Fix rescue operation could repeatedly fail under certain ship configurations

v0.10.1 (2023.10.16)

  • [UI/UX] Auto-close the prompt to open the Starmap when the Starmap was opened through a shortcut
  • [Bug] Fix some newly built devices would not have VFX until save / load
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a loaded crafting device would not relocate the ingredients
  • [Bug] Fix having a teleporter near a wall could cause raiders to spawn on the other side of the wall

v0.10.0 (2023.10.16)

  • [Feature] New Research mechanics based on resource production
  • [Feature] New Fire and Explosions system
  • [Feature] New Universe generation algorithm with Biomes that affect resource and faction distribution
  • [Feature] Reorganize the Research Tree
  • [Feature] Replace the Wrecked scenario tutorial with 6 standalone tutorials
  • [Feature] Add several new devices and materials
  • [Feature] CPU will now be used to limit the size of the grid that you can control
  • [Feature] Bot cap is now research based
  • [Feature] Most devices that produce materials will be configured in the same way.
  • [Feature] Remove Process tool
  • [Feature] Add Door Permissions system
  • [Feature] Add Speed Upgrade, installable to both workers and most devices
  • [Feature] Add Energy Efficiency Upgrade, installable to both workers and most devices
  • [Feature] Add Armored Walls
  • [Feature] Add a Trap Floor device
  • [Feature] Add ability to retrieve deployed AutoDrill Rigs from planets
  • [Feature] Resource deposits will have depth that increases with mining
  • [Feature] Shuttles and Autodrill Rigs will have max mining depth
  • [Feature] Derelict ships can be generated with any rotation
  • [Balance] Ship Computer will no longer produce electricity
  • [Balance] Hundreds of small balance adjustments in many aspects of the game
  • [Balance] Humans will get tired during shuttle expeditions
  • [Balance] Tired humans cannot be sent to shuttle expeditions
  • [Balance] Reduce production time for a large number of items
  • [Balance] Increase cash owned by merchants
  • [Balance] Change stock market simulation algorithm to be less aggressive
  • [Graphics] Objects sitting in open space will slowly hover
  • [Graphics] Improve visuals of fire and explosions
  • [Mods] Make the game more difficult to break with incompatible mods
  • [UI/UX] Add search field for Inventory, Stock Market, Trade View and more
  • [UI/UX] Add Grid Menu as an alternative to the Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Add batch size configuration for crafting devices to reduce material hauling tasks
  • [UI/UX] Starmap will display planet trajectory rings
  • [UI/UX] Improve Quests UI and allow progressing multiple quests in parallel
  • [UI/UX] You have to fly outside the outer ring to exit a space object in Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Charts will be have a grid with units displayed on axes
  • [UI/UX] Charts will be clearable and have a toggle view between 0-max and min-max
  • [UI/UX] Electricity chart will display renewable energy
  • [UI/UX] Group Idle, Material Deficit and Unconfigured device notifications
  • [UI/UX] Add group management UI for devices that are Idle, Unconfigured, or with Material Deficit
  • [UI/UX] Ship Controls overlay will have Local Maneuvering section that will give convenient access to all Maneuvering Controllers
  • [UI/UX] Hundreds of small enhancements touching various aspects of UI

v0.9.57 (2023.09.04)

  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid could falsely mark some connectors as unreachable when they were connected to a turned off switch

v0.9.56 (2023.08.30)

  • [Balance] Allow entering space objects while the ship is moving
  • [UI/UX] Show planet resource list in tooltip when hovering a planet in Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Improve Starmap object selection logic when hovering multiple objects
  • [UI/UX] Deconstruct tool will support special tool modes (line, circle, pencil, bucket fill)
  • [Bug] Fix planter would not allow moving / rotating above itself while growing a plant
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a planter in sandbox mode would set plant growth to 0%

v0.9.55 (2023.08.27)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.8f1
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce Probe speed
  • [UI/UX] Display storage capacity in expedition shuttle choice tooltips
  • [UI/UX] Disallow renaming beings that don’t belong to player’s faction
  • [Misc] Add Portuguese Brazil “Classic” translation

v0.9.54 (2023.08.23)

  • [AI] Grounded beings will be more careful about removing floors around / under them
  • [AI] Humans will be taking floor removal tasks if they are not inside enclosed areas
  • [Misc] Add Vietnamese alphabet support
  • [Bug] Fix renaming / moving a device with a label would not update the room names in Rooms overlay view
  • [Bug] Fix Pet Bowl would display “Fuel Burn Rate” in the UI
  • [Bug] Fix building a floor underneath a grounded worker that needed rescue would not cancel the rescue task

v0.9.53 (2023.08.22)

  • [Graphics] Improve door / vent / window / wall socket auto-rotation when the adjacent walls are not only North-South or East-West
  • [Bug] Fix beings could end their path half a tile short, finishing the walk too far away from the target (i.e. in a doorway)

v0.9.52 (2023.08.22)

  • [Balance] Adjust human needs change rates to make them more eager to work
  • [Balance] Refresh space port merchant inventory once in 3-7 weeks
  • [Balance] Whenever a raid happens, reduce the faction relationship with the raiders
  • [UI/UX] Codex > Factions will display the faction standing
  • [Bug] Fix electricity deficit on a repair station would put a worker in limbo
  • [Bug] Fix humans on expedition would catch Space Diarrhea while not exposed to other colonists on the ship
  • [Bug] Fix entering / exiting planet with a faction would keep modifying the faction standing
  • [Bug] Faction encounters are going to be tracked more accurately

v0.9.51 (2023.08.20)

  • [UI/UX] Electricity chart will not contain data from unreachable grids
  • [Bug] Fix Electricity chart would not always show battery levels correctly for multiple grids

v0.9.50 (2023.08.19)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.7f1
  • [Balance] Ablutophobic trait will no longer give negative mood for “Feeling clean”
  • [Graphics] Device ranges will still be displayed when cosmetic particles are disabled
  • [Graphics] Tone down space nebula brightness
  • [Bug] Fix using Enter Amount input in crafting device UI would not update the amount
  • [Bug] Fix label would get removed when relocating a device
  • [Bug] Fix storage settings would get reset when relocating a device

v0.9.49 (2023.08.12)

  • [Balance] Damaged Structure Collapsed story event will only happen in sections of significant size
  • [Balance] Damaged Structure Collapsed story event will collapse larger areas
  • [Misc] Add Italian community translation by AndyD

v0.9.48 (2023.08.10)

  • [UI/UX] Log copter mission failures
  • [Tech] Make copter missions much more resilient to edge case failures
  • [AI] Improve “seek safety” algorithm for biological beings
  • [Bug] Fix copters getting stuck if more than one miner deployment mission was launched at the same time
  • [Bug] Fix copter mission would fail if more than one mission would get started while the game was paused

v0.9.47 (2023.08.08)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.6f1
  • [Bug] Fix main menu pagination not working correctly since a recent UI update
  • [Bug] Fix Vents would not update their surroundings positions after winch / local maneuvering, resulting in ghost oxygen / heat leaks

v0.9.46 (2023.08.03)

  • [UI/UX] Fix auto scale / rescale related UI auto-resize problems

v0.9.45 (2023.07.31)

  • [Balance] Plants will be ready to harvest at 95% growth (was 90%)
  • [Balance] Expedition and signal extortion events will require immediate response
  • [Balance] Reinforced walls will have higher insulation level compared to regular walls
  • [UI/UX] Track Money in Event Log > Situation charts
  • [UI/UX] Show insulation percentage with fractions in Hull Integrity view
  • [UI/UX] Selecting enemy workers will not produce robot interaction sounds
  • [Bug] Fix hostile beings coming from a storage capsule would show a false “joined your colony” notification
  • [Bug] Fix a suggestion to disassemble a Breach Capsule could show up even if a disassembly task was already created
  • [Bug] Pets that have a petting task assigned would show a heart icon on them

v0.9.44 (2023.07.29)

  • [Balance] Change plant harvesting
  • [Balance] Certain expedition and signal events will require immediate choice

v0.9.44 (2023.07.29)

  • [Balance] Request wake-up in Stasis Array advanced life support controls will work 10x faster
  • [Bug] Fix animal petting tasks would not get executed if a free worker wasn’t available when the task was created

v0.9.43 (2023.07.28)

  • [Balance] Directional Turrets will not hit ship engines and other objects attached in space
  • [UI/UX] Prevent some types of messages from repeating in the log view
  • [Bug] Fix spawning a derelict ship that had a stasis array would change the used chambers of existing stasis arrays

v0.9.42 (2023.07.26)

  • [Feature] Add more dynamic loot types for expedition story events
  • [Bug] Fix story event last seen logic working in reverse (seen events would repeat)
  • [Bug] Fix multi-selected refillable storage (reactor, fluid cannon, etc) would fail to eject the fuel
  • [Bug] Fix more story events types could get exhausted and produce nothing (capsules, expeditions)

v0.9.41 (2023.07.26)

  • [Balance] There will be 20% chance to get a story event with an opposite effect when story generator wants certain kind of tension
  • [Balance] Reduce time between energy rifle shots
  • [Tech] Add more diagnostics and logs for more effective in-game bug reporting
  • [Tech] Prevent periodic auto-save from running when menu panel or feedback form is displayed
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth would not stop using electricity if the training task was interrupted
  • [Bug] Fix exhausting all possible Signal events of certain positivity type would not produce a fallback option

v0.9.40 (2023.07.25)

  • [Feature] Add new story event: Storage Capsule Hostile Being
  • [Bug] Fix signal events would stop working if all types of events were seen recently

v0.9.39 (2023.07.24)

  • [Balance] Engines that spawn on derelict ships will never be ones that you don’t have yourself
  • [Balance] Reduce the frequency of random story events
  • [Balance] Add customizable delay for how frequently any story event can repeat
  • [Graphics] Remove automatic ramp up of the ambient light if there were too few main lights
  • [UI/UX] Right clicking unselected materials and beings will select them and show the context menu
  • [UI/UX] Left click will no longer drag the starmap view
  • [UI/UX] Right clicking objects in starmap will now show the object context menu
  • [UI/UX] Add multi-select action for all crafting devices (Assemblers, Fabricators, Cooking Stations, etc)
  • [UI/UX] Ordering crafting of an item in any crafting device will dynamically determine the wanted amount increment depending on current inventory
  • [Bug] Fix Communicator would not get back to consuming 5kW after used
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod / Storage Capsule affected by a Tractor Beam could land too far away from the contact point
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to click-select a tile if there was multiple free entities above it (i.e. a planter with a plant and some plant fiber above it)
  • [Bug] Fix crawler faction could own a space port
  • [Bug] Fix worker under direct control would not go to an adjacent tile when ctrl+clicked

v0.9.38 (2023.07.22)

  • [Feature] Add new story event: Food Poisoning
  • [Balance] Damaged devices will require higher level of damage to go on fire / explode (for new story events)
  • [Balance] Damaged devices will not go on fire on their own if there is no oxygen around them (for new story event)
  • [Balance] Some devices will never explode (stuff that has no high energy / combustible parts, like solar panels or planters)
  • [Balance] FTL drives will almost never spawn on derelict ships
  • [Balance] Colonists with urgent needs will ignore the Emergency Siren
  • [UI/UX] Show crafting / processing time and energy cost in extended details of materials

v0.9.37 (2023.07.21)

  • [Feature] Add new story event: Stasis Pod Dead Traveler
  • [Feature] Add new story event: Damaged Structure Collapse
  • [Feature] Add new story event: Damaged Device Explosion
  • [Feature] Add new story event: Damaged Device Fire
  • [Balance] Limit the frequency with which you can be visited by random traders
  • [Balance] Beings hatched from alien eggs will have correct age
  • [Balance] Reduce the number of cats that could hatch from an egg
  • [Bug] Fix unbuilt / unrelocated planters or vases would display “unconfigured” icon, that would not go away after relocation was finished

v0.9.36 (2023.07.20)

  • [Graphics] Tone down the saturation of space nebula
  • [Bug] Fix turning off starfield nebula would break the game
  • [Bug] Fix loading a game with a communicator that had a pending merchant request would fail to restore the “Arriving soon” notification
  • [Bug] Remove the option to launch a probe to a planet moon, as it did nothing

v0.9.35 (2023.07.19)

  • [Balance] Sentry and Orbotron units will be relentless and never go into “High Alert” state during combat
  • [Balance] Robotic workers that have a weapon equipped will have much less chance to go into “High Alert” state during combat
  • [Graphics] Add new “Pitch Black” ambient light option to Video settings
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a multi-tile device with another one would create a set of invisible child tiles that would lead to inconsistent state if upgrade was cancelled / device relocated

v0.9.34 (2023.07.18)

  • [Balance] Merchants will have ~10x more money in early game
  • [Balance] Make “Device broke down” event much more rare and never appear in early game
  • [Bug] Fix objects that must be outdoors would temporarily have an incorrect initial state after load, potentially causing explosions
  • [Bug] Fix newly constructed electric devices would not display their power metrics until save / load
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a damaged device would remove the damage
  • [Bug] Fix saving / loading with active Stasis Pod Merchant would not reactivate the trade after load

v0.9.33 (2023.07.18)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.5f1
  • [Tech] Improve electricity grid state validation to prevent inconsistent connection states
  • [Tech] Improve electricity grid state recovery on loading a save with inconsistent electricity state
  • [UI/UX] “Disassemble Breach Capsule” suggestion will have a “Show” button to focus on the capsule
  • [Bug] Fix inconsistent electricity connection state could lead to a hard crash
  • [Bug] Fix some actions (i.e. use treadmill) would not release the reservation if there was a failure to reach the spot
  • [Bug] Fix Light Block would not initialize correctly after construction
  • [Bug] Fix newly generated wrecked scenario could have a hole in the wall of the survivor area

v0.9.32 (2023.07.17)

  • [Balance] Disallow launching multiple shuttle expeditions to same location
  • [UI/UX] Show compatible storages in material descriptions
  • [Bug] Fix trying to sell a reserved material would fail the trade
  • [Bug] Fix trade aborting and not paying for removed items when some item fails to get removed

v0.9.31 (2023.07.17)

  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch in Crawler animation when texture quality was set to “Half”
  • [Bug] Fix when weapon was equipped mid combat the fighter would still be doing melee until next combat or save / load
  • [Bug] Fix crafters would not always show “check” status icon when they have reached their production goal
  • [Bug] Fix new trade UI would produce a closing sound whenever a new game was started

v0.9.30 (2023.07.16)

  • [Balance] Reduce initial mining difficulty for Iron, Titanium and Rock
  • [Balance] Story generator won’t spawn new eggs if you have 3+ already
  • [Bug] Fix Egg Shells would not be sellable / stackable / storable

v0.9.29 (2023.07.15)

  • [UI/UX] Suggest what to do if you can’t fly due to a derelict ship present in your map
  • [Bug] Fix entering item amount in the trade view through the input field would display 0 if page was changed
  • [Bug] Add additional resiliency logic for recovering from inconsistent electricity system state when loading a save file

v0.9.28 (2023.07.15)

  • [Graphics] Optimize space nebula background to reduce GPU consumption
  • [Graphics] Make space nebula colors more vivid
  • [UI/UX] Add “Walking Difficulty” visual overlay
  • [UI/UX] Change space nebula option settings dropdown into an on/off toggle
  • [Bug] Fix Demo panel would block the bottom left UI buttons
  • [Bug] Fix click+dragging a teleporter link would not work if the end teleporter was on top of an electric floor tile
  • [Bug] Fix moving a section when a force field was up would not move the force field visuals

v0.9.27 (2023.07.12)

  • [Audio] Ambience and sound effect volume will fade out slower when camera zooms out
  • [Bug] Fix slider UI widget could set an incorrect value during UI element initialization

v0.9.26 (2023.07.11)

  • [Misc] Add more safety checks for preventing potential bugs while moving ship sections
  • [Bug] Fix linked and switched off teleporters would break pathfinding after moving ship sections

v0.9.25 (2023.07.11)

  • [UI/UX] Improve “Known Resource Deposits” UI
  • [UI/UX] Improve “Local Maneuvering” UI
  • [Bug] Add protection against a possible race condition that could cause losing heat / oxygen while moving a ship section
  • [Bug] Fix executing a trade when a selected item was no longer available wouldn’t allow completing the trade and would remove selected items without paying for them

v0.9.24 (2023.07.10)

  • [Bug] Fix Egg Shell would be treated as an egg and could hatch stuff
  • [Bug] Fix a breach capsule raid could begin mid-save, leading to internal errors

v0.9.23 (2023.07.10)

  • [Feature] Add a “Split” function for material piles
  • [UI/UX] When ejecting from storage, holding Ctrl will eject 50%, Alt: 10%, Shift: 1
  • [Bug] Fix research tier markers may not update if something was unlocked while tree was not open
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case errors

v0.9.22 (2023.07.09)

  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsules, Stasis Pods would remain in unremovable state after combat
  • [Bug] Fix dead bodies would not be relocatable to empty space

v0.9.21 (2023.07.09)

  • [Feature] Eggs will produce Alien Egg Shell when they hatch or get destroyed
  • [Balance] Eggs will only hatch after they have been for a certain amount on the ship
  • [Balance] Eggs will only hatch if they are in a warm environment (at least 0 celsius)
  • [UI/UX] Automatically remove leading zeros from trade amount input fields
  • [UI/UX] Log when friendly being fails to move due to safety issue
  • [UI/UX] Quick Search will allow jumping to coordinates (Type “120 145” or “128:123” or “[12:145]”)
  • [Mods] Mark “More Beverages” 1.0.7 as incompatible (breaks sleep action)
  • [Bug] Fix empty Stasis Array could spawn colonists in certain conditions
  • [Bug] Fix some events could still trigger combat even when it was disabled
  • [Bug] Fix several auto-reported internal errors

v0.9.20 (2023.07.07)

  • [Balance] Research Tree will require to unlock at least 25% of tech from lower tiers to unlock higher tiers
  • [Balance] Shuffle the Research Tree to redistribute tiers more evenly
  • [UI/UX] Group research nodes by tiers in the Research Tree view
  • [UI/UX] Add alternative Research Tree layout option
  • [UI/UX] Add “Except Beings” filter option to the new Trade UI
  • [Bug] Fix toggling “Always Display” on a tile label would not work correctly
  • [Bug] Fix selecting a multi-tile device would only show its label if the root tile was selected

v0.9.19 (2023.07.05)

  • [Balance] Relocating colonists to unsafe environment or open space will violate Asimov’s law
  • [UI/UX] Improve list pagination controls
  • [UI/UX] Mouse wheel will flip pages in the Main Menu
  • [UI/UX] Improve automatic resizing of Info Panel to fit better in small screens (i.e. Steam Deck)
  • [UI/UX] Improve Crafting configuration UI
  • [Bug] Fix double-clicking a dead body would also select alive beings and vice versa
  • [Bug] Fix combat units could be unable to find enemy when there was a large number of beings and very few enemies
  • [Bug] Fix several auto-reported internal errors

v0.9.18 (2023.07.04)

  • [Feature] All merchants will belong to one of the factions and all trades will affect the faction standing
  • [Feature] Merchant markup will be affected by the faction standing
  • [UI/UX] Improve Inventory UI
  • [UI/UX] Improve Electricity UI
  • [UI/UX] Improve Stock Market UI
  • [Bug] Fix Stock Market would always limit certain items to a very low price (i.e. Titanium)

v0.9.17 (2023.07.04)

  • [Bug] Fix some issues with the new Trade UI
  • [Bug] Fix crafting devices that did not need electricity (mods only) would not be able to copy/paste configuration

v0.9.16 (2023.07.03)

  • [UI/UX] Improve the new Trade UI

v0.9.15 (2023.07.03)

  • [Feature] Add Advanced Cooling research node
  • [Feature] Add CoolMatic Floor
  • [Balance] Adjust construction skill requirements for building new X-Matic Floors
  • [Bug] Fix a rare situation when a being would not be able to go through doors if a walk was aborted while being was waiting for a door to open

v0.9.14 (2023.07.03)

  • [UI/UX] Overhaul Trade UI
  • [Bug] Fix disconnected Planters and Vase would not grow plants

v0.9.13 (2023.07.02)

  • [Feature] Add Advanced Oxygen Production and Advanced Heat Production research nodes
  • [Feature] Add OxyMatic Floor and HeatMatic Floor
  • [Balance] Increase Mini Heater heat production rate
  • [UI/UX] Log when workers fail to find a Charge Station or a Repair Station
  • [UI/UX] Fix resizing the game window or changing the UI scale could result in some lists becoming too long to fit the screen
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid lines would flicker whenever the cursor changed position after hovering a teleporter at least once
  • [Bug] Fix doors would not auto-close when a temporary worker connection was established
  • [Bug] Fix derelict ships would still spawn in the same starmap layer as the player instead of current system

v0.9.12 (2023.07.01)

  • [Balance] Sandbox mode will allow managing devices without a connection to Ship Computer
  • [Balance] It will not be possible to switch off connectors anymore (this introduces some nasty edge cases)
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.4f1
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Disconnect All” ui element from grids that do not have a Ship Computer
  • [Misc] Improve initial electricity grid connection generation in the Random Ship scenario
  • [Bug] Fix game crash during recalculation of the electricity grid if there was a connection between a switched off unreachable connector and a device
  • [Bug] Fix auto connect upgrade could connect newly built devices to unreachable connectors
  • [Bug] Fix opening Research Tree or Starmap while displaying guidelines would not remove the guidelines
  • [Bug] Fix scanning for derelict ships while close to the planet would find the derelict near a planet instead of the star system, resulting in too many derelicts per system
  • [Bug] Fix Tutorial would get stuck if it was saved / loaded during the Energy research phase
  • [Bug] Fix grids without batteries would display battery charge level as “NaN”
  • [Bug] Fix an edge case when winching operation would fail without showing an obstacle warning
  • [Bug] Fix biological beings would fail to move out of a wall and eventually die if they got trapped inside one

v0.9.11 (2023.06.22)

  • [Balance] Increase Directional Turret rate of fire
  • [Balance] Some Breach Capsules will fly faster then others
  • [Bug] Fix some mods would fail to show management UI buttons
  • [Bug] Fix several minor internal edge case exceptions

v0.9.10 (2023.06.21)

  • [UI/UX] Restore the missing task item in the Info Panel
  • [UI/UX] Show the amount of electricity deficit in the log

v0.9.9 (2023.06.21)

  • [Balance] Attached crawlers will detach themselves after 12-24hours
  • [Balance] Adjust duration of some mental breakdown story events
  • [Balance] Adjust delay between melee and weapon hits in combat
  • [Balance] Adjust delay between shots for turrets and fluid cannons
  • [UI/UX] UI Overhaul: Add big notification for important events
  • [UI/UX] UI Overhaul: Add log panel
  • [UI/UX] UI Overhaul: Move some less important events into the log (work in progress)
  • [UI/UX] Add option for current game settings: “Focus on items after trade”

v0.9.8 (2023.06.20)

  • [Bug] Fix components that didn’t have a UI group assigned would not show up in the UI (i.e. unconfigured planter)

v0.9.7 (2023.06.19)

  • [UI/UX] UI Overhaul: Split and reorganize overlay buttons
  • [Bug] Fix ctrl+clicking multiple large devices would sometimes not include the first device in the mass action list
  • [Bug] Fix a few internal errors related to UI overhaul
  • [Bug] Fix entering a galaxy with terraformable planet in one of the systems would not display the system marker until the system was visited

v0.9.6 (2023.06.18)

  • [Balance] Building a large GPU module will require 5 science instead of 6
  • [Balance] Nuclear Battery will not require Uranium to be built (it requires Nuclear Cell already)
  • [UI/UX] UI Overhaul: Reorganize the Info Panel
  • [UI/UX] UI Overhaul: Reorganize mass select actions
  • [UI/UX] Restrict the clock speed for a short while when combat starts
  • [Bug] Fix installing disk compression upgrades would disproportionally increase electricity consumption
  • [Bug] Fix unconstructed devices would show electricity node UI element
  • [Bug] Fix auto connect would connect to any connector instead of one with most free slots

v0.9.5 (2023.06.16)

  • [UI/UX] Improve new electricity node connection management sub-ui
  • [Bug] Fix currently running research item would not display the lack of resources properly
  • [Bug] Fix UI Hover sounds audio setting override would not get applied after game start
  • [Bug] Fix launching a copter mission and leaving the planet would spawn the copter very far away from the ore deposit

v0.9.4 (2023.06.15)

  • [Balance] System scanner will continue working when the player is in near a planet
  • [UI/UX] Add a toggle to disable clock speed restriction during disasters
  • [UI/UX] Reduce disaster clock speed restriction duration by 33%
  • [Bug] Fix system scanner would fail to find anything after Complex Planets update
  • [Bug] Fix managing an electric device through a worker would not work properly if the device had 0 connections
  • [Bug] Fix several auto reported internal errors

v0.9.3 (2023.06.15)

  • [Feature] Automatically pause the game clock on emergencies (raids, fire, asteroids)
  • [UI/UX] Using “Auto Connect” on a connector will only connect the devices that have 0 connections
  • [UI/UX] Add “Try Auto Connect” and “Disconnect All” actions for mass-selected devices
  • [Bug] Fix an edge case where electricity system could lock the game clock and never unlock it on huge ships
  • [Bug] Fix soundtrack system was not reacting to game mood changes
  • [Bug] Fix opening a relocated Storage Capsule would spawn the loot visuals below the capsule
  • [Bug] Fix entering traded item amount via text input would not update the slider value
  • [Bug] Fix light system would stop recycling light slots correctly after the max light limit (10240) was reached

v0.9.2 (2023.06.14)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.2f
  • [Bug] Fix several more new electricity system bugs

v0.9.1 (2023.06.14)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.3.1f
  • [Tech] Temporarily disable Starfield vfx on Mac OS X to prevent crash due to bug in Unity 2022.3 LTS
  • [Tech] Make new electricity system more resilient to errors in device implementation
  • [Bug] Fix several most severe bugs with new electricity system (freezing clock, looping errors)

v0.9.0 (2023.06.12)

  • [Feature] Add GPU modules
  • [Feature] Mining starcreds will scale by adding more GPU modules
  • [Feature] Add “Try Auto Connect” button to Electricity overlay
  • [Balance] Prevent Robot from spawning in a different area than the Ship Computer during scenario setup
  • [Balance] Ensure that newly joined colonists would have positive initial mood
  • [Balance] Significantly increase max charge of Nuclear Battery
  • [Balance] Prevent market prices from going down too low
  • [Balance] Adjust science cost for installing some of the upgrades
  • [Balance] Only some of the humans that come from alien eggs will be infected
  • [Mods] Validate mods more strictly when initializing the game
  • [Mods] Warn when loading a save that depends on missing / broken mods
  • [Tech] Full rewrite of the Electricity grid system
  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2022.3 LTS
  • [UI/UX] Add “Teleporters” link display option to electricity overlay
  • [Graphics] Remove static nebula option from Video Settings (it was hacky)
  • [Graphics] Use full quality textures by default for hardware with over 4GB of VRAM
  • [Graphics] Fix visual glitch where info bubbles or health bars would change their position when game was paused / unpaused
  • [Performance] Major performance improvements related to electricity grid simulation
  • [Bug] Fix multiple bugs related to the old electricity system
  • [Bug] Fix unbuilt tiles could take environmental damage, resulting in damaged objects after construction is completed
  • [Bug] Fix solid floor tile could replaced by a frame when it was holding an object or structure
  • [Bug] Fix terraforming materials would sell for a higher price than they could be bought for
  • [Bug] Fix special markers missing in Starmap until the galaxy / system that contains a terraformable planet was visited
  • [Bug] Fix safety check would show false “object in unsafe area” message in UI when the check was disabled for the device

v0.8.8 (2023.05.21)

  • [Feature] Add “Use as Room Name” and “Always Show” togglers to Label component controls
  • [Balance] Increase mining level up rate
  • [UI/UX] Display device labels in Electricity grid lists
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show Environment tooltip when Alt is not the only modifier key that is pressed
  • [UI/UX] Update electricity grid display when clicking on the items in the grid list
  • [Bug] Fix Winching / Moving the ship would not update the device ambient sound positions
  • [Bug] Fix Winching / Moving the ship section with Charge Station or Repair Station would prevent those devices from being used until they were disconnected and reconnected to electricity
  • [Bug] Fix failing to retrieve an artifact from the expedition would always kill the crew member even if the damage was supposed to be non-lethal
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Compact UI would sometimes fail to show the last groupable element (usually Details button on some of the selected entities)

v0.8.7 (2023.05.18)

  • [Bug] Fix shuttle could end up in the wrong starmap layer if it was leaving the ship when the Starmap scope was changed
  • [Bug] Fix enabling Advanced Life Support / Prevent Malfunctions on the Stasis Array would prevent those options from being disabled due to array controls lost because of newly created electricity deficit

v0.8.6 (2023.05.18)

  • [Misc] Update official Spanish and Chinese translations

v0.8.5 (2023.05.17)

  • [Balance] Adjust mining difficulty increase rates (esp. for manual mining)
  • [Balance] Reduce initial Uranium mining difficulty for newly found deposits
  • [Bug] Fix combat could get stuck if fighters would stop in doorways

v0.8.4 (2023.05.16)

  • [Feature] Add “Prevent Malfunctions” option for the Stasis Array
  • [Balance] Centrifuge will now produce heat while operating
  • [Balance] Allow executing trades with a Merchant even when the Merchant does not have enough cash to settle the transaction
  • [Misc] Rename “Precision Thruster” to “Maneuvering Controller” to avoid ambiguity with “Thruster”
  • [UI/UX] Add “Ignore” option to the list of threats in Security system
  • [UI/UX] Add more information about what engine types are required for flight in current starmap scope
  • [Tech] Pause the simulation completely for the duration of the save process to prevent rare save race conditions
  • [Bug] Fix Device Wear UI element would display inverse percentage (90% for a device with 10% wear)
  • [Bug] Fix jumping through a black hole would prevent new Asteroids, Meteoroids and Breach Capsule events from executing properly
  • [Bug] Fix attempting to order a device replacement (upgrade) more than once would set incorrect skill checks for the hauling part of the task
  • [Bug] Fix several auto-reported edge case internal exceptions
  • [Bug] Automatically park Copters hovering without a mission when loading the game (temporary fix)

v0.8.3 (2023.05.14)

  • [Feature] Add modifiers for changing the number of starting workers and survivors
  • [Feature] Deconstructing an object can automatically create low priority hauling tasks for yielded materials (optional, configurable in current game settings)
  • [UI/UX] Display completeness of the locale in the Language settings dropdown
  • [Bug] Fix load game tooltips would not display correct values of some modifiers

v0.8.2 (2023.05.13)

  • [Feature] Shuttle will now have some mining power (same as level 3 mining skill)
  • [Feature] Add “Shuttle Drill Upgrade” that will add +3 mining power
  • [Feature] Add “Thruster Upgrade” that will extra power to Thrusters and extra distance to Maneuvering Thrusters
  • [Feature] Scanning progress will now be saved for each star system and resumed when you return to its view
  • [Balance] Upgraded thrusters will have a small chance of explosion event even if wear is disabled or they are not worn out
  • [UI/UX] Add “Require Full Crew” toggle to the expedition creation UI
  • [Bug] Fix race condition when ordering a large number of floors / walls right before autosave started would corrupt the save process and mark the game state as invalid

v0.8.1 (2023.05.13)

  • [Balance] Some unstored material piles will no longer be indestructible and may catch on fire or explode when taking damage
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.3.25f1
  • [Tech] Add an internal obsolete mod list to prevent loading of unsupported mods
  • [Tech] Improve automatic detection of corrupted game installation
  • [UI/UX] Make plan mirror lines thin and independent on zoom level
  • [Bug] Fix exiting to the main menu in the middle of the tutorial could cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix several auto-reported internal edge case exceptions

v0.8.0 (2023.05.11)

  • [Feature] Planets can now be entered and will have a local map with points of interest, moons, etc
  • [Feature] Overhaul the concept of Mining Expeditions
  • [Feature] Add Labels and Labeling research (enables room names)
  • [Feature] Shuttles, Probes, Radars, Quantum Barriers, Stasis Pods, Tractor Beams and their targets will require outdoors area
  • [Feature] Add Xenodetection research and Xenodetector to detect alien life forms
  • [Feature] Starmap Scanner will be able to search for presence of other factions
  • [Feature] Add Enriched Uranium and a Centrifuge device for enriching it
  • [Feature] Storage Capsules will now be processable in a Disassembler
  • [Balance] Reduce the number of workers available in the beginning of the game
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce the rate of human colonists waking up from stasis
  • [Balance] Reduce the amount of starting resources in Wrecked scenario
  • [Balance] Derelict Ships will yield less resources in the wreckage
  • [Balance] Adjust movement speeds
  • [Balance] Raw Uranium will be burnable in Matter Reactor
  • [Balance] Nuclear Reactor will require Enriched Uranium instead of raw one
  • [Balance] More advanced robotic workers will require a Nuclear Cell
  • [Balance] The first Derelict Ship you encounter will always be of a specific type
  • [Balance] Adjust amount of work required to extinguish fires
  • [Balance] Adjust amount of work required to construct most structure and devices
  • [Balance] Adjust construction cost of most structure (floors / walls)
  • [Balance] Increase market prices for beings and nuclear elements
  • [Balance] Storage Capsule will not spawn unreasonable amounts of expensive items in early game anymore
  • [Balance] Dozens of various other balance changes
  • [UI/UX] When a device with a range is being placed, show ranges of same type of devices around it
  • [UI/UX] Add Hull Enclosure (roof) view to Rooms overlay (F9)
  • [UI/UX] Show warnings when objects that are supposed to be outdoors are enclosed
  • [UI/UX] Add mass-action to order deconstruction of multiple selected items
  • [UI/UX] Dozens of various other UI/UX improvements and changes
  • [Bug] Fix Derelict Ship destruction phase would do much less harm to the ships than it was supposed to
  • [Bug] Fix Cleaning skill would not level up
  • [Bug] Dozens of other small fixes

v0.7.46 (2023.05.03)

  • [Balance] Merchant cash will be generated accordingly to player’s cash rather than net worth
  • [Balance] Merchants will have smaller inventories
  • [Balance] Random merchant ships will arrive less frequently
  • [Balance] Space Diarrhea will have a negative effect on mood
  • [UI/UX] Fix zooming the Research Tree would resize some objects in the Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Expedition shuttle storage item counts will update in realtime in expedition controls view
  • [UI/UX] Repair tool will show red tooltip when hovering a worn out device
  • [UI/UX] Improve automatic UI element grouping logic
  • [Graphics] Fix planets would not appear in the background right after loading the save
  • [Graphics] Flying space objects will remain the same size as they move around
  • [Graphics] Reduce max ship visual tilt angle from 5 to 2 degrees when the ship is rotating in space
  • [Graphics] Fix ship would visually tilt in the wrong direction when rotating in space
  • [Graphics] Fix Shuttle would fly too quickly in the map
  • [Graphics] Fix some particles simulating at wrong rate when game speed was >1x
  • [Bug] Fix smoke trails visual effect not initializing since a recent update

v0.7.45 (2023.05.02)

  • [Graphics] Make being strafe and punch animations smoother
  • [UI/UX] Automatic UI grouping will condense only adjacent elements (to minimize UI element jumping)
  • [Bug] Fix info icons would not update correctly since last build

v0.7.44 (2023.05.02)

  • [Balance] Increase the operational angle of Directional Turret from 30 to 90 degrees
  • [Balance] Increase initial active orders limit from 64 to 128
  • [Balance] Story events that randomly damage electrical devices will not target important devices, and devices with low wear
  • [Balance] Disabling device wear will automatically disable all story events where random accidents happen for electrical devices
  • [Balance] Reduce chance of picking up crawlers during expeditions
  • [UI/UX] Disable automatic UI grouping in certain lists (i.e. processor queue)
  • [UI/UX] Mass action UI items will show a warning tooltip when the task limit would be exceeded
  • [Graphics] Increase the amount of marked tiles (i.e. turret range) that can be displayed at the same time (2048->8192)
  • [Graphics] Fix selecting multiple items with different range color would show only one range color
  • [Bug] Fix destroying a flying Breach Capsule would no longer spawn any loot

v0.7.43 (2023.04.30)

  • [UI/UX] Automatically group some UI elements to make UI more compact (configurable in Video settings)
  • [UI/UX] Some tooltips will expand to show more data when CTRL is pressed
  • [Graphics] Improve teleportation visuals: hide the carried item and move the thought bubble only after teleportation ended
  • [Graphics] Dust Storm visuals will gradually phase out when the storm is over
  • [Bug] Fix “Make Ship Flight Ready” quest would only complete after the player has opened the Ship Controls overlay
  • [Bug] Attempt to fix oxygen / heat occasionally getting lost when doing local maneuvering in a large ship

v0.7.42 (2023.04.29)

  • [Balance] Starting a new Wrecked scenario will always produce the same initial set of available devices
  • [Balance] Adjust the formula that caps active orders to have a non-linear dependency on memory size
  • [Balance] Cleaning OCD trait will no longer interrupt sleep, eating or other need based tasks
  • [Balance] Cleaning OCD trait will only target dirt in the same room where the being is at
  • [UI/UX] Fix minor misalignment of some UI event notification text
  • [UI/UX] Fix “No Research” notification would not show up in a newly started game if Research Tree was never opened
  • [UI/UX] Replace a few more popups with tooltips
  • [UI/UX] Fix zero or negative values would not show up in UI progress bars
  • [UI/UX] Ship preview in New Game screen will update immediately when input value changes
  • [UI/UX] Improve Particle Collector UI
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide “Dust Storm Ended” notification after 4h in game time
  • [Bug] Fix selected being navigation UI element would show false data
  • [Bug] Fix “Approach Derelict” suggestion could be displayed before the “Approach Derelict” quest has been received
  • [Bug] Fix Battery could get destroyed with certain game seeds in Wrecked scenario, resulting in broken tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix ordering processing a dead body would cancel the processing task if the processor queue was full
  • [Bug] Fix room overlay would not show contents of each room in tooltips
  • [Bug] Fix skull icon was not showing up on dead beings
  • [Bug] Fix skull icon would not get restored after a dead body was moved

v0.7.41 (2023.04.28)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.24f1
  • [Tech] Add tighter validation for material correctness in mods
  • [Balance] Common actions will adhere to the task limit restrictions
  • [UI/UX] Enclosed Areas overlay will disable the color overlay over the areas hovered in the UI list
  • [UI/UX] After booting the game, show a popup with a list of broken mods if there are any
  • [UI/UX] Hovering an object with Haul tool will show “No Storage Unit” tooltip if the object can’t be stored
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling upgrade installation would not clear the upgrade deficit notifications
  • [Bug] Fix several auto-reported internal errors

v0.7.40 (2023.04.27)

  • [Bug] Hotfix breaking down tiles would not spawn materials since the last update
  • [Bug] Hotfix construction could get stuck due to no missing materials since the last update

v0.7.39 (2023.04.26)

  • [Tech] Make save files slightly smaller by not saving the materials of constructed tiles
  • [Bug] Fix light range modifications would not get applied correctly when copying light source configuration
  • [Bug] Fix Tractor Beam particle effects not updating their position when ship sections are moving in local map

v0.7.38 (2023.04.25)

  • [UI/UX] Electricity will not display deficit notifications for grids that don’t have direct connection to a Ship Computer
  • [UI/UX] Electricity statistics and charts will not include data from sub-grids that are not connected to a Ship Computer
  • [Graphics] Fix pulsating light colors would lerp incorrectly, producing a wrong color in between

v0.7.37 (2023.04.20)

  • [Feature] Jumping through a Black Hole will escape pending Meteors, Asteroids and Raids
  • [Balance] Allow changing Starmap scope even when there are pending space events like Meteors, Asteroids or Raids
  • [AI] Tweak “High Alert” combat state logic to join the combat if the worker has no tasks to perform
  • [UI/UX] Quick Search will now work properly on Steam Deck and Big Picture Mode with a gamepad
  • [UI/UX] Add better explanations of why tasks can’t be performed when holding CTRL while hovering a task with worker selected
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Crew member failed to reach the shuttle” warning - expedition will launch if at least 1 member has reached the shuttle
  • [Bug] Fix Common Action UI buttons would not release their cache in between games, causing internal errors

v0.7.36 (2023.04.18)

  • [Bug] Fix Asteroids and Meteors could sometimes hit the ship through the Quantum Barriers
  • [Bug] Fix changing clock speeds or loading the game could make Asteroids and Meteors reaching insane velocities
  • [Bug] Fix Derelict Ship generation could get stuck if a piece of debris would get pushed out of map bounds

v0.7.35 (2023.04.16)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.23f1
  • [Tech] Automatically switch VSync from OFF to recommended setting unless VSync OFF was confirmed in Video settings
  • [UI/UX] Add warnings about negative impact of VSync OFF to simulation speed
  • [Bug] Fix Expedition would remain locked in “Waiting For Base” phase if shuttle space object was not found
  • [Bug] Fix several internal cases where same action would be executed twice on button click

v0.7.34 (2023.04.13)

  • [Tech] Add extra diagnostics to debug possible causes of several rare internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix multi-selected items that were destroyed while multi-action UI was open could produce unexpected effects if player clicked the multi-action execute button
  • [Bug] Fix several automatically reported internal edge-case exceptions

v0.7.33 (2023.04.12)

  • [UI/UX] Remove “Load Game” button from pause panel. Exiting to main menu is required to correctly clear the game state.
  • [Tech] Resolve memory leaks that happened when loading game save files over and over
  • [Bug] Fix loading a save could fail if an AI task was cancelled during the load
  • [Bug] Fix expedition phase “waiting for base” could crash the expeditions system if the shuttle was lost

v0.7.32 (2023.04.10)

  • [Balance] Ensure that “Crawler pickup” events won’t repeat too often

v0.7.31 (2023.04.10)

  • [Balance] Make “Crawler pickup” event more common
  • [Balance] Increase Shuttle automatic return distance
  • [Graphics] Add “Rebuild Graphics Cache” button to Settings > Video
  • [UI/UX] Improve expedition list UI
  • [UI/UX] Show your standing with the faction when hovering faction tooltip on owned space objects
  • [Bug] Fix loose objects floating in wrong direction when ship is moving
  • [Bug] Fix tile graphics would not get removed if the tile was destroyed while renderer was not fully initialized (i.e. right after load)

v0.7.30 (2023.04.05)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.22f1
  • [Graphics] Tune planet looks generation to look better for certain planet types
  • [Bug] Fix beings with a mental breakdown would not allow themselves getting carried even if they were stuck in open space
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Computer could get destroyed when creating a new Wrecked scenario with certain seeds

v0.7.29 (2023.04.03)

  • [UI/UX] Add Defenses category to Codex to cover Tractor Beams and Quantum Barriers
  • [UI/UX] Add “How It Works” buttons to Tractor Beam, Tractor Beam Target and Quantum Barrier UI
  • [Bug] Fix beings who had an uninterruptable task would not drop that task on death, preventing them from being carried

v0.7.28 (2023.03.31)

  • [Bug] Fix “Relocate” action missing for turned off workers and dead beings
  • [Bug] Fix Starmap scopes broken since last update

v0.7.27 (2023.03.30)

  • [Balance] Adjust tension limits
  • [Bug] Fix fighters could start gathering in doorways during combat
  • [Bug] Fix latest save version could get detected incorrectly, leading to some save migrations getting applied without necessity

v0.7.26 (2023.03.29)

  • [Balance] Generate ships with closed doors
  • [Balance] Allow relocating biological beings on demand
  • [UI/UX] Pressing CTRL will hide the build and hover info tooltip
  • [UI/UX] Add an overlay button for Quick Search
  • [UI/UX] Improve Quick Search to work properly in Research and Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Show less buttons in player feedback form on Steam Deck
  • [Bug] Fix storage haul priority would get ignored by workers
  • [Bug] Fix rooms overlay would not show up if there were over 128 rooms on the ship
  • [Bug] Fix tension could grow to extreme numbers, preventing the story generator from dealing bad events ever again
  • [Bug] Fix Merchant ships would display a cryptic name in the Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix Electricity Grid rebuild could get stuck if some energy nodes were destroyed at the wrong moment

v0.7.25 (2023.03.22)

  • [AI] Adjust task age related priority to prevent some older tasks from getting neglected
  • [Bug] Fix workers would haul only one item at a time since the last update
  • [Tech] Adjust electricity grid async rebuild to run faster

v0.7.24 (2023.03.20)

  • [AI] Beings will not stay still in one place while evaluating tasks they cannot execute
  • [Performance] Improve atmosphere simulation performance by ~30%
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.3.21f
  • [Bug] Fix beings would take significantly different amount of time to move the same distance at different clock speeds, leading to other bugs and serious side effects (i.e. death from hunger or cold)
  • [Bug] Fix operating a device with a workspot near a wall could place the worker inside a wall after task was done
  • [Bug] Fix processing a large pile of resource would only create one task per pile
  • [Bug] Fix crawlers would be able to remain non-hostile if bought or cloned
  • [Bug] Fix beings could occasionally wait for doors that they already passed through

v0.7.23 (2023.03.15)

  • [Balance] Do extra checks to avoid incoming stasis pods from crashing into anything if possible
  • [UI/UX] Allow changing refillable storage target levels by increments of 1 (hold ctrl or shift for 10)
  • [UI/UX] Change the obsolete “Show hints after load” game settings into “Show hints” that will allow disabling all hints
  • [Tech] Improve autocomplete behavior for some console commands
  • [Tech] Make O2 and heat loss in space tunable in Config/Tunable/Atmosphere.json

v0.7.22 (2023.03.11)

  • [UI/UX] Display a warning icon on lost shuttles
  • [Bug] Fix roaming beings would often end up standing in doorways
  • [Bug] Fix pathfinding could return a path with missing last step if the goal was near a corner wall
  • [Bug] Fix region system would consider doorways as legitimate random adjacent positions
  • [Bug] Fix some story events wouldn’t save themselves correctly
  • [Bug] Fix lost shuttle would now allow desconstruction
  • [Bug] Fix lost shuttle would reappear as visible after save / load

v0.7.21 (2023.03.10)

  • [Bug] Fix ship stopping distance would get calculated incorrectly, sometimes resulting in overshooting

v0.7.20 (2023.03.10)

  • [Feature] Add Explosion Bias modifier
  • [Balance] Make Reactors less prone to explosions when they malfunction
  • [UI/UX] Allow tweaking most modifiers in game (Settings > Current Game Settings)
  • [UI/UX] Scroll pagination of list UIs will now work in Research Tree and Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Copying light source component configuration will also copy the light range
  • [Tech] Disabling story events through console command “story disable " will not block achievements
  • [Graphics] Fix camera motion not being smooth on Steam Deck since lights rework
  • [Bug] Fix disabling story events through new game modifiers would not disable them
  • [Bug] Fix potential electricity grid crash
  • [Bug] Fix several auto-reported internal edge case errors

v0.7.19 (2023.03.07)

  • [Feature] Ship will have to rotate towards the target in space before flying
  • [Feature] Add “Ignore Combat” toggle in Managed Worker settings
  • [Balance] Adjust Starmap distances, scales and travel speeds across different layers of space
  • [UI/UX] Display player’s ship rotation marker in the Starmap
  • [Graphics] Add an optimized version of the realtime nebula (new default)
  • [Graphics] Add FTL drive visual effect when flying in Universe layer
  • [Graphics] Add Pixel Art and Low Budget Pixel Art modes to Texture Quality
  • [Tech] Make Nebula graphics moddable
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.3.20f1 LTS
  • [Tech] Add a console command to manage story events mid-game. “story <list find disable enable trigger>”
  • [Bug] Fix Crawler faction could own planets
  • [Bug] Fix engine flame could wrap around the map and burn the ship from the other side if placed too close to the edge
  • [Bug] Fix combat AI could sometimes get stuck in Find Enemy state
  • [Bug] Add a workaround for new Unity bug that makes the game crash when a custom .gif texture is loaded. (Gifs will be skipped in emblems / mod graphics)

v0.7.18 (2023.03.02)

  • [Graphics] Complete rewrite of the light rendering system
  • [Graphics] Reduce default light range for floor lights and light blocks (produces nicer light mix)
  • [Balance] Lights and vents will cost 0.25kW (was 0.1kW)
  • [UI/UX] Add range controls for all configurable light sources (tied to energy usage)
  • [UI/UX] Add lights system performance / quality controls to Video settings panel
  • [Performance] Lights system will have less performance overhead penalty with smaller amount of light sources
  • [Performance] Lights system will have better performance with higher-end GPUs at extreme numbers of light sources
  • [Bug] Fix texts disappearing after incorrectly saved settings file with ui / font scale set to 0
  • [Bug] Fix stasis pods could fail to lift off while ship was flying

v0.7.17 (2023.02.24)

  • [Feature] Add move mode to the Plan tool. While in Plan tool, Ctrl + Alt + Shift then click + drag will move the plan.
  • [Feature] Pets will now be able to sleep in Armchairs
  • [Balance] Precision Thrusters will not act as regular ship engines
  • [UI/UX] Deconstruct tool will order deconstruction of both floors and walls if an area is dragged
  • [UI/UX] Display guidelines in more tools (Plan, Deconstruct)
  • [UI/UX] Replace popups with tooltips in the Stock Market UI
  • [UI/UX] Add additional info tooltips to the Stock Market UI
  • [UI/UX] Always show Buy / Sell buttons in Stock Market Item UI
  • [Bug] Fix weird human and pet sleep positions on the Sofa

v0.7.16 (2023.02.23)

  • [Feature] Add new plants: Poppy and Cornflower
  • [Feature] Add new materials: Poppy Heads, Poppy Petals and Cornflower Petals

v0.7.15 (2023.02.22)

  • [Balance] Some materials will be consumed upon construction (i.e. Petroleum)
  • [Bug] Fix an edge case where an area would be falsely considered as unreachable
  • [Bug] Fix friendly beings would fail to spawn from the Stasis Pod since v0.7.11
  • [Bug] Fix potential situations when AI action would not go through cleanup, leaving stray particle effects, etc
  • [Bug] Fix removing a mod that introduced a new material would break the electricity grid if the material was configured to be used as fuel for a matter reactor

v0.7.14 (2023.02.21)

  • [Graphics] Revert floor lights would be blocked by devices and furniture above them (walls will still block)

v0.7.13 (2023.02.20)

  • [Feature] Replace darker inner wall with thin version
  • [Feature] Add thin versions of vent, door, wall socket and window
  • [Graphics] Make lights look better in between walls
  • [UI/UX] Change circle mode (Shift+click+drag) to alternate between odd and even circle while dragging the circle in tools that support it (thanks to JDPlays)

v0.7.12 (2023.02.16)

  • [Balance] Allow building anything in the corner squares where the derelict spawns
  • [Balance] Allow local maneuvering into the corner squares where the derelict spawns
  • [Balance] Increase Winch Hook range from 50 to 100
  • [UI/UX] Change the loading spinner icon
  • [UI/UX] Precision thrusters will only allow targeting moves that can actually be performed near the edge of the map
  • [Bug] Fix approached derelict ship count would not get saved, leading to inconsistency with a related quest
  • [Bug] Fix Linux scroll direction flipped after upgrading Unity
  • [Bug] Fix double doors would cause false positives for unreachable area detection algorithm
  • [Bug] Fix door on a 90 degree angle corridor corner would be marked as blocked

v0.7.11 (2023.02.15)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.3.18f1
  • [Balance] Pets won’t come out of Stasis Pods (since they now only land outside)
  • [AI] Improve human behavior when Emergency Siren is active
  • [UI/UX] Rooms and Sections overlays will show room / section colors
  • [UI/UX] Rooms overlay will show tooltips with contents of each room
  • [Bug] Fix moving a ship section with teleporters would make beings teleport in an incorrect state

v0.7.10 (2023.02.14)

  • [Balance] Incoming Stasis Pods and Storage Capsules will only land on areas exposed to open space
  • [Balance] Incoming Breach Capsules will come from any direction and will pick their target differently
  • [Balance] Workers in ML Booth will ignore combat and fires
  • [UI/UX] Add a warning if there is the landing zone (area exposed to the outside) is too small
  • [Bug] Fix disabling a teleporter would allow beings to go through if their path was calculated while teleporter was still active
  • [Bug] Fix an airlock could get generated on an outer wall behind an engine
  • [Bug] Repairing a damaged electrical device will auto-connect it to the grid if Auto Connect Upgrade is installed

v0.7.9 (2023.02.12)

  • [Performance] Full rewrite of the pathfinding system (up to 1000x speedup)
  • [Feature] Add “Bots consume CPU” modifier and current game setting
  • [Balance] Double the emergency recharge rate speed
  • [Bug] Fix abandoning a derelict ship with enemies would not end the combat
  • [Bug] Fix crawlers could spawn on your ship from a colonist who was on an expedition
  • [Bug] Fix a ton of bugs and edge cases related to pathfinding and AI behaviors

v0.7.8 (2023.02.06)

  • [Balance] Limit the number of crawlers that can spawn from a human to 20
  • [Balance] Human colonists will not ask robots for a lift into a combat zone
  • [UI/UX] Display a sticky event notification when combat is in progress
  • [UI/UX] Group active siren notifications
  • [Bug] Fix turret nozzle not updating after local motion (proper)
  • [Bug] Fix beings with urgent needs would have a higher combat priority to search for enemy rather than enter “high alert” state

v0.7.7 (2023.02.02)

  • [Balance] Auto-rebuild will not create build tasks in the no-build zone
  • [Bug] Fix new unreachable area detection algorithm would mark some reachable areas as unreachable
  • [Bug] Fix derelict ship generation would remove floors in unreachable areas of the main ship

v0.7.6 (2023.02.01)

  • [Balance] Reduce the chance of stasis pods and capsule drops smashing into objects from 20% to 5% (multiplied by difficulty)
  • [Performance] Optimize unreachable area detection algorithm
  • [Graphics] Make Dust Storm particles more subtle, don’t show them in enclosed areas
  • [UI/UX] Reduce the fade in time for menu panels from 1 sec to 150ms

v0.7.5 (2023.01.31)

  • [Balance] Building a Switch will no longer require Plastic
  • [Bug] Fix turrets would not move their nozzle position when winch / section push happens
  • [Bug] Fix “Try Advanced System Scanner” suggestion would show up more than once
  • [Bug] Fix winching / moving section would result in incorrect plant offset in large planters

v0.7.4 (2023.01.31)

  • [Tech] Show a warning popup if Steam fails to connect
  • [Bug] Fix new area detection system would not consistently update light boundary data

v0.7.3 (2023.01.30)

  • [UI/UX] Overhaul custom light controls to use Hue, Saturation and Luminosity instead of RGB
  • [UI/UX] Show light color preview in custom light controls
  • [Bug] Fix Crawlers detached from humans would get excluded from combat
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod relocation blueprint would trigger story events

v0.7.2 (2023.01.30)

  • [Performance] Rewrite room / section detection algorithm to run 500-1000x faster
  • [Tech] Fix slow memory leak happening when switching between main menu and the game scene
  • [Bug] Fix “disable device wear” modifier wouldn’t work since one of the recent updates
  • [Bug] Fix floors under large objects could catch on fire, resulting in firefighters unable to reach it
  • [Bug] Fix ship flight readiness check would not get restored immediately after save / load

v0.7.1 (2023.01.24)

  • [Feature] Add suggestion to get more CPU when there is a shortage
  • [Balance] Make “Radar Found Derelict Ship” story event less frequent
  • [UI/UX] Research Queue will refresh itself immediately when displayed
  • [UI/UX] Hovering being traits in the UI list will show trait description tooltips
  • [UI/UX] Hovering the first UI element in selected being / loose object info panel will show a codex tooltip
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltips explaining worker CPU shutdowns in relevant UI elements
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltip for showing the pagination shortcut when hovering page buttons
  • [Bug] Fix heat producers would not update the “Too Hot” notification if the device was not connected / running

v0.7.0 (2023.01.23)

  • [Feature] Add Derelict Ships
  • [Feature] Generate a Derelict Ship near the player at the beginning of Wrecked scenario
  • [Feature] Add “Approach the Derelict Ship” quest
  • [Feature] Add Local Maneuvering research node
  • [Feature] Add Precision Thruster device
  • [Feature] Allow pushing ship around in the local map using Precision Thrusters
  • [Feature] Allow abandoning disconnected sections of the ship
  • [Feature] Add System Scanning research node
  • [Feature] Add System Scanner device
  • [Feature] Add 3x3 Quantum Ship Computer
  • [Feature] Mining a planet owned by a faction will have consequences
  • [Feature] Add more Scan options to Starmap when System Scanning is unlocked
  • [Feature] Add Leather material (made by processing biological beings in the Nutrient Extractor)
  • [Feature] Add Sofa and Armchair
  • [Feature] Generate plan for the original ship when starting the Wrecked scenario
  • [Balance] Stock market will move 50% faster
  • [Balance] Add “Peaceful” difficulty level (10%)
  • [Balance] Construction disaster will have less chance to end with explosion
  • [Balance] Construction disaster will not happen for workers with high skill level
  • [Balance] Reduce chances of reactor explosions when they are destroyed
  • [UI/UX] Show ship preview in new game panel
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a device could have triggered a “Construction Failure” event for it
  • [Bug] Fix Cleaning Bot would dock at a disconnected Dock

v0.6.165 (2023.01.20)

  • [Balance] Add a minimum engine power requirement in order to move the ship in space
  • [Balance] Adjust interplanetary, intersystem and intergalactic ship flight speeds
  • [Tech] Improve Auto Connect algorithm
  • [UI/UX] Improve Ship Controls overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add sorting controls for storage UI
  • [Bug] Fix “Disconnected Devices” list would not close when X is clicked
  • [Bug] Fix starting neural network defragmentation with starmap or research open would have a graphics glitch after defragmentation is done
  • [Bug] Fix colonists hatching crawlers could produce an event description where colonist name was blank

v0.6.164 (2023.01.19)

  • [Balance] Add constraints to winching to prevent moving ship sections into unbuilt areas
  • [Balance] Increase the tension recovery time for late game
  • [Balance] Tune micro meteor shower story event to have a chance to end sooner if it takes too long
  • [UI/UX] Show event notifications when a device that produces heat warms up the surroundings above 100C
  • [UI/UX] Improve Beings (F7) overlay to allow selecting workers without focusing the camera on them
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltips about task details for multi-selected task priority increase / decrease / cancel actions
  • [Tech] Make the game more resilient to mod removal
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid rebuild could potentially get stuck if something was destroyed in mid-rebuild

v0.6.163 (2023.01.17)

  • [Tech] In-game bug reports will include a recent auto save for making it easier to reproduce the issue
  • [Bug] Fix carrying a meal through an airlock could mark the meal as in unsafe area
  • [Bug] Fix quest could remain incomplete if all steps were completed prior to receiving the quest
  • [Bug] Fix mods that introduced worker with an obsolete “Repair” skill would break the game

v0.6.162 (2023.01.16)

  • [Feature] Add initial implementation of “Auto Rebuild”
  • [Balance] Adjust balance of matter reactor explosions
  • [Balance] Adjust balance of engine failure events
  • [UI/UX] Allow ordering building walls and objects on top of unbuilt floors
  • [Bug] Fix popups could show up behind main menu UI since stacking fix

v0.6.161 (2023.01.15)

  • [Feature] Add new Quest: Explore a planet
  • [Feature] Add new Quest: Visit another system
  • [Balance] Adjust balance for multiple story events
  • [Balance] Remove Repair skill
  • [Balance] Change how Stasis Pod story events are invoked
  • [Balance] Improve balance of engine failure event severity
  • [Balance] Make fire spread more interesting
  • [Balance] Explosions will set things on fire in their radius
  • [Balance] Make Matter Reactor Malfunction less probable
  • [UI/UX] Show a progress bar until open when a Stasis Pod lands
  • [UI/UX] Version info text will be below UI in the game view
  • [Bug] Fix stacked popup notifications could capture mouse clicks incorrectly

v0.6.160 (2023.01.13)

  • [Balance] Major rewrite of Story Generator / pacing / difficulty
  • [Bug] Fix humans on expedition would be considered as candidates for mental breakdowns
  • [Bug] Fix opening a storage capsule with a hostile being would interrupt the open task and retry it again later

v0.6.159 (2023.01.11)

  • [Feature] Hauling tasks of same type will now be executed more efficiently
  • [Feature] Add “impossible” difficulty level (500%)
  • [UI/UX] Show overall difficulty percentage next to difficulty selection modifier values
  • [UI/UX] Add UI element about carry capacity and currently carried item to Worker UI
  • [UI/UX] Add missing submenu marker for Starcreds mining upgrade on Ship Computer
  • [UI/UX] Show colonist mood in expedition crew selection tooltips

v0.6.158 (2023.01.09)

  • [Feature] Establishing a temporary connection will allow controlling all the devices in the affected energy grid
  • [Balance] Humans will not equip the Space Helmet before they have a Space Suit
  • [Balance] Damaged storages will not be valid auto haul targets
  • [UI/UX] Add an arrow indicator to mark which UI elements have a submenu in the Info Panel

v0.6.157 (2023.01.08)

  • [Feature] Add Orbotron bot type (unlockable through Elysium tech, WIP)
  • [Feature] Add Scanning feature to the Starmap when a Radar is available
  • [UI/UX] All environment overlays will show full environment information tooltip
  • [UI/UX] Holding ALT in Free Select mode will display the environment information tooltip
  • [Bug] Fix info panel details header would disappear after rebuilding the UI list

v0.6.156 (2023.01.07)

  • [Tech] Add “quest restore” console command for situations when quest progress data is lost
  • [UI/UX] Make X icons dim until hovered in event list
  • [UI/UX] Make header icons dimmer until hovered
  • [UI/UX] Make header tooltip show up only when hovering the actionable icon
  • [UI/UX] Remove the rectangle hover overlay from header and event close icons
  • [Bug] Fix Codex UI wouldn’t close using the X button if it was opened from non-codex overlay

v0.6.155 (2023.01.06)

  • [Balance] Devices that produce heat will produce it even outside
  • [UI/UX] Overhaul the UI
  • [UI/UX] Add a goal to scan the system for a resource when the Radar is active
  • [Bug] Fix breakdown notifications would not go away when beings died during a breakdown

v0.6.154 (2023.01.03)

  • [Feature] Allow changing favorite color for brainwashed human colonists
  • [Feature] People waking up from stasis in Elysium mode will all have very serious side effects
  • [Feature] People waking up from stasis when Stasis Array cryostability is low may have serious side effects
  • [Balance] Prevent anyone from waking up from stasis while the tutorial is running
  • [Balance] Add a long cooldown period between heavy disaster events
  • [Balance] Add a cooldown period between raid events
  • [Balance] Stasis Array will produce 5kW per contained being in Elysium mode;
  • [Balance] Reorganize the Research Tree to be less tangled
  • [UI/UX] Improve the end credits scroll
  • [Bug] Fix hunger notifications would show up for beings that don’t belong to player’s faction
  • [Bug] Fix destroying a floor underneath an object that is pending relocation would keep the object in pending relocation state

v0.6.153 (2023.01.01)

  • [Feature] Add Large Pantry with capacity of 800
  • [Balance] Increase Pantry capacity from 100 to 200
  • [Balance] Light Block will not require Plastic anymore
  • [UI/UX] Add “How it works” button to the Research Tree UI (a shortcut to Codex > Operations Manual > Research)
  • [UI/UX] Quick Search will show results from Codex > Operations Manual
  • [UI/UX] Quick Search will allow executing console commands (if console was opened at least once)
  • [Graphics] Make FTL drive particles non-cosmetic (won’t get disabled through video settings)
  • [Bug] Fix having just one Grinder and getting Coal to appear in that Grinder from Rock would prevent the Coal from being reinserted back into the Grinder to produce Carbon
  • [Bug] Fix landed Storage Capsules would display their former trajectory when selected

v0.6.152 (2022.12.31)

  • [UI/UX] UI for selected tiles and beings will now always be sorted in the same predictable way
  • [UI/UX] Add common action to multi-selected tiles: Build A Copy
  • [Bug] Fix a notification about non existent “Unreachable Area” could appear for a split second
  • [Bug] Fix pets would get stuck while trying to find food if regular food wasn’t available
  • [Bug] Fix logs wouldn’t get attached to bug reports on OSX and Linux

v0.6.151 (2022.12.29)

  • [Feature] Add Rubber Tree that can produce natural rubber (Caoutchouc)
  • [Feature] Add Caoutchouc material that can be processed into Rubber
  • [Feature] Add Pantry for storing inedible food ingredients like Coffee Beans and Flour
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Inefficient Research” notification
  • [UI/UX] “Stop Growing” plant through context menu on a planter will switch to planet selection list immediately

v0.6.150 (2022.12.28)

  • [Balance] Planets will have much more material amounts, but much less variety
  • [Balance] Mining skill will level up slower
  • [Balance] Mining will happen slower
  • [Balance] Shuttles will move slower in space
  • [UI/UX] Clicking on a “Probe scanned X” event notification icon will remove the notification
  • [Bug] Fix opening Research Tree while Build tool was active could leave a ghost sprite behind
  • [Bug] Fix a few internal edge case errors

v0.6.149 (2022.12.27)

  • [Feature] Show informational icons in the the Starmap next to identified and visited space objects
  • [Tech] Add a console command that can change the difficulty mid game
  • [UI/UX] Add more colors to in-game console output
  • [UI/UX] Player’s ship, shuttles and probes will have constant size in the Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Don’t display Energy Graphs with just the Ship Computer in it
  • [Bug] Fix chair in work spot mood effect would be inverse

v0.6.148 (2022.12.24)

  • [Feature] Add Freezer research node and device for storing food and raw ingredients
  • [Feature] Add Quantum Ship Computer device (Advanced 3x3 Ship Computer version)
  • [Feature] Add Ship Computer Research that will unlock the Ship Computer and allow having 2 Ship Computers
  • [Feature] Self Replication Research will increase the Ship Computer cap to 4
  • [Feature] Add High Availability Research that will increase the Ship Computer cap to 16
  • [Feature] Add Quantum Cloud Research that will increase the Ship Computer cap to 64
  • [Balance] Refrigerator will have 200 capacity and consume 5kW + 0.025kW per item stored
  • [Balance] Teleporters will cost exponentially more when their count increases
  • [Balance] Change duration and electricity cost of drone / robot production
  • [Bug] Fix Idle Warning setting not copied over in configurable crafters (i.e. Furnace)

v0.6.147 (2022.12.22)

  • [Feature] Unlocking Economy research will show Merchant price markup in the tooltip when hovering merchant’s name in the trade UI
  • [Performance] Fix framerate would sometimes get locked to 60FPS on higher refresh rate displays
  • [Balance] When a grounded worker fails to gather materials, tasks will not get marked as failed
  • [Balance] Adjust some price multipliers for Merchants
  • [Balance] Heaters will be producing heat even in open space
  • [UI/UX] Hovering Merchant buttons in Merchant Beacon menu will show tooltips with their traded items
  • [UI/UX] Newly started games will have Priority Up/Down in the Hotbar instead of Priority tool root
  • [UI/UX] Pressing a tool key binding multiple times will toggle between Free Select and the tool
  • [UI/UX] Opening the build menu (or any other tool submenu) via key binding and pressing RMB will close the Radial Menu instead of going up into the list of tools
  • [Bug] Fix flying ship would move loose objects in the opposite direction

v0.6.146 (2022.12.22)

  • [Feature] Biological beings will now eat raw food if cooked food is not available
  • [Balance] Reorganize the Research Tree
  • [Balance] Research Energy, Memory and Disk cost will be driven by equations
  • [Balance] Research Energy, Memory and Disk cost will vary depending on difficulty level
  • [Balance] Manufacturing Upgrades will always require a human
  • [Balance] Overhaul Quest rewards
  • [Balance] Give more Microchips and some Carbon Fiber in Wrecked scenario start
  • [Balance] Pet Bowl will not allow certain illogical food options (i.e. Coffee Beans or Flour)
  • [Balance] Raw food can now be stored in Refrigerator
  • [UI/UX] Remove existing item count from Radial Menu, as it was confusing
  • [UI/UX] Expose built-in CPU, Memory and Disk in Ship Computer UI
  • [Bug] Fix floating apart the wreckage would lose some of protected zone parts
  • [Bug] Fix pressing “Find” in inventory on a material with count 0 will not find anything (used to find an incorrect storage)
  • [Bug] Fix player faction name would not refresh after exiting to main menu and starting a new game
  • [Bug] Fix Winching would disconnect shorter range connectors that were connected to the longer range ones
  • [Bug] Fix combat could freeze if any of the units have not analyzed their situation
  • [Bug] Fix “Disconnect All” in Energy overlay graph details would not refresh the grid immediately

v0.6.145 (2022.12.20)

  • [Feature] Grounded fighters can now be carried to unreachable parts of the ship by flying squad members
  • [Balance] Make sure Breach Capsule raids will never have more attackers than defenders
  • [Balance] Refrigerator and Beverage Cooler will require electricity for worker to be able to haul food there
  • [UI/UX] Closing any panel with X button in the Main Menu will open News
  • [UI/UX] Do not show “No Research” event during the tutorial, as it may be confusing
  • [Performance] Allow clock tick to be locked for up to 60 seconds to allow extremely large energy grid rebuilds
  • [Tech] Improve Wrecked scenario starting area generation phase to require less retries
  • [Graphics] Don’t show trail particles when someone is carrying a Robot or a Drone
  • [Graphics] Switched off workers will not show hover / jitter animations
  • [Bug] Fix big pile hauling task would not get cancelled if there was no compatible storage
  • [Bug] Fix pressing ESC to close UI during the tutorial would also prompt to end the tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix material pile could get into a state with negative stack size, causing issues
  • [Bug] Fix floating apart the wreckage would not move the protected zones, that could lead to destruction of protected entities and areas

v0.6.144 (2022.12.18)

  • [Tech] Improve unit to unit reachability tests during combat
  • [Bug] Hotfix save would fail during combat since v0.6.143
  • [Bug] Fix an edge case with pathfinding that could get a worker stuck in a complex map

v0.6.143 (2022.12.16)

  • [Feature] Generate starting ship loot dynamically
  • [Feature] Improve procedural ship destruction phase
  • [Balance] Tractor Beam research will now be Tier 4 (was 3)
  • [UI/UX] When multiple objects are on top of each other in Starmap, hovering the context menu entry for the object will bring it forward
  • [Tech] Make “translations reload” console command functional again
  • [Bug] Fix grounded robot could be spawned on the outer edge of the ship thus unable to go anywhere

v0.6.142 (2022.12.14)

  • [Feature] Generate more interesting ship designs in all scenarios
  • [Balance] Split Furniture research into more subacategories
  • [UI/UX] Reduce the number of clock speed options
  • [UI/UX] Prompt to quit tutorial when pressing ESC
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not move Emergency Siren particles
  • [Bug] Fix winching would move some particles incompletely
  • [Bug] Fix colonizing a planet could fail if there were no wallet contents (i.e. in sandbox mode)
  • [Bug] Fix console command history would not get restored in the expected order when pressing up / down arrows

v0.6.141 (2022.12.09)

  • [Bug] Fix object drift speed in space too slow after motion rework
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pods wouldn’t lift off the ship since motion rework
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsules would get stuck when detaching since motion rework
  • [Bug] Fix switching clock speed between 10x and 1x would change the entity speed with a delay

v0.6.140 (2022.12.08)

  • [Balance] Jukebox will require less skill than Treadmill
  • [UI/UX] Move Lit Glass Floor to the right category in the Build Menu
  • [UI/UX] Add 3 modes for viewing electricity grid overlay (Auto, Connectors Only and All)
  • [Graphics] Fix damage cracks size would depend on map size
  • [Graphics] Fix name texts would jitter when beings are moving around
  • [Graphics] Fix being sprites could start jittering when they were going diagonally
  • [Graphics] Make Weapons stick to the being body instead of moving on their own
  • [Graphics] Improve drone hover and robot body animations
  • [Performance] Improve performance with extreme amount of beings and objects
  • [Performance] Improve inventory system performance with excessive amount of materials in the map
  • [Audio] Change Sentry select sound
  • [Audio] Change Cleaning Bot select sound
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsules, Storage Capsules and Stasis Pods would spin forever if they missed the landing spot
  • [Bug] Fix Capsules and Pods could miss the ship during Defragmentation sequence

v0.6.139 (2022.12.07)

  • [Tech] Make it easier to attach a debugger for modders
  • [Bug] Fix a memory leak and inconsistency when electricity grid would keep attempting to include removed connectors into the grid
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid rebuilds could get stuck in a loop when removing s from a huge grid (thousands of devices)
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid overlay would not refresh connection visuals when devices were deconstructed

v0.6.138 (2022.12.06)

  • [Balance] Disallow flying when part of the ship is in the no build zone
  • [UI/UX] Allow tools to operate closer to map bounds
  • [Bug] Fix Storage Capsule and Stasis Pod would not land properly since v0.6.137
  • [Bug] Fix winching sections of the ship could crush thrusters into walls
  • [Bug] Fix clicking on the tile would sometimes select an object (plant, pile) nearby instead of the tile

v0.6.137 (2022.12.05)

  • [Balance] Humans will have to be more tired to be reluctant to take non critical work tasks
  • [Performance] Reimplement being and object motion to remain smooth at performance intensive situations
  • [Performance] Add multiple performance improvements
  • [Performance] Improve defragmentation performance
  • [UI/UX] Group “Creature attached to colonist” notifications
  • [Bug] Fix alt-tabbing away from the game during neural network defragmentation could lock the input permanently
  • [Bug] Fix trying to select an object when there were large amount of nearby objects would sometimes select the wrong object or fail to select anything
  • [Bug] Fix destroyed devices would participate in electricity grid during the rebuild
  • [Bug] Fix refillable storage tasks would get cancelled if they were saved / loaded in mid execution

v0.6.136 (2022.12.02)

  • [Bug] Hotfix clock speed restriction would not get lifted since v0.6.135

v0.6.135 (2022.12.02)

  • [Feature] Add no-build zones in the corners of the map for spawning things
  • [Balance] Increase Teleporter energy cost to 10kW
  • [Balance] Building a Teleporter will also require Optical Fiber
  • [Balance] Establish food production quest will reward 50% on Nutrient Extraction instead of Recycling
  • [Performance] Don’t run the clock faster than the computer can handle smoothly
  • [Graphics] Add interlace effect to overlays
  • [UI/UX] Allow processors to be configured to process known materials with 0 stock
  • [UI/UX] Building a copy of a device will copy the rotation
  • [UI/UX] When attempting to use build a copy (B) shortcut on a device that is not researched, don’t open the build menu
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a teleporter would disallow placing it close to itself
  • [Bug] Fix resource processing devices wouldn’t could fail to order processing of available resources
  • [Bug] Fix Oxygen / Heat data wouldn’t save correctly since v0.6.134
  • [Bug] Attempt to fix input remaining locked for some players after neural network defragmentation

v0.6.134 (2022.11.30)

  • [Feature] Some objects will have a chance to explode when on fire
  • [Balance] Increase comfortable temperature range for drones
  • [Balance] Reduce Merchant price markup for most merchant types
  • [Balance] Adjust sale price multiplier for most upgrade chips
  • [Tech] Add ActBeforeStart and ActAfterEnd signals for more flexible modding
  • [Tech] Reimplement atmosphere simulation to run on CPU
  • [Performance] Fix neural network fragmentation check would be increasingly slower with more Ship Computers
  • [Performance] Fix multiple performance bottlenecks with excessive amounts of particle collectors and crafters
  • [Performance] Being will no longer directly contribute to aesthetics of the surroundings
  • [Performance] Optimize performance when there are a lot of turrets and a lot of active threats at the same time
  • [Performance] Improve performance when there are large amount of ongoing fire
  • [Bug] Fix clicking the Starmap button after closing it using ESC would not reopen the Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix processors showing incorrect progress percentage text on hover

v0.6.133 (2022.11.26)

  • [Balance] Teleporters will have to be at least 3 tiles away from each other (for technical reasons)
  • [Tech] Refactor save file data to take up less space
  • [Tech] Add initial version of new internal chunk / region partitioning system (a prerequisite for upcoming major performance and AI logic optimizations)
  • [Tech] When mods fail to save their data, don’t fail to save the rest of the game
  • [UI/UX] Notify the player about mods failing to save their data
  • [UI/UX] Shift + Tab will no longer open Quick Search
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth “LevelEnergyCostCurve” configuration property being ignored
  • [Bug] Prevent Terrain Generator particles from producing visual glitch on some Mac OSX systems
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a smaller device with a bigger one could overwrite the adjacent device of same type
  • [Bug] Fix mods that created a crafting device without ExtraInfo component would cause an internal error when player was selecting crafting target through the UI
  • [Bug] Fix Camera Zoom interactive input rebinding would fail to rebind to the mouse scroll, causing looping internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix a few internal edge case errors with pathfinding
  • [Bug] Fix Steam Deck no longer showing virtual keyboard when selecting inputs

v0.6.132 (2022.11.23)

  • [Balance] Automatically validate, adjust and correlate base market item prices
  • [Balance] Adjust merchant ripoff levels
  • [Balance] Adjust base price for multiple market items
  • [Balance] Make certain items cost much more when you buy them compared to what you get if you sell them
  • [Tech] Prevent autosave generating “_autosave_0_autosave_1” file names if an autosave file was loaded
  • [Bug] Fix “TrainingSpeed” had no effect on training speed for modding
  • [Bug] Fix edge case race condition happening in Pathfinding system when registering failed positions
  • [Bug] Fix grounded beings could get stuck if they managed to get to the edge of the map
  • [Bug] Add a workaround for mouse clicks not working after invoking steam overlay with Shift + TAB

v0.6.131 (2022.11.22)

  • [Balance] Colonists with “Descontructing things” mental breakdown will never deconstruct floors
  • [Tech] Add ML Booth “TrainingSpeed” configuration variable for creating faster ML Booths
  • [Tech] Catch looping AI task related errors originating from mods and warn the player
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsules are no longer shot at by directional turrets since v0.6.130

v0.6.130 (2022.11.21)

  • [Balance] Mega Asteroid will be once per game event (only in Challenging difficulty)
  • [Balance] When your ship is moving, Meteoroids, Asteroids, Storage Capsules and Stasis Pods will not follow your ship
  • [Balance] Add a new game modifier that allows disabling selected story events
  • [UI/UX] Load materials before checking skill levels on construction tasks, to prevent confusing skill check failures for “Hauling”
  • [Bug] Fix Turrets would shoot at the location where Breach Capsule would land right after capsule spawns
  • [Bug] Fix selecting landed storage capsules would display their former trajectories

v0.6.129 (2022.11.18)

  • [UI/UX] Show unreachable events and warning icons for material piles that were repeatedly unreachable by flying workers
  • [UI/UX] Add unreachable position diagnostics to Walking Difficulty overlay
  • [Tech] Add a new workaround for Radeon nebula glitch
  • [Bug] Fix remaining problems with auto processors (Grinder, Refinery) inability to find processable materials
  • [Bug] Repeatedly unreachable material was attempted to be reached over and over by all workers
  • [Bug] Fix humans would try to reach equipment that was in unsafe locations
  • [Bug] Fix multiple instances of beings trying to go to locations where they clearly couldn’t go
  • [Bug] Fix Solar Panels would not produce any electricity right after the game was loaded

v0.6.128 (2022.11.17)

  • [Balance] Damage dealt by some needs (i.e. Hunger, Maintenance) will not interrupt current task
  • [Balance] When a human fails to find food, they will try to cook right away
  • [Balance] Tune human AI to use priorities more strictly
  • [UI/UX] Automatically turn workers back on after CPU deficit is resolved
  • [UI/UX] Show nebula instead of static background when viewing Research Tree and Starmap
  • [Tech] Remove Radeon nebula glitch workarounds
  • [Tech] Add “IsHumanoid” flag to Species definition to allow implementing humanoid species
  • [Tech] Fix Cleanup() could get called more than once for all AI tasks
  • [Performance] Add multiple small performance optimizations
  • [Bug] Fix mod translations would be validated as community translations and ignored due to not having an official counterpart
  • [Bug] Fix plants could get initialized with 0 harvest output
  • [Bug] Fix processors (Grinder, Refinery) would have trouble getting materials hauled to them from storages
  • [Bug] Fix workers would not be able to pick up a material if it was blocked in orthogonal directions (N/E/S/W)

v0.6.127 (2022.11.14)

  • [Feature] Add multi select actions for installing and uninstalling upgrades
  • [Tech] Automatically load save backup file when available if save file is corrupted
  • [Tech] Add extra layer of security to prevent writing corrupted data into save files
  • [Tech] Rotate 3 auto save files instead of having just 1
  • [Bug] Fix slot system would fail to update slots by designation after they were relocated
  • [Bug] Fix winching multiple rows of solar panels would only consider the row near the floor as part of the island
  • [Bug] Fix relocating multiple rows of solar panels would leave some panels out
  • [Bug] Fix dragging deconstruct tool over multiple relocation tasks would not cancel them
  • [Bug] Fix copying configuration and pasting it onto a single object would skip the copy validation

v0.6.126 (2022.11.13)

  • [Feature] Replace Ship Computer’s internal heat / cooldown procedure with neural network fragmentation / defragmentation
  • [Feature] Having multiple Ship Computers will reduce the time spent in defragmentation procedure (ex cooldown)
  • [Balance] Ship Computer will emit 3x more heat
  • [Balance] You can Defragment (ex cooldown) Ship Computer on demand if it has over 10% fragmentation (was available only since 50% before)
  • [UI/UX] Show Event Log when neural network is booted after defragmentation procedure
  • [Performance] Limit concurrent teleporter particle systems to 15
  • [Performance] Limit concurrent nanobot particle systems (construct, deconstruct, repair vfx) to 20
  • [Bug] Fix Achievement “One Piece” would only unlock if you had an active suggestion to connect the ship sections together
  • [Bug] Fix Achievement “Joy Ride” could not unlock in certain conditions
  • [Bug] Fix Furnace would ignore individual “Idle Warning” setting, and wouldn’t save / load it

v0.6.125 (2022.11.12)

  • [UI/UX] Hovering the device or object name will show a tooltip with the codex entry
  • [UI/UX] Hide fully maxed out workers from ML Booth selection
  • [Tech] Improve translation validation
  • [Bug] Fix cats wouldn’t ride a cleaning bot that was under direct control
  • [Bug] Fix Cooldown procedure would set very low framerate and wouldn’t unset it correctly
  • [Bug] Fix grounded beings would treat storages in different sections unreachable, even if those sections were reachable through a teleporter

v0.6.124 (2022.11.10)

  • [Feature] Add “Experimental Features” toggle in Settings > Gameplay
  • [Balance] Swap Recycling and Nutrient Extraction research in the tree
  • [Balance] Make Nutrient Extraction research a prerequisite for Vegetarian Food
  • [Balance] Prevent Stock Market prices from dropping below $1
  • [Balance] Cat wont ride a Cleaning Bot through a teleporter if it leads to an unsafe area
  • [Balance] Merchant Stasis Pods can now be deconstructed (at your own risk)
  • [UI/UX] Mark experimental and unfinished content as such in Research Tree and codex tooltips / popups
  • [UI/UX] Holding Shift or Ctrl while adjusting 0-9 priorities in UI will move them to 1 / 9
  • [UI/UX] Improve Planter grow selection UI
  • [UI/UX] Improve Refillable storage components UI (Reactors, Fluid Cannon, Pet Bowl)
  • [UI/UX] Show more information when failing a task due to lack of or unreachable materials
  • [UI/UX] Prevent big tooltips from going above the top of the screen on small screens
  • [Bug] Fix unbuilt Telescope would show a scanning progress bar
  • [Bug] Fix merchant ships could change visual direction too frequently while player’s ship is flying diagonally
  • [Bug] Fix root cause of floors remaining with unbuilt looks (thanks to validation and diagnostics added in previous patch)
  • [Bug] Fix Merchants could get generated with negative amount of cash if player had excessive amount of cash
  • [Bug] Fix Tractor Beams would make Stasis Pods miss the ship
  • [Bug] Fix removing targets from various ongoing tasks would not cancel the task correctly, leading to inconsistencies

v0.6.123 (2022.11.09)

  • [Balance] Memory Compression Upgrade will correlate with Uranium in the Stock Market
  • [Misc] Remove unused assets cleanup in between scene changes (suspected cause for some new crashes)
  • [Misc] Selecting a pile will validate its availability and automatically fix and log diagnostics if the availability was inconsistent
  • [Performance] Improve performance of electricity grid rebuild with large grids
  • [Performance] Fix the bottleneck when dragging a big area with Task Priority / Retry / Cancel tools
  • [UI/UX] Include known materials with 0 count in Inventory overlay
  • [UI/UX] Holding Shift will make priority adjustment tool set priorities to either 1 or 9
  • [Translations] Update Japanese to 100% (thanks to Taijiro Inagaki)
  • [Bug] Fix merchant inventories would be extremely low since last patch
  • [Bug] Fix relocating and object onto a different object of same type would create an invalid relocation task and order an upgrade
  • [Bug] Fix spawning a material pile in the position of another material pile that was not added to the inventory for whatever reason would merge the new pile into the existing one
  • [Bug] Fix FTL drive would only show up to 32 drive particle systems at the same time
  • [Bug] Fix Faction information field would not update icon / text after being displayed for the first time in Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix Merchants and Probes no longer visible behind the ship in the game view when nearby
  • [Bug] Fix section detection would occasionally create two almost identical overlapping sections if a lot of floors would be ordered and clock speed was high
  • [Bug] Fix workers would not shut down after 1h grace period with too little CPU available
  • [Bug] Add extra validation to prevent some built floors remaining with unbuilt looks when large amount of construction tasks was created
  • [Bug] Prevent plants from floating in space

v0.6.122 (2022.11.07)

  • [Balance] Further adjust how Merchant inventory is generated
  • [UI/UX] ESC will only close UI by default (won’t pause the game)
  • [UI/UX] Swap C and K bindings. C will Cancel Tasks, K will focus on Ship Computer
  • [UI/UX] Ctrl + clicking “Change” in Trade UI items will remove them from the trade list
  • [UI/UX] Show work spots for nearby operatable devices when placing a chair
  • [UI/UX] Improve Quick Search UI (scroll wheel and arrow keys will work, tooltips will appear)
  • [UI/UX] Run in background setting will be true by default
  • [Bug] Fix Esc would show Pause Panel when Quick Search was open
  • [Bug] Fix updating some settings (like ESC behavior) would not update the settings cache
  • [Bug] Fix swapping LMB and RMB would still use LMB for UI clicks
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration would not update the preview icon for crafters and processors
  • [Bug] Fix “food on device” story event could trigger for food on regular tables
  • [Bug] Fix Direct Control would allow assigning tasks to workers who had no skill to perform them
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not update connector position cache, resulting in incorrect connection previews when placing new tiles
  • [Bug] Fix adjusting priority on Operate task would not synchronize with the rest of device configuration
  • [Bug] Fix processors would not update percentage since recent patch
  • [Bug] Fix replacing floors underneath a planter would float the plant if ship was moving

v0.6.121 (2022.11.06)

  • [Feature] Add Jukebox device and Entertainment research branch
  • [Feature] Add recreational activity: Use Jukebox
  • [Balance] Move Treadmill research node under Entertainment
  • [Balance] Generate Merchants with larger inventory
  • [UI/UX] Unbind Arrow keys from default UI navigation
  • [UI/UX] Add multiple small improvements to Merchant Trade UI
  • [UI/UX] Ctrl + clicking “Select” in Merchant Trade UI will add 100% of the item
  • [UI/UX] Shift + clicking “Select” in Merchant Trade UI will add 50% of the item
  • [UI/UX] Alt + clicking “Select” in Merchant Trade UI will add x1 of the item
  • [UI/UX] Ctrl + clicking arrows in the Research Queue will move the item to topmost / bottommost position
  • [Bug] Fix Workout would not set the mood effect duration correctly
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a Stasis Pod would trigger stasis pod story events
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a Stasis Pod would create the relocation ghost as immutable (preventing the relocation task from succeeding)
  • [Bug] Add extra checks to prevent generating a merchant with blank inventory
  • [Bug] Fix Achievements on Steam would only unlock after reloading the game
  • [Bug] Add extra diagnostics for troubleshooting why some Achievements won’t unlock for some players (i.e Joy Ride)
  • [Bug] Fix newly added stock market items without prior history would end up getting an internal error when attempting to render a chart
  • [Bug] Fix trying to sell a being without equipment (i.e. a pet) would fail the transaction (since the last patch)

v0.6.120 (2022.11.05)

  • [Feature] Workers will now be able to replace and repair floors under large objects without relocating them
  • [Balance] Strip all equipment from a being before selling it to a merchant
  • [UI/UX] Selecting one or more Connectors and shift + clicking any electrical device will attempt to create (or break) a connection between the device and selected connector(s)
  • [UI/UX] Selecting one or more electrical devices and shift + clicking a connector will attempt to create (or break) a connection between selected devices and the connector
  • [UI/UX] Selecting one or more Teleporters and shift + clicking another teleporter will link the selected teleporter(s) to the clicked one
  • [UI/UX] Holding Shift and clicking beings will add new beings to group selection
  • [UI/UX] Holding Ctrl and clicking tiles will add new tiles to the group selection
  • [UI/UX] Holding Alt and clicking objects (piles) will add new objects to the group selection
  • [UI/UX] Show icons of crafted / processed / produced items in every device
  • [UI/UX] Configurable processors (i.e. Furnace) will also have an “Idle Warning” toggle
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Config would not copy the new “Idle Warning” toggle state on crafter components
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Config would not copy priority on crafter components
  • [Bug] Fix adjusting task priority directly would not update the crafting / processing device priority in the controls UI submenu
  • [Bug] Fix internal error that could lead to game crash when selecting and ordering relocation for more than 1024 objects
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a device mid-operation would not drop the task correctly (root cause of the beings stuck bug that was fixed in last update)
  • [Bug] Fix removing a mod that introduced a new material type would prevent inventory history from loading correctly

v0.6.119 (2022.11.03)

  • [Feature] Add Memory Compression research branch and Memory Compression Upgrade module
  • [Balance] Biological beings who just joined the colony will not immediately try to do firefighting
  • [Balance] Have a 1 hour (in game time) grace period for shutting down workers if there is not enough CPU
  • [Balance] Increase durability of Teleporters 10x (again)
  • [Tech] Automatically remove traits added by mods if the added trait is causing internal errors
  • [Performance] Add major performance improvement for situations with large amount of tasks and workers
  • [Bug] Fix beings could get their grid position and visual position desynchronized too much, which would cause the being to become stuck until save / load (thanks JDPlays for help)
  • [Bug] Fix selecting the closest Emergency Siren if more than one was available would cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix humans would sometimes not display body / hair sprites
  • [Bug] Fix Roaming action could fail to find a valid position and cause a looping internal error
  • [Bug] Fix Beings could be spawned outside map bounds, causing various inconsistent states
  • [Bug] Fix Beings would try to satisfy hunger need in mid combat
  • [Bug] Fix Combat AI would try to create a new Home squad when new raiders were added to an ongoing combat
  • [Bug] Fix dead bots could be taken under direct control
  • [Bug] Fix ranged attackers would stand still if target was in range on their weapon (even without line of sight)

v0.6.118 (2022.11.02)

  • [Misc] Add diagnostics and validation of teleporter pathfinding issues
  • [UI/UX] Add pathfinding system debug UI to Walking Difficulty overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add more information and tools to Being Navigation component UI
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod Raid story events not working since last patch
  • [Bug] Fix giving a Direct Order to go somewhere would always immediately show a “cannot go there” tooltip afterwards
  • [Bug] Fix Socializing being would get stuck in a pathfinding loop if the target was operating a device that move the worker inside it (i.e. Research Station)
  • [Bug] Fix teleporter catching on fire could cause an inextinguishable fire that would make firefighters get stuck
  • [Bug] Fix linking teleporters via UI would work slightly differently than via drag-connect (could lead to inconsistent behavior)

v0.6.117 (2022.11.01)

  • [Balance] Reduce the size of monetary reward for completing “Find a Habitable Planet” quest
  • [Misc] Add Worker CPU cost section to Codex
  • [Misc] Skip the “Explore Codex” suggestion if the player has at least 5 unlocked achievements
  • [UI/UX] Show a popup when a Merchant ship offers a trade
  • [UI/UX] Lists with pagination in-game can now be scrolled via mouse wheel
  • [UI/UX] Show worker CPU cost in Managed Worker UI
  • [UI/UX] Add extended controls for modifying wanted amount when configuring crafting devices
  • [UI/UX] Show more details in “Device Idle” notifications
  • [UI/UX] Add a toggle for disabling “Device Idle” notifications in crafting device UI
  • [UI/UX] Add a toggle for disabling “Auto Haul” on items
  • [UI/UX] Add shortcuts to Codex > Blueprints and Codex > Materials in Inventory overlay (F2)
  • [UI/UX] Allow closing the “New Quest” dialog without opening Quest UI
  • [Performance] Fix story generator checking event preconditions could produce a lag spike / dropped frame
  • [Performance] Add several minor performance optimizations
  • [Bug] Fix combat UI would allow switching enemy AI from combat to work
  • [Bug] Fix workers would have a mass-shutdown if Ship Computer suffered an electricity deficit
  • [Bug] Fix opening too many popups would prevent save confirmation popup from opening when exiting the game
  • [Bug] Fix Combat AI and Emergency Siren systems would fight for control over human colonists
  • [Bug] Fix relocating anything with a built-in storage on top of itself would duplicate the storage contents
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a processor on top of itself would duplicate all items in the processing queue
  • [Bug] Fix Starcreds mining would stop working after having an excessive amount of Starcreds

v0.6.116 (2022.10.29)

  • [Bug] Hotfix for ship unable to reenter the current Galaxy in Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Ensure that trade ui closes any open item lists when closing itself

v0.6.115 (2022.10.28)

  • [Feature] Add explicit Direct Control button to managed workers UI
  • [Feature] Allow controlling multiple workers at the same time
  • [Feature] Direct controlling a Cleaning Bot will do manual floor cleaning
  • [Balance] Solar panels will produce much less power during dust storm (even when clean)
  • [Tech] Improve floor cleaning AI to search for nearby dirt first
  • [UI/UX] Add extra common actions related to direct control of multi-selected workers
  • [UI/UX] CTRL + click will both order going to position and taking the task (no more Shift + click)
  • [UI/UX] Reposition tooltips vertically if they go out of screen area
  • [Bug] Fix direct order to perform a task would show “0 workable” if task was reserved for someone
  • [Bug] Fix workers would needlessly use Repair Stations and Charge Stations
  • [Bug] Fix forcing a worker to go somewhere would show a broken path as worker moves along
  • [Bug] Fix hungry biological beings would not go through danger to reach food
  • [Bug] Fix people trying to eat at a table while almost dying from hunger
  • [Bug] Fix beings would get stuck in place for extreme periods of time if there was no safe path to food
  • [Bug] Fix entering a star system would spawn the player’s ship too far away from all planets
  • [Bug] Fix Raiders would stop fighting if there was a fire, causing game breaking state
  • [Bug] Fix space objects sometimes not registering as close enough after traveling there

v0.6.114 (2022.10.27)

  • [Feature] Allow choosing a designated Teleporter for trade
  • [Feature] Buying biological beings with designated Teleporter in unsafe area will be forbidden (unless Asimov Override is installed)
  • [Feature] Allow reinstalling floors underneath walls and objects
  • [Tech] Reimplement firefighting AI logic to be more robust and reactive
  • [UI/UX] Allow disabling input bindings
  • [UI/UX] Show visual links to relocated objects
  • [UI/UX] Allow disabling smooth camera zoom in Video settings
  • [Bug] Fix tool shortcut binding overrides would not get applied on app restart
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Config tool would not copy planter’s Auto Harvest flag
  • [Bug] Fix relocation of objects would not be allowed in open space depending on how relocation was initiated
  • [Bug] Fix solar panels and objects built in space would not allow relocation on top of themselves

v0.6.113 (2022.10.26)

  • [Feature] Relocating a storage will also relocate all contents
  • [UI/UX] Add “Task Priority” setting to all crafting devices
  • [UI/UX] When choosing a crafting target, the amount will automatically default to “available count” + 10
  • [UI/UX] Add more information tooltips when hovering items in various UI lists
  • [Misc] Add initial Polish community translation (12%)
  • [Bug] Fix “Weaponize a Cleaning Bot” achievement would unlock if raiding party had a weaponized cleaning bot
  • [Bug] Fix all workers would keep trying to reach the same piece of material that would be stuck in a wall, preventing other tasks from getting done
  • [Bug] Fix automatic object unstucking algorithm could end up leaving an object inside a wall if a nearby spot was not available
  • [Bug] Fix ordering a battery upgrade could break the visuals
  • [Bug] Fix Beings list (F7) would show all human preview icons with same skin color
  • [Bug] Fix Bridge Controls would still complain about unsafe environment after Auto Pilot upgrade was installed

v0.6.112 (2022.10.25)

  • [Balance] Double the cost of Uranium in the Particle Collector
  • [Balance] Humans will not try building floors in space
  • [Tech] Increase suggested FPS values for “Automatic Framerate”
  • [Tech] Add diagnostics to detect and automatically unstuck workers with tasks that are taking too long
  • [Tech] Automatically fail navigation tasks when they are taking too long to execute
  • [Tech] Rebuild graphics cache if any sprite file size changes
  • [Tech] Don’t rebuild graphics cache after a premature application exit via Alt-F4
  • [UI/UX] Improve UI height fit at various UI scale levels (fixes off-screen buttons on Steam Deck)
  • [UI/UX] Change a misleading tooltip about “Inefficient Research”
  • [UI/UX] Automatically scan space objects when nearby if Radar is active
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltip with being skills in ML Booth / Expedition / Being list UI when hovering someone
  • [UI/UX] Make “Stop Producing” a regular button (was long press)
  • [UI/UX] Show counts in all possible UI elements of crafting devices
  • [UI/UX] Do not show beings without skills (Carrier Drones) in ML Booth trainee list
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a battery would add 50% charge
  • [Bug] Add more diagnostics and auto recovery attempt for Merchant with blank inventory bug
  • [Bug] Fix trying to install an upgrade to a Shuttle that is out would keep retrying and granting Science skill for each attempt
  • [Bug] Add diagnostics for determining the cause of Stasis Array getting removed
  • [Bug] Disable all input devices when the game is not in focus
  • [Bug] Fix Input > “Ignore gamepads” setting would disable virtual mouse, but not full gamepad input
  • [Bug] Fix invisible people could be spawned if being had invalid properties in Persona component

v0.6.111 (2022.10.23)

  • [Feature] Add new Story Event: Construction Failure
  • [Balance] Increase chance of alien life forms on all planets
  • [Balance] Increase probability of crawler taxi event (nobody had it ever)
  • [Bug] Fix some navigation failure reasons showing up untranslated
  • [Bug] Fix “Open Directory” buttons would not work on Linux / OSX
  • [Bug] Fix C# code stripping would still be performed
  • [Bug] Fix story generator would fail to load saved ongoing story events if they were added by external mods
  • [Bug] Fix some systems would get an exception when trying to set job worker thread counts, preventing the game from loading correctly
  • [Bug] Fix “One Of Us” achievement would not unlock
  • [Bug] Fix a few internal edge case exceptions

v0.6.110 (2022.10.23)

  • [Balance] “Capsule Bomb” event will be treated as “heavy disaster”
  • [Balance] Add Hauling capability to Sentry drones (with 0 priority, player should override)
  • [Balance] Reduce the number of Cats that can spawn in certain events
  • [Performance] Fix memory bloat where too many pathfinding instances were being created and kept alive
  • [Performance] Reduce flood fill multi threading and CPU consumption
  • [Performance] Minor pathfinding performance improvements
  • [Bug] Fix AI bug where humans / pets would get stuck in certain states when game was running at high speed with many ongoing construction tasks
  • [Bug] Fix “Copy Config” would always paste the configuration to all devices between the copied and the pasted one
  • [Bug] Fix raiders could be switched from “fighting” to “working” state
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu submenus could reorder themselves in unpredictable ways depending on available/unlocked tech

v0.6.109 (2022.10.21)

  • [Feature] Add Auto Pilot Upgrade that removes the need of having a human operator for Bridge Controls
  • [Feature] Add reinforced versions of Vent and Wall Socket
  • [Balance] Make story generator event frequency less predictable
  • [Misc] Rework the Feedback submission form to encourage use of Steam Forums and include Player.log
  • [Tech] Remove default implementation of IsConsumerActive from IEnergyConsumer interface so mods can use it with older .NET target
  • [Tech] Disable code stripping to encourage modding
  • [Tech] Expose Crafter and Particle Collector component speed multiplier property to JSON config for modding
  • [UI/UX] Return back to the list of items after selecting something in the Trade UI
  • [UI/UX] Allow placing windows by click-dragging rows of them
  • [Graphics] Reduce lights blink speed and particle speed at high clock rates
  • [Performance] Slightly improve performance on high simulation speeds
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pods getting stuck forever in irremovable state
  • [Bug] Fix UI would go off-screen in long lists on 4K displays, making it difficult to use ML Booth, Storage Filters, etc
  • [Bug] Fix some particles act differently at high simulations speed compared to low
  • [Bug] Fix story event frequency was incorrectly calculated for Relaxing and Challenging difficulty levels
  • [Bug] Fix building a Directional Turret would show visual trails of range preview
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsule without assigned faction would do nothing on spawn
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth would not eject workers after they are fully maxed out
  • [Bug] Fix framerate limiter would keep low FPS after Ship Computer Cooldown has finished
  • [Bug] Fix removing mods with new research nodes could prevent the game from loading if game was saved with that mod enabled
  • [Bug] Fix Directional Turret would fire at Breach Capsule while it was underneath the ship, causing friendly fire and heavy ship damage
  • [Bug] Fix potential a race condition in pathfinding system

v0.6.108 (2022.10.19)

  • [Feature] Add new game modifier: “Disable Heavy Disasters” to turn off Asteroids / Meteor Showers
  • [Feature] Add new game modifier: “Disable Fire Spread”, which also disables object self-combustion
  • [Feature] Directional Turret will now use a much faster and deadlier Heavy Energy ammo
  • [Feature] Add a Log system and Debug Log button in Event Log overlay (WIP)
  • [Feature] Add “Log Brain Activity” toggle to the Being Brain component UI (WIP)
  • [Feature] Add “Debug Log” toggle to the Being Navigation component UI (WIP)
  • [Balance] Engine Failure will only happen for engines that have more than 50% wear
  • [Balance] Make Meteoroids slower and with more varied speeds
  • [Balance] Directional Turret will now shoot at incoming Breach Capsules
  • [Balance] Make objects self-reignite less frequently
  • [Balance] Adjust the self-ignition temperatures for multiple objects
  • [Balance] Make fire less hot
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips for clock speeds to show the actual multiplier value
  • [Misc] Add Korean community translation by Ciizel
  • [Misc] Do not log an error when mods create new species without adding an internal species trait
  • [Bug] Fix Research Tree “Add to Queue” buttons would not display Japanese / Chinese / Korean font
  • [Bug] Fix Quick Search results would not display Japanese / Chinese / Korean fonts
  • [Bug] Add a workaround and extra diagnostics for pathfinding errors that happen to small percentage of players
  • [Bug] Fix Tractor Beam internal errors would happen if the selected target got destroyed while pulling a projectile
  • [Bug] Fix trying to load wallet contents during the trade would cause internal error for a few players
  • [Bug] Fix ongoing fire would keep the clock speed restricted to normal until fire was completely put out
  • [Bug] Fix Directional Turrets always missing shots at Meteoroids
  • [Bug] Fix end game story generating “Blank” names for certain fate outcomes
  • [Bug] Fix Quantum Barrier would not drop the shield if it was disconnected from the electricity grid
  • [Bug] Fix selecting a directional turret could mess up its targeting
  • [Bug] Fix restoring an expedition after load could cause an internal error and prevent remaining expeditions from loading correctly

v0.6.107 (2022.10.15)

  • [Balance] Increase simulation speed for 2nd and 3rd clock speeds
  • [Balance] New games will have no “Permadeath” by default
  • [Balance] Allow relocating even heavily damaged devices
  • [UI/UX] Allow changing “Permadeath” setting in Pause menu > Current Game Settings
  • [UI/UX] Show grayed out “Save” button in pause panel when Permadeath is enabled
  • [Misc] Update several community translations
  • [Bug] Fix saving a game with an ongoing combat where someone was completely annihilated (including the body) could prevent loading that save
  • [Bug] Fix cycling the game speed via a shortcut would skip the fastest speed level
  • [Bug] Fix 4 shortcut would enable a different speed than 4th speed button
  • [Bug] Fix internal error could happen when updating information icon for an object with an unexpected state
  • [Bug] Fix internal error with Wallet failing to calculate current amount
  • [Bug] Fix exiting the game in the middle of ongoing Winch operation could cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix edge case internal error could happen when checking a next step in pathfinding search result
  • [Bug] Fix Sleep action could cause internal error if the bed was unexpectedly removed
  • [Bug] Fix pressing ESC while Research Tree was building itself on first load would cause the UI to get into an inconsistent state
  • [Bug] Fix device getting destroyed due to wear while it was operated by a colonist would cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a device in the middle of repairs would not interrupt the repair task and could cause side effects
  • [Bug] Fix raiding party members could be sold to slave trader while the raid was ongoing
  • [Bug] Fix beings on expedition, raiders from other factions and colonists with good mood could be drawn into Mutiny event
  • [Bug] Fix pending replacement could get cancelled while leaving the object in “pending replacement” state forever

v0.6.106 (2022.10.14)

  • [Balance] Make Engine Failure explosion radius bigger for larger engines (thanks Santa)
  • [Balance] When a Stasis Array is placed in Sandbox mode, it will now contain hundreds of colonists
  • [Graphics] Make space object animations (planet rotation, etc) slower
  • [UI/UX] Make the analog game clock show actual time (thanks Wasted)
  • [UI/UX] Expose the extra fast 4th speed in the UI
  • [UI/UX] Disabling space background animation in video settings will also disable space object animations
  • [UI/UX] Make Quest UI slightly easier to understand
  • [UI/UX] Add a button to toggle fight state on / off on workers during combat
  • [Bug] Fix disabling cosmetic particles would not disable construction / teleporter / tractor beam particles
  • [Bug] Fix Probe would allow rotating it, resulting in broken graphics
  • [Bug] Fix battery level would be displayed in the game time tooltip even if there was not battery
  • [Bug] Fix combat would get stuck if enemies would be in a blocked area
  • [Bug] Fix “High Alert” combat state would get dropped whenever an enemy was within range regardless of the ability to reach it
  • [Bug] Fix connecting the Connector to the Ship Computer too early in the Tutorial would prevent the progression
  • [Bug] Fix copying configuration of Storage Unit would keep changes to the filter synchronized with all copy targets

v0.6.105 (2022.10.13)

  • [Bug] Fix Energy research could get stuck during the Tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix toggling “Device Wear” or “Enable Combat” in current game settings would save the opposite value of the setting

v0.6.104 (2022.10.13)

  • [Feature] Add story event: Mutiny
  • [Feature] Add story event: Engine Failure
  • [Tech] Lift upper limit of renderer capacity from 16K to 64K objects (per type)
  • [Misc] Update several community translations
  • [Bug] Fix reading old Kickstarter alpha saves could prevent the Main Menu from loading if save file was corrupted
  • [Bug] Fix failure to detect the current mouse device would end up in an error loop
  • [Bug] Fix occasional failure to remove particle effect that was not completely initialized
  • [Bug] Fix certain storage filter configuration could prevent hauling from happening
  • [Bug] Fix an edge case that could get colonists stuck indefinitely while they were trying to find food
  • [Bug] Fix removed devices could cause errors if they were not cleanly removed from the electricity grid at time of destruction
  • [Bug] Fix tweaking light color controls for a destroyed light would cause internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix force completing a quest that was not supported by a scenario would produce an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix Ctrl + Click on the Radial Menu in the tutorial for the first time would cause internal error (because Hotbar is not initialized until the tutorial ends)
  • [Bug] Fix Electric device damaged story event could cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix workers who had a next task in queue would try to take that task in the middle of a fight if a fight broke out
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a device could leave the ghost of previous device on the electricity grid until the grid was rebuilt

v0.6.103 (2022.10.11)

  • [Balance] Change Winch mechanic to always pull the lighter section towards the heavier one
  • [Performance] Improve Winch operation performance
  • [Bug] Fix Winch operation would only update being and loose objects visual positions after winching has finished all steps
  • [Bug] Fix ordering a relocation of an object and then cancelling it would keep an inactive object in the game until next save / load, leading to several bugs
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of internal edge case errors

v0.6.102 (2022.10.10)

  • [Balance] Increase default melee damage for all beings (1 -> 5)
  • [Misc] Enable Achievements in Demo
  • [UI/UX] Add “Copy Configuration” option to Tractor Beam
  • [Performance] Optimize performance of “Copy Configuration” tool when pasting configuration over very large areas
  • [Bug] Fix nanobots swarm visual effect would sometimes get stuck
  • [Bug] Fix two combat units could get frozen if both are within each other’s weapon range but have no line of sight
  • [Bug] Fix Crude Oil was not handled by the Fluid Cannon
  • [Bug] Fix loading an incompatible fluid into Fluid Cannon would result in repeating internal errors when cannon would attempt to shoot
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case errors

v0.6.101 (2022.10.09)

  • [Feature] Add Quest: Provide Hygiene Facilities
  • [UI/UX] Use a different icon for fire events
  • [Bug] Fix Research not running at full capacity if there were multiple researchers and multiple tech in the research queue
  • [Bug] Fix Translations/English.csv not loading correctly for mods that add new translatable text
  • [Bug] Fix several event notifications using incorrect widget type

v0.6.100 (2022.10.06)

  • [Graphics] Improve planet looks generation to produce sharper looking and more diverse planets
  • [UI/UX] Show a dialog suggesting a new destination in the Starmap after an expedition has returned
  • [UI/UX] Suggest restart after toggling “Ignore Gamepads”
  • [UI/UX] Hovering “Ignore Gamepads” will show a list of connected input devices
  • [Tech] Automatically recover from potential graphics cache read/write errors
  • [Bug] Fix Joystick type of devices would feed input into UI navigation

v0.6.99 (2022.10.05)

  • [Misc] Move the position of Cooking Station work spot in front of the burners
  • [Bug] Add extra precautions against rare edge case failures to save the game
  • [Bug] Fix crafters not clearing “Haul ingredients” info icon since 0.6.98
  • [Bug] Fix colonists could drop operator tasks due to clipping into the wall when the device work spot was near a wall corner
  • [Bug] Fix “Generate Validity Report” would not work for community translations until the language selection was changed at least once
  • [Bug] Fix Eject button would work with non-player faction storages (i.e. raider’s Breach Capsule)
  • [Bug] Fix material deficit event would not go away under certain conditions when it should
  • [Bug] Fix doors opening between two oxygenated areas would create vacuum
  • [Bug] Fix storage inventory material count not refreshing when storage gets modified while UI is open

v0.6.98 (2022.10.04)

  • [UI/UX] Suggest restart dialog will always display in English when changing languages
  • [UI/UX] When opening a long list of items (i.e. Inventory), make sure that “Next” button would not overlap the Hotbar
  • [UI/UX] Display shorcut binding when showing Build A Copy and Relocate buttons in UI
  • [Bug] Fix community translation language report would not generate correctly
  • [Bug] Fix Situation would not count multiple Ship Computers if they were all in the same grid
  • [Bug] Fix Connector text count not updating after “Auto Connect” / “Disconnect All” action
  • [Bug] Fix incorrect count displayed in incompleted “Auto Connect” popup
  • [Bug] Fix Quest Reward that would give +X% on a research node would not work correctly
  • [Bug] Fix Crafter device icons would interfere with other component icons on the same device at higher clock speed
  • [Bug] Fix objects in unsafe areas would not update / remove their notifications correctly
  • [Bug] Fix all workers shutting down if Ship Computer sufferred an electricity deficit (i.e. while mining crypto)

v0.6.97 (2022.10.04)

  • [Balance] Double the mining speed
  • [Balance] Spawn much more Silicon and a little bit of Lithium in Wrecked scenario
  • [Balance] Generate bigger rather than more piles when starting the game with higher resource multiplier
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a device on top of burning floor would make the fire impossible to extinguish
  • [Bug] Fix not all starting objects would generate with certain game seeds
  • [Bug] Fix starting objects would always generate with same default rotation
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to switch into a community translation

v0.6.96 (2022.10.03)

  • [Misc] Add full Spanish and Chinese translations
  • [Balance] Small objects that catch on fire easily (food items, plants, wood) will receive large amounts of fire damage
  • [UI/UX] Improve the Rename UI
  • [Tech] Fix C# mods would not be able to compile if certain UI interfaces were extended
  • [Bug] Fix multiple edge case internal errors

v0.6.95 (2022.09.28)

  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Hail a Merchant”
  • [Balance] Quests will no longer lock any tech in Research Tree
  • [Balance] Move Emblems into their own research branch
  • [Balance] Give 100 Protein and 100 Plant Fiber in Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Bug] Fix “Pressurize Stasis Array” quest would not get completed if open vents were facing adjacent enclosed areas

v0.6.94 (2022.09.27)

  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Make Ship Flight Ready”
  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Establish Food Production”
  • [UI/UX] Allow linking and unlinking Teleporters using the Connect tool
  • [UI/UX] Improve visuals of Teleporter connections
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips for Feedback form dropdown options
  • [UI/UX] Hide details and step count for completed quests
  • [Bug] Fix LMB would drag the background of Research Tree and Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix tooltips resizing themselves after a short delay rather than immediately
  • [Bug] Fix quests that are excluded due to scenario filter would prevent depending quests from being added

v0.6.93 (2022.09.26)

  • [Feature] Split “Enclose the Stasis Array” quest into smaller steps
  • [Feature] Add new game Modifer: Skip Beginner Quests
  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Find a Habitable Planet”
  • [Feature] Finish implementing the final quest: “Colonize a Planet”
  • [Feature] Polish the Quest System and all existing quests
  • [Balance] Stasis Array area will have random structural damage, for the “Pressurize the Stasis Array” quest to always make sense
  • [Balance] Communicator will be cheaper to build
  • [UI/UX] Make TAB open Search in Research Tree and Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix resetting the new game modifiers form to defaults would select Relaxing difficulty instead of Balanced
  • [Bug] Fix disabling cosmetic particles during the game would cause internal errors and prevent from displaying the electricity grid
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case errors

v0.6.92 (2022.09.22)

  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Enclose the Stasis Array”
  • [Balance] Significantly increase durability of most devices to reduce natural wear
  • [UI/UX] Allow skipping the tutorial even for the first playthrough
  • [UI/UX] Remove popups for confirm mass orders (except for mass processing)
  • [Bug] Prevent purple guidelines from getting stuck on screenwhen exiting to the main menu at the wrong time
  • [Bug] Fix demo misbehaving after 2 hours of run time even if a different game was started
  • [Bug] Fix new change detection sometimes failing to work correctly if version number was mentioned in the middle of the line
  • [Bug] Fix several small corner case internal errors

v0.6.91 (2022.09.20)

  • [Feature] Add “Connect to the Survivor Area” Quest
  • [Balance] Move Light Block to Lighting research node
  • [UI/UX] Improve Quest UI
  • [UI/UX] Correctly detect player country for Steam platform to determine default units of measurement (Metric vs Imperial)
  • [Tech] Add diagnostics to triage the “floor looks unbuilt” bug
  • [Bug] Fix “Disconnected Devices” list including unbuilt devices
  • [Bug] Fix research tree would not save / load the “discovered” state

v0.6.90 (2022.09.20)

  • [Bug] Fix loading spinner stuck in Main Menu since v0.6.89
  • [Bug] Fix exiting to main menu would not clean up visible space objects (planets, shuttles) since v0.6.89
  • [Bug] Fix “Connect to the Stasis Array” quest not triggering

v0.6.89 (2022.09.19)

  • [Feature] Add Quest System
  • [Feature] Add “Provide a Charge Station” Quest
  • [Feature] Add “Connect to the Stasis Array” Quest
  • [Bug] Fix workers stalling periodically when large amount of construction / deconstruction tasks were in progress

v0.6.88 (2022.09.16)

  • [Performance] Slightly improve Research Tree performance
  • [UI/UX] Make all tooltips appear with 200ms delay (most were appearing instantly)
  • [Bug] Fix removal of orphan plants at load time would break the load procedure
  • [Bug] Fix mouse tooltip would occasionally not resize itself correctly to fit the text

v0.6.87 (2022.09.13)

  • [Bug] Fix newly planted small and medium sized plants would have incorrect visual offset
  • [Bug] Fix selecting “Relaxing” difficulty modifier would use “Balanced” instead
  • [Bug] Fix placing floor tiles in a row would ignore selected floor tile rotation

v0.6.86 (2022.09.12)

  • [Feature] Add a decorative Vase (in Furniture)
  • [Feature] To prevent constant reoccurring deficit, Research will keep 10% of electricity grid capacity as reserve
  • [Balance] When electrical device has a deficit, it will not try to consume electricity for 15 minutes (game time)
  • [Balance] If research fails to run completely due to lack of resources, it will retry after 1 hour delay (game time)
  • [Balance] Plants will slowly grow on their own even if there is no electricity in the planter
  • [Graphics] Fix Shuttle launch animation spawning flying shuttle too close to the ground
  • [UI/UX] Research Queue tooltips will distinguish lack of resources for parallel execution
  • [UI/UX] Make New Game > Scenario dropdown show individual tooltips for each scenario choice
  • [UI/UX] Move Wall Sockets from Walls to Electricity category in the Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Split Furniture into multiple categories in Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Add event notification about inefficient research
  • [Audio] Play “action denied” sound in several more places where it makes sense
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling Stasis Array relocation would grant an achievement
  • [Bug] Fix Install Upgrade task could get silently marked as completed if grounded being (i.e. Robot) failed to reach the upgrade or the device
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Connect not reaching items bigger than 2x2 that are on the edge of the range
  • [Bug] Fix Particle Collector destroying collected materials when internal storage was full (will now drop materials on work spot)
  • [Bug] Fix turning on a worker who was pending relocation would not cancel the relocation task
  • [Bug] Fix Research Queue could display false information about items deeper in the queue lacking Disk and Memory
  • [Bug] Fix Research Queue would not refresh Disk and Memory lack information display when situation changed in real time
  • [Bug] Fix Beta Wave Transceiver would allow mind controlling raiders
  • [Bug] Fix mind controlled colonists could be forced to unequip their items while dead
  • [Bug] Fix forcing to unequip space suit / helmet in open space would not visually remove the equipment
  • [Bug] Fix devices that were reachable by electricity grid but not yet connected would expose their controls
  • [Bug] Fix Electricity Grid running consumer nodes in opposite order of “Consumer Priority”

v0.6.85 (2022.09.10)

  • [Balance] Make construction faster
  • [UI/UX] Pressing B while just hovering something will no longer build a copy
  • [UI/UX] Pressing B with something selected will show build menu if the blueprint of selected device is locked
  • [Performance] Reduce chance of potential frame drops when large amount of construction / deconstruction tasks are being executed
  • [Bug] Fix Electricity running off-sync with Research after last update
  • [Bug] Fix rare bug where rooms or sections occasionally would not get recalculated if multiple floor / wall construction tasks were ongoing

v0.6.84 (2022.09.09)

  • [Performance] Automatically set recommended VSync for current refresh rate, warn if player is overriding it
  • [Performance] Reduce VSync for high simulation speeds to prevent uneven framerates
  • [Performance] Add “Automatic Framerate” option in video settings
  • [Bug] Fix being animations not smooth after latest performance improvements

v0.6.83 (2022.09.08)

  • [Performance] Add multiple performance improvements
  • [Bug] Fix persona submenu showing an empty button near being name

v0.6.82 (2022.09.07)

  • [Performance] Add multiple minor performance optimizations
  • [Bug] Fix bed ownership would get unassigned for everyone when a single colonist died

v0.6.81 (2022.09.06)

  • [Misc] Add initial Swedish translation by YogiesAndPeas
  • [Feature] Detect blocked doors and show a notification about them
  • [Balance] Carbon Fiber will no longer be processable into Carbon
  • [UI/UX] Autodetect metric / imperial system (needs verification if it works)
  • [UI/UX] Show next colonist wake up time in Stasis Array UI
  • [UI/UX] Add more warning tooltips for connection tool
  • [UI/UX] Remove all popups related to failed electricity connection attempts
  • [UI/UX] If nothing is selected, clicking B will “build a copy” of currently hovered object
  • [UI/UX] Move “Rename” button up from Persona component submenu
  • [Bug] Fix ESC would show pause menu when player had a tool active
  • [Bug] Fix submitting a text input popup with Enter / Return key would not correctly focus the next popup input field
  • [Bug] Fix “No Story” generator would never wake anybody up
  • [Bug] Fix relocating objects with (i.e. beds) would lose object attachments
  • [Bug] Fix ownership of an object (i.e. bed) not released properly when owner died

v0.6.80 (2022.09.05)

  • [Graphics] Make Tractor Beam pull VFX look more consistent at different distances
  • [UI/UX] Show a warning tooltip when dragging a new connection from a connector that is fully utilized
  • [UI/UX] Show a “build connector” hint tooltip when dragging a new connection from a connector onto ground
  • [UI/UX] Show “out of range” hint tooltip when dragging a new connection too far
  • [Tech] Improve translations file validation tools
  • [Bug] Fix event sounds would not play if multiple groupable events were created at the same time
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsules could fail to attach if they were affected by Tractor Beam
  • [Bug] Fix Tractor Beam could pull a projectile towards a target that is obstructed or damaged

v0.6.79 (2022.09.04)

  • [Feature] Opening a floor vent will suck objects out of enclosed pressurized (oxygenated) areas
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.3.9f1
  • [Tech] Improve malformed translation detection and validation
  • [Bug] Fix a ton of typos in English texts

v0.6.78 (2022.09.01)

  • [Feature] Add “Disconnected Devices” list to Electricity grid overlay
  • [Feature] Allow replacing / upgrading batteries with other battery models
  • [Balance] Make Carrier drones a little slower (to promote optimizing paths with use of Teleporters)
  • [Balance] Make construction / deconstruction / repairs go faster at lower worker levels
  • [Balance] Humans will try to find a shower less frequently if they failed to find one
  • [UI/UX] Continue button in Main Menu will load the game instead of opening the load panel
  • [UI/UX] Add Codex entries for Research
  • [UI/UX] Let the player know that “Direct Control” is just informational popup
  • [UI/UX] Show “x minutes ago” tooltips on event groups
  • [UI/UX] Show individual tooltips with counts on event groups, when events have custom tooltip
  • [UI/UX] Explain “Object in unsafe location” warning more clearly
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Haul not working for storages
  • [Bug] Fix raider deaths would create death notifications in Ship Log and Event List
  • [Bug] Fix Suggestions would remain internally marked as completed when exiting to main menu from a game session and loading / starting another game
  • [Bug] Fix “Copy Config” not appearing in the bottom of context menu for some items

v0.6.77 (2022.08.31)

  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsule could land on immutable object (i.e. another Breach Capsule), creating inconsistent state
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod could land on an immutable object, creating inconsistent state
  • [Bug] Fix simulation carrying a tick over to next frame would induce a graphics jerk on rotating space objects
  • [Bug] Fix several some game story events not ending automatically, making them run forever and potentially cause bugs
  • [Bug] Fix all skill levels would be 0 when you start a new game in v0.6.76

v0.6.76 (2022.08.31)

  • [Bug] Fix loading saves created before 0.6.75 would not restore being skill levels
  • [Bug] Fix newly built storages would not be registered with inventory system (hauling wouldn’t work)
  • [Bug] Fix when there was only one item in Radial Menu it would never get marked as seen and would keep showing the star icon

v0.6.75 (2022.08.30)

  • [Balance] Installing upgrades will now be of “Construction” job type (since Robot does not do Maintenance by default anymore)
  • [Performance] Rewrite “auto haul” for processing components to be more performant and reliable
  • [Performance] Major performance improvement: introduce simulation tick frame budget and carry unfinished tick parts to next frame if necessary
  • [Bug] Fix Drone shadow not rotating along with the body
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Haul would not evaluate the last storage in the list
  • [Bug] Fix processors hauling processables from storage would fail to create haul tasks and ejected items ended up being hauled back to storage
  • [Bug] Fix after loading the game workers may try to go to zero coordinates and would fail tasks due to that
  • [Bug] Fix unconstructed storages would get added to inventory system on load
  • [Bug] Fix relocated or destroyed storages would not get removed from inventory

v0.6.74 (2022.08.29)

  • [Balance] Increase durability of Toilets, Showers, Doors and Teleporters
  • [Balance] Reduce Wear in all difficulty levels
  • [Balance] Rewrite “auto haul” logic to find haulable objects in faster and more reliable way
  • [Performance] Add multiple minor performance optimizations
  • [Performance] Plants will not longer be producing oxygen, as it was a negligible amount, but cost some CPU time
  • [Performance] Electrical devices will no longer get small amounts of wear when electricity flows (saves some CPU time on large grids)
  • [Video] Add video settings option to switch between multiple displays
  • [UI/UX] Show a popup offering to apply video settings if the panel was closed without applying the changes
  • [UI/UX] Allow interacting with the map from more distant camera zoom levels
  • [Misc] Use the correct scientific term “Meteoroid” instead of “Meteor”
  • [Music] Add new OST track

v0.6.73 (2022.08.26)

  • [Balance] Humans will not use toilets and showers that are in unsafe areas even with a space suit
  • [Balance] Copper Wire and Gears will no longer show up in Furnace as smeltable item
  • [Balance] Set default Haul and Maintenance (refill reactors) priority to 0 for Robot
  • [UI/UX] Show a popup when there is an action required in an ongoing expedition
  • [Bug] Fix flying Shuttle would use the wrong sprite
  • [Bug] Fix drones would keep trying the same task after repeated failure to reach required materials
  • [Bug] Fix giving a direct order to work on a task could mess up worker’s navigation and leave the task execution stuck in a loop
  • [Bug] Fix music would change when ship generation would fail and have another attempt
  • [Bug] Fix some shortcuts and Hotbar buttons would not work until Radial Menu was displayed at least once
  • [Bug] Fix trading with merchant during expedition would teleport goods near shuttle landing pad instead of a teleporter
  • [Bug] Fix Oil would not self-register as a processable material (Refinery wouldn’t find it in storages)
  • [Bug] Fix tile placement preview would show possible electricity connections linking to the center of bottom left tile instead of center of the object
  • [Bug] Fix damage decals not getting removed after tiles were repositioned during gen stage or winching
  • [Bug] Fix energy connector would remain connected to objects outside its range after winching
  • [Bug] Fix destroying ground below an object with ongoing construction / deconstruction / repair task would end up with a stuck particle system running forever
  • [Bug] Fix News sometimes showing up instead of Changelog when there are new updates

v0.6.72 (2022.08.25)

  • [UI/UX] When focusing on something (i.e. by using Find button), adjust the focus point so it won’t be covered by UI
  • [Performance] Add option to “pause on camera motion” to video settings to make panning / zooming smoother on lower tier hardware
  • [Performance] Optimize most particle systems to not overuse the GPU

v0.6.71 (2022.08.25)

  • [Bug] Hotfix rendering broken on Windows since 0.6.70

v0.6.70 (2022.08.24)

  • [Graphics] Rework the rendering system to be more flexible and more efficient when there is less stuff to display
  • [UI/UX] Place certain devices in rows when click-dragged
  • [Bug] Fix starting a new game would not show some material piles until saved/loaded

v0.6.69 (2022.08.22)

  • [Feature] When building a new battery, add 50% charge upon construction
  • [Feature] When teleporting merchant goods, prefer a teleporter inside an oxygenated area
  • [Balance] Starcreds Miner will consume 100kW (was 10kW) and will produce $100/hour (was $1/hour)
  • [Balance] Increase mining speed by 2.5x
  • [Balance] Remove most “Build More X” goals (except for Build More Storages)
  • [Balance] Increase teleporter durability (1500 -> 5000)
  • [UI/UX] Move Teleporter from Space Travel to Special category in the Radial Menu
  • [Bug] Fix upgrade modules listed unbuilt devices as upgradeable
  • [Bug] Hotfix newly built teleporters would not be linkable

v0.6.68 (2022.08.22)

  • [Misc] Add initial Russian translation
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Performance] Optimize rendering performance on lower end devices (i.e. Steam Deck)
  • [Bug] Fix destroyed teleporter would prevent navigation system from rebuilding properly
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case exceptions

v0.6.67 (2022.08.19)

  • [UI/UX] Make Research Queue show the first item in the event panel
  • [UI/UX] Add Settings > Input > Ignore Gamepads option
  • [Bug] Fix “Repair or deconstruct” suggestion would not mark itself as done if all damage was repaired without creating >10 tasks
  • [Bug] Fix research system would try to run all items in the queue once right after loading a save, resulting in huge electricity consumption spike
  • [Bug] Fix clicking on research queue item would not focus on the item if research widget was not loaded before
  • [Bug] Fix pencil mode (Alt) would sometimes connect points with a line when it was not supposed to
  • [Bug] Fix double clicking a teleporter would sometimes not show all selected teleporter links
  • [Bug] Fix Mini Matter Reactor still saying 15kW in the description
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a being / obj would sometimes keep the object sprite attached to the carrier after the task is completed, producing buggy situations
  • [Bug] Fix false message about Robot failing to reach the workspot in tutorial when robot tried to relocate an object and failed to reach it

v0.6.66 (2022.08.19)

  • [Input] Automatically pause the game if gamepad gets disconnected

v0.6.65 (2022.08.18)

  • [Feature] Add Story Event: multi faction raid
  • [Balance] Unlock Computing research at the beginning of Wrecked scenario
  • [UI/UX] Mark new blueprints in Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Split floors section into multiple subcategories in the Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Make Research Tree and Starmap background opaque
  • [UI/UX] Automatically replace text in quotes with accented colorful text in UI dialogs, popups and tooltips
  • [Audio] Replace Raid alert sound
  • [Bug] Fix gamepad virtual mouse cursor position incorrect when using wide screen padding
  • [Bug] Fix teleporters would sometimes not get registered after loading the game
  • [Bug] Fix pathfinding system would not update teleporter locations after winching

v0.6.64 (2022.08.18)

  • [UI/UX] Restrict wide screen padding to have a minimum safe zone of 1200px
  • [Bug] Hotfix ultra wide screen monitors would get incorrect UI padding set automatically

v0.6.63 (2022.08.17)

  • [Feature] Add a Mini Heater device
  • [Feature] Add Cooling and Heating research tree nodes
  • [Balance] Make all solar panels cheaper to build
  • [Balance] Reduce cost of Energy Efficiency research to 300kW (was 1.4MW)
  • [Balance] Reduce cost of Energy Efficiency research to 3MW (was 4.5MW)
  • [Balance] Reactors will burn fuel for 2x longer
  • [Balance] Mini Matter Reactor will now produce 20kW (was 15kW)
  • [Balance] Particle Collector will collect materials 10x faster
  • [Balance] Particle Collector will collect materials using 2x less energy
  • [Balance] Teleporters will now have +3 aesthetics (was -3)
  • [Balance] Teleporters will consume 3kW (was 7kW)
  • [Balance] Mini Disk Modules will consume 0.25kW (was 1kW)
  • [Balance] Disk Modules will consume 1kW (was 2kW)
  • [Balance] Mini CPU Modules will consume 5kW (was 10kW)
  • [Balance] CPU Modules will consume 10kW (was 20kW)
  • [Balance] Plants will use 0.5kW (was 1kW)
  • [Balance] Make Directional Turret able to shoot target at closer range
  • [UI/UX] Allow customizing UI padding for ultra wide screens
  • [Graphics] Improve planet looks and variety
  • [Graphics] Show stars in Starmap and Research Tree background
  • [Bug] Fix some disabled mods would still get loaded if they were subscribed

v0.6.62 (2022.08.16)

  • [Balance] Add “Wear” to lit floors and light blocks
  • [Graphics] Improve Teleporter VFX
  • [Graphics] Make Star Systems look slightly better
  • [UI/UX] Pick a point nearby instead of center when selecting a travel target in Starmap
  • [Audio] Filter out low frequency rumble from new construction (nanobot) sounds
  • [Bug] Fix Robot going through a Teleporter would add a trail between teleporters
  • [Bug] Fix dragging the Research Tree or Starmap would also drag the ship in the background
  • [Bug] Fix “Upload to Steam Workshop” button would be visible on mods downloaded from Steam

v0.6.61 (2022.08.15)

  • [Balance] AutoDoc will hold the patient for at least 1h even for small wounds
  • [Balance] Disallow connecting adjacent teleporters
  • [Graphics] Add VFX for loading materials into things
  • [Graphics] Improve teleporter VFX
  • [Graphics] Fine tune the space nebula color ranges to look more subtle
  • [AI] Improve being pathfinding to utilize teleporters whenever possible
  • [Audio] Make construction sounds more quiet
  • [Bug] Fix some devices would show particles in old position after relocating them
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid would keep ghost connections when a connector was destroyed or replaced

v0.6.60 (2022.08.14)

  • [Feature] Make Teleporters linkable and useful
  • [Feature] Add Story Event: teleporter clone
  • [Balance] Increase Teleporter electricity cost to 7kW
  • [Balance] Reduce Teleporter construction time to 1/3
  • [Balance] Adjust Ship Computer and Stasis Array skill requirements
  • [UI/UX] Show new changes when the game gets an update
  • [Bug] Fix beings would sometimes be able to go through walls or walk to weird locations

v0.6.59 (2022.08.13)

  • [Graphics] Add VFX for Converter, Crafting Station, Research Station, Teleporter, Tractor Beam Target
  • [Audio] Replace construction and repairs sounds
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a device would not preserve electricity connections

v0.6.58 (2022.08.12)

  • [Feature] When Radar is active, selected flying objects will show their trajectory
  • [Graphics] Redo Merchant Ship graphics
  • [Misc] Track friendly human deaths in Situation report for use as a story event hook
  • [Bug] Fix smooth drag would still act differently on different frame rates
  • [Bug] Fix chart tooltips showing slightly inaccurate values
  • [Bug] Fix objects destroyed while selected could cause minor internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge-case errors
  • [Bug] Fix loading bindings would fail due to missing processor on Mac OSX

v0.6.57 (2022.08.11)

  • [Feature] Each starmap region (systems, galaxies, universe) will have slightly different space background
  • [Graphics] Make Starfield move in the main menu
  • [Graphics] Make Starfield nebulas look identical in Realtime and Static (optimized) modes
  • [Tech] Add internal crash detection, reporting and boot safe mode to troubleshoot crash issues on Linux
  • [Bug] Fix opening a Storage Capsule would show the open container graphic above the items that came out
  • [Bug] Fix Realtime starfield nebulas would not move

v0.6.56 (2022.08.11)

  • [UI/UX] Rename “Send Feedback” to “Report a Bug”
  • [Bug] Hotfix removed research nodes would break research and saving in games where the removed research was in queue

v0.6.55 (2022.08.10)

  • [Balance] There will be no more loss of materials when deconstructing or destroying any object
  • [Balance] Remove Basic Materials, Organic Materials and Synthetic Materials research nodes
  • [Balance] Remove Teleportation research node (Teleporter will unlock with Science)
  • [Balance] Change several nodes in the Research Tree
  • [Balance] Increase processing duration for multiple ore types
  • [UI/UX] Group colors into single item in Codex > Materials list
  • [UI/UX] Automatically reposition UI dialog if action button gets off screen
  • [Bug] Fix deconstruction VFX showing an odd artifact
  • [Bug] Fix starting a new game after playing another save would mess up inventory history charts (+autofix affected saves)
  • [Bug] Fix “Install Upgrade” button would show up in context menu for devices with existing upgrades even if new upgrades were not available
  • [Bug] Fix camera shake would not end while Radial Menu is open

v0.6.54 (2022.08.09)

  • [Feature] Add Tractor Beam and Tractor Beam Target devices
  • [Feature] Add Tractor Beam research node (between Quantum Mechanics and Force Fields)
  • [Feature] Add Mega Asteroid story event (rare, late game)
  • [Balance] Reduce default Maintenance priority for Robots to 1
  • [Balance] Reduce material costs for all structure to minimum
  • [Performance] Improve explosion performance
  • [Music] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix placing a vent in sandbox mode would not set hull integrity correctly
  • [Bug] Fix workers with 0 Construct job priority would still perform construction
  • [Bug] Fix workers would ignore reduction of job priority to 0 while working on adjacent streamlined tasks

v0.6.53 (2022.08.04)

  • [Feature] Add “Research” job type for humans
  • [Balance] Adjust how Purpose drains and refills
  • [Balance] Reward Cleaning Bots with Purpose for cleaning each piece of dirt
  • [Balance] Require Research skill to operate Research Station
  • [Balance] Change Research Station tasks from Operate to Research
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce the Aesthetics need drop rate from ugly surroundings
  • [Balance] Spawn 20-50% of survivors when Stasis Array gets deconstructed
  • [Balance] Ablutophobic colonists will get opposite mood effects from using or lacking a shower (positive if shower is lacking, negative after taking a shower)
  • [Feature] If Stasis Pod work spot is in open space, spawn beings on solid floor adjacent to the pod
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show electricity consumption amount and priority controls for devices that do not consume electricity
  • [Bug] Fix safety warning appearing immediately on all objects in a room if a distant wall was removed
  • [Bug] Fix double beds would not show a safety warning if exposed to open space
  • [Bug] Fix double entry in “Multiple Nodes” connection context menu
  • [Bug] Fix save/load not restoring ongoing “Expedition Found Object” event correctly
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod would spawn different things if saved / loaded before opened
  • [Bug] Fix opening a storage capsule containing a crawler would fail the opening task due to combat
  • [Bug] Fix console scrolling extremely slowly
  • [Bug] Fix “No More Hope” achievement wouldn’t unlock
  • [Bug] Fix Disk Module compression tooltip shows 100% when it’s actually 150%
  • [Bug] Fix time would run and popups would show up in end game screen

v0.6.52 (2022.08.03)

  • [Balance] Limit max temperature of Heater to 21C (was 30C)
  • [Balance] Limit max oxygen of Oxygen Pump to 21% (was 24%)
  • [Bug] Fix tooltip not following the mouse cursor correctly in main menu on Steam Deck
  • [Bug] Fix idle Research Stations would still require a human operator
  • [Bug] Fix multiple Research Stations would consume electricity in unpredictable ways
  • [Bug] Fix reducing automatic cleaning threshold below dirt level would not create the cleaning task immediately on showers and toilets

v0.6.51 (2022.08.02)

  • [Balance] Make Oil less abundant in the universe
  • [Balance] Give more Steel Plate and Titanium Plate for Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Generate more Disk Modules and a big Matter Reactor for Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Revert grounded beings ability to build objects in space (has unwanted side effects)
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide a few more event notification types when appropriate
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array and Ship Computer could mess up angled floors if generated too close to the edge
  • [Bug] Fix controller mouse cursor would always reset to bottom-left after loading the game
  • [Bug] Fix relocating damaged / disconnected planters would sometimes prevent the worker from finishing the relocation task
  • [Bug] Fix processing or annihilating a dead being would immediately hide the “Died” notification
  • [Bug] Fix plants harvested near a wall could spawn on the other side of the wall
  • [Bug] Fix several potential bugs that could have appeared after loading multiple saves without exiting the game
  • [Bug] Fix incorrect deficit notification persisting after changing fuel type in refillable devices (Pet Bowl, Fluid Cannon, etc)
  • [Bug] Fix research queue showing 0% on tech that had > 0% but was not on top of the queue

v0.6.50 (2022.08.01)

  • [Balance] Allow grounded beings to build objects in space when they are adjacent to the ship
  • [Input] Improve how smooth drag feels
  • [Bug] Fix auto connect upgrade would create fake connections that would disappear after grid changed
  • [Bug] Fix beings would not drop current task while taking hunger damage even when food was available
  • [Bug] Fix RMB + LMB (or B + A) would order building a blueprint before switching to radial menu
  • [Bug] Fix ship generation would pick incorrect angled tiles
  • [Bug] Fix streamlined building tasks would not work for grounded beings when building was in space (i.e. floor bridge)
  • [Bug] Fix smooth drag behaving differently depending on framerate

v0.6.49 (2022.07.18)

  • [Balance] Make “Short Circuit” and “Micro Meteors” events more rare
  • [Balance] Apply difficulty levels to Micro Meteors story event
  • [Balance] Micro meteor hits will have a high chance to leave the wall heavily damaged rather than fully destroyed
  • [UI/UX] Include compression when showing Disk Module size in Info Panel
  • [UI/UX] Add common actions for multi-selected doors
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Computer cooldown would not work properly after relocation or if there was more than one Ship Computer
  • [Bug] Fix Energy Rifle was in Security instead of Energy Weapons research node
  • [Bug] Fix Repair Station or Charge Station would become locked up if their use was interrupted (i.e. by combat)
  • [Bug] Fix releasing drag hold after staying still for a while would still flick the map a little
  • [Bug] Fix Directional Turret was able to overcharge a little
  • [Bug] Fix Door would still use more energy while held open
  • [Bug] Fix some UI issues with multi selected entities (i.e. cycling would not always work correctly)

v0.6.48 (2022.07.17)

  • [Balance] Increase Aesthetics value of AutoDoc
  • [Balance] Doors will not consume more energy while they are forced to remain open
  • [Graphics] Make AutoDoc’s ambient light less saturated
  • [UI/UX] Double clicking LMB (or controller X) will select all similar objects in camera view
  • [UI/UX] Add common action for all Vents to mass open/close them
  • [Bug] Fix Floor vents would be walkable while open
  • [Bug] Fix Oxygen Pump and Heater would oxygenate the area above an open floor vent or heavily damaged floor tile

v0.6.47 (2022.07.16)

  • [Input] Improve “smooth drag” feel
  • [Input] Double clicking MMB (Camera Drag) will focus camera on the clicked position
  • [Misc] Add more tooling to Dev Camera Menu

v0.6.46 (2022.07.15)

  • [Input] Redo “smooth drag” to “throw” the map on drag-release
  • [Feature] Add “Floor Vent” object
  • [Bug] Fix mouse edge pan not working properly after recent input changes
  • [Bug] Fix Merchant ships would register leave event in Ship Log

v0.6.45 (2022.07.14)

  • [Input] Make mouse scroll work consistently on all operating systems
  • [UI/UX] Adjust smooth camera motion sensitivity and values
  • [Bug] Fix input rebind widget could get stuck forever if input was reset to defaults while rebind was open

v0.6.44 (2022.07.13)

  • [UI/UX] Redo camera zoom and pan to use smooth motion with inertia
  • [Balance] Reduce material and time cost to build a Treadmill
  • [Feature] Add new story event: Short Circuit
  • [Bug] Fix texture quality may not be autodetected correctly in certain setups

v0.6.43 (2022.07.12)

  • [UI/UX] Make Battery related UI more clear
  • [Bug] Fix UI pagination issue introduced in v0.6.41
  • [Bug] Fix Research Queue tooltip would still show incorrect data if an idle research station was present

v0.6.42 (2022.07.11)

  • [Feature] If human is operating a device with a chair in the work spot, rest need will drain 2x slower
  • [Feature] Add chance to get mood boost and debuff for working at devices with/without a chair
  • [Balance] Increase showering and toilet time
  • [Balance] Change Aesthetics system and need implementation
  • [Balance] People will clean floors more often
  • [Balance] Allow relocating beings and objects to open space
  • [UI/UX] Prevent starting expeditions to empty planets
  • [Misc] Add feedback ID to each report
  • [Bug] Fix Cleanable component wouldn’t show “Copy Config” button in info panel

v0.6.41 (2022.07.10)

  • [Balance] Increase Robot acceleration
  • [Balance] Increase plant growth rate
  • [Balance] Slightly reduce amount of Survival Meals and Protein for Wrecked scenario
  • [Balance] Set default Firefighting task priority to 9
  • [Balance] Adjust multiple colonist mood effects
  • [Balance] Reduce mining skill level up rate
  • [Balance] When battery gets fully discharged it will have to regain at least 5% of charge in order to be usable again
  • [UI/UX] When using a tool, RMB + LMB (or B + A) will go back into last page of Radial Menu (same as [ / ])
  • [Misc] Disable Achievements after certain dev functions were used
  • [Misc] Add option to Dev Menu to unlock current research queue
  • [Bug] Fix merchant trade UI would show item quantity popup with incorrect pagination if item was being added from non-first page
  • [Bug] Fix stock market UI producing an internal error when stock portfolio was not created
  • [Bug] Fix controller input would click the last hovered button when radial menu wheel selection was made
  • [Bug] Fix unbuilt devices would show “Copy Config” option in their context menu
  • [Bug] Fix Storage Capsule brought from an expedition would not be movable
  • [Bug] Fix devices with refillable storage would show false “task cancelled” warning after refill was completed
  • [Bug] Fix Direct Order would fail to do immediate pathfinding for multi tile objects if their bottom left corner was blocked
  • [Bug] Fix Firefighting tasks would fail for multi tile objects on fire if their bottom left corner was blocked
  • [Bug] Fix humans would not face the food properly when game was loaded in the middle of eating

v0.6.40 (2022.07.09)

  • [Balance] Make Fun drop slower when operating devices
  • [Balance] Make Fun go up faster when socializing
  • [Balance] Reduce socializing duration
  • [UI/UX] Don’t allow filling out the feedback form if network connection is blocked
  • [Bug] Fix socializing would not increase fun if being was chasing another one

v0.6.39 (2022.07.08)

  • [Feature] Add music mood system to play tracks of relevant intensity
  • [UI/UX] Add Soundtrack panel to Audio settings
  • [UI/UX] Add progress bar to ML Booth
  • [UI/UX] Allow skipping the tutorial any time with ESC
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide several event notification types (level ups, stasis wakeups, damage)
  • [UI/UX] Auto fill Feedback form contact and “post to discord” checkbox state with last values
  • [Bug] Fix drag-drop connection on a wall would not auto-connect the newly built wall socket

v0.6.38 (2022.07.07)

  • [Feature] Reimplement socializing action to feel more natural
  • [Balance] Beings with Enlightened trait will not have mental breakdowns
  • [Balance] Naked humans will not socialize (unless nudists)
  • [Balance] Change “device broke down” story event to only affect devices with >30% wear
  • [Balance] Spawn more Titanium Plate for the Wrecked scenario (200 -> 300)
  • [Balance] Reduce Battery device wear
  • [UI/UX] Task priority tool will now show “Increase Priority” on top of the Radial Menu wheel
  • [UI/UX] Close connector context menu after using auto connect / disconnect
  • [UI/UX] Restore cursor position after using Radial Menu with controller
  • [UI/UX] Show animated outline when hovering a connectable device with a Connect tool
  • [UI/UX] Add a button to disable Battery discharge notifications (per each battery)
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide “Done” notifications for suggestions after 1 in-game hour
  • [Tech] Change screenshot method to attempt a workaround for a rare screenshot capture failure
  • [Bug] Fix pause menu would not be clickable if opened above a context menu
  • [Bug] Fix space suit looks would not get applied in hazardous environment during breakdowns
  • [Bug] Fix Dust Storm particles disappearing instantly after event has ended

v0.6.37 (2022.07.06)

  • [Graphics] Increase drone hover speed
  • [Bug] Fix Sandbox mode would not show build tool menu in a new game
  • [Bug] Fix save hanging indefinitely if screenshot could not get taken
  • [Bug] Fix feedback submissions would fail to show up on Discord if screenshot could not get taken
  • [Bug] Fix Research Queue page resetting when modifying item order
  • [Bug] Fix inventory charts could display corrupted lines
  • [Bug] Fix Breakdowns statistics in Situation are not persisted between saves
  • [Bug] Fix Situation chart would not include current day value
  • [Bug] Fix Attempting to connect to a full connector would show the wrong connector capacity in the error message
  • [Bug] Fix Repair tool would keep showing outdated red markers for freshly repaired tiles if cursor did not move
  • [Bug] Fix Particle Collector not displaying material icon on cold start
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling stasis array relocation would unlock “No Hope” achievement
  • [Bug] Fix gamepad right stick would not pan the camera at low input value
  • [Bug] Fix Solar Panel cleaning progress bar would not display correctly

v0.6.36 (2022.07.05)

  • [UI/UX] Show “Unlocked” text next to unlocked research nodes
  • [UI/UX] Add a tooltip to crafters to display production time and electricity cost
  • [UI/UX] Show a notification when battery gets discharged
  • [Misc] Add Dev Menu (dev_menu in console or Current Game Settings > Dev Menu)
  • [Input] Add gamepad deadzone to input settings
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu showing in incorrect position in triple monitor setup
  • [Bug] Fix unlocking all research would still show “Research not running” warning
  • [Bug] Fix Research Station would still ask for an operator when everything is unlocked
  • [Bug] Fix long menus would auto scroll to top shortly after they have finished loading

v0.6.35 (2022.07.03)

  • [Feature] Add a migration popup allowing to change the Story Generator when loading a demo save in full game
  • [Balance] Make Purpose need drop slower
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix “Battery Charge” levels showing up incorrectly in energy chart
  • [Bug] Fix human colonists would eat food in vacuum while wearing space suits

v0.6.34 (2022.07.01)

  • [Misc] Review and cleanup procgen name lists
  • [UI/UX] Show object choice menu when clicking a cluster of nearby objects in the Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix Treadmill misleadingly contributing to energy Max Output while nobody is operating it
  • [Bug] Fix Player’s ship showing up as not identified in the Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Log getting records about visiting Merchants and Shuttles
  • [Bug] Fix using D-Pad to navigate the UI would sometimes show tooltips in the wrong place

v0.6.33 (2022.06.30)

  • [Balance] Reduce work amount required to build walls and floors
  • [Balance] Increase Disk Module capacity from 16ZB to 24ZB
  • [Balance] Overhaul starting conditions for Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Bug] Fix material lack notifications would not get restored immediately after loading the game
  • [Bug] Fix research may not run on Ship Computer if there is a Research Station without an operator
  • [Bug] Fix energy node off and deficit icons showing / hiding inconsistently when devices are getting switched off and on during energy deficit
  • [Bug] Fix certain seeds could produce incorrectly rotated angle floor tiles near horizontal axis of the ship
  • [Bug] Fix Safety Check would almost never get triggered
  • [Bug] Fix “Energy Consumption” showing energy actual energy production rather than consumption
  • [Bug] Fix “Breakdowns” were not tracked in Situation
  • [Bug] Fix merchant ships counting towards discovered space objects, thus triggering late game story events too soon

v0.6.32 (2022.06.29)

  • [Balance] Failed task retry delay will depend on task priority
  • [UI/UX] When increasing priority on a failed task, automatically retry it
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod would fail to land and disappear if attempted to land on an obstacle (broken recently)
  • [Bug] Fix Direct Order would sometimes see unrelated tasks that would prevent forcing execution of the hovered task
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case errors

v0.6.31 (2022.06.28)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.5f1
  • [Balance] Review processing and crafting speeds and energy cost for many resources (make things faster in exchange for more energy consumption)
  • [UI/UX] Where possible, show chart on item hover rather than on click
  • [Bug] Fix logic behind processing large amounts of ores when they were in storage
  • [Bug] Fix modifying electricity grid would cause the Ship Computer to produce a power consumption spike when multiple research nodes were in queue
  • [Bug] Reimplement “lack” notifications to properly remove them when lack is satisfied

v0.6.30 (2022.06.27)

  • [Balance] Reduce Ship Computer’s built-in research capacity to 250kW
  • [Balance] Reduce wear of Repair Station by 20x
  • [Balance] Humans will get a mood penalty when having to use a Planter as a Toilet
  • [Balance] Humans will look for a usable Toilet longer before going to the Planter
  • [UI/UX] Add titles to charts where appropriate
  • [UI/UX] Show average price in Stock Market chart when looking at owned shares
  • [UI/UX] Make wall build / replacement logic consistent with floor build / replacement
  • [Bug] Fix “Enter Amount” would allow to buy more items than trader had in stock
  • [Bug] Fix chart would be blank if all values were 0
  • [Bug] Fix Battery Charge not saving properly in Situation history

v0.6.29 (2022.06.24)

  • [UI/UX] Change the logic behind bulk replacing floor tiles when drawing rectangles / circles / lines
  • [Graphics] Prevent dirt from appearing on angular or hollow floor tiles
  • [Graphics] Show skull icon on dead beings
  • [Bug] Fix font scaling would make Research button texts disappear
  • [Bug] Fix UI widget drag confinement wouldn’t work correctly after last change

v0.6.28 (2022.06.23)

  • [Balance] Change multiple devices to require Steel instead of Titanium plate
  • [Performance] Improve performance of dragging a dialog with lots of details (esp. on Steam Deck)
  • [UI/UX] Change chart gradient line color
  • [AI] Improve combat AI
  • [Graphics] Animate all info icons and thought bubbles to pulsate
  • [Bug] Fix several misc bugs while overhauling automated tests
  • [Bug] Fix unfueled reactors reporting non-zero energy max output level
  • [Bug] Fix allow relocating beings in batches when otherwise they wouldn’t be relocatable one by one
  • [Bug] Fix switched off workers hiding their off icon after relocation

v0.6.27 (2022.06.21)

  • [Balance] Generate more inventory for Merchants
  • [UI/UX] Regroup the Radial Menu build submenu items
  • [UI/UX] Improve research event notification
  • [Bug] Fix hovered item would not get cleared if mouse went above UI, and RMB would invoke context menu
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu could show empty build categories if all items in the category were locked
  • [Bug] Fix merchant arrival notification not getting restored after save / load
  • [Bug] Fix possibility of ordering install of upgrades when it was not allowed
  • [Bug] Fix Shuttle was relocatable after loading a save when it was out
  • [Bug] Fix being self preservation being broken when there is no task assigned
  • [Bug] Fix humans not changing into space suit when walking outside
  • [Bug] Fix several edge case bugs and internal exceptions

v0.6.26 (2022.06.20)

  • [Feature] Add “Order Strip” button to dead beings with equipment
  • [Balance] Make socializing shorter
  • [Balance] Operating a Cooking Station will promise satisfying Hunger
  • [AI] Prevent dropping tasks due to urgent needs when task is aligned with the need (i.e. cooking vs hunger)
  • [AI] Prevent socializing from interrupting other worker tasks
  • [UI/UX] Add mood trend tooltip and show the trend in mood details list
  • [UI/UX] Limit the distance at which RMB would show a hovered device context menu
  • [UI/UX] Add color accent on bold texts in dialogs and popups
  • [Graphics] Show hovered tile outline
  • [Bug] Fix robots who cannot go on expeditions would fail to be switched on
  • [Bug] Fix certain recurring goals would prevent other goals from showing up
  • [Bug] Fix Order Petting button would appear for dead pets
  • [Bug] Fix controller not working correctly if plugged / unplugged during gameplay
  • [Bug] Fix equipment visuals not synchronizing with actual equipment state after load until being would move around
  • [Bug] Fix “sleep interrupted” mood effect lasting 4x longer than expected

v0.6.25 (2022.06.18)

  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [UI/UX] Improve Research Storage UI
  • [UI/UX] Revert some of the new UI auto resizing (need to rethink the implementation)

v0.6.24 (2022.06.17)

  • [Balance] Rearrange the Research Tree dependencies
  • [UI/UX] Improve Research Tree layout
  • [UI/UX] Improve Beings overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add Sort buttons to Inventory, Economy Net Worth and Merchant Trade UI lists
  • [UI/UX] Improve Merchant Trade UI list readability
  • [Bug] Fix communicator would be unavailable right after load, making the merchant ship leave you
  • [Bug] Fix firefighters sometimes getting stuck doing nothing if there was fire around
  • [Bug] Fix workers would take dangerous tasks and then refuse to go to the spot due to potential harm
  • [Bug] Fix some UI elements too big on small screens with large UI scale (i.e. inventory overlay)

v0.6.23 (2022.06.16)

  • [Tech] Refactor runtime components away, as they were causing too many issues
  • [UI/UX] Allow ordering direct replacement for worn out devices by trying to build a copy of the device on top of it
  • [Bug] Fix multiple issues with Expedition states
  • [Bug] Automatically recover beings who went into inconsistent state due to expedition bugs
  • [Bug] Fix some hints with missing bindings would still show up on Steam Deck
  • [Bug] Fix beings would attempt to reach materials in unsafe areas

v0.6.22 (2022.06.15)

  • [Balance] Increase fire oxygen consumption x3
  • [Balance] Require 15% oxygen for fire to self ignite (was 10%)
  • [Balance] Reduce wear from switching electrical devices by 20x
  • [Feature] Add “Beverage Cooler” device for storing drinks
  • [UI/UX] Show the favorite meal in Persona UI
  • [UI/UX] Add current game setting to disable all “Device idle” warnings
  • [UI/UX] Add current game setting to disable all “Object in unsafe area” warnings
  • [Graphics] Make the Refrigerator bigger
  • [Performance] Improve performance of fire situations (minor)
  • [Performance] Improve performance of large grid rebuilds (minor)
  • [Performance] Improve Research Tree performance
  • [Bug] Fix receiving small amounts of damage would not drop any tasks ever
  • [Bug] Fix coffee would treated as a meal that recovers Hunger need
  • [Bug] Fix terraforming could get completed too early when devices were switched

v0.6.21 (2022.06.14)

  • [Balance] Change speed and acceleration for most beings
  • [Balance] Reduce wear on connectors
  • [UI/UX] Make being names readable at all zoom levels
  • [UI/UX] Common actions will have a way to highlight and cycle affected entities
  • [UI/UX] Gamepad mouse cursor will pan the camera when pushing on the edge even above UI
  • [UI/UX] Show electricity requirement in Research Queue
  • [UI/UX] Show turned off device count when looking at energy grid details
  • [Input] Swap left and right controller shoulder bindings
  • [Bug] Fix multi-selection failing to show common actions list in context menu after a common action was invoked
  • [Bug] Fix mouse scroll would get inverted after using a controller
  • [Bug] Fix generated merchant wallets would trigger money related achievements
  • [Bug] Fix Wrecked scenario could generate a map with unreachable areas

v0.6.20 (2022.06.13)

  • [Feature] Improve ship generation algorithm to come up with nicer looking smaller ships
  • [UI/UX] Allow replacing floor tiles without removing walls or objects when in Sandbox mode
  • [Bug] Hotfix menu panel would remain invisible but intercept mouse clicks if opened and closed quickly
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of mistypes in English

v0.6.19 (2022.06.11)

  • [Feature] Add “Hail a Merchant” goal
  • [UI/UX] Add “Installable Upgrade” UI item on upgrades objects
  • [Feature] Automatically detect and warn when objects that are supposed to be usable by humans are in unsafe location
  • [Performance] Fix fake VRAM reported by Unity for Intel HD graphics cards on Linux would crash Vulkan with “out of memory”
  • [Bug] Fix “Install Upgrade” goal failing to run the check if Matter Reactor was not available

v0.6.18 (2022.06.09)

  • [Feature] Add “Order Petting” button for all pet types
  • [Feature] Allow ordering device replacement if wear is over 50%
  • [Balance] Ensure tighter Stock Market price correlation between items and their ingredients (i.e. Copper - Copper Plate)
  • [Balance] Reduce wear rate for Doors and Airlocks
  • [Misc] Change default UI scroll speed for Linux builds
  • [Misc] Add “Full Reset” option to settings
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show save file dropdown when there is only one save file
  • [UI/UX] Make worker priorities copyable (for non-biological species only)
  • [UI/UX] Fix some font size inconsistencies in events panel
  • [Bug] Fix beings could spawn too far from Stasis Array work spot, ending up inside a wall and teleporting to another area
  • [Bug] Fix stock market change percentages above 100% would show up multiplied by 1000
  • [Bug] Fix Oxygen missing in Environment tab

v0.6.17 (2022.06.08)

  • [Audio] Change Loom sound effect
  • [UI/UX] Add more “idle” device notifications
  • [UI/UX] Limit chart size on smaller screens
  • [UI/UX] Improve chart tooltip behavior near chart edges
  • [UI/UX] Hide the bottom-left description tooltip after selecting the device blueprint in Radial menu
  • [UI/UX] Fix doors and planters showing a misleading icon during electricity deficit
  • [UI/UX] Remove obsolete “Heading” block from Starmap info panel
  • [UI/UX] Differentiate heavily damaged device UI entry with a warning icon
  • [UI/UX] Improve Particle Collector material choice UI to be more informative
  • [UI/UX] Improve Processor devices (Disassembler, Nutrient Extractor, Recycler, etc) queue UI to provide more details
  • [Bug] Fix multi-select ui list items could select an entity that is no longer active
  • [Bug] Fix “Drop Task” button in beings overlay would allow dropping tasks for non mind-controlled humans
  • [Bug] Fix electricity consumers with deficit would not show up in “Consumers” list in Electricity overlay
  • [Bug] Fix winching sections would leave ghost dirt sprites behind
  • [Bug] Fix several internal corner case exceptions

v0.6.16 (2022.06.07)

  • [Balance] Improve “Ensure Ship Computer Ventilation” goal start and end conditions
  • [UI/UX] Add “Furnace is idle” notification
  • [UI/UX] Add “Explore the Operations Manual” goal
  • [UI/UX] Enhance the tooltip in all charts (Energy, Stock Market, Situation)
  • [Audio] Add another OST track
  • [Misc] Add Unity Data Privacy button in About menu
  • [Misc] Split Closed Alpha and Early Access builds to have separate news
  • [Bug] Fix Situation list resetting to 1st page whenever any item was clicked

v0.6.15 (2022.06.06)

  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [UI/UX] Add gamepad pointer acceleration (very gentle default, tunable in input settings)
  • [UI/UX] Change some tutorial texts when controller is used
  • [UI/UX] Overhaul controller input bindings again to simplify and improve them
  • [Bug] Fix a few issues related to gamepad / mouse / keyboard switching

v0.6.14 (2022.06.04)

  • [Bug] Add official configurations for Steam Deck and Steam Controller
  • [Bug] Fix text would not fit into blocks with largest font scale in some languages (i.e. Japanese)
  • [Bug] Fix mouse not able to activate Radial Menu if controller is available

v0.6.13 (2022.06.03)

  • [Performance] Synchronize mouse and gamepad cursor in a more efficient way
  • [UI/UX] Make D-Pad navigate menus in Main Menu and Pause Panel
  • [Bug] Hotfix Steam Deck not detecting system mouse, resulting in invisible cursor

v0.6.12 (2022.06.03)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.3.4f1
  • [Performance] Further improve pathfinding performance and reduce garbage generation
  • [UI/UX] Seamlessly synchronize mouse and gamepad cursor position
  • [UI/UX] Change default controller bindings to be more compatible with Steam Deck
  • [UI/UX] Add font scale slider to video settings
  • [UI/UX] Increase min/max range of UI scale
  • [UI/UX] Set font scale to max by default on Steam Deck
  • [UI/UX] Use max UI scale by default on Steam Deck
  • [Bug] Fix duplicate shortcut bindings appearing in certain situations
  • [Bug] Fix “Shortcut:” tooltip appearing on buttons when using a controller
  • [Bug] Fix dropping a connection on a wall would show empty context menu for build connector if wall sockets were not researched

v0.6.11 (2022.06.01)

  • [Performance] Improve pathfinding speed for short distances
  • [UI/UX] Mark raider names in red in Beings overlay
  • [Bug] Fix beings to go for a long hike to avoid stepping on a chair
  • [Bug] Fix raiders being greeted as someone who joined your colony

v0.6.10 (2022.06.01)

  • [Balance] Fix Shuttle getting worn off too quickly
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce wear for Disk / Memory / CPU modules
  • [UI/UX] Dropping a connection on a wall will suggest building a wall socket
  • [Bug] Hotfix new task priority would default to 0 unless overridden
  • [Bug] Fix dropping a connection from an unresearched connector type would not suggest building a connector

v0.6.9 (2022.05.31)

  • [Balance] Beings won’t drop work if health > 50% and damage amount is negligible
  • [Balance] Prevent eggs hatching during CPU cooldown procedure
  • [Balance] Increase amount of food spawned per survivor in wrecked scenario
  • [UI/UX] Improve connector build UX on drag-drop power line on the floor
  • [UI/UX] Add more information in direct assignment tooltip
  • [UI/UX] Add a way to see last damage location in being health UI
  • [UI/UX] Adjusting priority on certain repeating tasks will save the priority for the device
  • [Bug] Fix Quick Search not refreshing the index after something got unlocked until Radial menu is displayed
  • [Bug] Fix left / right modifier keys showing duplicate binding glyphs in UI tooltips
  • [Bug] Fix force assigning an already assigned task could end up in two workers attempting to perform the same work, leading to bugs
  • [Bug] Fix using deconstruct tool on a tile with deconstruction in progress would reset the progress
  • [Bug] Fix selecting tile along with objects or beings would not render tile selection vfx
  • [Bug] Fix plants getting misaligned after winching
  • [Bug] Fix stray floor tiles would prevent winching if they were touching the island diagonally
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a landed capsule would produce a smoke trail
  • [Bug] Fix irremovable stasis pods sitting on the map forever

v0.6.8 (2022.05.31)

  • [Balance] Change material cost of new batteries
  • [Balance] Adjust Hunger, Purpose and Maintenance need drop rates
  • [Balance] Meals will cook faster
  • [Balance] Growing Protein in Cloning Pod will yield 5 Protein out of 1
  • [UI/UX] Show shortcut tooltips for Relocate and Build a Copy UI buttons
  • [Bug] Fix object replacement tasks would not show skill requirements in tooltips
  • [Bug] Fix Nuclear Battery using wrong graphic
  • [Bug] Fix cleaning devices would add excessive amounts of wear
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array could get generated near a wall
  • [Bug] Fix atmosphere leak particles missing or behaving in unexpected ways
  • [Bug] Fix hints could show up for shortcuts that are not bound
  • [Bug] Fix Processor progress bar not updating in UI when queue becomes empty
  • [Bug] Fix energy graph registering sharp drops when game was saved and loaded
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Computer resetting its energy consumption if Energy overlay was opened with time stopped

v0.6.7 (2022.05.30)

  • [Feature] Add device wear (can be disabled through new game modifiers or current game settings)
  • [Feature] Add two new Battery devices for mid and late game
  • [Balance] Plants will no longer need or use oxygen
  • [Balance] Change Construction Speed research to be more useful
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltips with inventory count when hovering material names in most UI material lists
  • [Bug] Fix “One” crafting option would show “Production goal reached” immediately
  • [Bug] Fix Winch Hook UI failing to load when Winch Anchor was not available

v0.6.6 (2022.05.29)

  • [Feature] Communicator will be able to search for Merchants of specific type
  • [Balance] Make FTL drives 4x more powerful
  • [UI/UX] Return to the last seen page of stock market items after viewing an item
  • [Audio] Add several missing device ambiences and sfx
  • [Bug] Fix sparks visual effect removed too quickly after repairing a tile

v0.6.5 (2022.05.28)

  • [Audio] Change multiple sound effects and device ambiences

v0.6.4 (2022.05.27)

  • [UI/UX] Add battery charge and reserve power to the electricity overlay (grid details and chart)
  • [Balance] Change some construction and research costs
  • [Balance] Humans with space suits will now be able to do mining expeditions
  • [Bug] Fix “Auto Unload” toggle not working in expedition controls

v0.6.3 (2022.05.26)

  • [Feature] Add Tier value to Research nodes
  • [Balance] It will take significantly longer for workers to build higher tier devices
  • [Balance] Change multiple research tree node costs and positions
  • [Balance] Change construction costs for most devices
  • [Feature] Add Converter device
  • [Feature] Add new research nodes for unlocking production of certain materials
  • [UI/UX] Redo the Research Tree layout from ground up
  • [Feature] Make it possible to have multiple dependencies in Research Tree

v0.6.2 (2022.05.24)

  • [Tech] Refactor crafting recipes to allow having more than one recipe for same type of object
  • [Balance] Make “build more <…>” suggestions non-recurring
  • [Balance] Link max merchant inventory size to in-game time
  • [Balance] Change construction requirements for several devices
  • [UI/UX] Show warning icons on switched off devices
  • [Bug] Fix loading a game with an ongoing shuttle expedition could cause an issue since 0.6.1
  • [Bug] Fix charts showing slightly wrong values in the popup
  • [Bug] Fix further upgrades may not be found for a device if at least one upgrade was installed before
  • [Bug] Fix fires would not get extinguished on beings or objects
  • [Bug] Fix expedition shuttle would drop copies of same object loot every time it unloaded the storage
  • [Bug] Fix biological beings able to go through unpowered doors under certain conditions
  • [Bug] Fix estimating being path would not show “cannot go there” for unreachable paths
  • [Bug] Fix Particle Collector would sometimes break through the wall of enclosed area in wrecked ship start generation

v0.6.1 (2022.05.23)

  • [Misc] Add Ukrainian translation
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [UI/UX] Move Difficulty setting from New Game panel into Modifiers
  • [UI/UX] Improve repair and construction ui info panel entries
  • [Balance] Reduce Ship Computer research capacity to 500kW
  • [Balance] Increase Research Station research capacity to 250kW
  • [Balance] Research Station will add +1 to research parallelism (when operator is present)
  • [Balance] Make electrical device damaged story event more interesting
  • [Balance] Allow connecting short range connector to a long range one without backlink check
  • [Bug] Fix RMB would open Radial Menu when closing Research Queue context menu
  • [Bug] Radial menu selection would not work with controller when invoked through the Hotbar
  • [Bug] Fix devices that were turned off would get damaged due to wear
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling construction task on a selected tile should keep showing selection vfx
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Config would result in Crafter progress bar showing incorrect product
  • [Bug] Fix Store tool would create hauling tasks for piles that were being carried by workers
  • [Bug] Prevent modifying Shuttle state right before it gets launched on an expedition
  • [Bug] Fix health showing up as 0/0 for undamaged tiles

v0.6.0 (2022.05.20)

  • [Feature] Add Research Station device for humans to help Ship Computer with research
  • [Feature] Redo Research system from ground up
  • [Feature] Implement Research Queue
  • [Feature] Add Disk Compression Upgrade (+50% disk space, stackable)
  • [Feature] Add Disk Compression research node
  • [Feature] Ship Computer will produce electricity and have its own grid even when disconnected
  • [Balance] Allow more than one Ship Computer on the same electricity grid
  • [Balance] Make Energy research cost 5kW instead of just time
  • [Balance] Limit single Ship Computer’s max research capacity to 1MW
  • [UI/UX] Add controls for throttling research energy use
  • [UI/UX] Redo Research electricity cost display to improve clarity
  • [Bug] Fix harvested plants would show outdated health bar if they were damaged
  • [Bug] Fix humans would not stop operating turned off devices

v0.5.284 (2022.05.17)

  • [UI/UX] Show event notification when someone joins your colony
  • [UI/UX] Add more details in info panel task view
  • [UI/UX] Show alerts about imminent explosions from armed bombs
  • [Bug] Fix some AI tasks could get stuck indefinitely if workers were removed while performing the task
  • [Bug] Fix drones getting stuck in “find enemy” state if there was a big gap of open space between them and the attackers
  • [Bug] Fix radial menu not always getting hidden when another widget would open

v0.5.283 (2022.05.16)

  • [Feature] Add 9x9 Solar Panel Array (50kW)
  • [Feature] Add Advanced Solar research node
  • [Feature] Construction, deconstruction and repair tasks will be streamlined (worker will try to take nearby tasks immediately)
  • [UI/UX] Improve mood history view
  • [UI/UX] Close Quick Search (TAB) menu when opening a full screen widget
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide non-important dialog popups when new dialog popup is attempted to be displayed
  • [UI/UX] When showing a dialog, show a bubble with pending message queue size
  • [Balance] Sentries and Carrier Drones will now participate in enemy raids
  • [Bug] Bridge controls would ask for operator when ship is not flying or when device is off
  • [Bug] Fix engine flames not going out when engine is turned off or damaged
  • [Bug] Fix Hotbar build tool shortcut not showing the newly unlocked blueprints on first click
  • [Bug] Fix releasing shift with being selected would not always clear the path preview

v0.5.282 (2022.05.15)

  • [Balance] Make mining happen 2x faster
  • [Bug] Hotfix deconstructing devices without upgrades would not remove the object properly

v0.5.281 (2022.05.15)

  • [Balance] Randomizing job priorities for humans would not remove Operations priority
  • [UI/UX] Display no priority in the list of reasons for worker not taking the task
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Graphics] Replace deconstruction and repairs VFX with nanobot swarm
  • [Graphics] Update Charge Stations VFX
  • [Bug] Deconstructing devices will no longer destroy installed upgrade modules

v0.5.280 (2022.05.13)

  • [Misc] Add gamepad rumble
  • [UI/UX] Add option to disable gamepad rumble
  • [UI/UX] Close the Radial Menu when clicking with mouse outside it
  • [UI/UX] R1 + L1 + Start will trigger feedback panel when playing with a controller
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array would break electricity grid when loading the game if Matrix mode was enabled

v0.5.279 (2022.05.12)

  • [AI] Roaming beings will only go for short distances
  • [UI/UX] Improve Oxygen, Heat, Insulation and Airtightness overlay readability
  • [Graphics] Replace construction animation with a nanobot swarm
  • [Performance] Optimize performance to reduce potential frame drops when running a large map at high speed
  • [Bug] Fix load failure when expedition story event without a constructor fails to deserialize

v0.5.278 (2022.05.11)

  • [AI] Adjust needs satisfaction logic to prevent some needs from getting neglected
  • [Feature] Add Rest need and make humans get tired after working, so they will not take work tasks until they rest
  • [Balance] Beings will only socialize when Shower need is above 30
  • [Balance] Make humans seek fun activities less frequently
  • [Balance] Make Crafting Station and Cooking Station usable as a makeshift table for eating
  • [Graphics] Add Cooking Station VFX
  • [Graphics] Change some device operate animations to go from side to side
  • [Graphics] Animate construction, desconstruction, repairs and harvesting plants
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid VFX not clearing up when selecting a being or material pile
  • [Bug] Fix raiders being rescued by your drones when stuck in open space

v0.5.277 (2022.05.10)

  • [Balance] When stasis pod spawns friendly beings, they will have space suits and clothing
  • [Audio] Add Cooking Station ambience
  • [UI/UX] Show material deficit notifications for tiles that are pending replacement
  • [UI/UX] Show (not bound) instead of () in Operations Manual when shortcut is missing
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show electricity grid chart if there is nothing to show
  • [Bug] Fix tables unusable after winching
  • [Bug] Fix relocating processors would lose processor settings and queue contents
  • [Bug] Fix possibility to start relocation of same object twice through shortcut
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod would spawn the smoke trail before repositioning to the start location
  • [Bug] Automatically remove invalid objects when loading the game

v0.5.276 (2022.05.09)

  • [Feature] Add Cooking Station device for humans to cook their food
  • [Feature] Coffee Maker, Bridge Controls and Loom will require a human operator to work
  • [Balance] Move AutoKitchen into its own research node
  • [Balance] Coffee will cost less electricity and take less time to produce
  • [Balance] Automatically start growing Wheat in the planter inside survivor area in Wrecked scenario
  • [Graphics] Fix operator visual offsets on Crafting Station
  • [Graphics] Fix visual offsets on Treadmill

v0.5.275 (2022.05.08)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.2f1
  • [Feature] Add a Crafting Station device that requires a human operator to craft objects
  • [Feature] Add new Operate skill for humans
  • [Feature] Add Radiator device for reducing heat indoors
  • [Feature] Most industrial devices will produce heat around them
  • [Balance] Generate Wrecked scenario with one Crafting Station instead of Assembler
  • [Balance] Move Copper Wire and Transistor to Technology research node
  • [Balance] Move Assembler to Robotics research node
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix dirt visuals could get created too far from the grid position
  • [Bug] Fix dirt sprites not refreshing correctly when dirt is cleaned and created at the same time

v0.5.274 (2022.05.06)

  • [Balance] Make Cleaning Bots accelerate faster
  • [UI/UX] Hide notifications about lack of materials when the lack is resolved
  • [UI/UX] Add material sorting modes to inventory overlay (count asc/desc, alphabetic)
  • [Graphics] Make space background move faster when ship is flying
  • [Audio] Change Emergency Siren sound to a more sci-fi one
  • [Performance] Reduce CPU consumption coming from audio filters and music playback
  • [Performance] Fix periodic small frame drops happening due to oxygen/heat simulation on the GPU

v0.5.273 (2022.05.05)

  • [Feature] Make enclosed areas dimmer to encourage installing lights
  • [Bug] Fix drone hovering and object rotations getting choppy after playing for many hours in same save
  • [Bug] Fix some particles not updating their position after winch operation
  • [Bug] Fix beings would socialize with themselves
  • [Bug] Fix enclosed areas not recalculating automatically after winching, causing issues with heaters and oxygen pumps
  • [Bug] Fix beings would remain tethered to themselves after socializing with themselves (doh)
  • [Bug] Fix beings would fail to reach their walk destinations when socializing with themselves
  • [Bug] Fix space objects rapidly changing visual direction if both player ship and the object is moving

v0.5.272 (2022.05.04)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.1f1
  • [Balance] Humans and pets will seek recreational activities more frequently
  • [Feature] Add Treadmill device and research node
  • [Bug] Fix Radial menu not rebuilding if necessary when invoked through B shortcut
  • [Bug] Fix potential crash when warming up Vulcan shares on Linux
  • [Bug] Fix game modifiers menu failing to create all buttons when Sandbox scenario was selected
  • [Bug] Show the right preview sprite in slots components when slots are used
  • [Bug] Fix socializing would pick social candidates in opposite order (worst candidate first)

v0.5.271 (2022.05.02)

  • [Feature] Add Security Controls overlay to control all security devices at once
  • [Feature] Add Security Controls device and research branch
  • [UI/UX] Add huge labels next to root items in Research Tree
  • [UI/UX] Show device battery level when hovering the clock
  • [UI/UX] Virtual mouse cursor will now pan Research / Starmap view when pushing the edges
  • [Audio] Change Assembler and Auto Kitchen SFX
  • [AUdio] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix first instance of text input popup would execute game key bindings when typing
  • [Bug] Fix Steam Achievements synchronizing with local ones with incorrect unlock date
  • [Bug] Fix controller edge pan activating on the map when game was paused or in Research / Starmap

v0.5.270 (2022.04.28)

  • [Feature] Synchronize local and Steam Achievements
  • [Feature] Replace Millionaire achievement with 5 different money related achievements
  • [UI/UX] Create custom locked/unlocked images for each achievement
  • [UI/UX] Show big achievement images in UI
  • [UI/UX] Improve formatting on some of the in-game tooltips
  • [UI/UX] Warn about low battery on your gaming device
  • [UI/UX] Automatically pause when Steam overlay is open
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon water bullets not going through objects
  • [Bug] Fix some controller glyphs appearing in incorrect positions

v0.5.269 (2022.04.27)

  • [UI/UX] Change controller left stick press binding from Cycle Tool Mode to Rotate
  • [UI/UX] Show virtual keyboard automatically when selecting an input field in Steam Deck or Steam Big Screen mode
  • [UI/UX] Show a copy of input field above the virtual keyboard on Steam Deck, as keyboard often covers the input
  • [Bug] Detect gamepad flavor correctly

v0.5.268 (2022.04.26)

  • [UI/UX] Improve auto scaling for screens with unreported DPI (Steam Deck)
  • [UI/UX] Show only controller glyphs when controller is in use
  • [UI/UX] Change default controller bindings to include Shift and Ctrl modifier
  • [UI/UX] Improve fonts readability
  • [UI/UX] When applying repair limit of 25 tiles in tutorial, check the number of tiles, not the drag rect size
  • [UI/UX] Prevent wrong type of research from being started during the tutorial
  • [UI/UX] Improve research tutorial guidelines if research tree is closed without starting the required research
  • [UI/UX] Add Steam Controller glyphs for Steam Deck
  • [UI/UX] Hide keyboard controls in input settings when controller is in use
  • [Bug] Fix resetting input settings would not reset the invert UI option
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial impossible to complete with controller alone
  • [Bug] Fix cat riding a bot achievement getting unlocked while cat is still chasing the bot
  • [Bug] Fix saving / loading near the end of the tutorial could resume the tutorial without instructions what to do

v0.5.267 (2022.04.25)

  • [Feature] Add Sentry Drone - a security drone built for combat operations
  • [Balance] Increase Robot health to 150
  • [Performance] Optimize electricity grid rebuild performance
  • [UI/UX] When displaying percentages in UI, never show 100% while the value is lower than 100%;
  • [UI/UX] Add a Chart toggle button for Electricity overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add details display for disconnected sub grids
  • [UI/UX] When showing sub grid details, show visual connections only for that subgrid
  • [UI/UX] Improve electricity grid details UI
  • [Bug] Fix complex electricity grids (thousands of devices) could lead to incorrect subgrid divisions
  • [Bug] Fix colonizing a planet during an expedition or combat would get the game into an inconsistent state
  • [Bug] Fix colonizing a planet would unlock an achievement for destroying the Stasis Array
  • [Bug] Fix being particles not getting removed when beings are sent to a colonized planet
  • [Bug] Fix colonizing a planet with a paused time would not begin until time flow is resumed
  • [Bug] Prevent auto save during the planet colonization phase
  • [Bug] Fix pathfinding target change would make a being go back to the center of the current tile before moving on

v0.5.266 (2022.04.24)

  • [Feature] Add Achievements system and dozens of initial achievements
  • [UI/UX] List all achievements in Codex overlay
  • [UI/UX] List all achievements in Main Menu
  • [UI/UX] Add option to disable achievements
  • [Bug] Fix terraforming progress slowing down if more than one terraformable planet was discovered

v0.5.265 (2022.04.23)

  • [Balance] Generate more inhabitants in Stasis Array
  • [Feature] Add Modifiers system for starting new game with a set of challenges (moddable)
  • [Feature] Add “No Pause” modifier
  • [Feature] Add “Resource Multiplier” modifier
  • [UI/UX] Move “Map Size” and “Ship Size” into modifiers
  • [UI/UX] Move “No Reload” save load mode into modifiers
  • [UI/UX] Turn “Enable Combat” new game setting into a modifier
  • [UI/UX] Remember last selected Radial Menu top level item
  • [Bug] Fix survivor area would generate in slightly different location from same seed
  • [Bug] Fix removing an unbuilt Beta Wave Transceiver would reset beta wave synchronization to zero
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu always selecting the 12 o’clock item when drilling into submenus
  • [Bug] Fix Emblem objects allowing to select sprites with dynamically generated rotations

v0.5.264 (2022.04.22)

  • [Feature] Add Beta Wave Transceiver for colonist mind control
  • [Feature] Add Mind Control research branch
  • [Feature] Add trait Beta Wave Resistent that would make a colonist resistent to mind control
  • [UI/UX] Improve Research Tree auto layout
  • [UI/UX] Add operations manual entry for Camera Memory and Mind Control

v0.5.263 (2022.04.21)

  • [Balance] Require Manufacturing research to produce Optical Fiber
  • [Bug] Fix Winching would make certain tasks impossible until next save/load due to pathfinding issues
  • [Bug] Fix generating maps with same seed would produce a slightly different result due to variations in structural damage
  • [Bug] Fix missing “Steel Bed” translation
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a cleanable device (toilet, shower, solar panel) would reset the dirt state
  • [Bug] Fix cleanable devices would lose accumulated dirt amount when loading the game
  • [Bug] Prevent plants appearing with incorrect offsets when loading a save

v0.5.262 (2022.04.20)

  • [Balance] Significantly reduce Terraformer material consumption
  • [Bug] Fix freshly spawned beings not showing part of sprites if directional are split across different atlas pages
  • [Bug] Fix several small internal errors in edge cases

v0.5.261 (2022.04.19)

  • [Balance] Improve firefighting system
  • [Balance] Make Directional Turret store more shots and shoot bullets faster
  • [Balance] When an object on fire is extinguished, prevent it from cathing on fire again for 15 minutes (simulation time)
  • [Misc] Detect malformed variables when validating translations
  • [UI/UX] Explain Winch failures instead of hiding “Reel In” options
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show the terraforming progress bar on Terraformer devices as it was conflicting with fuel bar
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon not able to extinguish fire properly on small objects (i.e. plants)
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array would not produce electricity after conversion to The Matrix (until save/load)

v0.5.260 (2022.04.18)

  • [Feature] Fluid cannon filled with Petroleum will shoot incendiary bullets
  • [Balance] Allow terraforming materials to be used by Matter Reactors and Fluid Cannons
  • [Balance] When forcing a direct order (ctrl+click) on a task that is already assigned to another worker, reassign the task
  • [Bug] Fix “Generate Validity Report” in Language settings would only work after switching to another language
  • [Bug] Fix Terraformers would allow being configured using any type of fuel
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon filled with Water would not hit floors that are on fire
  • [Bug] Fix some issues with AI task assignment logic related to firefighting

v0.5.259 (2022.04.17)

  • [Feature] Add “Colonize” option to settle your colony on a terraformed planet
  • [Feature] Add end credits screen
  • [Bug] Fix flight between galaxies would take forever
  • [Bug] Fix Starmap targeting broken in Universe layer

v0.5.258 (2022.04.17)

  • [Balance] Remove Battery Overload sub-events that end up with robots dying (except for Challenging difficulty)
  • [UI/UX] Notify about malformed translations when loading definitions with template variables
  • [Bug] Hotfix universe fails to generate for a new game

v0.5.257 (2022.04.16)

  • [Feature] Add Terraforming Controls device for running terraforming operations
  • [Feature] Add Atmosphere Generator device for terraforming planets
  • [Feature] Add Biosphere Generator device for terraforming planets
  • [Feature] Add Ocean Generator device for terraforming planets
  • [Feature] Add Terrain Generator device for terraforming planets
  • [Feature] Add Terraforming research branch
  • [Feature] Add new craftable materials required for terraforming: AtmosphereMix, OrganicTurf, BioEnrichedWater, MultiFertilizer
  • [Feature] Allow growing Protein in Cloning Pod
  • [Graphics] Improve glass floor and window reflections
  • [UI/UX] Show fuel type in all refillable devices when hovering them

v0.5.256 (2022.04.13)

  • [Feature] Add Telescope device that can find a terraformable planet (for end goal)
  • [Feature] Add Telescope research branch
  • [UI/UX] Update the “End Goal” section of the Operations Manual
  • [Bug] Fix merchants in ships not starting trades anymore
  • [Bug] Fix Search popup not showing up in Research Tree
  • [Bug] Fix relocating the bed to the same spot in the tutorial would lock tutorial from progressing

v0.5.255 (2022.04.12)

  • [Feature] Add AutoDoc device for patching up biological damage
  • [Feature] Add AutoDoc research branch
  • [Bug] Fix winching would break heaters and oxygen pumps
  • [Bug] Fix relocating anything with refillable storage (reactors, fluid cannons) would lose the fuel
  • [Bug] Fix winching would leave Ship Computer’s research particles in old location
  • [Bug] Fix UI pagination sometimes not showing last couple of items

v0.5.254 (2022.04.11)

  • [Feature] Add Probe device for launching probes to scan distant planets
  • [Feature] Add Probe research branch
  • [Graphics] Add smoke trail effects to Capsules, Meteors, Shuttles, etc
  • [Bug] Fix nearby merchant ship constantly changing direction if your ship moves
  • [Bug] Fix mods not loading non-english translations
  • [Bug] Fix text input popup widget would not close after submitting the input with Enter/Return

v0.5.253 (2022.04.10)

  • [Balance] Make Winch Hook and Anchor cheaper to research and build
  • [Bug] Fix possible graphics glitch after winching
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not move info icons of multi-tile objects correctly
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not move particles correctly
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not move dirt correctly
  • [Bug] Fix floating islands during ship wreck generation phase would not move dirt correctly
  • [Bug] Fix winching would fail to start when single tile objects (Thrusters, Solar Panels) were attached to the section

v0.5.252 (2022.04.09)

  • [Feature] Add Winch Hook and Winch Anchor devices
  • [Feature] Add Winch Research branch
  • [Feature] Implement moving disconnected sections using Winch Hook + Anchor
  • [Feature] Add Winch section to Operations Manual
  • [Graphics] Fix space object visually sliding into position right after load
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle visuals not disappearing from the starfield while shuttle is landing on base

v0.5.251 (2022.04.08)

  • [Bug] Hotfix for game getting stuck in loading screen if Texture Quality setting was default

v0.5.250 (2022.04.07)

  • [Bug] Fix Unity stripping new starmap shaders as they are not linked in compile time (white squares)
  • [Graphics] Make shuttles appear small in background above planets

v0.5.249 (2022.04.07)

  • [Graphics] Display space objects in-game (work in progress)
  • [Graphics] Redo planets, stars, black holes, systems and galaxies looks in Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix emerging through a black hole could get us back to old galaxy if we changed Starmap scope to Universe and back
  • [Bug] Fix changing Starmap scope to Universe and back would emerge us near the Black Hole instead of last position

v0.5.248 (2022.04.05)

  • [Feature] Add Quantum Barrier device that generates a force field to protect from asteroids and meteors
  • [Feature] Add Force Fields research branch (under Quantum Mechanics)
  • [Feature] Add automatic suggestion to disassemble a reclaimed Breach Capsule
  • [Bug] Fix socializing with enlightened humans would cause internal errors when trying to form attachments
  • [Bug] Fix Micro Meteor trails invisible

v0.5.247 (2022.04.04)

  • [Feature] Generate more interesting ships
  • [Feature] Add new types of floor tiles
  • [UX/UI] Show Research and Starmap shortcuts in overlay tooltips
  • [UX/UI] Hide Radial Menu when opening a full screen overlay (Starmap, Research)
  • [Bug] Fix emblems having 100% custom walking difficulty by default

v0.5.246 (2022.04.03)

  • [Feature] Add more content to Codex > Operations Manual
  • [Feature] Add custom walking difficulty slider to Emblem configuration UI
  • [Feature] Add Factions list to Codex
  • [Graphics] Fix Walking Difficulty overlay showing incorrect colors
  • [Balance] Generate more Oil on planets
  • [Balance] Add a Merchant type that will trade Oil and its products
  • [Bug] Fix several internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix Codex > Operations Manual button was missing in build

v0.5.245 (2022.04.02)

  • [Feature] Add the initial version of the Operations Manual (inside Codex)
  • [Balance] Make Emblems not difficult to walk over
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial getting stuck on repair step if there was no bed found for relocation step

v0.5.244 (2022.04.01)

  • [Feature] Add Codex overlay with an in-game knowledge base
  • [UI/UX] Show existing item counts in Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Add new crafting demand type option: One
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips in crafter configuration UI
  • [Bug] Fix socialization was completely impossible for humans with Introverted trait
  • [Bug] Fix multiple internal errors in various edge cases
  • [Bug] Fix loot generation broken for radioactive planet type
  • [Bug] Fix CPU module showing hard-coded incorrect Thz value from translations file
  • [Bug] Fix some game seeds would generate survivor area with a broken wall

v0.5.243 (2022.03.31)

  • [Feature] Add Recreational activity (low priority) - clean floors
  • [Feature] Add Trait: Enlightened. Enlightened humans will not be able to form any attachments to anything.
  • [Feature] Add Reinforced Emblem Floor tile
  • [Feature] Flight will not get cancelled when Bridge Controls are offline (engines will stop)
  • [Balance] Make engine power consumption equal to actual engine output
  • [Balance] Damaged Particle Collector will collect materials slower
  • [Balance] Spawn some water in the beginning of Wrecked ship scenario
  • [UI/UX] Add more details about replacement tasks in UI
  • [Graphics] Fix Micro Meteor trails rendering below floors
  • [Bug] Fix space traffic could be spawned during the tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix humans would not clean floors
  • [Bug] Fix auto hauling could get triggered on an object that was pending relocation
  • [Bug] Fix Construction Drone missing Recharging job type
  • [Bug] Fix Micro Meteors event notification using the wrong widget type

v0.5.242 (2022.03.31)

  • [Feature] Add relocation to the Tutorial
  • [Feature] Processing Rock may yield other materials with random chance
  • [Balance] Soil will not spawn on planets anymore
  • [Balance] Spawn more Rock on planets
  • [Balance] Change production ingredients for C42
  • [UI/UX] Improve some parts of the tutorial
  • [Performance] Generate new game scenarios faster
  • [Bug] Fix male clothing now showing color choice in Loom settings
  • [Bug] Fix mood details UI refreshing unnecessarily on every tick
  • [Bug] Fix relocation of unfinished construction was possible via shortcut
  • [Bug] Add more diagnostics and recovery for corner case with expedition member getting stuck in off state
  • [Bug] Fix relocation shortcut would activate even if nothing was selected

v0.5.241 (2022.03.30)

  • [Feature] Storage Capsule drops will sometimes try to spawn materials you lack
  • [Feature] Make it possible to upgrade / rebuild certain devices (memory modules, connectors) without removing them
  • [Feature] Attempt to keep existing connections when relocating a connector
  • [Balance] Spawn additional 50 Silicon in the beginning of Wrecked Ship and Leaving Earth scenarios
  • [Balance] Adjust production cost and ingredients for Energy Rifle
  • [Balance] Humans will have individualized set of job priorities
  • [Balance] Change production cost of the Storage Unit
  • [Balance] Wood will not be burnable into Coal anymore
  • [Balance] Remove internal job types from worker’s UI (Eating, Recharging, Sleeping, etc)
  • [UI/UX] Feedback form will remember the entered text if it was not submitted
  • [UI/UX] Add instructions for selected worker direct orders (Managed Worker > Direct Control)
  • [UI/UX] Do not squash Radial Menu submenus that have only 1 child
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Computer’s ghost showing “no research” while pending relocation
  • [Bug] Fix selected being path preview while holding Ctrl / Shift would get stuck or not update
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu could show items with no children (i.e. Furniture during tutorial)
  • [Bug] Job types will not show popups with missing translations

v0.5.240 (2022.03.29)

  • [Feature] Replacing walls and floors will not remove the old wall / floor during the task
  • [Feature] Allow disassembling a captured Breach Capsule after raid is over
  • [Balance] Damaged solar panels and reactors will produce less electricity
  • [Balance] Damaged connectors will have less max slots
  • [Balance] Change Space Helmet production electricity cost to 50kW (was 100kW)
  • [Balance] Adjust some market item prices and groups
  • [Balance] Merchants will buy more variety of items than they sell themselves
  • [Balance] Move “Steel Wardrobe” from Advanced Furniture to regular Furniture
  • [Balance] Planters will require Water rather than Biowaste
  • [Performance] Fix possible stutter when walls / floors were deconstructed
  • [UI/UX] Limit input field length
  • [UI/UX] Add a shortcut (“o”) to start relocating selected tiles or objects
  • [Bug] Fix clothing items would flood merchant’s inventory with color versions and other items would not get generated
  • [Bug] Replacement of a tile (i.e. door or vent) with the same item will not be allowed

v0.5.239 (2022.03.28)

  • [Balance] Add missing Gears in Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Change how Particle Collector works normally and during dust storm
  • [Graphics] Make Solar Panels unlit when their output is < 50%
  • [UI/UX] Show Particle Collector progress for currently collected material
  • [UI/UX] Change how items with colors are produced in crafters (clothing items in a Loom)
  • [Bug] Fix internal error happening when viewing task links for an object that is not movable
  • [Bug] Fix some electrical devices background lights not working when needed

v0.5.238 (2022.03.27)

  • [UI/UX] Add electricity production and consumption priority controls for compatible devices
  • [UI/UX] Show last 30 entries of colonist mood history in addition to currently ongoing effects
  • [Misc] Fix several translations after scenario intro text sequence was changed

v0.5.237 (2022.03.26)

  • [Feature] Reintroduce “Leaving Earth” scenario with balance fixes
  • [Bug] Fix aborting an expedition when a member failed to reach it would not remove the expedition controls UI
  • [Bug] Fix failing to save games when save name ended with dot character
  • [Bug] Fix combat potentially getting stuck when there are more than 16 units
  • [Bug] Plants will no longer be movable

v0.5.236 (2022.03.25)

  • [Graphics] Add transparency support for custom floor tiles
  • [Graphics] Automatically fix door / vent rotation when a new wall is built nearby
  • [Misc] Add Japanese translation by Souzen Yurama
  • [Misc] Redo the “worker forced to be offline” mechanic to allow multiple reasons
  • [Bug] Fixed robots produced in assemblers would have a “clone” tag

v0.5.235 (2022.03.24)

  • [Feature] Auto Kitchen will have an internal storage instead of dumping fresh meals on the floor
  • [Feature] Beings are going to die of old age
  • [Balance] Reduce probability of bomb in a capsule drop
  • [Balance] Spawn more plastic at the beginning of the game
  • [Balance] Loom clothing production will cost 5kW for regular clothing (was 0.1kW)
  • [Balance] Adjust ingredients for space suits and helmets (include new materials)
  • [UI/UX] Add “Switch ON/OFF” buttons to electricity grid producers / consumers / batteries view
  • [UI/UX] Add common action to order cleaning for mass selected cleanable devices (solar panels, toilets, showers, etc.)
  • [UI/UX] Add UI details for beings who are biological clones
  • [UI/UX] Display shorter version of being names when possible
  • [Bug] Fix underaged colonists being spawned looking as adults
  • [Bug] Fix mood effects list in UI not showing multiplier when it has to, and showing X1 when it doesn’t

v0.5.234 (2022.03.23)

  • [Balance] Generate one Assembler when starting a new game
  • [Graphics] Make generated floor lights dimmer
  • [Graphics] Animate human and animal food consumption
  • [UI/UX] Add display of “Next” task to worker brain UI
  • [Bug] Fix AI worker getting stuck when “Next” task source entity would get destroyed
  • [Bug] Fix humans looking naked after they switch from a space suit to regular clothing

v0.5.233 (2022.03.23)

  • [Balance] Solar panels will require copper wire instead of copper plate
  • [Balance] Doors and vents will contain transistors and copper wire
  • [Balance] Assemblers will require construction level 4 (was 5)
  • [Balance] Solar Panel Array will require construction level 5 (was 6)
  • [Balance] Reduce electricity consumption and time needed for crafting Copper Wire
  • [UI/UX] Add reservation details in slots UI (toilets, showers, etc.)
  • [Bug] Fix unreachable toilet or shower would remain reserved forever, making all toilets / showers eventually unusable

v0.5.232 (2022.03.23)

  • [UI/UX] Show appropriate “searching for clothing/weapon/headgear” message and icon when being is looking for equipment
  • [Graphics] Use HDR in game lights to make colors look more vibrant
  • [Graphics] Add gentle cursor light (configurable in video settings)
  • [Balance] Spawn 100x of each new type of resource that was introduced in v0.5.230 when loading an old game save, to make it playable again
  • [Bug] Fix Reactor efficiency never showing above 100%
  • [Bug] Change Vents algorithm to be more realistic. Fixes the constantly increasing heat issue in certain room layouts
  • [Bug] Automatically recover tiles when construction tasks gets missing on load

v0.5.231 (2022.03.22)

  • [Audio] Play selection sounds for carrier drones and cleaning bots
  • [UI/UX] Fix Research Tree nodes layout could intersect
  • [UI/UX] Show some details when clicking any reactor’s power output in UI
  • [Tech] Update Message Pack (serialization library used in save/load)

v0.5.230 (2022.03.21)

  • [Feature] Add new types of resources: Crude Oil, Petroleum, Gears, Plastic, Copper Wire, Optical Fiber, Rubber, Transistor
  • [Feature] Add Liquid Processing research branch
  • [Feature] Add Refinery for processing oil
  • [Feature] Add an early-game suggestion to relocate pieces of the Space Suit near your human survivors
  • [Misc] Temporarily remove Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Change building and crafting requirements for most blueprints
  • [Balance] Reduce the float-apart distance of pieces of the ship in Wrecked scenario
  • [UI/UX] Show owned count when displaying crafting options (excl. beings)
  • [Translations] Include unknown (removed) translation keys to the language report
  • [Bug] Fix “show hints” toggle would change a wrong setting
  • [Bug] Fix “Copy Config” broken on crafter devices since last update

v0.5.229 (2022.03.19)

  • [Balance] Make equipment and weapons consumable by Matter Reactors
  • [Balance] Processing Efficiency Upgrade will require Titanium Plate instead of Titanium ore
  • [Bug] Fix Processing Efficiency Upgrade showing up as Reactor Efficiency Upgrade when installed
  • [Bug] Fix camera numpad memory would get activated when typing numbers with UI open
  • [Bug] Fix multiple beings could have attachments to same bed, leading to various reservation and logic bugs
  • [Bug] Fix attachments would not get removed for dead beings and destroyed entities

v0.5.228 (2022.03.18)

  • [Feature] Add “Processor Efficiency Upgrade” and “Processing Efficiency” research branch
  • [Feature] Add some new things that can be spawned by a storage capsule
  • [Balance] Planters will require Biowaste as a construction material
  • [Balance] Storage capsule will not spawn 100 clothing items anymore
  • [UI/UX] Pressing Hotbar Build button with something selected would not try to build a copy anymore
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsule could be saved in non-detachable state even if combat is not running
  • [Bug] Fix Hotbar Build button would show empty radial wheel submenus if radial menu was not invoked manually first
  • [Bug] Fix expedition bringing back a storage capsule would spawn a capsule shadow somewhere above it
  • [Bug] Fix enemies would go into High Alert combat state, which is meant for home team only

v0.5.227 (2022.03.17)

  • [Feature] Add “Light Block” device for having a light source alternative to Floor Lights
  • [Feature] Add “Copy Config” to emblems
  • [Feature] Add “Emblem Floor” tile for floors with custom graphic
  • [UI/UX] Add camera memory quick jumps: Ctrl + Numpad digit to save location, Numpad digit to jump
  • [UI/UX] Make Breakdown notifications sticky and automatically remove them when breakdown is over
  • [Graphics] Fix proportions of damage texture to be compressable in GPU
  • [Bug] Fix ESC opening pause menu if something is selected, when ESC mode was “close menus and pause”
  • [Bug] Fix offline workers could still be ordered to move somewhere manually
  • [Bug] Fix manual order to go somewhere would get interrupted by task assignment during the walk

v0.5.226 (2022.03.16)

  • [Balance] Reset being mood to >80 after a mental breakdown (was reset to 0 before)
  • [Balance] When floor gets destroyed, collapse any walls or objects above it
  • [Balance] Sleep deprived beings will fall asleep on the floor sooner
  • [AI] Improve Combat AI
  • [Graphics] Add some restrictions on texture quality for lower end GPUs to reduce potential GPU memory issues
  • [UI/UX] Display monetary values consistently, always abbreviating large numbers (i.e. $93K)
  • [Bug] Fix walls could exist without floors underneath, causing hull integrity and room enclosure issues
  • [Bug] Fix beings in “High Alert” combat state would not do any tasks

v0.5.225 (2022.03.15)

  • [Feature] Add a setting to disable combat when starting a new game and in current game settings
  • [Feature] Eggs will be able to hatch other beings, not just crawlers
  • [Feature] Coffee Maker will have internal storage that will hold 10 cups
  • [Balance] Disallow storing objects that have specific storages in generic Storage Unit (affects clothing, upgrades)
  • [UI/UX] Dragging electrical devices will not switch into Connect tool, unless you are dragging a Connector
  • [Bug] Fix humans not able to find clothing items (when items were inside generic storage)
  • [Bug] Fix being attachments getting lost after relocating beds
  • [Bug] Fix plants not getting relocated along with the planter
  • [Bug] Remove stray plants when loading a save

v0.5.224 (2022.03.14)

  • [Tech] Add extra diagnostics to help detecting AI issues
  • [Bug] Fix High Alert combat state being suggested with incorrect weight
  • [Bug] Fix caret sometimes not displaying in text input widgets
  • [Bug] Fix “not enough hat” and similar notifications showing up when a colonist failed to equip something
  • [Bug] Fix switching into a tool after having something selected would keep displaying obsolete selection

v0.5.223 (2022.03.13)

  • [Balance] Reduce furnace queue capacity
  • [Balance] Reduce processing time for ore resources
  • [Graphics] Show visual ranges of selected and placed cannons and turrets
  • [Graphics] Show electricity connection previews when placing energy enabled devices in range of connectors
  • [Bug] Fix expedition member validation keeping worker turned off or invisible if expedition failed

v0.5.222 (2022.03.13)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.2.15f1
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce severity of Micro Meteor Strike event
  • [Bug] Fix combat not ending when presence of Crawler initiated the combat state

v0.5.221 (2022.03.11)

  • [Combat] Improve combat AI behavior
  • [Combat] Re-add raid theft mechanic
  • [Combat] Add High Alert combat state where worker would keep doing tasks unless enemy is nearby
  • [Combat] Add manual control for drafting / undrafting the worker during combat situation
  • [Combat] Crawlers will now be handled just like other enemies
  • [Graphics] Improve initial sprite packaging performance
  • [Tech] Create a separate system that manages all projectiles in an efficient way
  • [Balance] Fluid Cannon will consume constant 5KW of electricity to maintain readiness
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon creating reload task only when trying to shoot on empty
  • [Bug] Fix biological beings waiting for disconnected doors forever

v0.5.220 (2022.03.06)

  • [AI] Change immediate task assignment logic
  • [AI] Split construction tasks into hauling and building parts, allowing separate priorities on hauling
  • [Balance] Adjust default worker priorities to offload hauling to carriers
  • [Bug] Fix workers with low carry capacity carrying more than they can handle
  • [Bug] Prevent AI pathfinding from getting stuck when command queue would get overfilled

v0.5.219 (2022.03.05)

  • [Feature] Add “Carrier Drone” worker type
  • [Balance] Spawn a Robot at the beginning of Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Spawn some Carrier Drones at the beginning of Wrecked and Leaving Earth scenarios
  • [Balance] Make all reactors consume materials twice as slowly
  • [UI/UX] Make “Toggle Console” (~) rebindable
  • [UI/UX] Automatically rebind “Toggle Console” to “Scroll Lock” when switching into language that uses IME
  • [Bug] Fix beings failing to eat / drink if table was available but had no safe route to it

v0.5.218 (2022.03.04)

  • [Feature] Add Energy Rifle weapon
  • [Feature] Unequip any equipment before processing dead beings
  • [Feature] Add Melee combat when weapons are not available
  • [Feature] Most beings will have equipment and a weapon slot
  • [Balance] Increase Drone max construction skill level from 6 to 9
  • [Balance] Reduce the severity of Meteor Shower story event
  • [Balance] Make raids less frequent
  • [Graphics] Animate melee punches, rifle fire, getting shot at
  • [Graphics] Animate pets being petted
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Nutrient Extractor
  • [UI/UX] Refresh energy node UI after temporary energy connection is established or cut
  • [Bug] Fix AI pathfinding taking a lot of time when trying to reach a tile that is blocked from all directions
  • [Bug] Fix some AI tasks sending workers to invalid coordinates
  • [Bug] Fix workers getting stuck due to unresolved combat situation
  • [Bug] Fix equipment not showing up properly in certain situations

v0.5.217 (2022.02.28)

  • [Tutorial] Overhaul the tutorial, make it simpler, with less clicking
  • [Balance] Opening Research will not require the Ship Computer to be connected
  • [UI/UX] Add “Disconnect All” button to energy nodes when they have at least 1 connection
  • [Bug] Fix defending combat squad getting stuck if the team cannot reach the attackers easily

v0.5.216 (2022.02.27)

  • [Bug] Fix a few more bugs with combat AI
  • [Bug] Fix lose materials never stop floating if flight gets cancelled
  • [Bug] Fix navigation bug where human would get stuck when trying to get out of unsafe environment

v0.5.215 (2022.02.26)

  • [Balance] Change the rate of dirt produced by beings
  • [Balance] Make Cleaning Bot never produce dirt
  • [Balance] Produce less excrements during Space Diarrhea event
  • [Feature] Colonists who had Space Diarrhea will be immune for several weeks
  • [Bug] Fix storage eject button spawning infinite copies of the material
  • [Bug] Fix Cleaning Bots wandering between Dock and Charge Station when discharged

v0.5.214 (2022.02.25)

  • [Feature] New Story Event: Breach Capsule raid
  • [UI/UX] Add colors to being names
  • [UI/UX] Add combat controls overlay (Work in progress)
  • [Bug] Fix destroying a toilet would not scatter the poop around it
  • [Bug] Fix some issues with early implementation of raids and combat

v0.5.213 (2022.02.24)

  • [Balance] Workers will be able to automatically force open doors when they are not powered by electricity
  • [Feature] Add Stasis pod raid story event (Work In Progress)
  • [Feature] Add Breach Capsule for raids (Work In Progress)
  • [Misc] Disallow cancelling build tasks in Tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix freshly spawned equipped humans would be naked
  • [Bug] Fix certain game seeds would produce a starting scenario without a ship computer
  • [Bug] Add temporary workaround for ATI GPUs showing garbled overlay (Nebula setting will be “Realtime” for all ATI devices by default)
  • [Bug] Hotbar would be empty after saving/loading during the tutorial

v0.5.212 (2022.02.14)

  • [Tech] Reimplement name generation
  • [Misc] Make name generation more flexible and moddable
  • [Misc] Add persona generation templates (for “name an in-game colonist / robot”)
  • [Misc] Add space object custom name queues (for “name an in-game planet / galaxy”)
  • [Feature] Add support for custom emblems
  • [Feature] Cats and dogs will have names
  • [Balance] Make colony gayer
  • [Bug] Disabling non-essential particles would still show tons of VFX
  • [Bug] Fix light sprite packaged incorrectly, allowing potential graphics glitches

v0.5.211 (2022.02.10)

  • [Feature] Add Aesthetics overlay, make all devices contribute to overall aesthetics
  • [Feature] Make humans react to overall aesthetics instead of just dirt
  • [Feature] Add “Attachments” system that will be used to track emotional attachments of every colonist
  • [Feature] Add “Bed” emotional attachments to people and pets
  • [Balance] Reduce time required to build floors
  • [UI/UX] Add electricity charts
  • [UI/UX] Add charts for Situation history
  • [UI/UX] Display emotional attachments in the UI where possible
  • [UI/UX] Warn about duplicate input bindings
  • [Bug] Fix pets sleep action save/load would use human sleeping spot

v0.5.210 (2022.02.08)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.2.10f1
  • [Tech] Optimize UI to produce less memory garbage
  • [Balance] Humans will avoid taking wall or floor tile replacement tasks (due to compromising hull integrity)
  • [Graphics] Improve overlapping beings graphics (i.e. cleaning bot will not be above a cat, etc)
  • [Feature] Allow ordering relocation of mass selected objects (i.e a table with chairs)
  • [Bug] Fix some issues with object and being multi-selection visual effects
  • [Bug] Fix pet feeder graphic not updating when food was loaded

v0.5.209 (2022.02.04)

  • [Balance] Reduce heat radius for all engines
  • [Balance] Make “Nudist” trait more rare
  • [Feature] Add “Aesthetics” need and make humans do cleaning
  • [Feature] Add “Hat Person” trait that will affect how humans choose to wear hats
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltip about current blueprint when using a build tool (if less than 3 copies are built)
  • [Bug] Fix certain being traits not restored correctly after load
  • [Bug] Fix graphics not changing when human changes equipment item color
  • [Bug] Fix humans not always visually equipping a space suit when walking outside
  • [Bug] Fix cat showing below cleaning bot when riding it
  • [Bug] Fix workers would sometimes go through a closed door

v0.5.208 (2022.01.30)

  • [UI/UX] Fix rebuilding a context menu would paginate it when it could be expanded instead
  • [Bug] Fix tools could leak their configuration state from one game to another when loading
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a battery would lose its charge

v0.5.207 (2022.01.29)

  • [UI/UX] Fix a few small issues with UI

v0.5.206 (2022.01.28)

  • [Balance] Disk Modules will now use more electricity
  • [Balance] Cap max energy increment research can receive in one tick -> (10% -> 1%)
  • [Misc] Pause simulation when opening or modifying ongoing trade UI
  • [Misc] Add hint about pausing simulation while trading
  • [UI/UX] Overhaul Research Tree UI
  • [UI/UX] Expand icon buttons to be covering whole data block when possible (wider clicking area)
  • [UI/UX] Clicking on two adjacent objects will cycle between the objects instead of always selecting the same one
  • [Bug] Fix context menu not synchronizing UI updates when info panel is showing same block
  • [Bug] Fix merchant transactions sometimes removing resources but not completing the payment
  • [Bug] Fix certain tasks would get immediately retried by same worker over and over again after initial failure
  • [Bug] Fix engines and certain other objects could be attached to unbuilt floor blueprints
  • [Bug] It will no longer be possible to trade with a faction in a planet if you are not nearby

v0.5.205 (2022.01.27)

  • [UI/UX] Enable new UI

v0.5.204 (2022.01.26)

  • [Feature] ML Booth will also recharge the trainee
  • [UI/UX] Add more detail to UI
  • [UI/UX] Make most of UI moddable (WIP)
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth not hailing trainee correctly
  • [Bug] Fix debris not moving in the right direction when ship is flying
  • [Bug] Fix clicking on an unbuilt blueprint with build tool selected was not cancelling the build task (broken recently)

v0.5.203 (2022.01.25)

  • [UI/UX] Add “Find” button to inventory view
  • [Tutorial] Improve the tutorial to work with new scenario changes
  • [Balance] Make research faster
  • [Bug] Fix relocating raw material pile failing and keeping the material linked to the worker
  • [Bug] Fix beings getting stuck in a loop due to urgent needs
  • [Bug] Fix cleaning bots not docking properly
  • [Bug] Fix cleaning bots failing to recharge
  • [Bug] Fix expeditions getting stuck
  • [Bug] Fix stuck expeditions not getting automatically aborted

v0.5.202 (2022.01.24)

  • [Scenario] Wrecked scenario will have a room with a couple of survivors in the beginning
  • [Balance] Reduce oxygen pump energy cost to 5kW
  • [Feature] Allow managing devices that are not connected to Ship Computer’s grid by connecting the device to a robot or drone
  • [UI/UX] Add Research overlay icon
  • [UI/UX] Show drones / robots charge level bar when charge falls below 50%
  • [Bug] Fix tools get stuck after entering / leaving pause menu

v0.5.201 (2022.01.21)

  • [Bug] Fix Stock Market overwriting market item history on load
  • [Bug] Fix a few more AI edge cases

v0.5.200 (2022.01.20)

  • [Tech] Refactor AI logic
  • [Tech] Refactor item reservations
  • [Tech] Refactor item processing
  • [Bug] Fix a lot of AI logic issues (reservations, stuck materials, race conditions)

v0.5.199 (2022.01.15)

  • [Feature] Trade with planets that are owned by other factions
  • [Feature] Start tracking standing between factions and player

v0.5.198 (2022.01.13)

  • [Feature] Start working on Factions and Diplomacy (WIP)
  • [Feature] Add several initial Factions
  • [Feature] Generate Faction ownership of planets across the Universe
  • [Balance] Generate wrecked ship with Thrusters instead of Fusion Drives
  • [Balance] Don’t automatically process biowaste when its collected from toilet (store it instead)
  • [Bug] Fix AI assignment issue introduced in 0.5.197

v0.5.197 (2022.01.11)

  • [Feature] Add “FTL Drive” - an engine capable of flying intergalactic distances
  • [Feature] Add “Void Ripper” - a device that enables traveling through black holes
  • [Feature] Add “Quantum Mechanics”, “FTL Propulsion” and “Black Holes” research
  • [Graphics] Improve object selection outline looks
  • [Balance] Introduce “Science” research branch
  • [Balance] Rearrange some items in the Research Tree
  • [Bug] Fix AI roaming getting cancelled for tasks that wouldn’t get assigned

v0.5.196 (2022.01.09)

  • [AI] When creating a new task, try to find closest non-busy worker to take the task right away
  • [Feature] Make vents electric and closeable
  • [Graphics] Make beings accelerate, decelerate and move more smoothly
  • [Balance] Reduce processors queue capacity to 5 (Processors: Furnace, Grinder, Disassembler, Recycler, Nutrient Extractor)
  • [Misc] Add hint about vents leaking atmosphere
  • [Bug] Fix vents not exchanging oxygen as much as they should after game was saved / loaded
  • [UI/UX] Copy object’s initial rotation when starting the relocation process

v0.5.195 (2022.01.08)

  • [Balance] Significantly increase chance of anomalies in planets (for new games only)
  • [Balance] Increase chance of anomaly being an Asimov Override Upgrade
  • [Graphics] Fix humans sleeping on the floor appear above others when they walk over them
  • [Graphics] Display ship motion visuals according to selected forward direction
  • [Bug] Fix someone carrying a material over an active construction site would interrupt the construction task with “site obstructed”
  • [Bug] Fix visual guidelines getting stuck on screen when pausing and exiting to main menu from the tutorial

v0.5.194 (2022.01.07)

  • [Balance] Remove Soil -> Rock processing path
  • [UI/UX] Add ship navigation overlay
  • [Misc] Continue burning engines even when ship is drifting towards destination using inertia
  • [Misc] Add version info to translation keys
  • [Misc] Add hint about increasing production capacity when configuring multiple crafters of same type
  • [Misc] Add “translations validate” console command
  • [Bug] Fix crafters flapping between producing and not producing an item when item count is hovering around crafting target

v0.5.193 (2022.01.06)

  • [Balance] Engine direction is now purely cosmetic
  • [Balance] Remove researched tech passive electricity draw on the Ship Computer
  • [UI/UX] Change research tree to display tech electricity requirements in kWh/MWh/GWh/TWh
  • [UI/UX] Add a way to see top electricity producers, consumers, and batteries
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid ignoring device priority
  • [Bug] Fix autopilot still overshooting targets with highly overpowered engines

v0.5.192 (2022.01.05)

  • [Balance] Tie research progress to electricity consumption, not time
  • [UI/UX] Add a Hotbar
  • [Misc] Add “skip_tutorial” console command
  • [Bug] Fix completed expeditions do not increment the situation expeditions count, preventing multiple story events from happening
  • [Bug] Fix planning tool colors not matching what is actually being painted

v0.5.191 (2022.01.03)

  • [UI/UX] Add input setting: ESC behavior (close menus, toggle main menu, both)
  • [UI/UX] Add input setting: RMB behavior on hover object (radial or context menu)
  • [Misc] Add hint popups after game loads (can turn off in settings > current game)
  • [Bug] Fix plant graphics not changing along with growth state

v0.5.190 (2022.01.01)

  • [Misc] Add Steam and Discord Rich Presence
  • [Bug] Fix batteries not behaving properly
  • [Graphics] Change the particle system of Matter Reactor (mini and regular)

v0.5.189 (2021.12.31)

  • [Feature] Add Energy Automation research branch
  • [Feature] Add Auto Connect Upgrade for Ship Computer
  • [Feature] Automatically connect electric devices to closest available connectors if Auto Connect Upgrade is installed
  • [Balance] Increase production time for some objects that were produced too quickly
  • [Balance] Make certain annoying events (electricity grid malfunction) appear only in challenging difficulty level
  • [Balance] Make damaged objects relocatable, connectable and operational (until damage gets above 75%)
  • [Balance] Make tutorial skippable only if was finished within last month
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Recycler, Disassembler, ML Booth, Loom and more devices
  • [Bug] Fix auto haul behavior and auto haul priority when choosing haul targets for processable items
  • [Bug] Prevent grounded beings from attempting to relocate items that are in different islands

v0.5.188 (2021.12.28)

  • [Graphics] Reimplement being and object graphics to work through VFX graph (work in progress)
  • [Graphics] Add workaround for nebula render glitch on Radeon RX 6700 XT
  • [Bug] Fix most issues related to graphics rework and performance improvements
  • [Bug] Fix damaged devices showing up in connector auto connect list
  • [Bug] Fix energy connection not displaying right after connecting a device through energy node UI

v0.5.187 (2021.12.22)

  • [Graphics] Add workarounds for Linux rendering issues with new VFX graph based particles

v0.5.186 (2021.12.21)

  • [Performance] Improve lights rendering performance by order of magnitude
  • [Performance] Improve icons rendering performance by order of magnitude
  • [Performance] Improve dirt rendering performance by order of magnitude
  • [Performance] Make “ultra” nebula cost nothing to render, remove nebula quality options

v0.5.185 (2021.12.17)

  • [Misc] Add “find_save” and “load_save” console commands
  • [Bug] Fix workers shutting down after loading a big save due to CPU shortage
  • [Bug] Fix removing a mod would prevent loading a save if it had an object from that mod

v0.5.184 (2021.12.16)

  • [Demo] Improve demo end dialog
  • [Performance] Optimize performance for large maps
  • [Bug] Fix changing a language back to English not working
  • [Bug] Fix colonist names getting hidden when they sleep, and not showing afterwards
  • [Bug] Fix camera jumping after game loses focus and middle mouse click is used to refocus
  • [Bug] Fix missing relocation target link display when objects with pending relocation are selected

v0.5.183 (2021.12.14)

  • [Steam] Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for saves
  • [Bug] Fix workers getting stuck inside objects they build
  • [Bug] Fix beings ignoring a long but safe path when short unsafe one exists
  • [Bug] Fix translations validation showing invalid translations instead of duplicates
  • [UI/UX] Improve language selection with added details about translation quality

v0.5.182 (2021.12.14)

  • [Modding] Add support for loading mods from “Mods” folder located near save files
  • [Modding] Add initial Steam Workshop integration
  • [Balance] Introduce Permadeath as default option for new games
  • [Bug] Restore auto save that was missing for a while
  • [Bug] Fix saving right after starting a new game would not show the newly created save until next full game restart

v0.5.181 (2021.12.12)

  • [Graphics] Improve floor rendering at various distances
  • [Performance] Add video setting for choosing space nebula quality
  • [Bug] Fix disabling non essential particles would not show electricity grid

v0.5.180 (2021.12.11)

  • [Graphics] Restore missing visual effect from the beginning of the new scenario
  • [Bug] Fix workspot circle not disappearing after exiting build mode
  • [Bug] Fix behavior of cycle tool next / prev buttons ( [ / ] )
  • [Bug] Fix power grid changes not refreshing the connection view immediately
  • [Bug] Fix dust storm particles not clearing up when loading another game

v0.5.179 (2021.12.11)

  • [Bug] Fix some saves not loading after saving with corrupted expedition state
  • [Bug] Fix input bindings reset to defaults triggering an error on start
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration for crafter devices would end up crafting with wrong set of ingredients

v0.5.178 (2021.12.10)

  • [Performance] Remove self-illumination from most devices that do not need to emit light (i.e. solar panels, planters)

v0.5.177 (2021.12.09)

  • [Graphics] Rework space background to use VFX graph
  • [Graphics] Rework more particle systems to VFX graph
  • [Bug] Fix unbuilt floors not rendering

v0.5.176 (2021.12.07)

  • [Graphics] Redo several particle systems to use Visual Effect Graph (GPU particles)
  • [Misc] Remove English translation copy warning

v0.5.175 (2021.12.06)

  • [Bug] Fix icon hover outline would sometimes get stuck
  • [Bug] Fix object shadows looking too dark

v0.5.174 (2021.12.04)

  • [Graphics] Redo most line based graphic visualization to use particle systems
  • [Feature] Allow changing mirror point in Plan tool
  • [Feature] Circle mode will allow drawing both odd or even circles (depending on drag start point)

v0.5.173 (2021.12.01)

  • [Balance] Make shower hold more dirt
  • [Balance] Add worker max haul size limit to prevent workers from trying to haul excessively large piles in one trip
  • [Graphics] Add more particle systems to a few more devices (Furnace, Cloning Pod, Bridge Controls, Communicator, Auto Kitchen, Emergency Siren, etc)
  • [Bug] Workers would cancel self maintenance task over and over
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle disappearing when expedition was launched while flying away from the target

v0.5.172 (2021.11.30)

  • [Balance] Improve outer shell wall protection against meteors
  • [Graphics] Display oxygen leak direction in walls, doors and vents
  • [Graphics] Show animated sleeping Z particles
  • [AI] Being will address their urgent needs much more eagerly
  • [Bug] Fix oxygen leak particles not going away after sealing the leak
  • [Bug] Fix stasis wakeup upon request with advanced life support failing to execute
  • [Bug] Fix merchant’s stasis pod disappearing until game was resumed if trade was finished while time was paused
  • [Bug] Fix merchant taking double the amount of materials you were selling
  • [Bug] Fix loading another game would mess up particle systems
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial selecting wrong connector

v0.5.171 (2021.11.29)

  • [Balance] Change how meteors interact with outer shell walls
  • [Performance] Drastically improve particle performance with very large number of particle sources
  • [Performance] Multiple small performance optimizations

v0.5.170 (2021.11.28)

  • [Balance] Make reinforced wall resist higher temperature
  • [Balance] Pets will no longer have mental breakdowns
  • [Balance] Increase battery power output to 50 KW, and capacity to 10K
  • [Graphics] Improve door and vent auto rotation algorithm
  • [Graphics] Auto rotate any type of wall object (sockets, etc)
  • [Graphics] Add Dust Storm VFX
  • [UI/UX] Expedition UI will always try to auto fill shuttle and crew
  • [UI/UX] Open input popups in the center of the screen rather than below the mouse
  • [UI/UX] When expedition crew member fails to reach the shuttle, ask what to do instead of failing the expedition

v0.5.169 (2021.11.27)

  • [Feature] Add Wall Socket (32-8) to organize electricity connections
  • [Feature] Add Floor Socket (32-8) to organize electricity connections
  • [Feature] Remember last expedition shuttle and crew when launching new expeditions
  • [Graphics] Show leaks fvx between wall tiles when oxygen levels are different on both sides
  • [Balance] Allow collecting unknown material types with Particle Collector
  • [UI/UX] Add “copy configuration” button to context menu where applicable
  • [Bug] Fix expedition count not saving / loading properly, limiting some story events

v0.5.168 (2021.11.26)

  • [UI/UX] ESC will no longer trigger the pause panel or open radial / context menu
  • [UI/UX] Add main menu button near the game time in top right
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show unconfigured warnings on unbuilt matter reactors
  • [UI/UX] Electricity connect tool will now be able to connect floor lights even when they are below another object (multi tile or non energy enabled)
  • [UI/UX] RMB will no longer close Starmap, instead it will open a context menu with close option
  • [UI/UX] RMB will no longer close Planning overlay (ESC / clicking overlay icon will)
  • [UI/UX] When zooming, focus on center of the screen if mouse cursor is above UI
  • [Balance] Cleaning bots will take more time to clean dirt
  • [Bug] Fix connect tool hint showing sprite tag instead of tool icon in the text
  • [Bug] Fix context menu not draggable if you tried to drag by holding a progress slider
  • [Bug] Fix context menu could still be opened with top part of it above the screen height
  • [Bug] Fix controller triggers not scrolling / zooming
  • [Bug] Fix ship computer cooldown running too slow
  • [Bug] Fix ship computer cooldown percentage going up to 100% too quickly
  • [Bug] Fix ship engine showing particles when it’s not supposed to
  • [Bug] Fix ship engine flames being too wide on one side
  • [Bug] Fix simulation constantly resetting engine heat in open space to 0
  • [Bug] Humans will no longer start relocating objects if source or target location is unsafe

v0.5.167 (2021.11.25)

  • [Graphics] Add shooting stars / distant moving space objects in the background
  • [Graphics] Add damage particles
  • [Graphics] Add hull oxygen leak particles
  • [Performance] Add options to disable particles and advanced lighting in Video settings
  • [Bug] Fix “keep open” icon not showing up on doors after load

v0.5.166 (2021.11.24)

  • [AI] Beings will be able to walk diagonally around devices (but not walls)
  • [Bug] Fix failing to reach food would not cancel food reservation, eventually exhausting all food sources
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Matter Reactor (Mini & regular)
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Heater and Oxygen Pump
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Stasis Array

v0.5.165 (2021.11.24)

  • [Graphics] Add Robot trails
  • [Graphics] Add Particle Collector visual effects
  • [Graphics] Add Charge Station visual effects
  • [Graphics] Add Ship Computer visual effects
  • [Bug] Fix expedition controls not working when save contained being without skills (pets)

v0.5.164 (2021.11.23)

  • [Graphics] Add visual effects to drones
  • [Bug] Fix beings cutting corners when going through doors, sometimes resulting in humans going into a wall dropping tasks due to lack of oxygen
  • [Tech] Limit simulation updates per second to never exceed frame rate

v0.5.163 (2021.11.23)

  • [UI/UX] Rebuild radial menu to react to “Instant build” setting changes immediately
  • [Bug] Fix robots refusing to deconstruct walls and floors (self preservation bug)
  • [Bug] Fix ESC / RMB not working in any menu panel anymore
  • [Feature] Showers will get dirty and require maintenance

v0.5.162 (2021.11.23)

  • [UI/UX] Add “retry task” option to context menu
  • [UI/UX] Show context menu instead of radial when hovering a selectable object with outline
  • [UI/UX] Improve radial menu controller navigation
  • [UI/UX] Add mass “Relocate” option when multi selecting several bodies or objects
  • [Bug] Fix humans failing to navigate through doors
  • [Bug] Fix navigation safety zones not cleared in between A* executions
  • [Bug] Fix shortcuts and radial menu working while in research tree or starmap
  • [Bug] Fix backspace acting as cancel button when inside text input field
  • [Lore] Show days counter instead of specific date
  • [Balance] Reduce movement speed for all beings

v0.5.161 (2021.11.22)

  • [Balance] Reduce passive research storage electricity cost for Challenging difficulty level
  • [AI] Firefighting tasks will ignore being self preservation
  • [AI] Drones will now be self preserving and will avoid engine flames
  • [AI] Pathfinding will fail if safe path was not found (under normal conditions for self preserving beings)
  • [AI] Humans will no longer haul processable items near the door if processor is in unsafe area
  • [UI/UX] Fix gamepad controls not reacting to some buttons when mouse cursor is outside game view
  • [UI/UX] Double right click will exit the radial menu at any level of depth
  • [UI/UX] Brackets and gamepad shoulders will let quickly switch tools
  • [UI/UX] Make radial menu navigable with keyboard alone ([, ], backspace, enter)
  • [Graphics] Increase pulsating light frequencies
  • [Bug] Fix loom not seeing clothing items when they are in the wardrobe (overproducing)
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of rare exceptions
  • [Bug] Fix deactivating a tool when mode was changed would not clear the mode

v0.5.160 (2021.11.20)

  • [Bug] Fix passive research cost being 10x too high after last change
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial build energy connector getting confused due to existing connectors
  • [Bug] Fix place tiles tool failing the preview when there is no floor

v0.5.159 (2021.11.20)

  • [Balance] Generate extra devices and objects in Wrecked (Main) scenario
  • [Balance] Generate more Copper Plates in Wrecked scenario
  • [Balance] Add 3 initial difficulty levels (moddable)
  • [UI/UX] Close stock market view / expedition view with RMB
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show “unconfigured” event notification for the pet bowl
  • [Bug] Fix relocation tool not exiting build mode after relocation order (dupe exploit)
  • [Bug] Fix several small bugs

v0.5.158 (2021.11.19)

  • [UI/UX] Add new input rebinding settings
  • [UI/UX] Bind Page Up / Page Down to camera zoom
  • [UI/UX] Bind 4 to ultra fast time speed, 5 to slow time
  • [UI/UX] Change “Start a research” goal to be non-recurring
  • [Graphics] Fix glitch where icons would get messed up when they changed into a sprite with different atlas than previous one (i.e. in particle collectors)

v0.5.156 (2021.11.18)

  • [UI/UX] Polish the radial menu further
  • [UI/UX] Display input glyphs for all shortcuts and bindings
  • [UI/UX] Remove rebinding UI (currently under reconstruction)
  • [Bug] Fix issues after bottom menu removal

v0.5.155 (2021.11.17)

  • [UI/UX] Polish the radial menu
  • [UI/UX] Remove the bottom tree menu

v0.5.154 (2021.11.16)

  • [UI/UX] Add radial tool menu (WIP)
  • [UI/UX] Pan camera when controller’s cursor is pushing on the screen edge
  • [UI/UX] Bind Gamepad Select button to Research Tree shortcut
  • [Balance] Add Soil, Titanium and Survival Meal to starting conditions of Leaving Earth scenario

v0.5.153 (2021.11.15)

  • [Feature] Colonists will now sometimes drink coffee for recreation or after sleep
  • [Feature] Add double beds (steel and wooden)
  • [Feature] Add pet bed
  • [Balance] Add “Advanced Furniture” research tree branch
  • [UI/UX] Fix controller scroll with triggers not working in UI scroll views

v0.5.152 (2021.11.14)

  • [Bug] Fix people preferring to eat off makeshift surfaces rather than a proper table
  • [Bug] Fix people not using a spot near the table if there is a meal left on it
  • [Bug] Fix error when generating merchant’s sellable items when they involved colors (i.e. clothing)
  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch where colonists would remain leaned forward after eating a meal
  • [Bug] Fix tool menu not getting rebuilt immediately when skipping a tutorial or unlocking the first research
  • [UI/UX] Fix gamepad map zoom inverted on Linux
  • [UI/UX] Fix UI scrolling too slow on Linux by default
  • [UI/UX] Fix UI scrolling inverted on Linux
  • [Balance] Reduce the chance of leaving unfinished food on a table
  • [Balance] People will not use beds as makeshift eating surfaces anymore
  • [Balance] Have two separate chances for leaving unfinished food on proper tables and makeshift surfaces

v0.5.151 (2021.11.13)

  • [UI/UX] Improve controller support
  • [UI/UX] Automatically resize some menus that would not fit the screen
  • [UI/UX] Use screen DPI when determining the automatic UI scale
  • [UI/UX] When opening a popup or a menu that does not fit the screen, automatically reposition it

v0.5.150 (2021.11.12)

  • [UI/UX] Support dynamic controller plug / unplug
  • [Bug] Fix virtual mouse cursor not disappearing on start

v0.5.149 (2021.11.12)

  • [UI/UX] Redo controller navigation from scratch
  • [UI/UX] Split “Manage Tasks” tool into “Cancel Tasks”, “Retry Tasks” and “Change Priority” tools
  • [UI/UX] Split “Haul” tool into “Haul” (to storage) and “Process”
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Free Select” from bottom menu
  • [Bug] Fix more than one cleaning bot docking in the same dock

v0.5.148 (2021.11.09)

  • [Performance] Rewrite audio system to significantly improve performance with hundreds of devices
  • [Performance] Hard limit max active player tasks to 4000
  • [Feature] Colonists will now use a bed as a flat surface to put food on if table is not available
  • [Bug] Fix saving arbitrary space travel destination would save incorrect coordinates
  • [Bug] Fix cats and dogs getting mental breakdowns like running around deconstructing random objects
  • [Bug] Fix mental breakdown deconstruct only targeting walls
  • [Bug] Fix Food on device story event not working
  • [Bug] Fix colonists eating off an oxygen pump when a table is available

v0.5.147 (2021.11.08)

  • [Bug] Fix crawler graphics not showing up correctly when attaching to a human
  • [Bug] Fix a copy of the crawler headgear item being dropped when crawler was attaching to a human
  • [Graphics] Add a splash screen and update main menu logo

v0.5.146 (2021.11.07)

  • [UI/UX] Make clicking any material icon show the codex entry for the material
  • [UI/UX] Make some views taller to have less pagination
  • [Bug] A few hotfixes for recently introduced bugs due to refactoring
  • [Bug] Fix crafters not counting inventory correctly
  • [Bug] Fix crafters spawning stacks with random amount of materials instead of 1
  • [Bug] Fix crafters do not merge spawned materials
  • [Bug] Fix being’s favorite color not saving / loading
  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch when relocating multi tile objects on top of themselves with different rotation
  • [Bug] Restore missing mood effects for nudity
  • [Bug] Fix Cabinets not acting as storage for upgrades
  • [Bug] Fix auto haul on storages would trigger hauling of materials that had no compatible storage
  • [Balance] Reduce chance of bullet hitting a friendly being blocking its path from 66% to 5%
  • [Balance] Change Communicator construction level requirement to 6 (was 7)

v0.5.145 (2021.11.06)

  • [Balance] Make merchants generate their cash and inventory according to your wealth
  • [Tech] Downgrade Unity back to 2021.1.x
  • [Bug] Fix remaining issues after refactoring

v0.5.144 (2021.11.04)

  • [Feature] Merge material piles when new material of same type is spawned nearby (experimental)
  • [Feature] Colonists will collect both space suits and casual clothing
  • [Feature] Colonists will wear casual clothing in livable surroundings and auto-equip suits when going outside
  • [Feature] Create clothing items of different colors (but not random colors as it was before)
  • [Feature] Colonists will have a favorite color, and will try to get clothing of that color
  • [Feature] Pet bowl will not have a choice of what it can be filled with
  • [Tech] Change how food, clothing and upgrades are implemented

v0.5.143 (2021.10.27)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.2.0f1
  • [Tech] Remove material storage components from workers, they will now carry materials in their hands rather than in their pockets
  • [Tech] Update MessagePack libraries to 2.3.85 (save / load serialization system)
  • [Graphics] Drag materials visually when moving them
  • [Balance] Worker can now only move one type of material at a time
  • [Balance] Workers will be able to collect and stacked moved material without stack size limits

v0.5.142 (2021.10.25)

  • [Feature] Add Coffee Tree
  • [Graphics] Set default ambient lighting to medium
  • [Graphics] Make plants look brighter
  • [Graphics] Make most materials look brighter
  • [Graphics] Make planters emit much brighter light
  • [Performance] Optimize performance with maps that contain hundreds of beings

v0.5.141 (2021.10.24)

  • [Feature] Add Coffee Maker
  • [Feature] Add Coffee
  • [Feature] Add Coffee Beans
  • [Feature] Add Coffee research tree node
  • [UI/UX] Show processing pipeline information in all object descriptions
  • [UI/UX] Make open research tree shortcut find the best option when there is more than one ship computer

v0.5.140 (2021.10.22)

  • [Feature] Add Fun need
  • [Feature] Cats can now ride cleaning bots for fun
  • [Feature] Colonists and robots will be able to pet cats and dogs
  • [Performance] Improve graphics performance especially with large amounts of beings
  • [Bug] Fix several edge case error
  • [Bug] Fix save/load of mining orders filter configuration not working correctly
  • [Bug] Fix some relocation issues
  • [Bug] Fix icons not disappearing when beings were hauled to processing

v0.5.139 (2021.10.20)

  • [Feature] Add Ship Log that tracks your space flight history and shows it in context menus on all space objects
  • [UI/UX] Only log important events to the Event Log
  • [Misc] Change how version check, changelog and news are loaded
  • [Tech] Refactor game engine internals to increase reliability
  • [Bug] Fix F12 no longer saving screenshots
  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch that showed garbled graphic instead of some icons in thought bubbles
  • [Bug] Fix carried objects still being moved after carrying is over when framerate is slower than simulation speed
  • [Bug] Fix some long menus would not get a scrollbar
  • [Bug] Fix saving a game for the first time and trying to load it right away would say that no saves are available
  • [Bug] Fix pathfinding messing up being navigation with a duplicate path result if target was not navigable
  • [Bug] Fix beings failing to sleep inside sleeping pods
  • [Bug] Fix all upgrades lost upon relocating
  • [Bug] Add diagnostics for debugging story generation issue

v0.5.138 (2021.10.15)

  • [Misc] Do not suggest building ML Booth when construction skill is < 5
  • [Misc] When hauling a big pile to storage, allow multiple workers do the hauling at the same time
  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch that made some hauled objects have choppy motion
  • [Bug] Fix relocating multi tile objects on top of themselves would not migrate the component data correctly (Stasis Array would become empty)
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array spawning colonists upon relocation
  • [Bug] Fix haul to processing priority being reset for big chunks when multiple trips are needed
  • [Bug] Fix grounded beings getting stuck when going near edges of the ship while ship is moving
  • [Bug] Fix sleep slots not saving / loading correctly

v0.5.137 (2021.10.13)

  • [Bug] Fix tutorial broken with last performance optimizations

v0.5.136 (2021.10.12)

  • [Performance] Add multiple big performance optimizations
  • [Bug] Fix broken behaviors related to slow gameplay performance

v0.5.135 (2021.10.11)

  • [Feature] Add “Info” button to all space objects to explain what they are
  • [Performance] Fix several performance issues with large games
  • [Graphics] Improve new space background
  • [Graphics] Replace main menu space background with new one
  • [Bug] Fix pagination losing first item in some situations (i.e. “Try Turn On” button in Beings list)
  • [Bug] Fix a bunch of issues with space expeditions
  • [Bug] Fix scanning a planet that was already mined would not show new undiscovered resources
  • [Bug] Fix calling back shuttle while it was taking off would make shuttle disappear
  • [UI/UX] Remove the bottom tree submenu for the hamburger icon
  • [UI/UX] Make the bottom tree menu hamburger icon open the pause menu on click
  • [UI/UX] Reorder bottom menu in same way as NiksUI mod does it

v0.5.134 (2021.10.10)

  • [Bug] Fix flying objects being moved when ship was flying
  • [Bug] Fix Communicator not being an energy node
  • [Graphics] Replace the starfield background in-game
  • [Balance] Reduce egg story event chance and increase prerequisites
  • [Balance] Reduce plant fiber requirement for Soy Burger
  • [Balance] Grinding grain will output 1 flour instead of 3

v0.5.133 (2021.10.09)

  • [Feature] Require Communicator to initiate trades with merchant ships
  • [Feature] Add Search to Research Tree and Starmap
  • [Balance] Double the Construction skill level up rate
  • [Balance] Reduce Memory Module construction skill requirement from 5 to 3
  • [Balance] Rebalance the research tree
  • [Graphics] Fix floor seams
  • [Misc] require repair skill for repair tasks
  • [Misc] Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation by UNG_God
  • [UI/UX] Switch to energy connect tool when dragging between a connector and adjacent energy enabled tile (used to need a longer drag)
  • [UI/UX] Hide Dev tooling if instant build mode is disabled
  • [UI/UX] Show more details in item codex popup
  • [UI/UX] Add search button to Research Tree
  • [Bug] Fix new UI pagination issues after the rework
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial not highlighting matter reactor and connector in tree menu
  • [Bug] Fix space traffic generating every 3 minutes instead of every 3 days (too many merchants flying in)
  • [Bug] Fix merchants appearing too soon
  • [Bug] Fix Build A Copy and B shortcut not working properly with floors and other items with duplicate names
  • [Bug] Fix Research item tooltip descriptions not showing variables
  • [Bug] Fix Research Tree widget not showing up after being opened for the first time

v0.5.132 (2021.10.08)

  • [Feature] Improve Stock Market implementation
  • [UI/UX] Introduce new UI widget pair type (two widgets in a row)
  • [UI/UX] Put pagination prev / next buttons in one row
  • [Bug] Fix UI pagination sometimes showing last page with just 1 item in it

v0.5.131 (2021.10.07)

  • [Feature] Add initial version of Stock Market
  • [Misc] Add Chinese translation by YouHanHua Team
  • [Bug] Allow only one expedition setup at a time
  • [Bug] Fix loading of battery overload story event failing to restore the event properly

v0.5.130 (2021.09.26)

  • [Bug] Fix Relocate, and Build a Copy broken after tool menu descriptions fix
  • [Bug] Fix start expedition suggestion happening more than once, and when Bridge Controls is not available
  • [Misc] Split feedback reports into separate Discord channels by their type

v0.5.129 (2021.09.25)

  • [Balance] Change production requirements for Space Suits and Space Helmets
  • [Balance] Change production cost and crafting device type for most upgrades
  • [Balance] Review prices
  • [Bug] Fix tool menu descriptions not filling in the translation variables

v0.5.128 (2021.09.24)

  • [Performance] Reduce GPU memory consumption
  • [Performance] Cache sprite atlases on first load for quicker subsequent loads
  • [Balance] Reduce level up rate for construction skill by 4x
  • [Feature] Add space traffic system
  • [Feature] Add random merchant shuttles flying towards your ship and offering trades
  • [Feature] Add teleporter for short range teleportation (used for trade with merchant ships)
  • [Misc] Make space travel acceleration and deceleration tunable
  • [UI/UX] Allow entering custom amount with keyboard when selecting tradable items
  • [UI/UX] Make “increase energy production” goal non-recurring
  • [UI/UX] Improve event notification sorting
  • [Bug] Fix relocating an object would lose upgrades

v0.5.127 (2021.09.20)

  • [Feature] Add new story event: Expedition encountered a merchant
  • [Bug] Fix find object story event misleadingly telling success rate as failure rate
  • [Bug] Fix loading a save would get stuck with corrupted item relocation
  • [Misc] Reduce save file size
  • [Performance] Improve game load performance on bigger saves

v0.5.126 (2021.09.19)

  • [Misc] Do not remove anything from plan layer when structures are built
  • [Balance] Make space travel 4x slower
  • [Balance] Make meteors skip invincible tiles
  • [Balance] Thrusters will require titanium plate
  • [Balance] Make memory modules more expensive and require more of them
  • [Balance] Reduce the amount of oxygen and heat vents can transmit
  • [Balance] Stasis Array will produce much less oxygen and heat
  • [Graphics] Make space background move 20x slower when space traveling
  • [Graphics] Show ship travel direction in starmap
  • [Bug] Fix expedition members discharging after using “try turn on all” in beings overlay
  • [Bug] Fix expedition still exploring when shuttle storage is full
  • [Bug] Fix debris not floating when space traveling
  • [Bug] Fix Fabricator requiring Titanium instead of Titanium Plate
  • [Bug] Fix vents facing open space won’t leak as much as expected

v0.5.125 (2021.09.17)

  • [Bug] Fix trying to launch an expedition would say “target is too far”
  • [Bug] Fix expedition could start after Shuttle taking damage in prep stage
  • [Misc] Verify integrity of shuttles and expeditions after loading a save to fix inconsistencies introduced due to previous bugs

v0.5.124 (2021.09.16)

  • [Feature] Add upgrade: Shuttle Storage Upgrade that adds 100 storage to a shuttle (stackable)
  • [Feature] Add Advanced Manufacturing research branch
  • [Feature] Add Fabricator - a more advanced version of Assembler (unlocked in Advanced Manufacturing)
  • [Feature] Add expedition story event: found Storage Capsule
  • [Feature] Add goal: Start an expedition
  • [UI/UX] Add support for required actions in the expedition UI
  • [UI/UX] Polish expeditions UI (toggle it on and off when clicking the event icon, add way to see all expeditions, etc)
  • [Balance] Improve stasis pod targeting to do less damage to the ship
  • [Balance] Shift research tree around - split Robotics into Manufacturing and Robotics
  • [Balance] Robot is now going to be produced in a Fabricator
  • [Bug] Fix a bunch of bugs related to expeditions UI rework
  • [Bug] Fix crash while packaging textures on systems with low GPU memory
  • [Bug] Fix “copy configuration” button disappearing from info panel UI after certain actions
  • [Bug] Fix object relocation can get stuck after failing
  • [Bug] Fix processable item memory saving / loading
  • [Bug] Fix configurable processors (i.e. furnace) copy configuration not working properly

v0.5.123 (2021.09.14)

  • [UI/UX] Rebuild expeditions UI (work in progress)
  • [UI/UX] Add “Scan” button to starmap on planets (requires Radar to discover what materials planet contains)
  • [Bug] Fix several expedition related bugs
  • [Bug] Fix loading saves with old main currency name
  • [Bug] Fix manual move timeout messing up the object relocation
  • [Bug] Fix using remove tool on relocation ghost would not cancel the relocation task correctly
  • [Bug] Fix Random story generator would keep waking new colonists up every couple of days
  • [Bug] Disallow relocating objects that are not supposed to be relocated (flying items)

v0.5.122 (2021.09.12)

  • [Bug] Fix beings without construction skill would occasionally attempt deconstruction tasks
  • [Bug] Fix Actual Output showing incorrect electricity production when there is a deficit
  • [Bug] Fix Current Deficit showing incorrect electricity deficit amount
  • [Bug] Fix storage filter settings not showing materials you’ve seen before don’t currently have after load
  • [Balance] Particle Collector will only be able to collect materials you have seen before
  • [UI/UX] Prevent dragging the ui when a button is clicked down and mouse pointer moves just a bit
  • [UI/UX] Sort storage filter options alphabetically
  • [UI/UX] Make Storage, Refrigerator, Wardrobe and Cabinet filter settings copyable with Copy Configuration tool
  • [UI/UX] Add “Copy Config” button to all compatible components in the info panel details view

v0.5.121 (2021.09.11)

  • [Bug] Fix changelog loading slow and showing empty space
  • [Bug] Fix workers waiting for locked door forever while hauling materials to storage
  • [Bug] Fix several small corner case issues

v0.5.120 (2021.09.10)

  • [Feature] Implement C42 Arm/Disarm
  • [Feature] Implement relocation for objects, dead bodies, immobilized beings, etc
  • [Balance] Change how frequently colonists wake up depending on your colony size
  • [Balance] Increase wake up chance for cats and dogs
  • [Balance] Change how likely some things get damaged when on fire
  • [UI/UX] Show selectable previews when hovering objects
  • [UI/UX] Show more details when hovering objects that have tooltips while overlay with a tooltip (i.e. oxygen) is enabled

v0.5.119 (2021.09.09)

  • [Feature] Add C42 explosive (early WIP)
  • [Bug] Fix stasis pod workspot could be obstructed after landing
  • [Bug] Fix trade and wallet overlay crashing due to old currency not found (in older saves)
  • [Bug] Fix Discord reports not being sent due to missing libraries

v0.5.118 (2021.09.09)

  • [Feature] Make send feedback form post screenshots and saves to #stardeus-reports on Discord (optional)
  • [Feature] Make cats, dogs and crawlers cloneable in Cloning Pod
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth not working after last performance tuning
  • [Bug] Fix two people able to sleep in the same bed

v0.5.117 (2021.09.08)

  • [UI/UX] Add outlines to research view
  • [UI/UX] Show chance to catch fire on damage or in general in object UI
  • [UI/UX] Show different cursor when holding Ctrl or Shift while having one worker selected
  • [Bug] Fix navigation skill not leveling up when beings move
  • [Bug] Fix fluid cannon not extinguishing fires in walls when it was not placed outside
  • [Bug] Fix beings walking through locked doors
  • [Balance] Change how likely some objects catch fire
  • [Feature] Float loose objects while doing space travel
  • [Performance] Add a few performance improvements

v0.5.116 (2021.09.07)

  • [Feature] Ctrl + LMB on a task when one worker is selected to force the task for that worker (if worker is controllable)
  • [Feature] Shift + LMB on to make a selected worker go somewhere
  • [UI/UX] Add UI button to request extinguishing of a fire if previous extinguishing task was cancelled
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix bullets able to pass through the target without hitting it due to high game speed or low framerate
  • [Bug] Fix dialog button remaining disabled if tutorial is skipped
  • [Bug] Fix relocating Ship Computer would reset accumulated heat
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon failing to extinguish fire on multitile objects
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon not trying to extinguish fire on walls
  • [Bug] Fix camera panning to bottom left after alt-tab if edge pan is enabled
  • [Bug] Fix Circle and Line tools in Planning overlay misbehaving on click if not dragged
  • [Bug] Fix worker lights not turned off when they enter shuttle
  • [Bug] Fix upgrades UI remaining open when selecting another device that has no available upgrades
  • [Balance] Make breakdown start fire happen less frequently

v0.5.115 (2021.09.06)

  • [Feature] Add initial implementation of firefighting for drones and robots
  • [Bug] Disable emergency siren before deconstructing or moving it
  • [Bug] Fix loading a save with expedition running would not restore expedition crew member state properly
  • [Bug] Fix Cleaning Bots getting killed while trying to clean fire marks while fire is still burning
  • [UI/UX] Show a hint about fighting fires after the first fire appears

v0.5.114 (2021.09.05)

  • [Bug] Fix the race condition when autosave would the break an ongoing manual save and prevent future saves by putting the game into inconsistent state mode
  • [Bug] Fix pet bowls not relocatable
  • [Bug] Fix relocated stasis pod not deconstructable
  • [Bug] Don’t show Matrix controls on Stasis Array before Asimov Override is installed
  • [Bug] Fix relocating ML Booth with a worker inside would keep the worker hidden
  • [Bug] Fix white (disabled) icons appearing in the UI
  • [Balance] Reactors that are not producing will not be targeted by malfunction events
  • [Balance] Reduce worker discharge rate while relocating objects by 10x
  • [UI/UX] Make popup and dialog buttons inactive while user input is disabled
  • [Graphics] Make storage capsules land closer to the center of the tile, preventing graphics cutting into adjacent objects
  • [Audio] Replace the claxon alert sound

v0.5.113 (2021.09.04)

  • [Bug] Fix loading of saves failing if Starbits miner upgrade was installed (due to currency rename)
  • [Bug] Fix “build a copy” sometimes not working through B shortcut
  • [Bug] Fix several autoreported exceptions happening in rare situations
  • [Bug] Fix ship autopilot overshooting the destination and having trouble to readjust the trajectory when engines were overpowered
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips to electricity grid details list to explain inclusion and exclusion of batteries where applicable
  • [UI/UX] Do not hide maxed out skills in ML Booth, show notification when trying to train a maxed out level
  • [UI/UX] Make Overlay icons and order moddable through Tunables/UIOverlays.json
  • [Misc] Detect issues with translations files when quote is opened but not closed on the same line

v0.5.112 (2021.09.03)

  • [Feature] Finish implementing story event: Stasis Pod Merchant
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.1.19f1
  • [Bug] Fix scrolling Research Tree would also scroll the Starmap and vice versa
  • [Bug] Fix F5 both toggling an overlay and triggering autosave. Ctrl + F5 will now trigger autosave.
  • [Bug] Fix Biowaste possible to get reserved forever and not processed
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to build anything on top of disassembled storage capsule
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to eject Starcreds mining upgrade
  • [Bug] Fix bullets able to be set on fire
  • [Bug] Fix pet food would get reserved and attempted to get hauled to storage while it was already in a bowl
  • [Balance] Reduce the amount of extra materials particle collector produces during the dust storm
  • [Balance] Reduce the rate of dust accumulation during the dust storm
  • [UI/UX] Add “Refocus” button to Research Tree and Starmap top-right menu
  • [UI/UX] Add Settings.txt option for changing the bottom menu button size (default: ui.bottom.size:int:64)
  • [Performance] Optimize compute shader performance

v0.5.111 (2021.09.01)

  • [UI/UX] Prevent rebinding of controls that cannot be rebound properly (for now)
  • [UI/UX] Add options to start and stop mining of Starbits currency after the miner upgrade is installed on the Ship Computer
  • [UI/UX] Increase the range of UI rescaling
  • [UI/UX] Add “” bool option that can be added manually to Settings.txt to override UI autofixing itself when scale is out of range
  • [UI/UX] Start building a trade UI view (test with console command: “economy start_trade”)
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle graphic offset being set incorrectly when launching it
  • [Bug] Fix enqueued processable entities could take damage while inside the processor
  • [Balance] Only allow humans to be selected for expeditions if they are wearing a full space suit
  • [Performance] Fix a performance bottleneck that happened after opening the Research Tree widget for the first time
  • [Feature] Add story event: Stasis Pod Merchant (WIP)

v0.5.110 (2021.08.30)

  • [Feature] Add Starbits, the first in-game currency (WIP)
  • [Feature] Add Wallet to the overlays
  • [Feature] Add Starbits Mining research branch and Starbits Mining upgrade
  • [Balance] Adjust some material energy outputs
  • [Bug] Fix Protein and Plant Fiber not burnable in the Matter Reactor
  • [Bug] Fix clock restriction during Ship Computer cooldown sequence would make cooldown last several minutes in real time
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling relocation with deconstruct tool would leave the relocatable item in a broken state
  • [Bug] Fix material names missing in occasional UI elements
  • [UI/UX] Add “Contribute a Translation” button to the Language settings menu
  • [UI/UX] Make bottom menu tool order moddable

v0.5.109 (2021.08.29)

  • [Bug] Hotfix ship generation locking up when starting a new game
  • [Bug] Fix UI sliders getting reset when switching between different menus with sliders (oxygen pumps, heaters)

v0.5.108 (2021.08.29)

  • [Feature] Visualize the relocation procedure
  • [Bug] Fix new issues related to the “Relocate” mechanic
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show items you don’t have in processor configuration UI
  • [UI/UX] Add way to see name of shuttles on the base, and rename them
  • [UI/UX] Add a choice to save or not when exiting to main menu
  • [UI/UX] Make Ctrl + F1 open the feedback form
  • [Misc] Add Czech translation (by eFkoCaptain)

v0.5.107 (2021.08.28)

  • [Feature] Add “Relocate” option to all devices
  • [Bug] Fix cleanables don’t produce a byproduct after cleaning them anymore
  • [Bug] Fix tooltips not getting hidden properly in menus
  • [UI/UX] Add buttons to explain what is a falling Storage Capsule and Stasis Pod
  • [Balance] Prevent closed stasis pod from being deconstructed

v0.5.106 (2021.08.27)

  • [Bug] Fix bullets spawned through dev tooling would never disappear
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle can be deconstructed while it’s out on a mission
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle can be selected for a mission if it’s damaged or has pending tasks
  • [Bug] Fix same object having both repair and deconstruct tasks at the same time (causing stray particles)
  • [Bug] Potential fix for fluid cannon shooting at extinguished fire forever
  • [Bug] Fix plants not restoring health after being harvested
  • [Bug] Fix empty stasis array would not get deconstructed
  • [Bug] Fix Asimov’s laws still being checked after Asimov Override is installed
  • [Bug] Fix destroyed meteors remained registered as a threat
  • [Bug] Fix space suit effects ignored for freshly spawned humans until game is saved / loaded
  • [Bug] Fix a flying copy of a landed shuttle could appear when game was saved / loaded right after the landing
  • [Balance] Show the suggestion to reach the stasis array right after the tutorial ends
  • [Balance] Generate more Titanium in metal rich planets
  • [Balance] Reinforced walls and floors will contain some Titanium Plate (only for new saves and newly built walls/floors)
  • [Balance] Make reinforced floors and walls stronger
  • [Balance] Make windows as strong as walls
  • [Balance] Make storage capsule and stasis pod drops deal less damage to the surroundings
  • [UI/UX] If the robot fails to build the matter reactor in the tutorial, show a notification
  • [UI/UX] Do not show a warning about reactor lacking materials when there is a pending refill task and enough fuel available
  • [UI/UX] Show number of available items when choosing a processable in Furnace and similar devices
  • [UI/UX] Add a button to try turn on all offline workers in the Beings overlay view

v0.5.105 (2021.08.26)

  • [Bug] Fix Asimov Override Upgrade being discovered over and over
  • [Bug] Fix reactors and electrical devices that are turned off still exploding and breaking
  • [Bug] Fix only one shuttle can mine at a time
  • [Bug] Fix devices not going on fire when surrounding temperature exceeds ignition point
  • [Bug] Fix hidden entities can catch on fire
  • [Bug] Fix upgrades not restored after load
  • [Balance] Drones will no longer haul Soil immediately after cleaning dirt from solar panels
  • [Balance] Make Matter Reactor (50 kW) 50% more efficient at burning fuel compared to Matter Reactor (15 kW)
  • [Feature] Engine flames will emit excessive amounts of heat in their visual area

v0.5.104 (2021.08.25)

  • [UI/UX] Set default edge pan speed to 0 (disabled)
  • [UI/UX] Holding Ctrl when a being is selected will show some diagnostics for anything below the mouse cursor
  • [Misc] Reduce default delay between tracks
  • [Bug] Fix after deconstructing a pet bowl it is not possible to build anything in that spot
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to construct items on top of locations where clothing used to be right before equipping it
  • [Bug] Fix device malfunction with fire not causing damage to the malfunctioning object
  • [Bug] Fix can order cleaning in dead cleaning bot’s UI
  • [Bug] Fix building an obstacle in worker’s path or removing floor, etc, would not affect the navigation if it was already calculated
  • [Bug] Fix “travel here” would not refresh Starmap UI
  • [Bug] Fix reset worker priorities does not work

v0.5.103 (2021.08.25)

  • [Bug] Hotfix for translations able to break the game if they were malformed
  • [Misc] Add initial version of German translation (thanks to K-Win)
  • [Balance] Make Asimov Override Upgrade 100x more rare

v0.5.102 (2021.08.24)

  • [Feature] Add Cabinet for storing various items (i.e. upgrade modules)
  • [Feature] Add Upgrade system
  • [Feature] Make Wood burnable in Furnace to produce Coal
  • [Feature] Add Reactor Efficiency Upgrade module
  • [Feature] Add Asimov Override Upgrade (discoverable in expeditions)
  • [Feature] Hide The Matrix research branch until Asimov Override is installed
  • [Misc] Add initial version of French translation (thanks to Shadow Office)
  • [UI/UX] Reduce the amount of dialogs and confirmations needed to handle an ongoing expedition
  • [Balance] Increase chance of finding coal on habitable planets
  • [Balance] Increase power output for most materials
  • [Balance] Reducing mining skill level up rate
  • [Balance] Reduce chance to pick up a crawler during an expedition
  • [Bug] Fix equipped damaged items leave stray health bars
  • [Bug] Fix expedition pick up crawler event failing to load in case sensitive file systems
  • [Bug] Fix items with light sources emitting light when item is hidden

v0.5.101 (2021.08.22)

  • [Balance] Change crafting requirements for Space Helmet
  • [Balance] Increase the chance of Micro Meteor Strike story event
  • [Bug] Fix Grinder, Nutrient Extractor and Recycler ignoring auto haul filter settings
  • [Feature] Processors will automatically stack their enqueued items when possible
  • [UI/UX] Hide “Toilet” settings UI on planters
  • [UI/UX] Auto refresh processor queue UI when queue changes

v0.5.100 (2021.08.21)

  • [Balance] Allow growing Quartz in Particle Collector
  • [Balance] Make Matter Reactor refillable with liquids as well as solid materials
  • [UI/UX] Do not close the storage after ejecting an item
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltip to Matter Reactor fuel choice options to show output efficiency
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltips with hints about where things have to be built
  • [UI/UX] Show a hint about rotating an object before placing
  • [UI/UX] Show a hint about the connect tool if manual connections through the menu are used too much
  • [Bug] Fix research can be completed while displaying 99%

v0.5.99 (2021.08.20)

  • [Bug] Fix pets not sleeping inside sleeping pods
  • [Bug] Fix pets not able to eat twice from the same pet bowl
  • [Bug] Fix pets not able to sleep
  • [Bug] Fix big objects not possible to repair if their bottom-left tile was not reachable
  • [Bug] Fix camera jumping to bottom-left after alt-tabbing out of the game if Edge Pan is enabled and Run In Background is disabled
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Configuration not working properly with door keep open / auto close
  • [Bug] Fix beings not getting auto-processed
  • [Feature] Make pets able to eject food from fridges
  • [UI/UX] Simplify Copy Configuration tool to remove multiple modes
  • [UI/UX] Holding Ctrl will prevent RMB from closing the overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add hint about mass deconstruction if order deconstruct was used couple of times in a row
  • [UI/UX] Make most popup notifications appear in bottom-left corner of the screen instead of in your face
  • [UI/UX] Prevent toggling the console when Shift is pressed (should fix typing @ with GB keyboard layout)

v0.5.98 (2021.08.19)

  • [UI/UX] Rebind overlay keys from digits to F1-F10
  • [UI/UX] Bind time speed controls to digit 1 2 3 keys
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Faster” and “Slower” time controls
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Slow” time speed button
  • [UI/UX] Change default key binding for Energy Connect tool to E
  • [UI/UX] Change default key binding for Haul tool to Q
  • [UI/UX] Change default key binding for Copy Configuration tool to V
  • [UI/UX] Change default key binding for Manage Tasks tool to F
  • [UI/UX] Remove list of contained resources from object context menu
  • [UI/UX] Reduce bottom menu tooltip delay
  • [Misc] Warn about Empty Ship and Random Ship scenarios not being ready
  • [Feature] Copy configuration tool will now support copying door “hold open” state
  • [Feature] Add /translations console command to help working with translation mods
  • [Bug] Fix steam client related OSX build issues
  • [Bug] Attempt to fix Mac M1 crashing on startup
  • [Bug] Make ablutophobic and showerer traits incompatible
  • [Balance] Pre-research some tech at the beginning of Empty Ship and Random Ship scenarios
  • [Balance] Move Battery to higher energy research tier

v0.5.97 (2021.08.17)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.1.17f
  • [UI/UX] Remove Steam ID from version info
  • [UI/UX] Holding Ctrl while in priority increase / decrease tool will invert the tool mode
  • [UI/UX] Add Settings > Language menu
  • [Balance] Make space diarrhea story event less severe
  • [Balance] Prevent hunger causing damage while people are on mental breakdowns
  • [Bug] Fix opening starmap for the first time would show “exit system” button incorrectly
  • [Bug] Mass placing floors would not correctly calculate active orders when building on top of existing structure

v0.5.96 (2021.08.16)

  • [UI/UX] Move Recycler to Production menu
  • [Bug] Fix bullets not disposed correctly when going out of bounds
  • [Bug] Fix same seed producing slightly different starting map
  • [Bug] Fix mental breakdown sometimes targeting a dead being

v0.5.95 (2021.08.15)

  • [UI/UX] Add some missing characters to game fonts
  • [UI/UX] Keep last selected component details UI open when selecting other objects
  • [Bug] Fix mouse zoom with followed entity would try to anchor the camera to mouse cursor instead of followed entity
  • [Bug] Fix solar panels not getting auto cleaned anymore if they reached 100% dust coverage while disconnected or with auto cleaning disabled

v0.5.94 (2021.08.13)

  • [UI/UX] Add oxygen level control for Oxygen Producer devices
  • [UI/UX] Add on/off switch to Heater and Oxygen Pump components
  • [UI/UX] Show warning popup when trying to load while having no saves in a game
  • [Balance] Reduce the oxygen output from Oxygen Pump (was overpowered)
  • [Balance] Reduce chance of repeating the same story event in a row for Random storyteller
  • [Feature] Make Stasis Array produce some oxygen and heat when connected to electricity
  • [Feature] Add story event: Mental breakdown “Insanity”
  • [Bug] Most mental breakdowns will no longer make people ignore safety conditions
  • [Bug] Random storyteller would allow event duplicates regardless of the configuration (i.e. two space diarrheas at the same time)
  • [Bug] Fix ordering deconstruction on a tile that was in mid repair would keep repair visual effect playing forever
  • [Bug] Fix Save and exit to main menu from pause panel would not refresh the saves list

v0.5.93 (2021.08.12)

  • [UI/UX] Do not show tooltips after selecting a bottom menu item through Quick Search
  • [UI/UX] Change Research start / stop button from long press to regular
  • [UI/UX] Add a popup to explain why a worker would sometimes not take any task
  • [Performance] Cache more strings to reduce garbage creation
  • [Balance] Reduce damage taken from Space Diarrhea
  • [Balance] Make floor lights and doors / airlocks contain 1 copper plate
  • [Balance] Allow producing Rock from Soil in Furnace
  • [Balance] Change some device and worker construction costs
  • [Balance] Delay first story event for Random storyteller
  • [Balance] Remove separate Cleaning Bot research branch, merge it with Robotics
  • [Balance] Make Construction Speed research branch cheaper and more impactful
  • [Feature] Add Titanium Plate material and make Titanium processable into plates
  • [Misc] Rename Steel to Steel Plate (consistency)
  • [Graphics] Generate dirt in the beginning of Wrecked scenario
  • [Bug] Fix Shuttle could be generated too close to Ship Computer
  • [Bug] Stasis pod drop and storage capsule drop would lose too much materials when destroying surroundings on landing

v0.5.92 (2021.08.11)

  • [UI/UX] Open pause panel on pressing Esc
  • [UI/UX] Set more distant zoom level when focusing on items in Research Tree and Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Enable auto-haul on all compatible devices by default
  • [Tech] Add every 3rd and 4th VSync options
  • [Balance] 16-12 Connector will contain 1 copper plate instead of 2
  • [Balance] Fusion Drive will contain 10 copper plates and 1 micro chip
  • [Balance] One drone will have Construction skill lvl 2 at start of the game
  • [Balance] Damaged electrical device story event will not happen for Ship Computer or Stasis Array
  • [Bug] Storyteller was able to invoke events during the tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix Asteroid not hitting the base if its center was not landing directly on some tile
  • [Bug] Fix loading spawn crawlers on shuttle land story event failing due to missing default constructor
  • [Bug] Fix deleting a save in main menu would lock out all other saves until restart
  • [Bug] Fix camera panning to bottom left when application loses focus with edge pan enabled
  • [Bug] Fix VSync setting not being saved

v0.5.91 (2021.08.10)

  • [Balance] Even slightly open door will leak oxygen / heat as much as a vent (does not apply to powered airlocks)
  • [Feature] Explain Starmap after connecting a Bridge Controls device for the first time
  • [Tech] Improve automatic rescue for stuck grounded beings
  • [UI/UX] Add “Open Starmap” button to Bridge Controls info panel
  • [UI/UX] Add “Haul to Storage” context menu button for storable items (i.e. clothing)
  • [UI/UX] Add “Haul to Storage” action for multi-selected storable items (clothing)
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show dead beings in Quick Search results
  • [Performance] Fix selecting active engine would introduce lag because of constant UI rebuild
  • [Performance] Fix displaying expedition details would introduce lag because of constant UI rebuild
  • [Performance] Cache most translation strings to reduce dictionary lookups and allocation of garbage
  • [Bug] Fix dragging the camera after game was unfocused would result in game view jumping to the side
  • [Bug] Fix failing to navigate to an equipment item would keep the item reserved forever (or until manually unreserving it)
  • [Bug] Fix item health bar not hiding when items gets put into a storage
  • [Bug] Changing starmap scope was disabling the starmap while screen drop was fading out
  • [Bug] Cleanable items with cancelled cleaning task would not get auto cleaned

v0.5.90 (2021.08.09)

  • [Feature] Add way to rescue stuck beings
  • [Balance] Start “Wrecked Empty Ship” scenario with 1 robot and 4 drones
  • [Balance] Start “Leaving Earth” scenario with 3 drones
  • [Balance] Do not set haul priority to 9 when building objects on top of debris
  • [Balance] Do not automatically haul debris when building floors above it
  • [Balance] Allow robot to build floors
  • [Tech] Persist last load time in metadata rather than relying on OS file access time
  • [Tech] Only open feedback form if play session is over 10 minutes and if it was never opened before
  • [UI/UX] Add UI with details about worker AI state
  • [Bug] Fix found ore expedition story event getting stuck when planet is fully mined
  • [Bug] Fix Mining skill not increasing on expeditions
  • [Bug] Workers do not haul materials to closest storage unit
  • [Bug] Fix processable items not getting reprocessed after processing task was rejected
  • [Bug] Fix feedback form not saving open count and always opening after quitting the game

v0.5.89 (2021.08.07)

  • [Misc] Increase “Slow” clock speed
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a unfinished wall with a door blueprint would keep construction particles playing
  • [Bug] Fix in-game console not scrollable
  • [Bug] Fix grounded workers possibility to get stuck in a loop when failing to collect multiple resources
  • [Bug] Fix a lot of small rare bugs
  • [UI/UX] Automatically close the bottom menu if it is expanded for 5 seconds without mouse over it
  • [Feature] Add Storyteller: Random

v0.5.88 (2021.08.04)

  • [Feature] Finish Biowaste Bullets implementation
  • [Feature] Add story event: Space Diarrhea
  • [Balance] Do not trigger mental breakdowns for colonists who exit a damaged stasis array
  • [Balance] Increase processing time for most materials
  • [Tech] Add situational awareness tracking to examine current game state
  • [Tech] Refactor storyteller events to use situational awareness
  • [Tech] Refactor mental breakdowns to be pure story events
  • [Bug] Ensure that story events will not repeat
  • [Bug] Fix bullets flying through walls at high game speed or lower frame rate
  • [Bug] Fix Expedition crew members taking heat damage when shuttle landing pad area is burning
  • [Bug] Fix beings and objects sometimes getting stuck inside big structures
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Processor (i.e. Recycler) Auto Haul setting not saved / loaded
  • [Bug] Fix construction particles not cleaned up if construction task was cancelled using the removal tool
  • [Bug] UI tooltips not showing up for some smaller material piles
  • [Bug] Fix some tools acting weird when clicking and dragging out of map bounds
  • [Bug] Fix “Increase Energy Production” suggestion not ignoring battery power
  • [Bug] Fix Repair tool miscalculating active order limit
  • [Bug] Fix dead robots emitting light
  • [Bug] Fix Crawlers appearing as blank name in Beings list
  • [Bug] Fix entity link not disappearing if context menu is closed via ESC
  • [Bug] Fix possibility to build walls on top of floor lights when dragging a line
  • [Bug] Fix robotic workers having a “birth date”
  • [Bug] Fix cloned and produced beings having an incorrect age
  • [UI/UX] Add “Animate UI” setting
  • [UI/UX] Add a way to cancel current event in expedition view (without calling back the whole expedition)
  • [UI/UX] Show hostile beings with red and bold color in Beings list
  • [UI/UX] Order potential expedition crew members by mining skill
  • [UI/UX] Show mining skill level when choosing expedition crew memebers
  • [UI/UX] Disallow entering extremely long names
  • [Performance] Make bottom menu much more responsive

v0.5.87 (2021.08.01)

  • [Feature] Add Story Event: Food on device
  • [Bug] Fix “start a research” suggestion popping up immediately after cancelling a research
  • [Bug] Replacing an object would not guarantee that replacement build task would be execute immediately or with same priority
  • [Bug] Fix space suit not applying effective temperature correctly
  • [Bug] Fix removing an equipped item would not restore it properly
  • [Bug] Fix possibility of crawler attaching to a dead colonist
  • [UI/UX] Add “Periodic Auto Save” setting
  • [UI/UX] Add “Auto Save on Exit” setting
  • [UI/UX] Add a hint about managing event notifications when time is not stopped
  • [Tech] Add compression to save files
  • [Performance] Fix framedrop at the end of game save

v0.5.86 (2021.07.31)

  • [Balance] Remove all Rock material requirements for device construction
  • [Balance] Tune some construction requirements
  • [Balance] Generate more iron and copper on planets
  • [Balance] Make Space Shuttle storage bigger (150)
  • [Balance] Double the amount of planets in every star system
  • [Balance] Set different chance to pick up crawler on way back from a planet depending on planet type
  • [Balance] Make food more difficult to produce
  • [QOL] Water bullets will not damage structures and devices, only beings
  • [QOL] Water bullets will shoot through the objects
  • [Bug] Fix save/load occasionally making a colonist use the toilet forever
  • [Bug] Fix meal graphic not being moved on the table while eating
  • [Bug] Fix auto haul setting not saved on fridges, wardrobes
  • [Bug] Fix story events not happening if spawn egg is pending
  • [Bug] Disconnected electric devices will not get auto-cleaning (solar panels)
  • [Bug] Fix Crawlers bringing meals to the table and eating like gentlemen
  • [Bug] Fix Humans searching for clothing while having a mental breakdown
  • [Bug] Fix hull integrity not recalculating properly for damaged tiles after load
  • [Bug] Fix some story events not popping up a dialogue
  • [Bug] Fix Fast Metabolism and Always Hungry traits generating on the same being
  • [Bug] Fix attached crawler location not synchronizing with host location correctly
  • [Bug] Fix humans using planters when a proper toilet is available
  • [UI/UX] Add “Auto Clean” toggler for cleanable devices
  • [Feature] Allow travel to arbitrary locations on starmap
  • [Feature] Add Story Event: Humans who had crawler attached die and hatch new crawlers
  • [Feature] Kill the crawler parasite when its host human dies

v0.5.85 (2021.07.28)

  • [Bug] Fix cancelling a construction task does not cleanup the particle effect
  • [Bug] Fix conflicting suggestions shown when The Matrix is enabled
  • [Bug] Fix AI getting stuck when grounded beings failed navigating when running to safety
  • [Bug] Fix new navigation issues after the grounded being task fix introduced new bugs
  • [Performance] Fix UI rebuilding every frame when being was selected during execution of a need
  • [Feature] New Story Event: Storage Capsule spawns a being
  • [Feature] New Story Event: Surprise Crawler returns with expedition Shuttle
  • [Feature] New Story Event: Micro meteor strike
  • [Balance] Make reinforced walls and floors have 200 health

v0.5.84 (2021.07.27)

  • [AI] Change how grounded being navigation failures are handled when working on tasks
  • [Feature] Generate airlocks on all ships
  • [Bug] Fix ship generation occasionally producing areas without doors
  • [Bug] Grounded workers will not fail tasks just because they cannot reach the spot
  • [UI/UX] autodetect areas without indirect access to space and warn about them

v0.5.83 (2021.07.25)

  • [UI/UX] Remove load game options from in-game menu
  • [UI/UX] Allow loading same game when in-game
  • [Bug] Fix connectors not auto-creating properly on drag in Sandbox mode
  • [Graphics] Improve lighting
  • [Feature] Add Space Suit

v0.5.82 (2021.07.21)

  • [UI/UX] Do not require entering feedback message in the F1 feedback form
  • [UI/UX] Show range for unconstructed connectors when they are selected
  • [UI/UX] Allow dragging and ordering a new connector from an unconstructed one
  • [UI/UX] Do not show “Connected to 0” in energy node if there are no connections
  • [UI/UX] Show hints about auto hauling items to storages and processors
  • [UI/UX] Use darker red for research tree lacking resources text
  • [UI/UX] Fix mouse tooltips showing behind dropdown options
  • [Graphics] Fix gaps between floor tiles appearing when you zoom out
  • [Bug] Fix build tool Ctrl+Alt deletion mode not working without dragging a rectangle
  • [Bug] Fix various build tool modes (circle, line) not ordering debris cleanup
  • [Bug] Fix ambient lighting not reacting to lights correctly after multiple games were loaded / started
  • [Bug] Fix hints not being reset when starting a new game after playing another one
  • [Misc] Move Twitch integration away from core game into a mod (broken at this point)

v0.5.81 (2021.07.20)

  • [Graphics] Add visual effect for drone camera at the beginning of main scenario
  • [Graphics] Fix Window02 using same wall color as Window01
  • [Graphics] Fix Window tiles not showing up while hovered above a wall in build tool
  • [Graphics] Fix Drone shadows being rendered in open space
  • [Graphics] Lighten the environment when playing in Immersive Dim and Fog of War while there are no light sources
  • [Graphics] Change the default ambient light setting to Immersive Dim
  • [UI/UX] Show the names of compatible devices when warning about missing processors
  • [UI/UX] Show scenario and playtime in main menu load list below the save name
  • [Balance] Change the Particle Collector energy cost formula to prevent infinite Uranium
  • [Bug] Fix destroyed stasis pod still spawning a crew through a delayed event
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration tool not forgetting the first copied device after exiting the tool
  • [Bug] Fix chaining multiple energy connectors would sometimes result in an invisible connection link

v0.5.80 (2021.07.18)

  • [UI/UX] Show flight requirement for constructable items in space
  • [UI/UX] Change repair tool drag rect color to orange
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips for most main menu panel items
  • [Audio] Move audio cutoff gradually to avoid instant jumps when switching scenes
  • [Bug] Fix research tree looking broken when UI scale is not 1
  • [Bug] Fix music not playing when entering a game session

v0.5.79 (2021.07.16)

  • [Graphics] Do not rotate Stasis Array graphic (work spot will still rotate)
  • [Feature] Add research branch for The Matrix (changes function of Stasis Array)
  • [Feature] Add Matrix Efficiency research branch
  • [Feature] Add “Tube Feeder” device for The Matrix
  • [Feature] Show notification about changing the electricity grid while time is stopped
  • [UI/UX] Automatically layout the Research Tree nodes
  • [UI/UX] Change Research key binding from R to T (tech)
  • [UI/UX] Change Rotate key binding from Z to R (rotate)
  • [UI/UX] Change Copy/Paste tool key binding from P to G (grab)
  • [UI/UX] Change Tasks tool key binding from T to J (jobs)
  • [UI/UX] Change Repair key binding from G to Z
  • [UI/UX] Make notification popups wider, flash when showing them
  • [Bug] Make “Ensure CPU Ventilation” suggestion properly detect temperature changes
  • [Misc] Add auto reporting option and consent popup on startup

v0.5.78 (2021.07.12)

  • [Bug] Fix trying to enqueue mass deconstruction validates rectangle size rather than actual deconstruction task count
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration allowing copying incorrect materials from matter reactor to nuclear reactor
  • [Bug] Fix disconnecting two connectors would not rebuild the grid properly (after recent optimization)
  • [Bug] Fix workers sometimes collecting too many raw materials during construction
  • [Bug] Fix workers not hiding thought bubble after maintenance
  • [Bug] Fix Charge / Repair stations not stopping Charge / Repair if task was dropped due to taken damage
  • [UI/UX] Add hints about line, circle, pencil, fill and delete modes in build tool
  • [Graphics] Fix Z order of some beings
  • [Balance] Prevent two ship computers being on the same electricity grid

v0.5.77 (2021.07.11)

  • [UI/UX] Hide the bottom menu when entering starmap or research tree
  • [Graphics] Add explosion flash effect when stasis pod destroys an object upon landing
  • [Performance] Optimize rendering
  • [Performance] Optimize save load time
  • [Bug] Fix workers not filling up their storage fully when gathering materials
  • [Bug] Fix F5 not working

v0.5.76 (2021.07.08)

  • [UI/UX] Show what is being loaded
  • [UI/UX] Move Demo Mode to F9
  • [UI/UX] Trigger quick save via F5
  • [Bug] Fix workers not performing emergency recharge properly
  • [Feature] Add console command to change the storyteller in mid-game
  • [Feature] Add “import image as ship” for sandbox mode
  • [Balance] Make emergency recharge faster and tunable

v0.5.75 (2021.07.06)

  • [Performance] Improve Energy graph rebuilding speed
  • [Performance] Don’t rebuild whole energy graph for minor changes when possible
  • [Performance] Throttle the in-game clock if it tries to tick faster than it can render
  • [Technical] Increase the connector search cache to allow extremely large electricity grids
  • [Technical] Add diagnostics for in-game clock

v0.5.74 (2021.07.05)

  • [Rendering] Detect recommended space background scale on first boot instead of suggesting “Half” by default
  • [Bug] Prevent processing of living beings (i.e. crawlers)
  • [Bug] Drop current task properly when starting a mental breakdown (fixes food fights)
  • [UI/UX] Add bucket fill mode for Build / Planning (Ctrl + Shift)
  • [UI/UX] Add Circle mode for Build / Planning (Shift)
  • [UI/UX] Add Line mode for Build / Planning (Ctrl)
  • [UI/UX] Add Pencil mode for Build / Planning (Alt)
  • [UI/UX] Add Eraser mode for Build / Planning (Ctrl + Alt)
  • [UI/UX] Make perfect 1-tile circles using the tools

v0.5.73 (2021.07.04)

  • [UI/UX] ESC / RMB will close the active overlay only in free select mode
  • [UI/UX] Add Line function and Mirror X / Y togglers for the Planning tool
  • [Balance] Increase capacity of mini Disk Module to 8ZB
  • [Feature] Implement a mechanic where Ship Computer’s Memory limits the amount of pending tasks you can issue

v0.5.72 (2021.07.03)

  • [Bug] Fix Pencil and Eraser cursor graphics not working in Planning mode
  • [Bug] Fix humans shuffling their sleep positions after loading a game where they were sleeping
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Haul option not saving propertly in Storage Unit
  • [UI/UX] Change sorting order of certain game menus and dialogs to prevent them from obstructing each other
  • [UI/UX] Show task job type in all info popups
  • [UI/UX] Flash the new event notifications as they appear
  • [UI/UX] Overhaul the planning tool: Add circles, ruler, guidelines and position display
  • [Balance] Delay electricity grid malfunction and drone battery discharge story events
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce heat produced by the Ship Computer

v0.5.71 (2021.07.02)

  • [Feature] Add Battery Cell material
  • [Balance] Make Batteries and robotic beings require Battery Cell for building / crafting them
  • [Scenario] Tell about the Shuttle and space travel capabilities in the beginning of Wrecked scenario
  • [Rendering] Fix carried object position lagging behind actual being graphics
  • [Bug] Fix people reshuffling their positions at tables after load when saved while eating
  • [Bug] Fix workers sometimes fully discharging after expeditions

v0.5.70 (2021.06.29)

  • [Bug] Fix race conditions in being navigation component (fixes a lot of bugs)

v0.5.69 (2021.06.28)

  • [Bug] Fix toilet showing dirt bar while not constructed
  • [Bug] Fix biowaste extracted from toilet always attempted to be processed even if processor was not available
  • [Bug] Prevent race conditions in pathfinding system
  • [Bug] Fix vents and doors possible to place on top of other objects
  • [Bug] Fix audio levels ignoring camera distance when camera is locked on a being
  • [Feature] Add toilet overflow mechanic. Humans will not use toilets that are overflowing.
  • [Feature] Add Quartz material
  • [Balance] Use Quartz instead of Silicon to produce Glass
  • [Balance] Ensure Asteroid story event does not harm Ship Computer and Stasis Array
  • [Balance] Reduce plant growth speed
  • [Balance] Reduce mining speed
  • [UI/UX] Add Manage Tasks > Retry tool
  • [UI/UX] Add new cursor styles for Planning tool

v0.5.68 (2021.06.27)

  • Fix info bars not following moving entities
  • Fix offline workers holding active tasks
  • Fix charge station becoming unusable under certain conditions
  • Fix stasis pod and storage capsule invisible when dropping
  • Fix cleaning options failing to show up for non-energy connected objects (toilet)
  • Fix sprite ghosting when beings changed their facing while moving
  • Change stasis array stability change rate to be non-linear
  • Fix curve interpolation failing when curves were declining (technical internals)

v0.5.67 (2021.06.25)

  • Fix removed objects (like Storage Capsule) would prevent construction on their past locations
  • Fix edge pan not working when mouse pointer is touching the edge
  • Reduce edge pan delay
  • Make edge pan delay and acceleration tunable
  • Fix storage capsule often missing the ship
  • Add Screen Shake and Space Background Animation options to Video Settings
  • Fix deconstructing a processor would not re-register materials ejected from the queue to the inventory system
  • Prevent storage capsule from missing the ship
  • Prevent storage capsule and stasis pod drops from destroying important devices

v0.5.66 (2021.06.24)

  • Fix deconstruct object mental breakdown able to target Stasis Array and Ship Computer
  • Adjust wakeup with mental breakdown chance correlation to Stasis Array stability
  • Fix exception when trying to display a menu tooltip for the first time when game is paused
  • Show precise skill level in a tooltip when hovering a skill list
  • Do not show certain suggestions in irrelevant scenarios
  • Hint the right tab if Environment tab is activated during the tutorial
  • Fix cancelling the tutorial would sometimes keep the tutorial dialog open
  • Do not show drag to connect hint when player drags to connect
  • Fix processors ordering hauling even when processing queue is full
  • Show more details about refillable storages that are not on the grid
  • Fix Storage Capsule loot being overly abundant for common materials

v0.5.65 (2021.06.23)

  • Make auto-haul in processors and storages configurable and off by default
  • Improve starting Shuttle generation to pick better location
  • Do not run research if Ship Computer is lacking Memory or Disk resources
  • Fix broken components on load not being removed completely
  • Make harvested plants produce raw materials rather than objects
  • Add Flour material
  • Add Log material
  • Add Grain material
  • Add Bread food item
  • Show correct input bindings for non-QWERTY keyboards
  • Overhaul planet loot generation

v0.5.64 (2021.06.22)

  • Fix some new AI issues with auto hauling components
  • Fix autosave not working since recent change
  • Fix space travel broken with fusion drive engines
  • Make space travel faster
  • Fix dirt changing rotation after load
  • Improve Timelapse capture
  • Generate a Shuttle when starting a new wrecked scenario
  • Increase shuttle pickup distance

v0.5.63 (2021.06.22)

  • Do not include unconfigured Matter Reactors to the grid max output
  • Do not show 0KW for idle matter reactors
  • Increase power output of Uranium by order of magnitude
  • Restrict Matter Reactors to only burn solid fuel (not liquids or nuclear items)
  • Fix sounds occasionally being way too loud
  • Fix immobilized beings not clearing immobilized thought bubble
  • Make music volume 50% by default
  • Fix AI task assignment failure at certain rare conditions
  • Make Survival Meal recipe contain protein instead of plant fiber
  • Change how AI assigns auto-haul tasks

v0.5.62 (2021.06.21)

  • Fix playtest clock speed
  • Change how build tool cancels blueprints (cancel on click up)
  • Make timelapse saveable / loadable
  • Reduce research time for some early game tech
  • Fix reactor refills getting neglected if drones are too far away busy with lots of other tasks

v0.5.61 (2021.06.21)

  • Fix Leaving Earth scenario generation getting stuck
  • Change how store tool works on processable materials
  • Fix “0 items do not have a processor” notification count
  • Prevent pets from waking up early in game
  • Rebalance space flight
  • Rebalance resources in planets

v0.5.61 (2021.06.20)

  • Make repair station part of Technology research
  • Improve in-game console up/down arrow navigation
  • Improve timelapse
  • Add console command to override tunables on the fly
  • Reduce bottom menu icon sizes
  • Fix electricity grid not rebuilding when manipulating connections with stopped time
  • Rebalance the Research Tree
  • Prevent materials from being generated on the edges of the wrecked ship
  • Increase clock speeds significantly for playtest builds

v0.5.60 (2021.06.19)

  • Make clock speeds tunable
  • Slow down construction speeds
  • Slow down clock speeds
  • Slow down research speed
  • Show required skills in build menu tooltips
  • Adjust construction costs for everything
  • Fix CPU usage not showing up correctly

v0.5.59 (2021.06.18)

  • Don’t create auto-cleaning tasks for devices that are pending removal
  • Add new story event: stasis pod friendly crew wake up
  • Redo Storage and Disk module graphics
  • Add Overclocking and Advanced Overcloking research nodes
  • Add CPU Modules (1 & 4 Thz)
  • Do not attempt to dock Cleaning Bots that are turned off
  • Fix Quick Search saves search not working after creating a new save
  • Add “Don’t show again” option to energy connection warnings
  • Fix energy connectors failing to autoconnect in certain conditions
  • Fix out of bounds overflow for energy connector range display
  • Fix news panel not displaying image if news fail to load the update from server on startup
  • Limit the amount of workers Ship Computer can handle at the same time (CPU restriction)

v0.5.58 (2021.06.17)

  • Fix drone shadows hiding structure damage around them
  • Add timelapse console command
  • Change starmap scales and space travel speeds
  • Make plants produce oxygen
  • Add auto harvest toggler to the planter configuration
  • Change how ship generation retry works to prevent any possible state leakage bugs
  • Improve the reliability and success rate of Stasis Array and Ship Computer generation stages
  • Change how build more repair stations / charge stations suggestions are activated
  • Make crafting/production/processing options available in context menu
  • Fix several objects showing UI items while not constructed or not reachable by ship computer

v0.5.57 (2021.06.15)

  • Make Rock resource more common in all types of planets
  • Fix tree menu auto wrapping to be compatible with centered position
  • Add version check
  • Fix hitting ESC while holding RMB in build mode making the drag placement on hover
  • Fix save games not grouped and not ordered correctly in the tree menu
  • Fix expeditions finding empty ore deposits
  • Fix only one processor (Furnace, Grinder, Nutrient Extractor) used when more than one was available
  • Fix hauling unstored raw material pile with bigger stack size than worker capacity would fail if there’s no storage, resulting in forever obstructed construction site
  • Workers will now get themselves unstuck if they end up trapped inside a large object
  • Fix processor creating hauling processable items tasks when such items are not available (materials only)
  • Significantly reduce planet material contents and shuttle storage capacity (balancing)
  • Fix the graphics glitch where materials would cut into other objects

v0.5.56 (2021.06.13)

  • Fix furnace processing issues
  • Fix a more reservation issues
  • Begin adding support for systems that don’t have compute shaders capabilities
  • Don’t remove unbuilt floors when trying to build an object on top
  • Fix Template mod being enabled while it says it’s disabled in mods list
  • Fix construction failing if work site was obstructed before there was a storage unit
  • Fix Stasis Array can be switched off
  • Make workers move materials aside even if there is no storage

v0.5.55 (2021.06.12)

  • Fix menu button tooltip failing to get displayed at certain time
  • Fix Pathfinding overlay still not appearing once in a while
  • Include all versions the game was saved with in feedback report
  • Holding shift while changing wanted refill / output amounts in the UI will increase / decrease the value in higher quantities
  • Fix releasing energy tool on open space producing an error

v0.5.54 (2021.06.11)

  • Adjust starting materials for Leaving Earth scenario
  • Add Stasis Pod device (WIP)
  • Add Stasis Pod story event (WIP)
  • Add tunable configuration for Leaving Earth and Wrecked Empty Ship scenarios (JSON)
  • Add sound alert when clicking B (build shortcut) when non-researched object is selected
  • Fix electricity grid rebuilding multiple times per tick if multiple electric devices are destroyed

v0.5.53 (2021.06.10)

  • Make Grinder and other auto processors take processable materials from storages
  • Fix humans stepping outside the door into unsafe conditions
  • Fix Pathfinding overlay not appearing
  • Fix airlocks not updating hull integrity after being loaded with object stuck inside
  • Fix humans occasionally dropping tasks because of unsafe conditions inside a doorway
  • Fix raw material reservation logic

v0.5.52 (2021.06.09)

  • Add new scenario: Leaving Earth
  • Make Matter Reactor construction skill requirement 6

v0.5.51 (2021.06.09)

  • Fix copper definition missing a processable material type (furnace processing bug)
  • Fix worker stuck in build loop forever if there are no materials and no storages
  • Fix worker failing to gather processable materials from Particle Collector
  • Fix incorrect material icon in Particle Collector when target material is changed
  • Show currently collected material icon on top of Particle Collector
  • Fix engine graphics sometimes getting cut in half after generating a ship
  • Fix save names overwriting device blueprint names in quick search index
  • Fix dead beings showing their job task priorities in context menu
  • Fix stasis array spamming duplicate “life support lacks electricity” events
  • Prevent Slow Metabolism and Always Hungry traits from being generated on same being
  • Remove concept of read-only storage
  • Fix problems while entering Research or showing Electricity Overlay with game paused
  • Fix focusing on Ship Computer using a shortcut (C) would kill active tool
  • Pressing C after focusing on Ship Computer shows the whole ship
  • Fix dirt reservation not working (Cleaning Bot trains)
  • Allow deconstructing the Ship Computer when you have more than one

v0.5.50 (2021.06.08)

  • Make configurable processors (i.e Furnace) process materials directly from storages
  • Remake the bottom tree menu to sit in the middle of the screen

v0.5.49 (2021.06.07)

  • Ensure enough rocks are generated on start
  • Fix construction broken in 0.5.48
  • Fix tree menu tooltips going out of screen bounds
  • Prevent processors (i.e. Furnace) from showing unconfigured warnings while not constructed
  • Fix shuttles overshooting the planet when trying to land on it
  • Fix crawlers not attaching to colonists in non enclosed areas

v0.5.48 (2021.06.06)

  • Fix saves directory not getting created for new installations
  • Fix resources failing to load in mac builds
  • Fix Quick Search navigation not going backwards properly
  • Clicking an unconstructed object in build mode will cancel the construction
  • Selecting an object and pressing B (build tool shortcut) will enter build mode with selected object blueprint (if researched)
  • Allow ordering construction of objects on top of material debris without waiting for it to get cleaned

v0.5.47 (2021.06.04)

  • Handle edge case when ordering hauling tasks while placing a tile
  • Add human trait: Cleaning OCD
  • Destroy equipment when removing a being that had something on (i.e. from explosion damage)
  • Fix particle collector impossible to build because of skill requirements
  • Fix popup widget with input crashing on tall characters (Chinese input)
  • Fix cleaning bots showing failed task bubbles without fail reason when someone else has cleaned their targeted dirt
  • Fix research tree tooltips getting stuck if tree was closed while showing a tooltip
  • Remove mechanic where beings would drop current task due to urgent need
  • Fix incorrect “Run In Background” value showing up in settings
  • Fix occasional sprite bleeding edges at a distance

v0.5.46 (2021.06.04)

  • Fix save preview images not loading with file names containing certain special characters
  • Finish the Pet Bowl refill logic
  • Add pet dog
  • Change how expedition is stumbling upon ore deposits
  • Ensure certain amount of copper plates generated on start
  • Make UI tree menu automatically wrap if it goes out of bounds horizontally

v0.5.45 (2021.06.03)

  • Fix autosave not working properly
  • Reduce passive research storage electricity cost to 10%
  • Fix sprite scale not working in being looks
  • Make robots bigger
  • Start working on pets
  • Add cat (WIP)
  • Make cat spawn with 10% chance from stasis arrays
  • Add option to make pets invincible
  • Make cats sleep in colonist beds along with humans
  • Make cats and humans use planters as makeshift toilets when necessary
  • Add Pet Bowl (WIP)

v0.5.44 (2021.06.02)

  • Make research storage cost passive electricity
  • Fix research storage requirement being overwritten with memory value
  • Prevent grounded beings from attempting to repair or deconstruct objects in space
  • Fix texts overlapping in ML Booth info panel and research storage list
  • Overhaul the save / load system to group games together
  • Colonists will wake up with mood and health depending on stasis array stability
  • Colonists will have mental breakdowns if they wake up from unstable stasis array

v0.5.43 (2021.06.01)

  • Make Stasis Array configurable when plugged into electricity
  • Fix cycling through build options with a shortcut switches into not yet researched items
  • Fix research tree showing 0 resources if it is first opened with game clock stopped
  • Improve how electricity values are displayed
  • Build copies of an object when holding the place button down and dragging
  • Rearrange a few items in research tree

v0.5.42 (2021.05.31)

  • Do not notify about fire if it dies down too quickly
  • Automatically construct and connect a connector when releasing an energy connection link on a floor
  • Fix shuttle overshooting a planet from time to time
  • Add Microchip
  • Require Microchips to build certain things
  • Add dead workers when generating new game (for extracting microchips)
  • Rearrange the research tree
  • Adjust certain construction and production costs

v0.5.41 (2021.05.31)

  • Add UI scroll invert and speed settings (to solve issues for Linux users)
  • Fix dead beings triggering event notifications about receiving damage
  • Increase heat damage amounts to beings, especially biological ones
  • Disable culling of beings and materials
  • Fix processing raw material piles creating duplicate AI tasks in the wrong way
  • Make Furnace configurable to smelt just one type of ore at a time

v0.5.40 (2021.05.30)

  • Fix scrollbar not clickable with mouse inside menu panels
  • Start reducing research speed when Ship Computer efficiency goes below 50%
  • Show IRL time when hovering game time
  • Show unavailable research options differently in research tree
  • Remove dynamic deserialization that prevents using IL2CPP (Warning: saved Expeditions and Dirt will be lost!)
  • Add multi-select action for processable objects
  • Make Cleaning Bots processable into scrap metal
  • Make Crawlers processable into protein
  • Fix ghost fires that were reintroduced again with a recent change
  • Fix dead or inactive objects counting towards inventory count in crafting devices
  • Fix cleaning a toilet won’t produce any biowaste

v0.5.39 (2021.05.28)

  • Fix electricity driven workers trying to recharge on non-powered charge stations over and over again
  • Fix fire sound effects not getting removed after the fire dies out
  • Lower the automatic haul priority to 4
  • Fix workers not going for repair station when damaged
  • Fix all cleaning bots going for the same spot at once
  • Fix “crawler attached to colonist” mental breakdown being dealt for non-crawler prey
  • Fix fire not damaging the wall and not spreading if only a wall tile is on fire
  • Put Loom in Weaving research node, and require Weaving for Clothing
  • Keep tool menu permanently expanded
  • Rearrange bottom left menu options

v0.5.38 (2021.05.27)

  • Generate space object names
  • Fix processable raw material items getting hauled after processing was requested
  • Add tooltips with required skill levels and required materials to constructable objects
  • Fix space looking weird after flying too far away from origin
  • Allow selecting a ship size when starting a new game
  • Reintroduce experimental “Wrecked With Stuff” scenario
  • Restore the “Build A Copy” button!
  • Add a goal to build an ML booth when worker skills are lacking

v0.5.37 (2021.05.27)

  • Add multiple performance optimizations
  • Fix cancelling wall replacement leaving progress bar and sparks
  • Refactor how game plumbing is handling saves and loads
  • Fix ambience not stopping after device gets disconnected
  • Fix shower not showing if it’s occupied
  • Fix shower, toilet, beds, etc not updating UI correctly
  • Make materials ejectable from all storages
  • Fix unbuilt shuttle could be selected for an expedition
  • Fix planters configurable while not connected
  • Fix planters not showing unconfigured warning right after being constructed
  • Fix all refillable storages false-promising AI workers electricity as a reward
  • Equipment will now receive damage and could get destroyed while equipped

v0.5.36 (2021.05.25)

  • Fix new bugs with Auto Processors
  • Fix Oak getting selected from a distance
  • Make planters walkable
  • Fix plant harvesting issues
  • Fix destroying a planter would leave plants intact
  • Add a Nuclear Reactor

v0.5.35 (2021.05.24)

  • Ship Computer’s energy node will no longer be controllable through mass actions
  • Begin adding ambient sounds
  • Fix hauling of items that are already being hauled
  • Change how Furnace and Grinder works - allow batching items
  • Change how Storage Unit creates hauling tasks
  • Change how item storages (Wardrobes, Fridges) create hauling tasks

v0.5.34 (2021.05.23)

  • Make it impossible to select equipment by clicking a colonist multiple times
  • Fix ordering hauling for reserved and hidden items
  • Show circular outlines on selected beings
  • Show diamond outlines on selected materials, items and loose objects
  • Fix shuttle expeditions failing to launch with “worker failed to enter the shuttle” false error
  • Fix shuttle launch fumes appearing when they are not supposed to
  • Fix Quick Search and Build A Copy working incorrectly with bottom left menu
  • Hide any being thought bubbles during death
  • Fix haul to storage tool failing to work with beings and other non reservable entities
  • Check for Asimov’s First Law violation when trying to process human beings
  • Fix plants being harvestable even at seed stage
  • Fix non harvested plants being processable

v0.5.33 (2021.05.21)

  • Do not show dead and immobilized beings as potential expedition members
  • Do not allow selecting crawlers and cleaning bots as expedition crew
  • Update checkered lit floor graphic to look more pleasant
  • Fix planning view not updating if clock is stopped
  • Show food and clothing items next to raw materials in inventory overlay
  • Make mouse forward / back buttons and keyboard [ and ] cycle through active tool branch
  • Redo how planters and harvesting works
  • Make large planter fit either 1 large plant or 4 small ones

v0.5.32 (2021.05.20)

  • Fix window behavior when placing it over an existing wall
  • Make floors visible through windows
  • Fix window reflection noise
  • Remove flashing effect from plants
  • Prevent saving during mass construction order creation
  • Implement Shuttle takeoff and landing animation

v0.5.31 (2021.05.19)

  • Fix engines not cooling down after work
  • Add big planter
  • Add Oak tree
  • Fix Nutrient Extractor destroying processed goods when its storage full
  • Fix Emergency Siren turning on after electrical device breaks down
  • Fix Storage Capsule disappearing after being opened

v0.5.30 (2021.05.19)

  • Add keyboard shortcut for Planning tool (L)
  • Fix mods failing to load definitions on case sensitive file systems (Linux)
  • Fix cancelling ML Training task on a robot would still leave ML Booth configured
  • Fix tutorial not being cancelled properly during camera move / zoom stage
  • Make Task Management tool work properly with large objects
  • Make skill level up 10x faster for playtesting
  • Make asteroids and meteor showers avoidable by flying away
  • Prevent changing Starmap scope when there is a pending space object story event
  • Do not trigger Emergency Siren for meteor shower heads up warning
  • Fix refillable component failing to create executable AI task when device had no workspot

v0.5.29 (2021.05.18)

  • Replace Atlas Size option with Texture Quality and downscale textures properly
  • Show what is happening during the game boot phase
  • Increase main menu boot performance with large amount of save files
  • Fix asteroids, meteors and bullets hitting unconstructed tiles
  • Fix tree menu behavior with Quick Search and Build a Copy
  • Make tree menu more usable
  • Fix hidden tree menu items could be selected with keyboard / controller
  • Make it possible to select multiple types of different entities (Beings, Objects, Tiles) at the same time
  • Add common multi-select actions for planters
  • Add Planning tool and overlay

v0.5.28 (2021.05.17)

  • Improve translations system performance
  • Fix switching off a device in a complex electricity grid sometimes would end up with unreachable device
  • Fix lights not shining on objects right after generating a wrecked ship
  • Fix glass floor shader
  • Add Windows (regular and reinforced versions)
  • Add ML Booth for training worker skills
  • Fix research tree showing blurry fonts after being closed while zoomed out
  • Create Mods section in Main Menu
  • Allow toggling mods on and off
  • Fix crash on pasting component config

v0.5.27 (2021.05.15)

  • Fix workers stuck in a loop when doing a hauling task where item was lost after load
  • Add Switch device
  • Fix disconnecting an object that was linking two connectors sometimes ending up with disconnected object being unreachable
  • Add common actions for electrical devices
  • Show emergency recharge progress bar as percentage (more accurate display)
  • Increase emergency recharge speed 2x
  • Fix cycling icons not getting removed correctly

v0.5.26 (2021.05.14)

  • Update Unity to 2021.1.7f1
  • Implement automatic texture atlas pagination (capability to show more and higher quality textures)
  • Make Ship Computer and Stasis Array rotatable
  • Handle event notification icon hover for entities that are no longer available
  • Fix AI actions failing without a parent task hiding worker thought bubbles
  • Fix AI tasks attached to moving entities (beings, hauled objects) not synchronizing task location
  • Add “Build A Copy” to Ship Computer context menu
  • Fix Emergency Siren failing to trigger sound on right after load
  • Fix error when trying to cancel storable item (clothing) haul to storage task
  • Add system for creating common actions for mass-selected objects
  • Add common actions for mass selected raw material piles (hauling)
  • Add common actions for all selected objects with AI tasks (cancel task, adjust priority)
  • Add common actions for all refillable storages like Matter Reactors, Weapons, Crafter

v0.5.25 (2021.05.13)

  • Fix quick search not working properly after loading another save or starting a second new game
  • Automatically hide certain events (death, taking damage) after some time has passed
  • Fix Emergency Siren getting triggered for non critical events
  • Show human comfortable temperature range
  • Fix everyone going to the same toilet / shower
  • Fix reservations not restored correctly in unstored item haul task after load
  • Make engines heat up the surrounding areas while they are operating
  • Fix being blood not showing up properly
  • Fix loading a new save messing up the heat state of a loaded ship
  • Fix Quick Search not allowing proper activation of main menu items while it was showing
  • Fix unplaced transparent floor tiles not showing up as red when placement is not possible
  • Fix ship still flying after being split in half
  • Fix ship still flying after disconnecting Bridge Controls
  • Fix game preferences not resetting correctly after starting a new game or loading
  • Fix cancelling of processing tasks not getting affected by manage tasks tool if source object was moved
  • Add Disassembler device that can deconstruct robots and drones
  • Fix some processing bugs
  • Make the game more stable when incompatible / malformed mods are being loaded

v0.5.24 (2021.05.12)

  • Fix removing an object does not update pathfinding obstacle (broke in v0.5.23)
  • Fix Emergency Siren activating while not powered and even when not yet constructed
  • Add UI button to toggle Emergency Siren sound alert
  • Fix threats that are no longer active still lingering in security system (Fluid Cannon trying to put out fires that no longer burn)
  • Prevent humans from dropping activities in order to search for clothing
  • Fix electricity displaying incorrect values in megawatts range
  • Fix TAB menu index overwriting items with same title (i.e. Floor)
  • Update the ShipOS icon
  • Fix Heat Sink only placeable in bottom and left sides of Ship Computer
  • Fix Solar Panels of different size not chaining correctly
  • Fix Heater temperature controls not working properly
  • Fix placement ability preview not working correctly with floors and walls
  • Do not automatically replace existing floors when creating new ones (except for floor light tiles)

v0.5.23 (2021.05.11)

  • Fix dirt system issues
  • Fix Cleaning Bot trying to clean same unreachable spot over and over again
  • Fix Sola Panels attempted to be cleaned by grounded workers
  • Fix ship wreck island floating apart bulldozing entities without properly removing them (fixes ghost “no connection” icons)
  • Move “Run in background” option from Input to Gameplay settings panel
  • Fix meteors dealing very little blast radius damage
  • Make oxygen / heat simulation more accurate
  • Fix ghost fires making things infinitely hot and impossible to cool down
  • Fix cleaning bots dropping recharge task to go randomly search for dirt
  • Fix flickering tooltips on oxygen / heat overlay when event notifications were updating frequently

v0.5.22 (2021.05.10)

  • Fix doors not closing after being locked while open
  • Prevent humans from taking tasks that can compromise their safety (i.e. deconstructing floors)
  • Fix a couple of expedition errors that were making the expedition stuck
  • Fix repair damage tool erroring out with out of bounds
  • Fix planter not able to load saved plant preventing save from loading successfully
  • Unpowered airlocks will leak oxygen and heat though if stuck open
  • Add passive research to increase construction speed
  • Fix colonists becoming invisible after receiving damage while in toilet or a shower
  • Add copy configuration support to all crafters (Assembler, Loom, etc) and cleaning bots
  • Allow cancelling tool drag with RMB without exiting to Free Select mode
  • Do not require to reselect currently placed object in order to place it where a pile of debris was lying before hauling
  • Add more explanations about unreachable task failures

v0.5.21 (2021.05.09)

  • Add a safety check where under rare conditions rendering loop failed with out of bounds error resulting in blank graphics
  • Fix colonist equipment not restored properly after loading a save
  • Fix cleaning bots still attempting to clean a dirty spot that was already cleaned by someone else
  • Sanitize save file names to remove illegal path characters
  • Trim hex color code string before parsing it when it’s pasted into a light source component UI
  • Fix exception in Demo Mode where it was unable to find a next target
  • Fix ship computer exploding when construction is cancelled or when it is removed in sandbox mode
  • Fix game over getting triggered when removing last Ship Computer instance in sandbox mode
  • Fix graphics crash on potentially updating a tile that is out of bounds

v0.5.20 (2021.05.08)

  • Fix potential reservation failure when processing materials
  • Fix tile hashcode crash when graphics component is not available
  • Hide red cross icon on dead colonists when they are being processed
  • Fix possible to launch same being on two expeditions at once
  • Add expedition options to Shuttle UI
  • Fix expedition abort while it was preparing for takeoff not working properly
  • Add “Texture Atlas Size” to video settings to reduce video memory consumption on systems with less memory
  • Fix intergalactic space flight happening 100 times faster than it should

v0.5.19 (2021.05.07)

  • Fix vents spreading oxygen / heat too quickly
  • Fix dirt leaking from one save to another
  • Limit fire spread too quickly through vents
  • Fix mouse tooltip appearing below context popup
  • Fix cancelling a tool mid drag transferring the dragged area to free select tool
  • Fix blood sprites not correctly linked to being species
  • Fix occasional AI error for beings without material storage
  • Do not show large operation warnings in sandbox mode
  • Add warning when trying to mass construct more than 250 objects
  • Hide thought bubbles
  • Fix damage decals not updating properly

v0.5.18 (2021.05.07)

  • Fix placing any electrical device would draw connector preview from same distance for both short and long range connectors
  • Prevent crawler showing thought bubbles while its attached to a colonist
  • Add dev tool for placing dirt decals
  • Add configuration settings for Cleaning Bot
  • Improve fire marks display in generated ship
  • Improve bleeding
  • Make robotic beings leak dirt when their maintenance level is low
  • Fix dirt system issue with removing multi tile objects
  • Fix unconstructed doors blocking worker path
  • Fix solar panels accumulating dust while not constructed yet
  • Make .save files loadable without .meta
  • Fix solar panels are not supposed to be walkable
  • Fix cleanable component displaying dirt accumulation incorrectly
  • Prevent scrolling and zooming at the same time in research tree and starmap
  • Fix obsolete Printer device trying to be created in random ship
  • Fix refilling reactors with more than worker can carry ending up destroying materials

v0.5.17 (2021.05.06)

  • Start building graphs at
  • Add Fluid Cannon
  • Add dirt system
  • Add Cleaning Bot
  • Add Cleaning Bot Dock
  • Implement cleaning bot behaviors

v0.5.16 (2021.05.03)

  • Fix fire not lighting objects
  • Add explosion visual effect
  • Show turret fire range
  • Make turrets fire only at defined angle
  • Make turrets work against meteors (not asteroids)
  • Mark dead beings with red X

v0.5.15 (2021.05.02)

  • Fix game save/load not serializing skill levels properly
  • Fix game load producing weird state if equipped item is not found during load
  • Add hint about managing ad priorities quickly
  • Make vents useful
  • Don’t show a health bar for damaged crawler when it is attached on a colonist
  • Fix occasional object graphic override rendering race condition on save load

v0.5.14 (2021.04.30)

  • Fix humans getting stuck while trying to do repairs
  • Fix materials being lost if unfinished construction is cancelled using deconstruction order tool
  • Notify about tasks that no worker has skill or ability to perform
  • Limit the max size of all tooltips
  • Show tooltips above truncated ui data block titles
  • Fix traits not being loaded correctly
  • Fix item storage fill bar not refreshing after load until device is selected
  • Fix need modifier traits preventing some needs from ever dropping or getting fulfilled
  • Add initial implementation of turret firing bullets

v0.5.13 (2021.04.29)

  • Implement egg hatch crawlers story event
  • Fix equipment reservation failure
  • Fix inventory system leaking items into another game
  • Implement crawlers attaching to colonist faces
  • Add initial implementation of a directional turret
  • Add “Crawler Attached” mental breakdown

v0.5.12 (2021.04.28)

  • Fix some entity components not cleaned up completely after multiple scenario generation attempts
  • Add Emergency Siren device
  • Add Stress need for humans
  • Fix occasional “eternal flames”
  • Make bottom left menu work with small resolutions

v0.5.11 (2021.04.27)

  • Show more accurate tile placement preview when placing floors and walls
  • Fix floor tile replacement destroying an adjacent floor tile
  • Redo the reservation system for non-stackable objects
  • Fix expedition failing to save or load when one of the expedition members have died or disappeared
  • Reduce default autocleaning amount for solar panels to 33%
  • Make planet mining speed tunable
  • Increase planet mining speed 5x for playtesting
  • Fix some errors during scenario generation
  • Remove electricity from sleeping pods
  • Fix several small issues
  • Make Stasis Array graphic bigger

v0.5.10 (2021.04.26)

  • Fix cancelling ongoing deconstruction task keeps showing progress bar
  • Rename Storage Module to Disk Module to avoid confusion with Storage Unit
  • Fix inventory search algorithm failing when there are more than 256 items available
  • Refactor Nutrient Extractor to be a Processor rather than a unique device
  • Show more information about failed or rejected tasks
  • Make humans equip hats at will
  • Fix tall objects near walls catching light incorrectly
  • Refactor food to be a generic storable item
  • Refactor Fridge to be a generic storage component
  • Add Steel Wardrobe furniture item
  • Workers will haul unused clothing items to wardrobes

v0.5.9 (2021.04.25)

  • Fix research widget not refreshing when research is finished while widget is open
  • Add Config/Tunable folder in mods to configure various game balance parameters
  • Fix a few internal errors with deconstruction task and processor component
  • Add a setting for selecting units of measurement (Celsius / Farenheit)
  • Add Hint system that will track certain actions and show hint popups
  • Add hint after manually cancelling several tasks
  • Add hint for ordering mass nutrient extraction
  • Add hint for ordering mass hauling
  • Add hint after manually disconnecting several devices from electricity grid
  • Add hint for adjusting and mass copying automatic cleaning threshold for cleanable devices
  • Make crafter component menu item more informative
  • Rename “Remove” tool to “Deconstruct”
  • Prevent a situation where an object can end up being built without a floor beneath it
  • Fix ore mining expedition event ending up in a loop when shuttle storage is full
  • Auto fix door rotation if it is incorrect when loading a save
  • Make story events more frequent
  • Make stasis wake up events more frequent

v0.5.8 (2021.04.23)

  • Add “Short Sleeper” being trait
  • Add “Long Sleeper” being trait
  • Add “Insomniac” being trait
  • Add “Nudist” being trait
  • Add “Showerer” being trait
  • Add “Fast Metabolism” being trait
  • Add “Slow Metabolism” being trait
  • Add “Slow Pooper” being trait
  • Add “Ablutophobic” being trait
  • Add “Always Hungry” being trait
  • Move keyboard shortcuts around
  • Change Stasis Array art

v0.5.7 (2021.04.22)

  • Fix multiple people being able to use the same shower / toilet at the same time
  • Mark last loaded save as latest for “continue”
  • Make crafting devices more flexible and verbose about their state
  • Improve pathfinding to make items stuck in walls or objects reachable from nearby
  • Polish crafter and producer components (lots of devices based on these)
  • Fix toilet and shower AI task loading issue
  • Fix replacing an wall with a door or a vent would not create the construction task
  • Show oxygen pump and heater radius when they are placed or selected
  • Fix tutorial not waiting for a tile being selected underneath the ship computer
  • Fix dead beings trying to get dressed
  • Allow opening research view when Electricity research is not complete
  • Fix beings sleeping in unconstructed bed

v0.5.6 (2021.04.20)

  • Display suggestion dialogue as soon as the suggestion appears
  • Repair tool will show damaged tiles as red
  • Replace percentage displays with progress bars in construction and repairs
  • Add progress bar displays where necessary
  • Ensure correct worker facing after loading the game with task in progress
  • Fix incorrectly displayed actual and peak output values in electricity grid details
  • Add electricity grid, memory and storage bars to research view
  • Block research view from opening if ship computer is not connected to a powered grid
  • Turn Stasis Array into an electrical device
  • Encourage the player to connect to Stasis Array early in game
  • Build tool will show green tiles where current object can be placed
  • Implement fridge as food storage unit
  • Accumulate biowaste when Toilet is used
  • Implement toilet cleaning
  • Add Cloning Pods
  • Heal injured humans when they are sleeping in a bed with satisfied hunger need
  • Humans will seek and equip available clothing items
  • Add Sleeping Pod
  • Automatically haul unstored food items to the fridge
  • Fix batteries not charging in bigger electricity grids

v0.5.5 (2021.04.14)

  • Add maintenance need for robots and drones
  • Add Repair Station to fix damaged robots and do their maintenance
  • Add Haul to Storage tool
  • Fix task management tool not working properly with non-tile based tasks
  • Add Loom device
  • Separate Thought Bubble and regular Icon to make them displayable at the same time
  • Make it possible to haul dropped harvested wheat
  • Fix harvesting task save / load issues
  • Change cursor depending on the active tool
  • Fix a rendering bug that would sometimes display damage overlay incorrectly
  • Improve ship wreckage generation
  • Fix broken generation of Empty and Random ships
  • Make ship generation more resilient to missing object definitions
  • Fix ambience sources autoplaying when they shouldn’t
  • Break down attachable space objects if adjacent floors get destroyed
  • Generate brighter floor lights
  • Add dev inspect tool
  • Fix object rotation generation ending up with half cut sprites in random ship scenario
  • Add health bars
  • Add initial implementation of Crawler
  • Allow building floors on top of material debris in open space

v0.5.4 (2021.04.09)

  • Fix tutorial getting occasionally stuck at energy connection phase
  • Fix some bugs with door passability and info icons not updating
  • Make meteor shower multi directional
  • Make meteor and asteroid impacts drop materials
  • Disallow building tiles based objects on top of lose objects
  • Make it possible to haul raw materials to storage
  • Fix drones getting stuck in distant space after deconstructing something far away
  • Add Heat Sink device for Ship Computer
  • Make ambient light configurable in video settings
  • Improve grouped events behavior
  • Add new Story Event: “Dust Storm”
  • Make multi tile objects look properly on fire
  • Change how fire looks
  • Make fresh fire linger for at least 5 minutes before dying out if there is no oxygen
  • Fix a bunch of small bugs

v0.5.3 (2021.04.07)

  • Upgrade Unity to 2021.1.1f
  • Fix ship engines not being generated properly
  • Fix some sounds not playing after 48 days of computer uptime
  • Make game brighter
  • Remove cursor light
  • Fix floor lights not turning off when their energy node gets switched off
  • Fix info icons occasionally not showing up on an object after an icon of a group was hidden
  • Fix some electricity grid bugs related to devices taking damage
  • Add new Story Event: “Matter Reactor malfunction”
  • Add new Story Event: “Electrical device broke down”
  • Add new Story Event: “Capsule Loot: Random Material”
  • Add a way to disassemble opened storage capsules
  • Rename Printer to Assembler
  • Make game load resilient to missing object definitions

v0.5.2 (2021.04.06)

  • Fix human graphics rotation when using a bed
  • Realign eating graphic offsets after graphics overhaul
  • Make all beings move faster
  • Fix battery discharge story event stuck forever, preventing new events
  • Balance and rearrange some tech in research tree
  • Make Research Tree and Starmap widgets draggable with middle and left mouse buttons
  • Add “Build a Storage” goal
  • Fix a few minor goal and story event related bugs

v0.5.1 (2021.04.03)

  • Fix workers possibly getting stuck inside big objects (like Storage) right after constructing them
  • Fix ghost electricity icons appearing if wrecked ship needs regenerating
  • Make starting conditions generation more reliable
  • Fix new bugs related to enlarged object areas
  • Increase ambient color brightness

v0.5.0 (2021.04.02)

  • Replace all graphics
  • Show full object with red overlay when placement is impossible
  • Fix engines and solar panels placement validation
  • Fix workspot rotation incorrect with larger objects
  • Fix lighting not applied correctly on tall objects close to walls

v0.4.6 (2021.03.07)

  • Fix pulsating light source pulse working incorrectly
  • Fix video settings not showing current resolution properly
  • Set “run in background” setting to false by default
  • Fix electricity glitch where battery would show both production and consumption at the same time
  • Fix suggestion to expand electricity grid failing to initialize

v0.4.5 (2021.03.07)

  • Fix being graphics not properly restored after using a shower / toilet
  • Fix unreachable charge station no longer usable after 1 failure to reach it
  • Fix missing Carbon graphics
  • Unlock Construction right from the start
  • Make glass floor reflection more visible
  • Fix trying connect a node to not constructed connector showing wrong error
  • Make electricity grid overlay more understandable

v0.4.4 (2021.03.04)

  • Get rid of long press buttons where possible
  • Prevent clearing notifications while in tutorial
  • Create dialogue queue instead of replacing dialogs
  • Redo tutorial to work with new dialog queue mechanic
  • Improve graphics at further zoom levels
  • Fix some tooltips getting stuck when mouse moves over a dialog or UI element
  • Generate various types of ore deposits in discovered planets
  • Implement full space expedition cycle
  • Implement first space expedition event: finding mineable ore
  • Add new OST track

v0.4.3 (2021.03.02)

  • Fix ship generation getting stuck in a loop if starting area failed to generate in first attempt
  • Fix objects not being cleaned up in between ship regeneration attempts
  • Fix objects destroyed during generation cleanup still showing info icons
  • Fix Unity crash when error reporting was triggered not in main thread

v0.4.2 (2021.03.01)

  • Change planet looks generation in Starmap
  • Fix electricity deficit notification duplicating itself
  • Fix electricity connector bug that prevented creating connections if an unfinished connection was released on a non energy tile
  • Add new Materials
  • Add Furnace for smelting ores into alloys
  • Fix trying to open Starmap overlay messing up the tutorial
  • Fix Engine sounds playing after load while engine is off
  • Fix game being unplayable on Mac

v0.4.1 (2021.02.25)

  • Dump contents of a storage when it is removed
  • Anchor zoom to mouse cursor
  • Fix Starmap view scales and offsets
  • Improve Starmap looks
  • Add Shuttle and initial implementation of space expeditions
  • Normalize volume of all OST tracks
  • Normalize volume of all sfx
  • Change UI sound fx

v0.4.0 (2021.02.21)

  • Stop and play ship engine ambience sound when engines are off / on
  • Show current goal events after loading the game
  • Fix reach stasis arrays goal not getting completed
  • Fix charge station task being stuck if rejected by a worker, leading to workers failing to recharge
  • Add more functionality to Tasks overlay menu
  • Add confirmation for mass removal and repairs
  • Implement being sleep
  • Implement being toilet use
  • Implement being shower use
  • Refactor Needs to be loadable from JSON files through mods
  • Refactor Materials to be loadable from JSON files through mods
  • Make Starmap part of overlay buttons
  • Require powered and connected Bridge Controls for using Starmap
  • Make mouse zoom smoother

v0.3.6 (2021.02.14)

  • Leak oxygen/heat through damaged floors
  • Show damage type in “being taking damage” notifications
  • Fix generation placing stasis arrays differently for same seed
  • Fix AI need drop rates to be more precise
  • Add tooltips for all info icons and texts
  • Fix hitting ESC while showing areas overlay with hovered icon not hiding area preview
  • Fix enclosed areas and islands count not updating in area overlay
  • Fix camera zoom not restored when loading
  • Add “Build a Copy” button to constructable object details and context menu
  • Add goal system that guides the player with suggestions of what should be done next
  • Add a dozen of different early-game goals

v0.3.5 (2021.02.10)

  • Add function to hold doors open and release them
  • Add new event notification type that will contain an extra info button
  • Fix Research Tree and Starmap widget WASD pan speed depending on in-game camera zoom
  • Show less components on unreachable devices
  • Expand electricity connection failure warning popups with more details on how to solve the problem
  • Fix error in environment tab when section has become unavailable
  • Make Heater’s target temperature configurable
  • Improve heat exchange simulation
  • Reorder overlay icons
  • Make storage haul priority configurable
  • Switch to energy connect tool when dragging any energy node in free select
  • Redo info icon system to support cycling multiple icons
  • Make energy connect tool visual feedback easier to see and understand
  • Improve Planter
  • Improve Storage
  • Fix Drone light source requiring energy
  • Add refill priority to Matter Reactor
  • Make Matter Reactor configuration mass-copyable
  • Restrict copying component configuration for non-reachable devices
  • Fix sparks not going away after cancelling an ongoing construction task
  • Fix worker priorities being modified for each workers of same species at the same time
  • Fix Starmap not loading saved destination properly

v0.3.4 (2021.02.06)

  • Fix space travel ship taking forever to stop
  • Change haul icon
  • Add a way to mute all game sounds
  • Retarget the entity link to next entity when clicking an icon on group event widget
  • Split Labor component into Labor and Worker
  • Add controllable and non controllable worker types
  • Implement worker priority management

v0.3.3 (2021.02.04)

  • Don’t show non existent shortcuts when controller is in use
  • Improve gameplay with controller
  • Improve random ship generation algorithms
  • Show more details in rooms and section overlays
  • Show oxygen, temperature, insulation and airtightness levels under mouse cursor when these overlays are activated
  • Make environment tab more consistent with overlay buttons
  • Toggle overlays by clicking environment tab icons
  • Update Unity to 2020.2.3f1

v0.3.2 (2021.02.03)

  • Restore the ability to connect electricity node to multiple connectors at once for grid redundancy
  • Make repeated press of the shortcut toggle tool on / off
  • Automatically refresh electricity grid UI elements
  • Put Doors on electricity grid
  • Fix electricity grid not active right after loading the game
  • Fix mouse wheel scrolling game camera beneath some scrollable widgets
  • Disable in-game lights when showing a color overlay
  • Remove electricity node switch from connectors
  • Refactor the UI creation code

v0.3.1 (2021.02.02)

  • Fix WIP Starmap component on Ship Computer drawing -20kW
  • Don’t play dialog sounds multiple times if text changed too quickly (i.e. when loading a tutorial)
  • Fix a few small issues with tutorial
  • Fix broken feedback form text area widget
  • Improve research tree / starmap widget navigation
  • Reorder save menu items
  • Add shortcut for build menu (b)
  • Reorganize build menu
  • Don’t show zero production on some producer components (i.e. battery)
  • Make space background show actual ship motion vector in the universe
  • Begin initial implementation of space travel
  • Change main menu space background
  • Fix battery energy production / consumption value ranges being zero in energy node UI
  • Start work on Ship system
  • Implement engine autopilot
  • Organize energy connections in better way
  • Switch research and starmap widgets to full screen
  • Show cooldown prompt when clicking the overheating event icon
  • Fix energy connector failing to disconnect components outside CPU grid in sandbox mode
  • Fix load game panel incorrectly resizing itself after showing a save without image
  • Fix drone pathfinding failing to reach tightly packed solar panels for cleaning
  • Fix loading saved game would not correctly restore some worker tasks
  • Make default lights dimmer
  • Add shortcut for energy connect tool (G, as in Grid)
  • Add shortcut for repair and remove tools (F and V)
  • Add shortcut for task priority tool (J, as in jobs)
  • Add copy paste configuration tool (P shortcut)
  • Change overlay colors to be less aggressive
  • Improve tool shortcut behavior
  • Change how removal tool works
  • Prevent silent energy connector backlink failures that resulted in ghost energy grids
  • Fix some events showing incorrect start time
  • Make electricity grids without ship computer show up in a different way
  • Don’t show energy consumption in energy overlay for grids that are disconnected from the ship computer
  • Improve energy connect tool visual feedback
  • Fix energy connection tool visual problems
  • Automatically enable electricity overlay when switching into grid connect tool
  • Add a full discharge robot / drone recharge lockdown mechanic
  • Fix energy grid split brain situation in certain connector configurations
  • Add more restrictions to energy node connectivity
  • Show tool shortcuts where possible

v0.3.0 (2021.01.22)

  • Create multi-map support (incompatible with 0.2.x saves)
  • Create space object hierarchy
  • Generate the initial version of the universe
  • Begin the work on starmap
  • Add initial Bridge Controls implementation
  • Do not reset the position of overlay popup menu
  • Fix custom UI scale resetting itself unnecessarily
  • Switch to bigger square shaped maps
  • Do not try to load saves from incompatible versions
  • Make research widget and starmap zoomable and panable with all input devices
  • Make max charge rate configurable for charge station component
  • Fix ship computer not updating memory / storage amounts
  • Increase battery capacity 10x
  • Reduce the max range of Energy Connector v2
  • Add descriptions for most items
  • Fix popups autosizing

v0.2.17 (2021.01.18)

  • Fix consequent saving failing due to being unable to replace a backup
  • Show warning popup immediately if saving the game fails
  • Make colonist wakeup events less frequent
  • Add “Run in background” setting
  • Make charge stations consume more energy when a being is charging
  • Reduce power output of solar panels
  • Add solar panel cleaning mechanic
  • Prevent energy grid recalculation from happening while game is still loading
  • Fix charge station not promising robots/drones electricity for construction
  • Prevent grounded beings from trying to build stuff that is supposed to be built in space
  • Make charge station unusable when it’s not powered
  • Show last deficit text when looking at energy nodes
  • Simplify electricity grid overlay
  • Fix battery overcharging
  • Fix matter reactor showing production when it’s not in use

v0.2.16 (2021.01.17)

  • Do not rebuild the whole game menu after game is saved (won’t hide the menu after save anymore)
  • Fix RMB opening context menu in addition to disabling active overlay
  • Fix raw material storage component save / load inconsistency
  • Review construction material requirements and work amounts for all objects
  • Add input setting to adjust (or remove) “hold to click” button duration
  • Tune UI colors
  • Add Airlocks
  • Reduce save loading time, especially with large map sizes
  • Fix energy node on/off switch not being available when it should
  • Add extra security measures to prevent corrupt saves from happening (pre-save validation, auto backups)
  • Fix remove tool producing an error when empty space got selected
  • Make constructable component load logic compatible with future changes in blueprint material amounts
  • Rework Oxygen Pump and Heater graphics

v0.2.15 (2021.01.16)

  • Fix quick search result icon not being clickable with mouse
  • Fix glass reflections missing
  • Remove “Wrecked with Stuff” scenario
  • Make “Wrecked” scenario compatible with smallest map size
  • Add support for more map sizes
  • Fix several edge case errors
  • Fix re-selecting the same entity wouldn’t focus on it
  • Optimize large electricity grid display performance at high time speed
  • Make Robots and Drones seek charge station even sooner
  • Add story event: Robot/Drone battery malfunction (instant discharge)

v0.2.14 (2021.01.15)

  • Try to satisfy robot and drone energy needs before they run out of juice
  • Show energy thought bubble for robots and drones when they couldn’t find a free charge station
  • Show icon on disconnected energy nodes
  • Do not auto-adjust the time speed in tutorial when it’s not necessary
  • Prevent energy research from completing ahead of time during the tutorial
  • Improve energy grid rendering performance with large grids
  • Show outline of hovered tile in energy connection tool

v0.2.13 (2021.01.14)

  • Show correct power production and consumption values in grid overlay
  • Add tooltip hints in research widget
  • Fix energy connector not showing auto connect option in context menu when grid is reachable
  • Fix energy connector numbers not updating when connection between two connectors changes
  • Fix auto connect showing bogus warning about auto connection being incomplete
  • Show list of unlocked blueprints after researching something
  • Do not progress the research while CPU is cooling down
  • Show damage cracks on even slightly damaged tiles
  • Make beings reluctant to try the same failed task right away
  • Make storage capsule drop event obey radar presence
  • Show “!” next to connectors that are off CPU grid
  • Show live link to grid area when hovering grid icon in energy overlay
  • Wake up colonists separately from other story events
  • Add Energy Connector v2 with longer range and twice the connection capacity

v0.2.12 (2021.01.13)

  • Prevent multiple instances of same sound playing at the same time
  • Show link between task and worker on object hover
  • Show link between all tasks and workers when Tasks overlay is enabled
  • Automatically restrict clock speed when dangerous events occur
  • Fix energy connector count text not updating in real time
  • Fix 3D printer allowing to print anything without researching it first
  • Do not render duplicate electricity link between two energy connectors
  • Add close button to all menus
  • Add new OST track
  • Fix feedback form trying to save the game in main menu
  • Make clicking on event notification open log entry when applicable
  • Add story event: Mental break
  • Add explosion sound effect and camera shake
  • Toggle the research panel when clicking on no research event icon rather than just opening it
  • Improve in-game console
  • Add different sound for emergency notifications
  • Track moving objects when they are focused (asteroids)
  • Redo asteroids to target specific locations instead of random fall
  • Add story event: Electricity grid malfunction (heavy)
  • Show tooltip with event timer
  • Fix energy connector autoconnect sometimes resulting in 9/8 overconnection
  • Notify about electricity deficit
  • Add Storage Capsules
  • Automatically disconnect damaged electrical devices
  • Disallow connecting damaged electrical devices
  • Add story event: Storage capsule drop
  • Implement Radar
  • Make Asteroid warning appear only if there is an operational Radar on ship
  • Add watermark logo for screenshotting and video capture
  • Show current task link when being with a task is selected
  • Add functions to copy/paste light colors
  • Do not show light color controls for turned off or unavailable lights
  • Fix misleading “Lacking raw material” notification when material is unreachable by grounded being
  • Fix multitile objects not working correctly before saved / loaded
  • Energy Connector will only auto-connect to unconnected devices
  • Kill distant sounds sooner
  • Rebalance a lot of component research requirements
  • Rethink the research tree

v0.2.11 (2021.01.08)

  • Add event log that will contain your generated story
  • Add way to create custom event log entries
  • Add soft failure recovery for corrupt save files
  • Make UI more flexible
  • Reduce the number of dead bodies in wrecked ship scenario generation
  • Make zoom sensitivity configurable in input settings
  • Begin work on AI storyteller
  • Add story event: Asteroid
  • Add story event: Stasis wake up
  • Add story event: Drone battery overload
  • Add story event: Spawn egg
  • Add story event: Electricity grid malfunction (light)

v0.2.10 (2021.01.05)

  • Add traits system
  • Implement first traits: introvert and extrovert
  • Add relationships system
  • Add mood system
  • Add Persona component
  • Fix RMB not cancelling a tool properly
  • Improve performance with extreme amounts of beings (thousands)
  • Make species definition more flexible
  • Make genders, sexual orientations and attractions moddable for any species
  • Show warning triangles instead of missing sprites
  • Link being looks generation to species config
  • Add support for complex names with nicknames
  • Fix incorrectly displayed time in some UI elements
  • Show deconstruction progress percentage
  • Fix damageable component’s repair menu
  • Make floor lights cost much less electricity
  • Add mental breakdown type: Start fire
  • Add mental breakdown type: Roam around
  • Add mental breakdown type: Deconstruct random objects
  • Add mood effect: Naked
  • Add mood effect: Lonely
  • Add mood effect: Surrounded by people
  • Add mood effect: Ate at / without table
  • Add mood effect: Ate at makeshift table

v0.2.9 (2020.12.25)

  • Add asteroids
  • Generate people naked
  • Make hats and clothing 3D printable and equippable separately
  • Fix ship computer not showing energy use during research
  • Show more details in electricity grid overlay
  • Make ignored drag distance configurable in input settings
  • Keep overlays activated while dragging with right mouse button
  • Make mouse controls and RMB behavior more consistent
  • Change how beings behave in dangerous conditions

v0.2.8 (2020.12.20)

  • Show construction progress
  • Fix some errors reported by playtesters
  • Make it possible to attach your save in feedback form
  • Fix being and object rendering z order
  • Add slot system for placing objects on surfaces
  • Implement food system
  • Implement Crafting component
  • Add Robotics research
  • Make drones craftable
  • Add a craftable Soy Burger
  • Make humans go eat available food to satisfy hunger
  • Fix lights flickering when walls or floors are built or removed
  • Fix broken fire implementation
  • Change how fire spreads and how fire damage is being dealt
  • Fix context menu occasionally unnecessarily paginating itself
  • Prevent camera from panning too far away from the ship
  • Don’t list dead bodies in beings list
  • Change object rotation to go in one direction only (less key bindings needed)
  • Change default key bindings to be more convenient
  • Add options to configure how space background looks
  • Add Changelog panel to main menu
  • Add 3D printable survival meal
  • Make damage look more organic

v0.2.7 (2020.12.11)

  • Make middle mouse button rotate objects before placement
  • Prevent confirm and input popups from producing duplicates
  • Add input settings panel with interactive rebinding support
  • Change UI lines from mouse to object to be straight
  • Fix slider background not being auto-styled
  • Fix templates generating objects with gaps
  • Quick Search will also find your workers and other beings
  • Optimize energy grid performance

v0.2.6 (2020.12.10)

  • Fix bottom left menu not reacting to hover if root button was clicked
  • Add Twitch settings panel
  • Add UI scale controls to video settings panel
  • Add cutoff controls to audio settings panel
  • Add Gameplay options panel
  • Make manual UI scale confined to sane values
  • Automatically reset UI scale if resolution change made UI too big / too small
  • Start building blueprints system for 3D printing
  • Start building meals and food system
  • Add Vegetarian Food to research tree
  • Add Soy Burger item

v0.2.5 (2020.12.09)

  • Polish the tutorial, handle more edge cases
  • Hint objects that need to be clicked with lines from cursor in tutorial
  • Fix a couple of bugs
  • Fix race condition with multiple coroutines using same waiter object

v0.2.4 (2020.12.08)

  • Add Carbon raw material
  • add Ship Computer overheating and cooldown mechanics
  • Add mysterious eggs
  • Visualize connection previews
  • Change how energy connections look like
  • Fix a couple of random generation bugs
  • Make sure Ship Computer and Robot are generated in safe area
  • Produce natural debris from ship destruction
  • Add hover links showing target objects for some UI elements

v0.2.3 (2020.12.05)

  • Fix lose material pile hauling issues
  • Change roaming logic to prevent stopping in doorways
  • Make it impossible to “shutdown” humans
  • Fix some deconstruction ads being marked as unreachable after save/load
  • Make updates public on Discord
  • Toggle Quick Search with Tab
  • Add pagination to Quick Search
  • Improve Quick Search result accuracy
  • Improve Context Menu behavior
  • Make Research run 5x faster for playtesting
  • Make beings take cold and oxygen damage again

v0.2.2 (2020.12.03)

  • Add camera dolly motion tooling for trailer capture
  • Change some key bindings
  • Fix research widget blocks sized incorrectly
  • Fix bottom left menu sometimes being stuck in wrong position
  • Make tutorial skippable via ESC
  • Make detached UI dialogs and boxes draggable
  • Confine draggable UI to never leave screen area
  • Add quick search (Space)
  • Lots of small improvements in gameplay
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Balance improvements
  • Controller UI enhancements

v0.2.1 (2020.11.27)

  • Improve lights
  • Add UI context menus
  • Redo the main menu
  • Too much to write down
  • Fix some issues with UI scaling
  • Properly autoscale UI

v0.1.7 (2020.11.24)

  • Add UI for many internal components
  • Add Tasks and Beings overlays
  • Visualize being navigation path
  • Fix more bugs
  • Fix issues with software / hardware cursor switching

v0.1.6 (2020.11.22)

  • Flash resources on the map with brighter color
  • Fix some AI bugs
  • Make printer rotatable
  • Automatically update available resources count when overlay is shown
  • Fix Charge Station producing more than one charge task at a time after save / load
  • Add mass removal to the tutorial
  • Fix some energy system bugs
  • Change how energy grid is visualized
  • Redo how construction tasks are executed

v0.1.5 (2020.11.18)

  • Make ambient light darker
  • Change how construction happens
  • Add more tools to control task priorities

v0.1.4 (2020.11.17)

  • Add sound settings panel
  • Start adding more sounds and effects
  • Rework the bootstrap and game switching architecture

v0.1.3-alpha (2020.11.15)

  • Add multiple small enhancements
  • Rework the UI

v0.1.2-alpha (2020.11.14)

  • Significantly increase energy efficiency to reduce Matter Reactor burn rate
  • Add UI sounds
  • Implement autosave
  • Show more metadata in load game panel
  • Fix linux mouse wheel zooming being reversed
  • Fix R / F zooming being reversed

v0.1.1-alpha (2020.11.12)

  • Address some feedback from Efmi

v0.1.0-alpha (2020.11.11)

  • Begin Alpha playtesting
  • Establish the Changelog