Stardeus Changelog

v0.6.137 (2022.12.05)

  • [Balance] Humans will have to be more tired to be reluctant to take non critical work tasks
  • [Performance] Reimplement being and object motion to remain smooth at performance intensive situations
  • [Performance] Add multiple performance improvements
  • [Performance] Improve defragmentation performance
  • [UI/UX] Group “Creature attached to colonist” notifications
  • [Bug] Fix alt-tabbing away from the game during neural network defragmentation could lock the input permanently
  • [Bug] Fix trying to select an object when there were large amount of nearby objects would sometimes select the wrong object or fail to select anything
  • [Bug] Fix destroyed devices would participate in electricity grid during the rebuild
  • [Bug] Fix refillable storage tasks would get cancelled if they were saved / loaded in mid execution

v0.6.136 (2022.12.02)

  • [Bug] Hotfix clock speed restriction would not get lifted since v0.6.135

v0.6.135 (2022.12.02)

  • [Feature] Add no-build zones in the corners of the map for spawning things
  • [Balance] Increase Teleporter energy cost to 10kW
  • [Balance] Building a Teleporter will also require Optical Fiber
  • [Balance] Establish food production quest will reward 50% on Nutrient Extraction instead of Recycling
  • [Performance] Don’t run the clock faster than the computer can handle smoothly
  • [Graphics] Add interlace effect to overlays
  • [UI/UX] Allow processors to be configured to process known materials with 0 stock
  • [UI/UX] Building a copy of a device will copy the rotation
  • [UI/UX] When attempting to use build a copy (B) shortcut on a device that is not researched, don’t open the build menu
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a teleporter would disallow placing it close to itself
  • [Bug] Fix resource processing devices wouldn’t could fail to order processing of available resources
  • [Bug] Fix Oxygen / Heat data wouldn’t save correctly since v0.6.134
  • [Bug] Attempt to fix input remaining locked for some players after neural network defragmentation

v0.6.134 (2022.11.30)

  • [Feature] Some objects will have a chance to explode when on fire
  • [Balance] Increase comfortable temperature range for drones
  • [Balance] Reduce Merchant price markup for most merchant types
  • [Balance] Adjust sale price multiplier for most upgrade chips
  • [Tech] Add ActBeforeStart and ActAfterEnd signals for more flexible modding
  • [Tech] Reimplement atmosphere simulation to run on CPU
  • [Performance] Fix neural network fragmentation check would be increasingly slower with more Ship Computers
  • [Performance] Fix multiple performance bottlenecks with excessive amounts of particle collectors and crafters
  • [Performance] Being will no longer directly contribute to aesthetics of the surroundings
  • [Performance] Optimize performance when there are a lot of turrets and a lot of active threats at the same time
  • [Performance] Improve performance when there are large amount of ongoing fire
  • [Bug] Fix clicking the Starmap button after closing it using ESC would not reopen the Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix processors showing incorrect progress percentage text on hover

v0.6.133 (2022.11.26)

  • [Balance] Teleporters will have to be at least 3 tiles away from each other (for technical reasons)
  • [Tech] Refactor save file data to take up less space
  • [Tech] Add initial version of new internal chunk / region partitioning system (a prerequisite for upcoming major performance and AI logic optimizations)
  • [Tech] When mods fail to save their data, don’t fail to save the rest of the game
  • [UI/UX] Notify the player about mods failing to save their data
  • [UI/UX] Shift + Tab will no longer open Quick Search
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth “LevelEnergyCostCurve” configuration property being ignored
  • [Bug] Prevent Terrain Generator particles from producing visual glitch on some Mac OSX systems
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a smaller device with a bigger one could overwrite the adjacent device of same type
  • [Bug] Fix mods that created a crafting device without ExtraInfo component would cause an internal error when player was selecting crafting target through the UI
  • [Bug] Fix Camera Zoom interactive input rebinding would fail to rebind to the mouse scroll, causing looping internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix a few internal edge case errors with pathfinding
  • [Bug] Fix Steam Deck no longer showing virtual keyboard when selecting inputs

v0.6.132 (2022.11.23)

  • [Balance] Automatically validate, adjust and correlate base market item prices
  • [Balance] Adjust merchant ripoff levels
  • [Balance] Adjust base price for multiple market items
  • [Balance] Make certain items cost much more when you buy them compared to what you get if you sell them
  • [Tech] Prevent autosave generating “_autosave_0_autosave_1” file names if an autosave file was loaded
  • [Bug] Fix “TrainingSpeed” had no effect on training speed for modding
  • [Bug] Fix edge case race condition happening in Pathfinding system when registering failed positions
  • [Bug] Fix grounded beings could get stuck if they managed to get to the edge of the map
  • [Bug] Add a workaround for mouse clicks not working after invoking steam overlay with Shift + TAB

v0.6.131 (2022.11.22)

  • [Balance] Colonists with “Descontructing things” mental breakdown will never deconstruct floors
  • [Tech] Add ML Booth “TrainingSpeed” configuration variable for creating faster ML Booths
  • [Tech] Catch looping AI task related errors originating from mods and warn the player
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsules are no longer shot at by directional turrets since v0.6.130

v0.6.130 (2022.11.21)

  • [Balance] Mega Asteroid will be once per game event (only in Challenging difficulty)
  • [Balance] When your ship is moving, Meteoroids, Asteroids, Storage Capsules and Stasis Pods will not follow your ship
  • [Balance] Add a new game modifier that allows disabling selected story events
  • [UI/UX] Load materials before checking skill levels on construction tasks, to prevent confusing skill check failures for “Hauling”
  • [Bug] Fix Turrets would shoot at the location where Breach Capsule would land right after capsule spawns
  • [Bug] Fix selecting landed storage capsules would display their former trajectories

v0.6.129 (2022.11.18)

  • [UI/UX] Show unreachable events and warning icons for material piles that were repeatedly unreachable by flying workers
  • [UI/UX] Add unreachable position diagnostics to Walking Difficulty overlay
  • [Tech] Add a new workaround for Radeon nebula glitch
  • [Bug] Fix remaining problems with auto processors (Grinder, Refinery) inability to find processable materials
  • [Bug] Repeatedly unreachable material was attempted to be reached over and over by all workers
  • [Bug] Fix humans would try to reach equipment that was in unsafe locations
  • [Bug] Fix multiple instances of beings trying to go to locations where they clearly couldn’t go
  • [Bug] Fix Solar Panels would not produce any electricity right after the game was loaded

v0.6.128 (2022.11.17)

  • [Balance] Damage dealt by some needs (i.e. Hunger, Maintenance) will not interrupt current task
  • [Balance] When a human fails to find food, they will try to cook right away
  • [Balance] Tune human AI to use priorities more strictly
  • [UI/UX] Automatically turn workers back on after CPU deficit is resolved
  • [UI/UX] Show nebula instead of static background when viewing Research Tree and Starmap
  • [Tech] Remove Radeon nebula glitch workarounds
  • [Tech] Add “IsHumanoid” flag to Species definition to allow implementing humanoid species
  • [Tech] Fix Cleanup() could get called more than once for all AI tasks
  • [Performance] Add multiple small performance optimizations
  • [Bug] Fix mod translations would be validated as community translations and ignored due to not having an official counterpart
  • [Bug] Fix plants could get initialized with 0 harvest output
  • [Bug] Fix processors (Grinder, Refinery) would have trouble getting materials hauled to them from storages
  • [Bug] Fix workers would not be able to pick up a material if it was blocked in orthogonal directions (N/E/S/W)

v0.6.127 (2022.11.14)

  • [Feature] Add multi select actions for installing and uninstalling upgrades
  • [Tech] Automatically load save backup file when available if save file is corrupted
  • [Tech] Add extra layer of security to prevent writing corrupted data into save files
  • [Tech] Rotate 3 auto save files instead of having just 1
  • [Bug] Fix slot system would fail to update slots by designation after they were relocated
  • [Bug] Fix winching multiple rows of solar panels would only consider the row near the floor as part of the island
  • [Bug] Fix relocating multiple rows of solar panels would leave some panels out
  • [Bug] Fix dragging deconstruct tool over multiple relocation tasks would not cancel them
  • [Bug] Fix copying configuration and pasting it onto a single object would skip the copy validation

v0.6.126 (2022.11.13)

  • [Feature] Replace Ship Computer’s internal heat / cooldown procedure with neural network fragmentation / defragmentation
  • [Feature] Having multiple Ship Computers will reduce the time spent in defragmentation procedure (ex cooldown)
  • [Balance] Ship Computer will emit 3x more heat
  • [Balance] You can Defragment (ex cooldown) Ship Computer on demand if it has over 10% fragmentation (was available only since 50% before)
  • [UI/UX] Show Event Log when neural network is booted after defragmentation procedure
  • [Performance] Limit concurrent teleporter particle systems to 15
  • [Performance] Limit concurrent nanobot particle systems (construct, deconstruct, repair vfx) to 20
  • [Bug] Fix Achievement “One Piece” would only unlock if you had an active suggestion to connect the ship sections together
  • [Bug] Fix Achievement “Joy Ride” could not unlock in certain conditions
  • [Bug] Fix Furnace would ignore individual “Idle Warning” setting, and wouldn’t save / load it

v0.6.125 (2022.11.12)

  • [UI/UX] Hovering the device or object name will show a tooltip with the codex entry
  • [UI/UX] Hide fully maxed out workers from ML Booth selection
  • [Tech] Improve translation validation
  • [Bug] Fix cats wouldn’t ride a cleaning bot that was under direct control
  • [Bug] Fix Cooldown procedure would set very low framerate and wouldn’t unset it correctly
  • [Bug] Fix grounded beings would treat storages in different sections unreachable, even if those sections were reachable through a teleporter

v0.6.124 (2022.11.10)

  • [Feature] Add “Experimental Features” toggle in Settings > Gameplay
  • [Balance] Swap Recycling and Nutrient Extraction research in the tree
  • [Balance] Make Nutrient Extraction research a prerequisite for Vegetarian Food
  • [Balance] Prevent Stock Market prices from dropping below $1
  • [Balance] Cat wont ride a Cleaning Bot through a teleporter if it leads to an unsafe area
  • [Balance] Merchant Stasis Pods can now be deconstructed (at your own risk)
  • [UI/UX] Mark experimental and unfinished content as such in Research Tree and codex tooltips / popups
  • [UI/UX] Holding Shift or Ctrl while adjusting 0-9 priorities in UI will move them to 1 / 9
  • [UI/UX] Improve Planter grow selection UI
  • [UI/UX] Improve Refillable storage components UI (Reactors, Fluid Cannon, Pet Bowl)
  • [UI/UX] Show more information when failing a task due to lack of or unreachable materials
  • [UI/UX] Prevent big tooltips from going above the top of the screen on small screens
  • [Bug] Fix unbuilt Telescope would show a scanning progress bar
  • [Bug] Fix merchant ships could change visual direction too frequently while player’s ship is flying diagonally
  • [Bug] Fix root cause of floors remaining with unbuilt looks (thanks to validation and diagnostics added in previous patch)
  • [Bug] Fix Merchants could get generated with negative amount of cash if player had excessive amount of cash
  • [Bug] Fix Tractor Beams would make Stasis Pods miss the ship
  • [Bug] Fix removing targets from various ongoing tasks would not cancel the task correctly, leading to inconsistencies

v0.6.123 (2022.11.09)

  • [Balance] Memory Compression Upgrade will correlate with Uranium in the Stock Market
  • [Misc] Remove unused assets cleanup in between scene changes (suspected cause for some new crashes)
  • [Misc] Selecting a pile will validate its availability and automatically fix and log diagnostics if the availability was inconsistent
  • [Performance] Improve performance of electricity grid rebuild with large grids
  • [Performance] Fix the bottleneck when dragging a big area with Task Priority / Retry / Cancel tools
  • [UI/UX] Include known materials with 0 count in Inventory overlay
  • [UI/UX] Holding Shift will make priority adjustment tool set priorities to either 1 or 9
  • [Translations] Update Japanese to 100% (thanks to Taijiro Inagaki)
  • [Bug] Fix merchant inventories would be extremely low since last patch
  • [Bug] Fix relocating and object onto a different object of same type would create an invalid relocation task and order an upgrade
  • [Bug] Fix spawning a material pile in the position of another material pile that was not added to the inventory for whatever reason would merge the new pile into the existing one
  • [Bug] Fix FTL drive would only show up to 32 drive particle systems at the same time
  • [Bug] Fix Faction information field would not update icon / text after being displayed for the first time in Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix Merchants and Probes no longer visible behind the ship in the game view when nearby
  • [Bug] Fix section detection would occasionally create two almost identical overlapping sections if a lot of floors would be ordered and clock speed was high
  • [Bug] Fix workers would not shut down after 1h grace period with too little CPU available
  • [Bug] Add extra validation to prevent some built floors remaining with unbuilt looks when large amount of construction tasks was created
  • [Bug] Prevent plants from floating in space

v0.6.122 (2022.11.07)

  • [Balance] Further adjust how Merchant inventory is generated
  • [UI/UX] ESC will only close UI by default (won’t pause the game)
  • [UI/UX] Swap C and K bindings. C will Cancel Tasks, K will focus on Ship Computer
  • [UI/UX] Ctrl + clicking “Change” in Trade UI items will remove them from the trade list
  • [UI/UX] Show work spots for nearby operatable devices when placing a chair
  • [UI/UX] Improve Quick Search UI (scroll wheel and arrow keys will work, tooltips will appear)
  • [UI/UX] Run in background setting will be true by default
  • [Bug] Fix Esc would show Pause Panel when Quick Search was open
  • [Bug] Fix updating some settings (like ESC behavior) would not update the settings cache
  • [Bug] Fix swapping LMB and RMB would still use LMB for UI clicks
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration would not update the preview icon for crafters and processors
  • [Bug] Fix “food on device” story event could trigger for food on regular tables
  • [Bug] Fix Direct Control would allow assigning tasks to workers who had no skill to perform them
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not update connector position cache, resulting in incorrect connection previews when placing new tiles
  • [Bug] Fix adjusting priority on Operate task would not synchronize with the rest of device configuration
  • [Bug] Fix processors would not update percentage since recent patch
  • [Bug] Fix replacing floors underneath a planter would float the plant if ship was moving

v0.6.121 (2022.11.06)

  • [Feature] Add Jukebox device and Entertainment research branch
  • [Feature] Add recreational activity: Use Jukebox
  • [Balance] Move Treadmill research node under Entertainment
  • [Balance] Generate Merchants with larger inventory
  • [UI/UX] Unbind Arrow keys from default UI navigation
  • [UI/UX] Add multiple small improvements to Merchant Trade UI
  • [UI/UX] Ctrl + clicking “Select” in Merchant Trade UI will add 100% of the item
  • [UI/UX] Shift + clicking “Select” in Merchant Trade UI will add 50% of the item
  • [UI/UX] Alt + clicking “Select” in Merchant Trade UI will add x1 of the item
  • [UI/UX] Ctrl + clicking arrows in the Research Queue will move the item to topmost / bottommost position
  • [Bug] Fix Workout would not set the mood effect duration correctly
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a Stasis Pod would trigger stasis pod story events
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a Stasis Pod would create the relocation ghost as immutable (preventing the relocation task from succeeding)
  • [Bug] Add extra checks to prevent generating a merchant with blank inventory
  • [Bug] Fix Achievements on Steam would only unlock after reloading the game
  • [Bug] Add extra diagnostics for troubleshooting why some Achievements won’t unlock for some players (i.e Joy Ride)
  • [Bug] Fix newly added stock market items without prior history would end up getting an internal error when attempting to render a chart
  • [Bug] Fix trying to sell a being without equipment (i.e. a pet) would fail the transaction (since the last patch)

v0.6.120 (2022.11.05)

  • [Feature] Workers will now be able to replace and repair floors under large objects without relocating them
  • [Balance] Strip all equipment from a being before selling it to a merchant
  • [UI/UX] Selecting one or more Connectors and shift + clicking any electrical device will attempt to create (or break) a connection between the device and selected connector(s)
  • [UI/UX] Selecting one or more electrical devices and shift + clicking a connector will attempt to create (or break) a connection between selected devices and the connector
  • [UI/UX] Selecting one or more Teleporters and shift + clicking another teleporter will link the selected teleporter(s) to the clicked one
  • [UI/UX] Holding Shift and clicking beings will add new beings to group selection
  • [UI/UX] Holding Ctrl and clicking tiles will add new tiles to the group selection
  • [UI/UX] Holding Alt and clicking objects (piles) will add new objects to the group selection
  • [UI/UX] Show icons of crafted / processed / produced items in every device
  • [UI/UX] Configurable processors (i.e. Furnace) will also have an “Idle Warning” toggle
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Config would not copy the new “Idle Warning” toggle state on crafter components
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Config would not copy priority on crafter components
  • [Bug] Fix adjusting task priority directly would not update the crafting / processing device priority in the controls UI submenu
  • [Bug] Fix internal error that could lead to game crash when selecting and ordering relocation for more than 1024 objects
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a device mid-operation would not drop the task correctly (root cause of the beings stuck bug that was fixed in last update)
  • [Bug] Fix removing a mod that introduced a new material type would prevent inventory history from loading correctly

v0.6.119 (2022.11.03)

  • [Feature] Add Memory Compression research branch and Memory Compression Upgrade module
  • [Balance] Biological beings who just joined the colony will not immediately try to do firefighting
  • [Balance] Have a 1 hour (in game time) grace period for shutting down workers if there is not enough CPU
  • [Balance] Increase durability of Teleporters 10x (again)
  • [Tech] Automatically remove traits added by mods if the added trait is causing internal errors
  • [Performance] Add major performance improvement for situations with large amount of tasks and workers
  • [Bug] Fix beings could get their grid position and visual position desynchronized too much, which would cause the being to become stuck until save / load (thanks JDPlays for help)
  • [Bug] Fix selecting the closest Emergency Siren if more than one was available would cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix humans would sometimes not display body / hair sprites
  • [Bug] Fix Roaming action could fail to find a valid position and cause a looping internal error
  • [Bug] Fix Beings could be spawned outside map bounds, causing various inconsistent states
  • [Bug] Fix Beings would try to satisfy hunger need in mid combat
  • [Bug] Fix Combat AI would try to create a new Home squad when new raiders were added to an ongoing combat
  • [Bug] Fix dead bots could be taken under direct control
  • [Bug] Fix ranged attackers would stand still if target was in range on their weapon (even without line of sight)

v0.6.118 (2022.11.02)

  • [Misc] Add diagnostics and validation of teleporter pathfinding issues
  • [UI/UX] Add pathfinding system debug UI to Walking Difficulty overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add more information and tools to Being Navigation component UI
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod Raid story events not working since last patch
  • [Bug] Fix giving a Direct Order to go somewhere would always immediately show a “cannot go there” tooltip afterwards
  • [Bug] Fix Socializing being would get stuck in a pathfinding loop if the target was operating a device that move the worker inside it (i.e. Research Station)
  • [Bug] Fix teleporter catching on fire could cause an inextinguishable fire that would make firefighters get stuck
  • [Bug] Fix linking teleporters via UI would work slightly differently than via drag-connect (could lead to inconsistent behavior)

v0.6.117 (2022.11.01)

  • [Balance] Reduce the size of monetary reward for completing “Find a Habitable Planet” quest
  • [Misc] Add Worker CPU cost section to Codex
  • [Misc] Skip the “Explore Codex” suggestion if the player has at least 5 unlocked achievements
  • [UI/UX] Show a popup when a Merchant ship offers a trade
  • [UI/UX] Lists with pagination in-game can now be scrolled via mouse wheel
  • [UI/UX] Show worker CPU cost in Managed Worker UI
  • [UI/UX] Add extended controls for modifying wanted amount when configuring crafting devices
  • [UI/UX] Show more details in “Device Idle” notifications
  • [UI/UX] Add a toggle for disabling “Device Idle” notifications in crafting device UI
  • [UI/UX] Add a toggle for disabling “Auto Haul” on items
  • [UI/UX] Add shortcuts to Codex > Blueprints and Codex > Materials in Inventory overlay (F2)
  • [UI/UX] Allow closing the “New Quest” dialog without opening Quest UI
  • [Performance] Fix story generator checking event preconditions could produce a lag spike / dropped frame
  • [Performance] Add several minor performance optimizations
  • [Bug] Fix combat UI would allow switching enemy AI from combat to work
  • [Bug] Fix workers would have a mass-shutdown if Ship Computer suffered an electricity deficit
  • [Bug] Fix opening too many popups would prevent save confirmation popup from opening when exiting the game
  • [Bug] Fix Combat AI and Emergency Siren systems would fight for control over human colonists
  • [Bug] Fix relocating anything with a built-in storage on top of itself would duplicate the storage contents
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a processor on top of itself would duplicate all items in the processing queue
  • [Bug] Fix Starcreds mining would stop working after having an excessive amount of Starcreds

v0.6.116 (2022.10.29)

  • [Bug] Hotfix for ship unable to reenter the current Galaxy in Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Ensure that trade ui closes any open item lists when closing itself

v0.6.115 (2022.10.28)

  • [Feature] Add explicit Direct Control button to managed workers UI
  • [Feature] Allow controlling multiple workers at the same time
  • [Feature] Direct controlling a Cleaning Bot will do manual floor cleaning
  • [Balance] Solar panels will produce much less power during dust storm (even when clean)
  • [Tech] Improve floor cleaning AI to search for nearby dirt first
  • [UI/UX] Add extra common actions related to direct control of multi-selected workers
  • [UI/UX] CTRL + click will both order going to position and taking the task (no more Shift + click)
  • [UI/UX] Reposition tooltips vertically if they go out of screen area
  • [Bug] Fix direct order to perform a task would show “0 workable” if task was reserved for someone
  • [Bug] Fix workers would needlessly use Repair Stations and Charge Stations
  • [Bug] Fix forcing a worker to go somewhere would show a broken path as worker moves along
  • [Bug] Fix hungry biological beings would not go through danger to reach food
  • [Bug] Fix people trying to eat at a table while almost dying from hunger
  • [Bug] Fix beings would get stuck in place for extreme periods of time if there was no safe path to food
  • [Bug] Fix entering a star system would spawn the player’s ship too far away from all planets
  • [Bug] Fix Raiders would stop fighting if there was a fire, causing game breaking state
  • [Bug] Fix space objects sometimes not registering as close enough after traveling there

v0.6.114 (2022.10.27)

  • [Feature] Allow choosing a designated Teleporter for trade
  • [Feature] Buying biological beings with designated Teleporter in unsafe area will be forbidden (unless Asimov Override is installed)
  • [Feature] Allow reinstalling floors underneath walls and objects
  • [Tech] Reimplement firefighting AI logic to be more robust and reactive
  • [UI/UX] Allow disabling input bindings
  • [UI/UX] Show visual links to relocated objects
  • [UI/UX] Allow disabling smooth camera zoom in Video settings
  • [Bug] Fix tool shortcut binding overrides would not get applied on app restart
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Config tool would not copy planter’s Auto Harvest flag
  • [Bug] Fix relocation of objects would not be allowed in open space depending on how relocation was initiated
  • [Bug] Fix solar panels and objects built in space would not allow relocation on top of themselves

v0.6.113 (2022.10.26)

  • [Feature] Relocating a storage will also relocate all contents
  • [UI/UX] Add “Task Priority” setting to all crafting devices
  • [UI/UX] When choosing a crafting target, the amount will automatically default to “available count” + 10
  • [UI/UX] Add more information tooltips when hovering items in various UI lists
  • [Misc] Add initial Polish community translation (12%)
  • [Bug] Fix “Weaponize a Cleaning Bot” achievement would unlock if raiding party had a weaponized cleaning bot
  • [Bug] Fix all workers would keep trying to reach the same piece of material that would be stuck in a wall, preventing other tasks from getting done
  • [Bug] Fix automatic object unstucking algorithm could end up leaving an object inside a wall if a nearby spot was not available
  • [Bug] Fix ordering a battery upgrade could break the visuals
  • [Bug] Fix Beings list (F7) would show all human preview icons with same skin color
  • [Bug] Fix Bridge Controls would still complain about unsafe environment after Auto Pilot upgrade was installed

v0.6.112 (2022.10.25)

  • [Balance] Double the cost of Uranium in the Particle Collector
  • [Balance] Humans will not try building floors in space
  • [Tech] Increase suggested FPS values for “Automatic Framerate”
  • [Tech] Add diagnostics to detect and automatically unstuck workers with tasks that are taking too long
  • [Tech] Automatically fail navigation tasks when they are taking too long to execute
  • [Tech] Rebuild graphics cache if any sprite file size changes
  • [Tech] Don’t rebuild graphics cache after a premature application exit via Alt-F4
  • [UI/UX] Improve UI height fit at various UI scale levels (fixes off-screen buttons on Steam Deck)
  • [UI/UX] Change a misleading tooltip about “Inefficient Research”
  • [UI/UX] Automatically scan space objects when nearby if Radar is active
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltip with being skills in ML Booth / Expedition / Being list UI when hovering someone
  • [UI/UX] Make “Stop Producing” a regular button (was long press)
  • [UI/UX] Show counts in all possible UI elements of crafting devices
  • [UI/UX] Do not show beings without skills (Carrier Drones) in ML Booth trainee list
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a battery would add 50% charge
  • [Bug] Add more diagnostics and auto recovery attempt for Merchant with blank inventory bug
  • [Bug] Fix trying to install an upgrade to a Shuttle that is out would keep retrying and granting Science skill for each attempt
  • [Bug] Add diagnostics for determining the cause of Stasis Array getting removed
  • [Bug] Disable all input devices when the game is not in focus
  • [Bug] Fix Input > “Ignore gamepads” setting would disable virtual mouse, but not full gamepad input
  • [Bug] Fix invisible people could be spawned if being had invalid properties in Persona component

v0.6.111 (2022.10.23)

  • [Feature] Add new Story Event: Construction Failure
  • [Balance] Increase chance of alien life forms on all planets
  • [Balance] Increase probability of crawler taxi event (nobody had it ever)
  • [Bug] Fix some navigation failure reasons showing up untranslated
  • [Bug] Fix “Open Directory” buttons would not work on Linux / OSX
  • [Bug] Fix C# code stripping would still be performed
  • [Bug] Fix story generator would fail to load saved ongoing story events if they were added by external mods
  • [Bug] Fix some systems would get an exception when trying to set job worker thread counts, preventing the game from loading correctly
  • [Bug] Fix “One Of Us” achievement would not unlock
  • [Bug] Fix a few internal edge case exceptions

v0.6.110 (2022.10.23)

  • [Balance] “Capsule Bomb” event will be treated as “heavy disaster”
  • [Balance] Add Hauling capability to Sentry drones (with 0 priority, player should override)
  • [Balance] Reduce the number of Cats that can spawn in certain events
  • [Performance] Fix memory bloat where too many pathfinding instances were being created and kept alive
  • [Performance] Reduce flood fill multi threading and CPU consumption
  • [Performance] Minor pathfinding performance improvements
  • [Bug] Fix AI bug where humans / pets would get stuck in certain states when game was running at high speed with many ongoing construction tasks
  • [Bug] Fix “Copy Config” would always paste the configuration to all devices between the copied and the pasted one
  • [Bug] Fix raiders could be switched from “fighting” to “working” state
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu submenus could reorder themselves in unpredictable ways depending on available/unlocked tech

v0.6.109 (2022.10.21)

  • [Balance] Make story generator event frequency less predictable
  • [Feature] Add Auto Pilot Upgrade that removes the need of having a human operator for Bridge Controls
  • [Feature] Add reinforced versions of Vent and Wall Socket
  • [Misc] Rework the Feedback submission form to encourage use of Steam Forums and include Player.log
  • [Tech] Remove default implementation of IsConsumerActive from IEnergyConsumer interface so mods can use it with older .NET target
  • [Tech] Disable code stripping to encourage modding
  • [Tech] Expose Crafter and Particle Collector component speed multiplier property to JSON config for modding
  • [UI/UX] Return back to the list of items after selecting something in the Trade UI
  • [UI/UX] Allow placing windows by click-dragging rows of them
  • [Graphics] Reduce lights blink speed and particle speed at high clock rates
  • [Performance] Slightly improve performance on high simulation speeds
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pods getting stuck forever in irremovable state
  • [Bug] Fix UI would go off-screen in long lists on 4K displays, making it difficult to use ML Booth, Storage Filters, etc
  • [Bug] Fix some particles act differently at high simulations speed compared to low
  • [Bug] Fix story event frequency was incorrectly calculated for Relaxing and Challenging difficulty levels
  • [Bug] Fix building a Directional Turret would show visual trails of range preview
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsule without assigned faction would do nothing on spawn
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth would not eject workers after they are fully maxed out
  • [Bug] Fix framerate limiter would keep low FPS after Ship Computer Cooldown has finished
  • [Bug] Fix removing mods with new research nodes could prevent the game from loading if game was saved with that mod enabled
  • [Bug] Fix Directional Turret would fire at Breach Capsule while it was underneath the ship, causing friendly fire and heavy ship damage
  • [Bug] Fix potential a race condition in pathfinding system

v0.6.108 (2022.10.19)

  • [Feature] Add new game modifier: “Disable Heavy Disasters” to turn off Asteroids / Meteor Showers
  • [Feature] Add new game modifier: “Disable Fire Spread”, which also disables object self-combustion
  • [Feature] Directional Turret will now use a much faster and deadlier Heavy Energy ammo
  • [Feature] Add a Log system and Debug Log button in Event Log overlay (WIP)
  • [Feature] Add “Log Brain Activity” toggle to the Being Brain component UI (WIP)
  • [Feature] Add “Debug Log” toggle to the Being Navigation component UI (WIP)
  • [Balance] Engine Failure will only happen for engines that have more than 50% wear
  • [Balance] Make Meteoroids slower and with more varied speeds
  • [Balance] Directional Turret will now shoot at incoming Breach Capsules
  • [Balance] Make objects self-reignite less frequently
  • [Balance] Adjust the self-ignition temperatures for multiple objects
  • [Balance] Make fire less hot
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips for clock speeds to show the actual multiplier value
  • [Misc] Add Korean community translation by Ciizel
  • [Misc] Do not log an error when mods create new species without adding an internal species trait
  • [Bug] Fix Research Tree “Add to Queue” buttons would not display Japanese / Chinese / Korean font
  • [Bug] Fix Quick Search results would not display Japanese / Chinese / Korean fonts
  • [Bug] Add a workaround and extra diagnostics for pathfinding errors that happen to small percentage of players
  • [Bug] Fix Tractor Beam internal errors would happen if the selected target got destroyed while pulling a projectile
  • [Bug] Fix trying to load wallet contents during the trade would cause internal error for a few players
  • [Bug] Fix ongoing fire would keep the clock speed restricted to normal until fire was completely put out
  • [Bug] Fix Directional Turrets always missing shots at Meteoroids
  • [Bug] Fix end game story generating “Blank” names for certain fate outcomes
  • [Bug] Fix Quantum Barrier would not drop the shield if it was disconnected from the electricity grid
  • [Bug] Fix selecting a directional turret could mess up its targeting
  • [Bug] Fix restoring an expedition after load could cause an internal error and prevent remaining expeditions from loading correctly

v0.6.107 (2022.10.15)

  • [Balance] Increase simulation speed for 2nd and 3rd clock speeds
  • [Balance] New games will have no “Permadeath” by default
  • [Balance] Allow relocating even heavily damaged devices
  • [UI/UX] Allow changing “Permadeath” setting in Pause menu > Current Game Settings
  • [UI/UX] Show grayed out “Save” button in pause panel when Permadeath is enabled
  • [Misc] Update several community translations
  • [Bug] Fix saving a game with an ongoing combat where someone was completely annihilated (including the body) could prevent loading that save
  • [Bug] Fix cycling the game speed via a shortcut would skip the fastest speed level
  • [Bug] Fix 4 shortcut would enable a different speed than 4th speed button
  • [Bug] Fix internal error could happen when updating information icon for an object with an unexpected state
  • [Bug] Fix internal error with Wallet failing to calculate current amount
  • [Bug] Fix exiting the game in the middle of ongoing Winch operation could cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix edge case internal error could happen when checking a next step in pathfinding search result
  • [Bug] Fix Sleep action could cause internal error if the bed was unexpectedly removed
  • [Bug] Fix pressing ESC while Research Tree was building itself on first load would cause the UI to get into an inconsistent state
  • [Bug] Fix device getting destroyed due to wear while it was operated by a colonist would cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a device in the middle of repairs would not interrupt the repair task and could cause side effects
  • [Bug] Fix raiding party members could be sold to slave trader while the raid was ongoing
  • [Bug] Fix beings on expedition, raiders from other factions and colonists with good mood could be drawn into Mutiny event
  • [Bug] Fix pending replacement could get cancelled while leaving the object in “pending replacement” state forever

v0.6.106 (2022.10.14)

  • [Balance] Make Engine Failure explosion radius bigger for larger engines (thanks Santa)
  • [Balance] When a Stasis Array is placed in Sandbox mode, it will now contain hundreds of colonists
  • [Graphics] Make space object animations (planet rotation, etc) slower
  • [UI/UX] Make the analog game clock show actual time (thanks Wasted)
  • [UI/UX] Expose the extra fast 4th speed in the UI
  • [UI/UX] Disabling space background animation in video settings will also disable space object animations
  • [UI/UX] Make Quest UI slightly easier to understand
  • [UI/UX] Add a button to toggle fight state on / off on workers during combat
  • [Bug] Fix disabling cosmetic particles would not disable construction / teleporter / tractor beam particles
  • [Bug] Fix Probe would allow rotating it, resulting in broken graphics
  • [Bug] Fix battery level would be displayed in the game time tooltip even if there was not battery
  • [Bug] Fix combat would get stuck if enemies would be in a blocked area
  • [Bug] Fix “High Alert” combat state would get dropped whenever an enemy was within range regardless of the ability to reach it
  • [Bug] Fix connecting the Connector to the Ship Computer too early in the Tutorial would prevent the progression
  • [Bug] Fix copying configuration of Storage Unit would keep changes to the filter synchronized with all copy targets

v0.6.105 (2022.10.13)

  • [Bug] Fix Energy research could get stuck during the Tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix toggling “Device Wear” or “Enable Combat” in current game settings would save the opposite value of the setting

v0.6.104 (2022.10.13)

  • [Feature] Add story event: Mutiny
  • [Feature] Add story event: Engine Failure
  • [Tech] Lift upper limit of renderer capacity from 16K to 64K objects (per type)
  • [Misc] Update several community translations
  • [Bug] Fix reading old Kickstarter alpha saves could prevent the Main Menu from loading if save file was corrupted
  • [Bug] Fix failure to detect the current mouse device would end up in an error loop
  • [Bug] Fix occasional failure to remove particle effect that was not completely initialized
  • [Bug] Fix certain storage filter configuration could prevent hauling from happening
  • [Bug] Fix an edge case that could get colonists stuck indefinitely while they were trying to find food
  • [Bug] Fix removed devices could cause errors if they were not cleanly removed from the electricity grid at time of destruction
  • [Bug] Fix tweaking light color controls for a destroyed light would cause internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix force completing a quest that was not supported by a scenario would produce an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix Ctrl + Click on the Radial Menu in the tutorial for the first time would cause internal error (because Hotbar is not initialized until the tutorial ends)
  • [Bug] Fix Electric device damaged story event could cause an internal error
  • [Bug] Fix workers who had a next task in queue would try to take that task in the middle of a fight if a fight broke out
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a device could leave the ghost of previous device on the electricity grid until the grid was rebuilt

v0.6.103 (2022.10.11)

  • [Balance] Change Winch mechanic to always pull the lighter section towards the heavier one
  • [Performance] Improve Winch operation performance
  • [Bug] Fix Winch operation would only update being and loose objects visual positions after winching has finished all steps
  • [Bug] Fix ordering a relocation of an object and then cancelling it would keep an inactive object in the game until next save / load, leading to several bugs
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of internal edge case errors

v0.6.102 (2022.10.10)

  • [Balance] Increase default melee damage for all beings (1 -> 5)
  • [Misc] Enable Achievements in Demo
  • [UI/UX] Add “Copy Configuration” option to Tractor Beam
  • [Performance] Optimize performance of “Copy Configuration” tool when pasting configuration over very large areas
  • [Bug] Fix nanobots swarm visual effect would sometimes get stuck
  • [Bug] Fix two combat units could get frozen if both are within each other’s weapon range but have no line of sight
  • [Bug] Fix Crude Oil was not handled by the Fluid Cannon
  • [Bug] Fix loading an incompatible fluid into Fluid Cannon would result in repeating internal errors when cannon would attempt to shoot
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case errors

v0.6.101 (2022.10.09)

  • [Feature] Add Quest: Provide Hygiene Facilities
  • [UI/UX] Use a different icon for fire events
  • [Bug] Fix Research not running at full capacity if there were multiple researchers and multiple tech in the research queue
  • [Bug] Fix Translations/English.csv not loading correctly for mods that add new translatable text
  • [Bug] Fix several event notifications using incorrect widget type

v0.6.100 (2022.10.06)

  • [Graphics] Improve planet looks generation to produce sharper looking and more diverse planets
  • [UI/UX] Show a dialog suggesting a new destination in the Starmap after an expedition has returned
  • [UI/UX] Suggest restart after toggling “Ignore Gamepads”
  • [UI/UX] Hovering “Ignore Gamepads” will show a list of connected input devices
  • [Tech] Automatically recover from potential graphics cache read/write errors
  • [Bug] Fix Joystick type of devices would feed input into UI navigation

v0.6.99 (2022.10.05)

  • [Misc] Move the position of Cooking Station work spot in front of the burners
  • [Bug] Add extra precautions against rare edge case failures to save the game
  • [Bug] Fix crafters not clearing “Haul ingredients” info icon since 0.6.98
  • [Bug] Fix colonists could drop operator tasks due to clipping into the wall when the device work spot was near a wall corner
  • [Bug] Fix “Generate Validity Report” would not work for community translations until the language selection was changed at least once
  • [Bug] Fix Eject button would work with non-player faction storages (i.e. raider’s Breach Capsule)
  • [Bug] Fix material deficit event would not go away under certain conditions when it should
  • [Bug] Fix doors opening between two oxygenated areas would create vacuum
  • [Bug] Fix storage inventory material count not refreshing when storage gets modified while UI is open

v0.6.98 (2022.10.04)

  • [UI/UX] Suggest restart dialog will always display in English when changing languages
  • [UI/UX] When opening a long list of items (i.e. Inventory), make sure that “Next” button would not overlap the Hotbar
  • [UI/UX] Display shorcut binding when showing Build A Copy and Relocate buttons in UI
  • [Bug] Fix community translation language report would not generate correctly
  • [Bug] Fix Situation would not count multiple Ship Computers if they were all in the same grid
  • [Bug] Fix Connector text count not updating after “Auto Connect” / “Disconnect All” action
  • [Bug] Fix incorrect count displayed in incompleted “Auto Connect” popup
  • [Bug] Fix Quest Reward that would give +X% on a research node would not work correctly
  • [Bug] Fix Crafter device icons would interfere with other component icons on the same device at higher clock speed
  • [Bug] Fix objects in unsafe areas would not update / remove their notifications correctly
  • [Bug] Fix all workers shutting down if Ship Computer sufferred an electricity deficit (i.e. while mining crypto)

v0.6.97 (2022.10.04)

  • [Balance] Double the mining speed
  • [Balance] Spawn much more Silicon and a little bit of Lithium in Wrecked scenario
  • [Balance] Generate bigger rather than more piles when starting the game with higher resource multiplier
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a device on top of burning floor would make the fire impossible to extinguish
  • [Bug] Fix not all starting objects would generate with certain game seeds
  • [Bug] Fix starting objects would always generate with same default rotation
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to switch into a community translation

v0.6.96 (2022.10.03)

  • [Misc] Add full Spanish and Chinese translations
  • [Balance] Small objects that catch on fire easily (food items, plants, wood) will receive large amounts of fire damage
  • [UI/UX] Improve the Rename UI
  • [Tech] Fix C# mods would not be able to compile if certain UI interfaces were extended
  • [Bug] Fix multiple edge case internal errors

v0.6.95 (2022.09.28)

  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Hail a Merchant”
  • [Balance] Quests will no longer lock any tech in Research Tree
  • [Balance] Move Emblems into their own research branch
  • [Balance] Give 100 Protein and 100 Plant Fiber in Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Bug] Fix “Pressurize Stasis Array” quest would not get completed if open vents were facing adjacent enclosed areas

v0.6.94 (2022.09.27)

  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Make Ship Flight Ready”
  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Establish Food Production”
  • [UI/UX] Allow linking and unlinking Teleporters using the Connect tool
  • [UI/UX] Improve visuals of Teleporter connections
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips for Feedback form dropdown options
  • [UI/UX] Hide details and step count for completed quests
  • [Bug] Fix LMB would drag the background of Research Tree and Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix tooltips resizing themselves after a short delay rather than immediately
  • [Bug] Fix quests that are excluded due to scenario filter would prevent depending quests from being added

v0.6.93 (2022.09.26)

  • [Feature] Split “Enclose the Stasis Array” quest into smaller steps
  • [Feature] Add new game Modifer: Skip Beginner Quests
  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Find a Habitable Planet”
  • [Feature] Finish implementing the final quest: “Colonize a Planet”
  • [Feature] Polish the Quest System and all existing quests
  • [Balance] Stasis Array area will have random structural damage, for the “Pressurize the Stasis Array” quest to always make sense
  • [Balance] Communicator will be cheaper to build
  • [UI/UX] Make TAB open Search in Research Tree and Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix resetting the new game modifiers form to defaults would select Relaxing difficulty instead of Balanced
  • [Bug] Fix disabling cosmetic particles during the game would cause internal errors and prevent from displaying the electricity grid
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case errors

v0.6.92 (2022.09.22)

  • [Feature] Add Quest: “Enclose the Stasis Array”
  • [Balance] Significantly increase durability of most devices to reduce natural wear
  • [UI/UX] Allow skipping the tutorial even for the first playthrough
  • [UI/UX] Remove popups for confirm mass orders (except for mass processing)
  • [Bug] Prevent purple guidelines from getting stuck on screenwhen exiting to the main menu at the wrong time
  • [Bug] Fix demo misbehaving after 2 hours of run time even if a different game was started
  • [Bug] Fix new change detection sometimes failing to work correctly if version number was mentioned in the middle of the line
  • [Bug] Fix several small corner case internal errors

v0.6.91 (2022.09.20)

  • [Feature] Add “Connect to the Survivor Area” Quest
  • [Balance] Move Light Block to Lighting research node
  • [UI/UX] Improve Quest UI
  • [UI/UX] Correctly detect player country for Steam platform to determine default units of measurement (Metric vs Imperial)
  • [Tech] Add diagnostics to triage the “floor looks unbuilt” bug
  • [Bug] Fix “Disconnected Devices” list including unbuilt devices
  • [Bug] Fix research tree would not save / load the “discovered” state

v0.6.90 (2022.09.20)

  • [Bug] Fix loading spinner stuck in Main Menu since v0.6.89
  • [Bug] Fix exiting to main menu would not clean up visible space objects (planets, shuttles) since v0.6.89
  • [Bug] Fix “Connect to the Stasis Array” quest not triggering

v0.6.89 (2022.09.19)

  • [Feature] Add Quest System
  • [Feature] Add “Provide a Charge Station” Quest
  • [Feature] Add “Connect to the Stasis Array” Quest
  • [Bug] Fix workers stalling periodically when large amount of construction / deconstruction tasks were in progress

v0.6.88 (2022.09.16)

  • [Performance] Slightly improve Research Tree performance
  • [UI/UX] Make all tooltips appear with 200ms delay (most were appearing instantly)
  • [Bug] Fix removal of orphan plants at load time would break the load procedure
  • [Bug] Fix mouse tooltip would occasionally not resize itself correctly to fit the text

v0.6.87 (2022.09.13)

  • [Bug] Fix newly planted small and medium sized plants would have incorrect visual offset
  • [Bug] Fix selecting “Relaxing” difficulty modifier would use “Balanced” instead
  • [Bug] Fix placing floor tiles in a row would ignore selected floor tile rotation

v0.6.86 (2022.09.12)

  • [Feature] Add a decorative Vase (in Furniture)
  • [Feature] To prevent constant reoccurring deficit, Research will keep 10% of electricity grid capacity as reserve
  • [Balance] When electrical device has a deficit, it will not try to consume electricity for 15 minutes (game time)
  • [Balance] If research fails to run completely due to lack of resources, it will retry after 1 hour delay (game time)
  • [Balance] Plants will slowly grow on their own even if there is no electricity in the planter
  • [Graphics] Fix Shuttle launch animation spawning flying shuttle too close to the ground
  • [UI/UX] Research Queue tooltips will distinguish lack of resources for parallel execution
  • [UI/UX] Make New Game > Scenario dropdown show individual tooltips for each scenario choice
  • [UI/UX] Move Wall Sockets from Walls to Electricity category in the Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Split Furniture into multiple categories in Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Add event notification about inefficient research
  • [Audio] Play “action denied” sound in several more places where it makes sense
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling Stasis Array relocation would grant an achievement
  • [Bug] Fix Install Upgrade task could get silently marked as completed if grounded being (i.e. Robot) failed to reach the upgrade or the device
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Connect not reaching items bigger than 2x2 that are on the edge of the range
  • [Bug] Fix Particle Collector destroying collected materials when internal storage was full (will now drop materials on work spot)
  • [Bug] Fix turning on a worker who was pending relocation would not cancel the relocation task
  • [Bug] Fix Research Queue could display false information about items deeper in the queue lacking Disk and Memory
  • [Bug] Fix Research Queue would not refresh Disk and Memory lack information display when situation changed in real time
  • [Bug] Fix Beta Wave Transceiver would allow mind controlling raiders
  • [Bug] Fix mind controlled colonists could be forced to unequip their items while dead
  • [Bug] Fix forcing to unequip space suit / helmet in open space would not visually remove the equipment
  • [Bug] Fix devices that were reachable by electricity grid but not yet connected would expose their controls
  • [Bug] Fix Electricity Grid running consumer nodes in opposite order of “Consumer Priority”

v0.6.85 (2022.09.10)

  • [Balance] Make construction faster
  • [UI/UX] Pressing B while just hovering something will no longer build a copy
  • [UI/UX] Pressing B with something selected will show build menu if the blueprint of selected device is locked
  • [Performance] Reduce chance of potential frame drops when large amount of construction / deconstruction tasks are being executed
  • [Bug] Fix Electricity running off-sync with Research after last update
  • [Bug] Fix rare bug where rooms or sections occasionally would not get recalculated if multiple floor / wall construction tasks were ongoing

v0.6.84 (2022.09.09)

  • [Performance] Automatically set recommended VSync for current refresh rate, warn if player is overriding it
  • [Performance] Reduce VSync for high simulation speeds to prevent uneven framerates
  • [Performance] Add “Automatic Framerate” option in video settings
  • [Bug] Fix being animations not smooth after latest performance improvements

v0.6.83 (2022.09.08)

  • [Performance] Add multiple performance improvements
  • [Bug] Fix persona submenu showing an empty button near being name

v0.6.82 (2022.09.07)

  • [Performance] Add multiple minor performance optimizations
  • [Bug] Fix bed ownership would get unassigned for everyone when a single colonist died

v0.6.81 (2022.09.06)

  • [Misc] Add initial Swedish translation by YogiesAndPeas
  • [Feature] Detect blocked doors and show a notification about them
  • [Balance] Carbon Fiber will no longer be processable into Carbon
  • [UI/UX] Autodetect metric / imperial system (needs verification if it works)
  • [UI/UX] Show next colonist wake up time in Stasis Array UI
  • [UI/UX] Add more warning tooltips for connection tool
  • [UI/UX] Remove all popups related to failed electricity connection attempts
  • [UI/UX] If nothing is selected, clicking B will “build a copy” of currently hovered object
  • [UI/UX] Move “Rename” button up from Persona component submenu
  • [Bug] Fix ESC would show pause menu when player had a tool active
  • [Bug] Fix submitting a text input popup with Enter / Return key would not correctly focus the next popup input field
  • [Bug] Fix “No Story” generator would never wake anybody up
  • [Bug] Fix relocating objects with (i.e. beds) would lose object attachments
  • [Bug] Fix ownership of an object (i.e. bed) not released properly when owner died

v0.6.80 (2022.09.05)

  • [Graphics] Make Tractor Beam pull VFX look more consistent at different distances
  • [UI/UX] Show a warning tooltip when dragging a new connection from a connector that is fully utilized
  • [UI/UX] Show a “build connector” hint tooltip when dragging a new connection from a connector onto ground
  • [UI/UX] Show “out of range” hint tooltip when dragging a new connection too far
  • [Tech] Improve translations file validation tools
  • [Bug] Fix event sounds would not play if multiple groupable events were created at the same time
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsules could fail to attach if they were affected by Tractor Beam
  • [Bug] Fix Tractor Beam could pull a projectile towards a target that is obstructed or damaged

v0.6.79 (2022.09.04)

  • [Feature] Opening a floor vent will suck objects out of enclosed pressurized (oxygenated) areas
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.3.9f1
  • [Tech] Improve malformed translation detection and validation
  • [Bug] Fix a ton of typos in English texts

v0.6.78 (2022.09.01)

  • [Feature] Add “Disconnected Devices” list to Electricity grid overlay
  • [Feature] Allow replacing / upgrading batteries with other battery models
  • [Balance] Make Carrier drones a little slower (to promote optimizing paths with use of Teleporters)
  • [Balance] Make construction / deconstruction / repairs go faster at lower worker levels
  • [Balance] Humans will try to find a shower less frequently if they failed to find one
  • [UI/UX] Continue button in Main Menu will load the game instead of opening the load panel
  • [UI/UX] Add Codex entries for Research
  • [UI/UX] Let the player know that “Direct Control” is just informational popup
  • [UI/UX] Show “x minutes ago” tooltips on event groups
  • [UI/UX] Show individual tooltips with counts on event groups, when events have custom tooltip
  • [UI/UX] Explain “Object in unsafe location” warning more clearly
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Haul not working for storages
  • [Bug] Fix raider deaths would create death notifications in Ship Log and Event List
  • [Bug] Fix Suggestions would remain internally marked as completed when exiting to main menu from a game session and loading / starting another game
  • [Bug] Fix “Copy Config” not appearing in the bottom of context menu for some items

v0.6.77 (2022.08.31)

  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsule could land on immutable object (i.e. another Breach Capsule), creating inconsistent state
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod could land on an immutable object, creating inconsistent state
  • [Bug] Fix simulation carrying a tick over to next frame would induce a graphics jerk on rotating space objects
  • [Bug] Fix several some game story events not ending automatically, making them run forever and potentially cause bugs
  • [Bug] Fix all skill levels would be 0 when you start a new game in v0.6.76

v0.6.76 (2022.08.31)

  • [Bug] Fix loading saves created before 0.6.75 would not restore being skill levels
  • [Bug] Fix newly built storages would not be registered with inventory system (hauling wouldn’t work)
  • [Bug] Fix when there was only one item in Radial Menu it would never get marked as seen and would keep showing the star icon

v0.6.75 (2022.08.30)

  • [Balance] Installing upgrades will now be of “Construction” job type (since Robot does not do Maintenance by default anymore)
  • [Performance] Rewrite “auto haul” for processing components to be more performant and reliable
  • [Performance] Major performance improvement: introduce simulation tick frame budget and carry unfinished tick parts to next frame if necessary
  • [Bug] Fix Drone shadow not rotating along with the body
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Haul would not evaluate the last storage in the list
  • [Bug] Fix processors hauling processables from storage would fail to create haul tasks and ejected items ended up being hauled back to storage
  • [Bug] Fix after loading the game workers may try to go to zero coordinates and would fail tasks due to that
  • [Bug] Fix unconstructed storages would get added to inventory system on load
  • [Bug] Fix relocated or destroyed storages would not get removed from inventory

v0.6.74 (2022.08.29)

  • [Balance] Increase durability of Toilets, Showers, Doors and Teleporters
  • [Balance] Reduce Wear in all difficulty levels
  • [Balance] Rewrite “auto haul” logic to find haulable objects in faster and more reliable way
  • [Performance] Add multiple minor performance optimizations
  • [Performance] Plants will not longer be producing oxygen, as it was a negligible amount, but cost some CPU time
  • [Performance] Electrical devices will no longer get small amounts of wear when electricity flows (saves some CPU time on large grids)
  • [Video] Add video settings option to switch between multiple displays
  • [UI/UX] Show a popup offering to apply video settings if the panel was closed without applying the changes
  • [UI/UX] Allow interacting with the map from more distant camera zoom levels
  • [Misc] Use the correct scientific term “Meteoroid” instead of “Meteor”
  • [Music] Add new OST track

v0.6.73 (2022.08.26)

  • [Balance] Humans will not use toilets and showers that are in unsafe areas even with a space suit
  • [Balance] Copper Wire and Gears will no longer show up in Furnace as smeltable item
  • [Balance] Set default Haul and Maintenance (refill reactors) priority to 0 for Robot
  • [UI/UX] Show a popup when there is an action required in an ongoing expedition
  • [Bug] Fix flying Shuttle would use the wrong sprite
  • [Bug] Fix drones would keep trying the same task after repeated failure to reach required materials
  • [Bug] Fix giving a direct order to work on a task could mess up worker’s navigation and leave the task execution stuck in a loop
  • [Bug] Fix music would change when ship generation would fail and have another attempt
  • [Bug] Fix some shortcuts and Hotbar buttons would not work until Radial Menu was displayed at least once
  • [Bug] Fix trading with merchant during expedition would teleport goods near shuttle landing pad instead of a teleporter
  • [Bug] Fix Oil would not self-register as a processable material (Refinery wouldn’t find it in storages)
  • [Bug] Fix tile placement preview would show possible electricity connections linking to the center of bottom left tile instead of center of the object
  • [Bug] Fix damage decals not getting removed after tiles were repositioned during gen stage or winching
  • [Bug] Fix energy connector would remain connected to objects outside its range after winching
  • [Bug] Fix destroying ground below an object with ongoing construction / deconstruction / repair task would end up with a stuck particle system running forever
  • [Bug] Fix News sometimes showing up instead of Changelog when there are new updates

v0.6.72 (2022.08.25)

  • [UI/UX] When focusing on something (i.e. by using Find button), adjust the focus point so it won’t be covered by UI
  • [Performance] Add option to “pause on camera motion” to video settings to make panning / zooming smoother on lower tier hardware
  • [Performance] Optimize most particle systems to not overuse the GPU

v0.6.71 (2022.08.25)

  • [Bug] Hotfix rendering broken on Windows since 0.6.70

v0.6.70 (2022.08.24)

  • [Graphics] Rework the rendering system to be more flexible and more efficient when there is less stuff to display
  • [UI/UX] Place certain devices in rows when click-dragged
  • [Bug] Fix starting a new game would not show some material piles until saved/loaded

v0.6.69 (2022.08.22)

  • [Feature] When building a new battery, add 50% charge upon construction
  • [Feature] When teleporting merchant goods, prefer a teleporter inside an oxygenated area
  • [Balance] Starcreds Miner will consume 100kW (was 10kW) and will produce $100/hour (was $1/hour)
  • [Balance] Increase mining speed by 2.5x
  • [Balance] Remove most “Build More X” goals (except for Build More Storages)
  • [Balance] Increase teleporter durability (1500 -> 5000)
  • [UI/UX] Move Teleporter from Space Travel to Special category in the Radial Menu
  • [Bug] Fix upgrade modules listed unbuilt devices as upgradeable
  • [Bug] Hotfix newly built teleporters would not be linkable

v0.6.68 (2022.08.22)

  • [Misc] Add initial Russian translation
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Performance] Optimize rendering performance on lower end devices (i.e. Steam Deck)
  • [Bug] Fix destroyed teleporter would prevent navigation system from rebuilding properly
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case exceptions

v0.6.67 (2022.08.19)

  • [UI/UX] Make Research Queue show the first item in the event panel
  • [UI/UX] Add Settings > Input > Ignore Gamepads option
  • [Bug] Fix “Repair or deconstruct” suggestion would not mark itself as done if all damage was repaired without creating >10 tasks
  • [Bug] Fix research system would try to run all items in the queue once right after loading a save, resulting in huge electricity consumption spike
  • [Bug] Fix clicking on research queue item would not focus on the item if research widget was not loaded before
  • [Bug] Fix pencil mode (Alt) would sometimes connect points with a line when it was not supposed to
  • [Bug] Fix double clicking a teleporter would sometimes not show all selected teleporter links
  • [Bug] Fix Mini Matter Reactor still saying 15kW in the description
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a being / obj would sometimes keep the object sprite attached to the carrier after the task is completed, producing buggy situations
  • [Bug] Fix false message about Robot failing to reach the workspot in tutorial when robot tried to relocate an object and failed to reach it

v0.6.66 (2022.08.19)

  • [Input] Automatically pause the game if gamepad gets disconnected

v0.6.65 (2022.08.18)

  • [Feature] Add Story Event: multi faction raid
  • [Balance] Unlock Computing research at the beginning of Wrecked scenario
  • [UI/UX] Mark new blueprints in Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Split floors section into multiple subcategories in the Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Make Research Tree and Starmap background opaque
  • [UI/UX] Automatically replace text in quotes with accented colorful text in UI dialogs, popups and tooltips
  • [Audio] Replace Raid alert sound
  • [Bug] Fix gamepad virtual mouse cursor position incorrect when using wide screen padding
  • [Bug] Fix teleporters would sometimes not get registered after loading the game
  • [Bug] Fix pathfinding system would not update teleporter locations after winching

v0.6.64 (2022.08.18)

  • [UI/UX] Restrict wide screen padding to have a minimum safe zone of 1200px
  • [Bug] Hotfix ultra wide screen monitors would get incorrect UI padding set automatically

v0.6.63 (2022.08.17)

  • [Feature] Add a Mini Heater device
  • [Feature] Add Cooling and Heating research tree nodes
  • [Balance] Make all solar panels cheaper to build
  • [Balance] Reduce cost of Energy Efficiency research to 300kW (was 1.4MW)
  • [Balance] Reduce cost of Energy Efficiency research to 3MW (was 4.5MW)
  • [Balance] Reactors will burn fuel for 2x longer
  • [Balance] Mini Matter Reactor will now produce 20kW (was 15kW)
  • [Balance] Particle Collector will collect materials 10x faster
  • [Balance] Particle Collector will collect materials using 2x less energy
  • [Balance] Teleporters will now have +3 aesthetics (was -3)
  • [Balance] Teleporters will consume 3kW (was 7kW)
  • [Balance] Mini Disk Modules will consume 0.25kW (was 1kW)
  • [Balance] Disk Modules will consume 1kW (was 2kW)
  • [Balance] Mini CPU Modules will consume 5kW (was 10kW)
  • [Balance] CPU Modules will consume 10kW (was 20kW)
  • [Balance] Plants will use 0.5kW (was 1kW)
  • [Balance] Make Directional Turret able to shoot target at closer range
  • [UI/UX] Allow customizing UI padding for ultra wide screens
  • [Graphics] Improve planet looks and variety
  • [Graphics] Show stars in Starmap and Research Tree background
  • [Bug] Fix some disabled mods would still get loaded if they were subscribed

v0.6.62 (2022.08.16)

  • [Balance] Add “Wear” to lit floors and light blocks
  • [Graphics] Improve Teleporter VFX
  • [Graphics] Make Star Systems look slightly better
  • [UI/UX] Pick a point nearby instead of center when selecting a travel target in Starmap
  • [Audio] Filter out low frequency rumble from new construction (nanobot) sounds
  • [Bug] Fix Robot going through a Teleporter would add a trail between teleporters
  • [Bug] Fix dragging the Research Tree or Starmap would also drag the ship in the background
  • [Bug] Fix “Upload to Steam Workshop” button would be visible on mods downloaded from Steam

v0.6.61 (2022.08.15)

  • [Balance] AutoDoc will hold the patient for at least 1h even for small wounds
  • [Balance] Disallow connecting adjacent teleporters
  • [Graphics] Add VFX for loading materials into things
  • [Graphics] Improve teleporter VFX
  • [Graphics] Fine tune the space nebula color ranges to look more subtle
  • [AI] Improve being pathfinding to utilize teleporters whenever possible
  • [Audio] Make construction sounds more quiet
  • [Bug] Fix some devices would show particles in old position after relocating them
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid would keep ghost connections when a connector was destroyed or replaced

v0.6.60 (2022.08.14)

  • [Feature] Make Teleporters linkable and useful
  • [Feature] Add Story Event: teleporter clone
  • [Balance] Increase Teleporter electricity cost to 7kW
  • [Balance] Reduce Teleporter construction time to 1/3
  • [Balance] Adjust Ship Computer and Stasis Array skill requirements
  • [UI/UX] Show new changes when the game gets an update
  • [Bug] Fix beings would sometimes be able to go through walls or walk to weird locations

v0.6.59 (2022.08.13)

  • [Graphics] Add VFX for Converter, Crafting Station, Research Station, Teleporter, Tractor Beam Target
  • [Audio] Replace construction and repairs sounds
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a device would not preserve electricity connections

v0.6.58 (2022.08.12)

  • [Feature] When Radar is active, selected flying objects will show their trajectory
  • [Graphics] Redo Merchant Ship graphics
  • [Misc] Track friendly human deaths in Situation report for use as a story event hook
  • [Bug] Fix smooth drag would still act differently on different frame rates
  • [Bug] Fix chart tooltips showing slightly inaccurate values
  • [Bug] Fix objects destroyed while selected could cause minor internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge-case errors
  • [Bug] Fix loading bindings would fail due to missing processor on Mac OSX

v0.6.57 (2022.08.11)

  • [Feature] Each starmap region (systems, galaxies, universe) will have slightly different space background
  • [Graphics] Make Starfield move in the main menu
  • [Graphics] Make Starfield nebulas look identical in Realtime and Static (optimized) modes
  • [Tech] Add internal crash detection, reporting and boot safe mode to troubleshoot crash issues on Linux
  • [Bug] Fix opening a Storage Capsule would show the open container graphic above the items that came out
  • [Bug] Fix Realtime starfield nebulas would not move

v0.6.56 (2022.08.11)

  • [UI/UX] Rename “Send Feedback” to “Report a Bug”
  • [Bug] Hotfix removed research nodes would break research and saving in games where the removed research was in queue

v0.6.55 (2022.08.10)

  • [Balance] There will be no more loss of materials when deconstructing or destroying any object
  • [Balance] Remove Basic Materials, Organic Materials and Synthetic Materials research nodes
  • [Balance] Remove Teleportation research node (Teleporter will unlock with Science)
  • [Balance] Change several nodes in the Research Tree
  • [Balance] Increase processing duration for multiple ore types
  • [UI/UX] Group colors into single item in Codex > Materials list
  • [UI/UX] Automatically reposition UI dialog if action button gets off screen
  • [Bug] Fix deconstruction VFX showing an odd artifact
  • [Bug] Fix starting a new game after playing another save would mess up inventory history charts (+autofix affected saves)
  • [Bug] Fix “Install Upgrade” button would show up in context menu for devices with existing upgrades even if new upgrades were not available
  • [Bug] Fix camera shake would not end while Radial Menu is open

v0.6.54 (2022.08.09)

  • [Feature] Add Tractor Beam and Tractor Beam Target devices
  • [Feature] Add Tractor Beam research node (between Quantum Mechanics and Force Fields)
  • [Feature] Add Mega Asteroid story event (rare, late game)
  • [Balance] Reduce default Maintenance priority for Robots to 1
  • [Balance] Reduce material costs for all structure to minimum
  • [Performance] Improve explosion performance
  • [Music] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix placing a vent in sandbox mode would not set hull integrity correctly
  • [Bug] Fix workers with 0 Construct job priority would still perform construction
  • [Bug] Fix workers would ignore reduction of job priority to 0 while working on adjacent streamlined tasks

v0.6.53 (2022.08.04)

  • [Feature] Add “Research” job type for humans
  • [Balance] Adjust how Purpose drains and refills
  • [Balance] Reward Cleaning Bots with Purpose for cleaning each piece of dirt
  • [Balance] Require Research skill to operate Research Station
  • [Balance] Change Research Station tasks from Operate to Research
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce the Aesthetics need drop rate from ugly surroundings
  • [Balance] Spawn 20-50% of survivors when Stasis Array gets deconstructed
  • [Balance] Ablutophobic colonists will get opposite mood effects from using or lacking a shower (positive if shower is lacking, negative after taking a shower)
  • [Feature] If Stasis Pod work spot is in open space, spawn beings on solid floor adjacent to the pod
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show electricity consumption amount and priority controls for devices that do not consume electricity
  • [Bug] Fix safety warning appearing immediately on all objects in a room if a distant wall was removed
  • [Bug] Fix double beds would not show a safety warning if exposed to open space
  • [Bug] Fix double entry in “Multiple Nodes” connection context menu
  • [Bug] Fix save/load not restoring ongoing “Expedition Found Object” event correctly
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod would spawn different things if saved / loaded before opened
  • [Bug] Fix opening a storage capsule containing a crawler would fail the opening task due to combat
  • [Bug] Fix console scrolling extremely slowly
  • [Bug] Fix “No More Hope” achievement wouldn’t unlock
  • [Bug] Fix Disk Module compression tooltip shows 100% when it’s actually 150%
  • [Bug] Fix time would run and popups would show up in end game screen

v0.6.52 (2022.08.03)

  • [Balance] Limit max temperature of Heater to 21C (was 30C)
  • [Balance] Limit max oxygen of Oxygen Pump to 21% (was 24%)
  • [Bug] Fix tooltip not following the mouse cursor correctly in main menu on Steam Deck
  • [Bug] Fix idle Research Stations would still require a human operator
  • [Bug] Fix multiple Research Stations would consume electricity in unpredictable ways
  • [Bug] Fix reducing automatic cleaning threshold below dirt level would not create the cleaning task immediately on showers and toilets

v0.6.51 (2022.08.02)

  • [Balance] Make Oil less abundant in the universe
  • [Balance] Give more Steel Plate and Titanium Plate for Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Generate more Disk Modules and a big Matter Reactor for Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Revert grounded beings ability to build objects in space (has unwanted side effects)
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide a few more event notification types when appropriate
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array and Ship Computer could mess up angled floors if generated too close to the edge
  • [Bug] Fix controller mouse cursor would always reset to bottom-left after loading the game
  • [Bug] Fix relocating damaged / disconnected planters would sometimes prevent the worker from finishing the relocation task
  • [Bug] Fix processing or annihilating a dead being would immediately hide the “Died” notification
  • [Bug] Fix plants harvested near a wall could spawn on the other side of the wall
  • [Bug] Fix several potential bugs that could have appeared after loading multiple saves without exiting the game
  • [Bug] Fix incorrect deficit notification persisting after changing fuel type in refillable devices (Pet Bowl, Fluid Cannon, etc)
  • [Bug] Fix research queue showing 0% on tech that had > 0% but was not on top of the queue

v0.6.50 (2022.08.01)

  • [Balance] Allow grounded beings to build objects in space when they are adjacent to the ship
  • [Input] Improve how smooth drag feels
  • [Bug] Fix auto connect upgrade would create fake connections that would disappear after grid changed
  • [Bug] Fix beings would not drop current task while taking hunger damage even when food was available
  • [Bug] Fix RMB + LMB (or B + A) would order building a blueprint before switching to radial menu
  • [Bug] Fix ship generation would pick incorrect angled tiles
  • [Bug] Fix streamlined building tasks would not work for grounded beings when building was in space (i.e. floor bridge)
  • [Bug] Fix smooth drag behaving differently depending on framerate

v0.6.49 (2022.07.18)

  • [Balance] Make “Short Circuit” and “Micro Meteors” events more rare
  • [Balance] Apply difficulty levels to Micro Meteors story event
  • [Balance] Micro meteor hits will have a high chance to leave the wall heavily damaged rather than fully destroyed
  • [UI/UX] Include compression when showing Disk Module size in Info Panel
  • [UI/UX] Add common actions for multi-selected doors
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Computer cooldown would not work properly after relocation or if there was more than one Ship Computer
  • [Bug] Fix Energy Rifle was in Security instead of Energy Weapons research node
  • [Bug] Fix Repair Station or Charge Station would become locked up if their use was interrupted (i.e. by combat)
  • [Bug] Fix releasing drag hold after staying still for a while would still flick the map a little
  • [Bug] Fix Directional Turret was able to overcharge a little
  • [Bug] Fix Door would still use more energy while held open
  • [Bug] Fix some UI issues with multi selected entities (i.e. cycling would not always work correctly)

v0.6.48 (2022.07.17)

  • [Balance] Increase Aesthetics value of AutoDoc
  • [Balance] Doors will not consume more energy while they are forced to remain open
  • [Graphics] Make AutoDoc’s ambient light less saturated
  • [UI/UX] Double clicking LMB (or controller X) will select all similar objects in camera view
  • [UI/UX] Add common action for all Vents to mass open/close them
  • [Bug] Fix Floor vents would be walkable while open
  • [Bug] Fix Oxygen Pump and Heater would oxygenate the area above an open floor vent or heavily damaged floor tile

v0.6.47 (2022.07.16)

  • [Input] Improve “smooth drag” feel
  • [Input] Double clicking MMB (Camera Drag) will focus camera on the clicked position
  • [Misc] Add more tooling to Dev Camera Menu

v0.6.46 (2022.07.15)

  • [Input] Redo “smooth drag” to “throw” the map on drag-release
  • [Feature] Add “Floor Vent” object
  • [Bug] Fix mouse edge pan not working properly after recent input changes
  • [Bug] Fix Merchant ships would register leave event in Ship Log

v0.6.45 (2022.07.14)

  • [Input] Make mouse scroll work consistently on all operating systems
  • [UI/UX] Adjust smooth camera motion sensitivity and values
  • [Bug] Fix input rebind widget could get stuck forever if input was reset to defaults while rebind was open

v0.6.44 (2022.07.13)

  • [UI/UX] Redo camera zoom and pan to use smooth motion with inertia
  • [Balance] Reduce material and time cost to build a Treadmill
  • [Feature] Add new story event: Short Circuit
  • [Bug] Fix texture quality may not be autodetected correctly in certain setups

v0.6.43 (2022.07.12)

  • [UI/UX] Make Battery related UI more clear
  • [Bug] Fix UI pagination issue introduced in v0.6.41
  • [Bug] Fix Research Queue tooltip would still show incorrect data if an idle research station was present

v0.6.42 (2022.07.11)

  • [Feature] If human is operating a device with a chair in the work spot, rest need will drain 2x slower
  • [Feature] Add chance to get mood boost and debuff for working at devices with/without a chair
  • [Balance] Increase showering and toilet time
  • [Balance] Change Aesthetics system and need implementation
  • [Balance] People will clean floors more often
  • [Balance] Allow relocating beings and objects to open space
  • [UI/UX] Prevent starting expeditions to empty planets
  • [Misc] Add feedback ID to each report
  • [Bug] Fix Cleanable component wouldn’t show “Copy Config” button in info panel

v0.6.41 (2022.07.10)

  • [Balance] Increase Robot acceleration
  • [Balance] Increase plant growth rate
  • [Balance] Slightly reduce amount of Survival Meals and Protein for Wrecked scenario
  • [Balance] Set default Firefighting task priority to 9
  • [Balance] Adjust multiple colonist mood effects
  • [Balance] Reduce mining skill level up rate
  • [Balance] When battery gets fully discharged it will have to regain at least 5% of charge in order to be usable again
  • [UI/UX] When using a tool, RMB + LMB (or B + A) will go back into last page of Radial Menu (same as [ / ])
  • [Misc] Disable Achievements after certain dev functions were used
  • [Misc] Add option to Dev Menu to unlock current research queue
  • [Bug] Fix merchant trade UI would show item quantity popup with incorrect pagination if item was being added from non-first page
  • [Bug] Fix stock market UI producing an internal error when stock portfolio was not created
  • [Bug] Fix controller input would click the last hovered button when radial menu wheel selection was made
  • [Bug] Fix unbuilt devices would show “Copy Config” option in their context menu
  • [Bug] Fix Storage Capsule brought from an expedition would not be movable
  • [Bug] Fix devices with refillable storage would show false “task cancelled” warning after refill was completed
  • [Bug] Fix Direct Order would fail to do immediate pathfinding for multi tile objects if their bottom left corner was blocked
  • [Bug] Fix Firefighting tasks would fail for multi tile objects on fire if their bottom left corner was blocked
  • [Bug] Fix humans would not face the food properly when game was loaded in the middle of eating

v0.6.40 (2022.07.09)

  • [Balance] Make Fun drop slower when operating devices
  • [Balance] Make Fun go up faster when socializing
  • [Balance] Reduce socializing duration
  • [UI/UX] Don’t allow filling out the feedback form if network connection is blocked
  • [Bug] Fix socializing would not increase fun if being was chasing another one

v0.6.39 (2022.07.08)

  • [Feature] Add music mood system to play tracks of relevant intensity
  • [UI/UX] Add Soundtrack panel to Audio settings
  • [UI/UX] Add progress bar to ML Booth
  • [UI/UX] Allow skipping the tutorial any time with ESC
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide several event notification types (level ups, stasis wakeups, damage)
  • [UI/UX] Auto fill Feedback form contact and “post to discord” checkbox state with last values
  • [Bug] Fix drag-drop connection on a wall would not auto-connect the newly built wall socket

v0.6.38 (2022.07.07)

  • [Feature] Reimplement socializing action to feel more natural
  • [Balance] Beings with Enlightened trait will not have mental breakdowns
  • [Balance] Naked humans will not socialize (unless nudists)
  • [Balance] Change “device broke down” story event to only affect devices with >30% wear
  • [Balance] Spawn more Titanium Plate for the Wrecked scenario (200 -> 300)
  • [Balance] Reduce Battery device wear
  • [UI/UX] Task priority tool will now show “Increase Priority” on top of the Radial Menu wheel
  • [UI/UX] Close connector context menu after using auto connect / disconnect
  • [UI/UX] Restore cursor position after using Radial Menu with controller
  • [UI/UX] Show animated outline when hovering a connectable device with a Connect tool
  • [UI/UX] Add a button to disable Battery discharge notifications (per each battery)
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide “Done” notifications for suggestions after 1 in-game hour
  • [Tech] Change screenshot method to attempt a workaround for a rare screenshot capture failure
  • [Bug] Fix pause menu would not be clickable if opened above a context menu
  • [Bug] Fix space suit looks would not get applied in hazardous environment during breakdowns
  • [Bug] Fix Dust Storm particles disappearing instantly after event has ended

v0.6.37 (2022.07.06)

  • [Graphics] Increase drone hover speed
  • [Bug] Fix Sandbox mode would not show build tool menu in a new game
  • [Bug] Fix save hanging indefinitely if screenshot could not get taken
  • [Bug] Fix feedback submissions would fail to show up on Discord if screenshot could not get taken
  • [Bug] Fix Research Queue page resetting when modifying item order
  • [Bug] Fix inventory charts could display corrupted lines
  • [Bug] Fix Breakdowns statistics in Situation are not persisted between saves
  • [Bug] Fix Situation chart would not include current day value
  • [Bug] Fix Attempting to connect to a full connector would show the wrong connector capacity in the error message
  • [Bug] Fix Repair tool would keep showing outdated red markers for freshly repaired tiles if cursor did not move
  • [Bug] Fix Particle Collector not displaying material icon on cold start
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling stasis array relocation would unlock “No Hope” achievement
  • [Bug] Fix gamepad right stick would not pan the camera at low input value
  • [Bug] Fix Solar Panel cleaning progress bar would not display correctly

v0.6.36 (2022.07.05)

  • [UI/UX] Show “Unlocked” text next to unlocked research nodes
  • [UI/UX] Add a tooltip to crafters to display production time and electricity cost
  • [UI/UX] Show a notification when battery gets discharged
  • [Misc] Add Dev Menu (dev_menu in console or Current Game Settings > Dev Menu)
  • [Input] Add gamepad deadzone to input settings
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu showing in incorrect position in triple monitor setup
  • [Bug] Fix unlocking all research would still show “Research not running” warning
  • [Bug] Fix Research Station would still ask for an operator when everything is unlocked
  • [Bug] Fix long menus would auto scroll to top shortly after they have finished loading

v0.6.35 (2022.07.03)

  • [Feature] Add a migration popup allowing to change the Story Generator when loading a demo save in full game
  • [Balance] Make Purpose need drop slower
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix “Battery Charge” levels showing up incorrectly in energy chart
  • [Bug] Fix human colonists would eat food in vacuum while wearing space suits

v0.6.34 (2022.07.01)

  • [Misc] Review and cleanup procgen name lists
  • [UI/UX] Show object choice menu when clicking a cluster of nearby objects in the Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix Treadmill misleadingly contributing to energy Max Output while nobody is operating it
  • [Bug] Fix Player’s ship showing up as not identified in the Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Log getting records about visiting Merchants and Shuttles
  • [Bug] Fix using D-Pad to navigate the UI would sometimes show tooltips in the wrong place

v0.6.33 (2022.06.30)

  • [Balance] Reduce work amount required to build walls and floors
  • [Balance] Increase Disk Module capacity from 16ZB to 24ZB
  • [Balance] Overhaul starting conditions for Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Bug] Fix material lack notifications would not get restored immediately after loading the game
  • [Bug] Fix research may not run on Ship Computer if there is a Research Station without an operator
  • [Bug] Fix energy node off and deficit icons showing / hiding inconsistently when devices are getting switched off and on during energy deficit
  • [Bug] Fix certain seeds could produce incorrectly rotated angle floor tiles near horizontal axis of the ship
  • [Bug] Fix Safety Check would almost never get triggered
  • [Bug] Fix “Energy Consumption” showing energy actual energy production rather than consumption
  • [Bug] Fix “Breakdowns” were not tracked in Situation
  • [Bug] Fix merchant ships counting towards discovered space objects, thus triggering late game story events too soon

v0.6.32 (2022.06.29)

  • [Balance] Failed task retry delay will depend on task priority
  • [UI/UX] When increasing priority on a failed task, automatically retry it
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod would fail to land and disappear if attempted to land on an obstacle (broken recently)
  • [Bug] Fix Direct Order would sometimes see unrelated tasks that would prevent forcing execution of the hovered task
  • [Bug] Fix several internal edge case errors

v0.6.31 (2022.06.28)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.5f1
  • [Balance] Review processing and crafting speeds and energy cost for many resources (make things faster in exchange for more energy consumption)
  • [UI/UX] Where possible, show chart on item hover rather than on click
  • [Bug] Fix logic behind processing large amounts of ores when they were in storage
  • [Bug] Fix modifying electricity grid would cause the Ship Computer to produce a power consumption spike when multiple research nodes were in queue
  • [Bug] Reimplement “lack” notifications to properly remove them when lack is satisfied

v0.6.30 (2022.06.27)

  • [Balance] Reduce Ship Computer’s built-in research capacity to 250kW
  • [Balance] Reduce wear of Repair Station by 20x
  • [Balance] Humans will get a mood penalty when having to use a Planter as a Toilet
  • [Balance] Humans will look for a usable Toilet longer before going to the Planter
  • [UI/UX] Add titles to charts where appropriate
  • [UI/UX] Show average price in Stock Market chart when looking at owned shares
  • [UI/UX] Make wall build / replacement logic consistent with floor build / replacement
  • [Bug] Fix “Enter Amount” would allow to buy more items than trader had in stock
  • [Bug] Fix chart would be blank if all values were 0
  • [Bug] Fix Battery Charge not saving properly in Situation history

v0.6.29 (2022.06.24)

  • [UI/UX] Change the logic behind bulk replacing floor tiles when drawing rectangles / circles / lines
  • [Graphics] Prevent dirt from appearing on angular or hollow floor tiles
  • [Graphics] Show skull icon on dead beings
  • [Bug] Fix font scaling would make Research button texts disappear
  • [Bug] Fix UI widget drag confinement wouldn’t work correctly after last change

v0.6.28 (2022.06.23)

  • [Balance] Change multiple devices to require Steel instead of Titanium plate
  • [Performance] Improve performance of dragging a dialog with lots of details (esp. on Steam Deck)
  • [UI/UX] Change chart gradient line color
  • [AI] Improve combat AI
  • [Graphics] Animate all info icons and thought bubbles to pulsate
  • [Bug] Fix several misc bugs while overhauling automated tests
  • [Bug] Fix unfueled reactors reporting non-zero energy max output level
  • [Bug] Fix allow relocating beings in batches when otherwise they wouldn’t be relocatable one by one
  • [Bug] Fix switched off workers hiding their off icon after relocation

v0.6.27 (2022.06.21)

  • [Balance] Generate more inventory for Merchants
  • [UI/UX] Regroup the Radial Menu build submenu items
  • [UI/UX] Improve research event notification
  • [Bug] Fix hovered item would not get cleared if mouse went above UI, and RMB would invoke context menu
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu could show empty build categories if all items in the category were locked
  • [Bug] Fix merchant arrival notification not getting restored after save / load
  • [Bug] Fix possibility of ordering install of upgrades when it was not allowed
  • [Bug] Fix Shuttle was relocatable after loading a save when it was out
  • [Bug] Fix being self preservation being broken when there is no task assigned
  • [Bug] Fix humans not changing into space suit when walking outside
  • [Bug] Fix several edge case bugs and internal exceptions

v0.6.26 (2022.06.20)

  • [Feature] Add “Order Strip” button to dead beings with equipment
  • [Balance] Make socializing shorter
  • [Balance] Operating a Cooking Station will promise satisfying Hunger
  • [AI] Prevent dropping tasks due to urgent needs when task is aligned with the need (i.e. cooking vs hunger)
  • [AI] Prevent socializing from interrupting other worker tasks
  • [UI/UX] Add mood trend tooltip and show the trend in mood details list
  • [UI/UX] Limit the distance at which RMB would show a hovered device context menu
  • [UI/UX] Add color accent on bold texts in dialogs and popups
  • [Graphics] Show hovered tile outline
  • [Bug] Fix robots who cannot go on expeditions would fail to be switched on
  • [Bug] Fix certain recurring goals would prevent other goals from showing up
  • [Bug] Fix Order Petting button would appear for dead pets
  • [Bug] Fix controller not working correctly if plugged / unplugged during gameplay
  • [Bug] Fix equipment visuals not synchronizing with actual equipment state after load until being would move around
  • [Bug] Fix “sleep interrupted” mood effect lasting 4x longer than expected

v0.6.25 (2022.06.18)

  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [UI/UX] Improve Research Storage UI
  • [UI/UX] Revert some of the new UI auto resizing (need to rethink the implementation)

v0.6.24 (2022.06.17)

  • [Balance] Rearrange the Research Tree dependencies
  • [UI/UX] Improve Research Tree layout
  • [UI/UX] Improve Beings overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add Sort buttons to Inventory, Economy Net Worth and Merchant Trade UI lists
  • [UI/UX] Improve Merchant Trade UI list readability
  • [Bug] Fix communicator would be unavailable right after load, making the merchant ship leave you
  • [Bug] Fix firefighters sometimes getting stuck doing nothing if there was fire around
  • [Bug] Fix workers would take dangerous tasks and then refuse to go to the spot due to potential harm
  • [Bug] Fix some UI elements too big on small screens with large UI scale (i.e. inventory overlay)

v0.6.23 (2022.06.16)

  • [Tech] Refactor runtime components away, as they were causing too many issues
  • [UI/UX] Allow ordering direct replacement for worn out devices by trying to build a copy of the device on top of it
  • [Bug] Fix multiple issues with Expedition states
  • [Bug] Automatically recover beings who went into inconsistent state due to expedition bugs
  • [Bug] Fix some hints with missing bindings would still show up on Steam Deck
  • [Bug] Fix beings would attempt to reach materials in unsafe areas

v0.6.22 (2022.06.15)

  • [Balance] Increase fire oxygen consumption x3
  • [Balance] Require 15% oxygen for fire to self ignite (was 10%)
  • [Balance] Reduce wear from switching electrical devices by 20x
  • [Feature] Add “Beverage Cooler” device for storing drinks
  • [UI/UX] Show the favorite meal in Persona UI
  • [UI/UX] Add current game setting to disable all “Device idle” warnings
  • [UI/UX] Add current game setting to disable all “Object in unsafe area” warnings
  • [Graphics] Make the Refrigerator bigger
  • [Performance] Improve performance of fire situations (minor)
  • [Performance] Improve performance of large grid rebuilds (minor)
  • [Performance] Improve Research Tree performance
  • [Bug] Fix receiving small amounts of damage would not drop any tasks ever
  • [Bug] Fix coffee would treated as a meal that recovers Hunger need
  • [Bug] Fix terraforming could get completed too early when devices were switched

v0.6.21 (2022.06.14)

  • [Balance] Change speed and acceleration for most beings
  • [Balance] Reduce wear on connectors
  • [UI/UX] Make being names readable at all zoom levels
  • [UI/UX] Common actions will have a way to highlight and cycle affected entities
  • [UI/UX] Gamepad mouse cursor will pan the camera when pushing on the edge even above UI
  • [UI/UX] Show electricity requirement in Research Queue
  • [UI/UX] Show turned off device count when looking at energy grid details
  • [Input] Swap left and right controller shoulder bindings
  • [Bug] Fix multi-selection failing to show common actions list in context menu after a common action was invoked
  • [Bug] Fix mouse scroll would get inverted after using a controller
  • [Bug] Fix generated merchant wallets would trigger money related achievements
  • [Bug] Fix Wrecked scenario could generate a map with unreachable areas

v0.6.20 (2022.06.13)

  • [Feature] Improve ship generation algorithm to come up with nicer looking smaller ships
  • [UI/UX] Allow replacing floor tiles without removing walls or objects when in Sandbox mode
  • [Bug] Hotfix menu panel would remain invisible but intercept mouse clicks if opened and closed quickly
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of mistypes in English

v0.6.19 (2022.06.11)

  • [Feature] Add “Hail a Merchant” goal
  • [UI/UX] Add “Installable Upgrade” UI item on upgrades objects
  • [Feature] Automatically detect and warn when objects that are supposed to be usable by humans are in unsafe location
  • [Performance] Fix fake VRAM reported by Unity for Intel HD graphics cards on Linux would crash Vulkan with “out of memory”
  • [Bug] Fix “Install Upgrade” goal failing to run the check if Matter Reactor was not available

v0.6.18 (2022.06.09)

  • [Feature] Add “Order Petting” button for all pet types
  • [Feature] Allow ordering device replacement if wear is over 50%
  • [Balance] Ensure tighter Stock Market price correlation between items and their ingredients (i.e. Copper - Copper Plate)
  • [Balance] Reduce wear rate for Doors and Airlocks
  • [Misc] Change default UI scroll speed for Linux builds
  • [Misc] Add “Full Reset” option to settings
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show save file dropdown when there is only one save file
  • [UI/UX] Make worker priorities copyable (for non-biological species only)
  • [UI/UX] Fix some font size inconsistencies in events panel
  • [Bug] Fix beings could spawn too far from Stasis Array work spot, ending up inside a wall and teleporting to another area
  • [Bug] Fix stock market change percentages above 100% would show up multiplied by 1000
  • [Bug] Fix Oxygen missing in Environment tab

v0.6.17 (2022.06.08)

  • [Audio] Change Loom sound effect
  • [UI/UX] Add more “idle” device notifications
  • [UI/UX] Limit chart size on smaller screens
  • [UI/UX] Improve chart tooltip behavior near chart edges
  • [UI/UX] Hide the bottom-left description tooltip after selecting the device blueprint in Radial menu
  • [UI/UX] Fix doors and planters showing a misleading icon during electricity deficit
  • [UI/UX] Remove obsolete “Heading” block from Starmap info panel
  • [UI/UX] Differentiate heavily damaged device UI entry with a warning icon
  • [UI/UX] Improve Particle Collector material choice UI to be more informative
  • [UI/UX] Improve Processor devices (Disassembler, Nutrient Extractor, Recycler, etc) queue UI to provide more details
  • [Bug] Fix multi-select ui list items could select an entity that is no longer active
  • [Bug] Fix “Drop Task” button in beings overlay would allow dropping tasks for non mind-controlled humans
  • [Bug] Fix electricity consumers with deficit would not show up in “Consumers” list in Electricity overlay
  • [Bug] Fix winching sections would leave ghost dirt sprites behind
  • [Bug] Fix several internal corner case exceptions

v0.6.16 (2022.06.07)

  • [Balance] Improve “Ensure Ship Computer Ventilation” goal start and end conditions
  • [UI/UX] Add “Furnace is idle” notification
  • [UI/UX] Add “Explore the Operations Manual” goal
  • [UI/UX] Enhance the tooltip in all charts (Energy, Stock Market, Situation)
  • [Audio] Add another OST track
  • [Misc] Add Unity Data Privacy button in About menu
  • [Misc] Split Closed Alpha and Early Access builds to have separate news
  • [Bug] Fix Situation list resetting to 1st page whenever any item was clicked

v0.6.15 (2022.06.06)

  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [UI/UX] Add gamepad pointer acceleration (very gentle default, tunable in input settings)
  • [UI/UX] Change some tutorial texts when controller is used
  • [UI/UX] Overhaul controller input bindings again to simplify and improve them
  • [Bug] Fix a few issues related to gamepad / mouse / keyboard switching

v0.6.14 (2022.06.04)

  • [Bug] Add official configurations for Steam Deck and Steam Controller
  • [Bug] Fix text would not fit into blocks with largest font scale in some languages (i.e. Japanese)
  • [Bug] Fix mouse not able to activate Radial Menu if controller is available

v0.6.13 (2022.06.03)

  • [Performance] Synchronize mouse and gamepad cursor in a more efficient way
  • [UI/UX] Make D-Pad navigate menus in Main Menu and Pause Panel
  • [Bug] Hotfix Steam Deck not detecting system mouse, resulting in invisible cursor

v0.6.12 (2022.06.03)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.3.4f1
  • [Performance] Further improve pathfinding performance and reduce garbage generation
  • [UI/UX] Seamlessly synchronize mouse and gamepad cursor position
  • [UI/UX] Change default controller bindings to be more compatible with Steam Deck
  • [UI/UX] Add font scale slider to video settings
  • [UI/UX] Increase min/max range of UI scale
  • [UI/UX] Set font scale to max by default on Steam Deck
  • [UI/UX] Use max UI scale by default on Steam Deck
  • [Bug] Fix duplicate shortcut bindings appearing in certain situations
  • [Bug] Fix “Shortcut:” tooltip appearing on buttons when using a controller
  • [Bug] Fix dropping a connection on a wall would show empty context menu for build connector if wall sockets were not researched

v0.6.11 (2022.06.01)

  • [Performance] Improve pathfinding speed for short distances
  • [UI/UX] Mark raider names in red in Beings overlay
  • [Bug] Fix beings to go for a long hike to avoid stepping on a chair
  • [Bug] Fix raiders being greeted as someone who joined your colony

v0.6.10 (2022.06.01)

  • [Balance] Fix Shuttle getting worn off too quickly
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce wear for Disk / Memory / CPU modules
  • [UI/UX] Dropping a connection on a wall will suggest building a wall socket
  • [Bug] Hotfix new task priority would default to 0 unless overridden
  • [Bug] Fix dropping a connection from an unresearched connector type would not suggest building a connector

v0.6.9 (2022.05.31)

  • [Balance] Beings won’t drop work if health > 50% and damage amount is negligible
  • [Balance] Prevent eggs hatching during CPU cooldown procedure
  • [Balance] Increase amount of food spawned per survivor in wrecked scenario
  • [UI/UX] Improve connector build UX on drag-drop power line on the floor
  • [UI/UX] Add more information in direct assignment tooltip
  • [UI/UX] Add a way to see last damage location in being health UI
  • [UI/UX] Adjusting priority on certain repeating tasks will save the priority for the device
  • [Bug] Fix Quick Search not refreshing the index after something got unlocked until Radial menu is displayed
  • [Bug] Fix left / right modifier keys showing duplicate binding glyphs in UI tooltips
  • [Bug] Fix force assigning an already assigned task could end up in two workers attempting to perform the same work, leading to bugs
  • [Bug] Fix using deconstruct tool on a tile with deconstruction in progress would reset the progress
  • [Bug] Fix selecting tile along with objects or beings would not render tile selection vfx
  • [Bug] Fix plants getting misaligned after winching
  • [Bug] Fix stray floor tiles would prevent winching if they were touching the island diagonally
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a landed capsule would produce a smoke trail
  • [Bug] Fix irremovable stasis pods sitting on the map forever

v0.6.8 (2022.05.31)

  • [Balance] Change material cost of new batteries
  • [Balance] Adjust Hunger, Purpose and Maintenance need drop rates
  • [Balance] Meals will cook faster
  • [Balance] Growing Protein in Cloning Pod will yield 5 Protein out of 1
  • [UI/UX] Show shortcut tooltips for Relocate and Build a Copy UI buttons
  • [Bug] Fix object replacement tasks would not show skill requirements in tooltips
  • [Bug] Fix Nuclear Battery using wrong graphic
  • [Bug] Fix cleaning devices would add excessive amounts of wear
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array could get generated near a wall
  • [Bug] Fix atmosphere leak particles missing or behaving in unexpected ways
  • [Bug] Fix hints could show up for shortcuts that are not bound
  • [Bug] Fix Processor progress bar not updating in UI when queue becomes empty
  • [Bug] Fix energy graph registering sharp drops when game was saved and loaded
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Computer resetting its energy consumption if Energy overlay was opened with time stopped

v0.6.7 (2022.05.30)

  • [Feature] Add device wear (can be disabled through new game modifiers or current game settings)
  • [Feature] Add two new Battery devices for mid and late game
  • [Balance] Plants will no longer need or use oxygen
  • [Balance] Change Construction Speed research to be more useful
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltips with inventory count when hovering material names in most UI material lists
  • [Bug] Fix “One” crafting option would show “Production goal reached” immediately
  • [Bug] Fix Winch Hook UI failing to load when Winch Anchor was not available

v0.6.6 (2022.05.29)

  • [Feature] Communicator will be able to search for Merchants of specific type
  • [Balance] Make FTL drives 4x more powerful
  • [UI/UX] Return to the last seen page of stock market items after viewing an item
  • [Audio] Add several missing device ambiences and sfx
  • [Bug] Fix sparks visual effect removed too quickly after repairing a tile

v0.6.5 (2022.05.28)

  • [Audio] Change multiple sound effects and device ambiences

v0.6.4 (2022.05.27)

  • [UI/UX] Add battery charge and reserve power to the electricity overlay (grid details and chart)
  • [Balance] Change some construction and research costs
  • [Balance] Humans with space suits will now be able to do mining expeditions
  • [Bug] Fix “Auto Unload” toggle not working in expedition controls

v0.6.3 (2022.05.26)

  • [Feature] Add Tier value to Research nodes
  • [Balance] It will take significantly longer for workers to build higher tier devices
  • [Balance] Change multiple research tree node costs and positions
  • [Balance] Change construction costs for most devices
  • [Feature] Add Converter device
  • [Feature] Add new research nodes for unlocking production of certain materials
  • [UI/UX] Redo the Research Tree layout from ground up
  • [Feature] Make it possible to have multiple dependencies in Research Tree

v0.6.2 (2022.05.24)

  • [Tech] Refactor crafting recipes to allow having more than one recipe for same type of object
  • [Balance] Make “build more <…>” suggestions non-recurring
  • [Balance] Link max merchant inventory size to in-game time
  • [Balance] Change construction requirements for several devices
  • [UI/UX] Show warning icons on switched off devices
  • [Bug] Fix loading a game with an ongoing shuttle expedition could cause an issue since 0.6.1
  • [Bug] Fix charts showing slightly wrong values in the popup
  • [Bug] Fix further upgrades may not be found for a device if at least one upgrade was installed before
  • [Bug] Fix fires would not get extinguished on beings or objects
  • [Bug] Fix expedition shuttle would drop copies of same object loot every time it unloaded the storage
  • [Bug] Fix biological beings able to go through unpowered doors under certain conditions
  • [Bug] Fix estimating being path would not show “cannot go there” for unreachable paths
  • [Bug] Fix Particle Collector would sometimes break through the wall of enclosed area in wrecked ship start generation

v0.6.1 (2022.05.23)

  • [Misc] Add Ukrainian translation
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [UI/UX] Move Difficulty setting from New Game panel into Modifiers
  • [UI/UX] Improve repair and construction ui info panel entries
  • [Balance] Reduce Ship Computer research capacity to 500kW
  • [Balance] Increase Research Station research capacity to 250kW
  • [Balance] Research Station will add +1 to research parallelism (when operator is present)
  • [Balance] Make electrical device damaged story event more interesting
  • [Balance] Allow connecting short range connector to a long range one without backlink check
  • [Bug] Fix RMB would open Radial Menu when closing Research Queue context menu
  • [Bug] Radial menu selection would not work with controller when invoked through the Hotbar
  • [Bug] Fix devices that were turned off would get damaged due to wear
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling construction task on a selected tile should keep showing selection vfx
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Config would result in Crafter progress bar showing incorrect product
  • [Bug] Fix Store tool would create hauling tasks for piles that were being carried by workers
  • [Bug] Prevent modifying Shuttle state right before it gets launched on an expedition
  • [Bug] Fix health showing up as 0/0 for undamaged tiles

v0.6.0 (2022.05.20)

  • [Feature] Add Research Station device for humans to help Ship Computer with research
  • [Feature] Redo Research system from ground up
  • [Feature] Implement Research Queue
  • [Feature] Add Disk Compression Upgrade (+50% disk space, stackable)
  • [Feature] Add Disk Compression research node
  • [Feature] Ship Computer will produce electricity and have its own grid even when disconnected
  • [Balance] Allow more than one Ship Computer on the same electricity grid
  • [Balance] Make Energy research cost 5kW instead of just time
  • [Balance] Limit single Ship Computer’s max research capacity to 1MW
  • [UI/UX] Add controls for throttling research energy use
  • [UI/UX] Redo Research electricity cost display to improve clarity
  • [Bug] Fix harvested plants would show outdated health bar if they were damaged
  • [Bug] Fix humans would not stop operating turned off devices

v0.5.284 (2022.05.17)

  • [UI/UX] Show event notification when someone joins your colony
  • [UI/UX] Add more details in info panel task view
  • [UI/UX] Show alerts about imminent explosions from armed bombs
  • [Bug] Fix some AI tasks could get stuck indefinitely if workers were removed while performing the task
  • [Bug] Fix drones getting stuck in “find enemy” state if there was a big gap of open space between them and the attackers
  • [Bug] Fix radial menu not always getting hidden when another widget would open

v0.5.283 (2022.05.16)

  • [Feature] Add 9x9 Solar Panel Array (50kW)
  • [Feature] Add Advanced Solar research node
  • [Feature] Construction, deconstruction and repair tasks will be streamlined (worker will try to take nearby tasks immediately)
  • [UI/UX] Improve mood history view
  • [UI/UX] Close Quick Search (TAB) menu when opening a full screen widget
  • [UI/UX] Automatically hide non-important dialog popups when new dialog popup is attempted to be displayed
  • [UI/UX] When showing a dialog, show a bubble with pending message queue size
  • [Balance] Sentries and Carrier Drones will now participate in enemy raids
  • [Bug] Bridge controls would ask for operator when ship is not flying or when device is off
  • [Bug] Fix engine flames not going out when engine is turned off or damaged
  • [Bug] Fix Hotbar build tool shortcut not showing the newly unlocked blueprints on first click
  • [Bug] Fix releasing shift with being selected would not always clear the path preview

v0.5.282 (2022.05.15)

  • [Balance] Make mining happen 2x faster
  • [Bug] Hotfix deconstructing devices without upgrades would not remove the object properly

v0.5.281 (2022.05.15)

  • [Balance] Randomizing job priorities for humans would not remove Operations priority
  • [UI/UX] Display no priority in the list of reasons for worker not taking the task
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Graphics] Replace deconstruction and repairs VFX with nanobot swarm
  • [Graphics] Update Charge Stations VFX
  • [Bug] Deconstructing devices will no longer destroy installed upgrade modules

v0.5.280 (2022.05.13)

  • [Misc] Add gamepad rumble
  • [UI/UX] Add option to disable gamepad rumble
  • [UI/UX] Close the Radial Menu when clicking with mouse outside it
  • [UI/UX] R1 + L1 + Start will trigger feedback panel when playing with a controller
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array would break electricity grid when loading the game if Matrix mode was enabled

v0.5.279 (2022.05.12)

  • [AI] Roaming beings will only go for short distances
  • [UI/UX] Improve Oxygen, Heat, Insulation and Airtightness overlay readability
  • [Graphics] Replace construction animation with a nanobot swarm
  • [Performance] Optimize performance to reduce potential frame drops when running a large map at high speed
  • [Bug] Fix load failure when expedition story event without a constructor fails to deserialize

v0.5.278 (2022.05.11)

  • [AI] Adjust needs satisfaction logic to prevent some needs from getting neglected
  • [Feature] Add Rest need and make humans get tired after working, so they will not take work tasks until they rest
  • [Balance] Beings will only socialize when Shower need is above 30
  • [Balance] Make humans seek fun activities less frequently
  • [Balance] Make Crafting Station and Cooking Station usable as a makeshift table for eating
  • [Graphics] Add Cooking Station VFX
  • [Graphics] Change some device operate animations to go from side to side
  • [Graphics] Animate construction, desconstruction, repairs and harvesting plants
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid VFX not clearing up when selecting a being or material pile
  • [Bug] Fix raiders being rescued by your drones when stuck in open space

v0.5.277 (2022.05.10)

  • [Balance] When stasis pod spawns friendly beings, they will have space suits and clothing
  • [Audio] Add Cooking Station ambience
  • [UI/UX] Show material deficit notifications for tiles that are pending replacement
  • [UI/UX] Show (not bound) instead of () in Operations Manual when shortcut is missing
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show electricity grid chart if there is nothing to show
  • [Bug] Fix tables unusable after winching
  • [Bug] Fix relocating processors would lose processor settings and queue contents
  • [Bug] Fix possibility to start relocation of same object twice through shortcut
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Pod would spawn the smoke trail before repositioning to the start location
  • [Bug] Automatically remove invalid objects when loading the game

v0.5.276 (2022.05.09)

  • [Feature] Add Cooking Station device for humans to cook their food
  • [Feature] Coffee Maker, Bridge Controls and Loom will require a human operator to work
  • [Balance] Move AutoKitchen into its own research node
  • [Balance] Coffee will cost less electricity and take less time to produce
  • [Balance] Automatically start growing Wheat in the planter inside survivor area in Wrecked scenario
  • [Graphics] Fix operator visual offsets on Crafting Station
  • [Graphics] Fix visual offsets on Treadmill

v0.5.275 (2022.05.08)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.2f1
  • [Feature] Add a Crafting Station device that requires a human operator to craft objects
  • [Feature] Add new Operate skill for humans
  • [Feature] Add Radiator device for reducing heat indoors
  • [Feature] Most industrial devices will produce heat around them
  • [Balance] Generate Wrecked scenario with one Crafting Station instead of Assembler
  • [Balance] Move Copper Wire and Transistor to Technology research node
  • [Balance] Move Assembler to Robotics research node
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix dirt visuals could get created too far from the grid position
  • [Bug] Fix dirt sprites not refreshing correctly when dirt is cleaned and created at the same time

v0.5.274 (2022.05.06)

  • [Balance] Make Cleaning Bots accelerate faster
  • [UI/UX] Hide notifications about lack of materials when the lack is resolved
  • [UI/UX] Add material sorting modes to inventory overlay (count asc/desc, alphabetic)
  • [Graphics] Make space background move faster when ship is flying
  • [Audio] Change Emergency Siren sound to a more sci-fi one
  • [Performance] Reduce CPU consumption coming from audio filters and music playback
  • [Performance] Fix periodic small frame drops happening due to oxygen/heat simulation on the GPU

v0.5.273 (2022.05.05)

  • [Feature] Make enclosed areas dimmer to encourage installing lights
  • [Bug] Fix drone hovering and object rotations getting choppy after playing for many hours in same save
  • [Bug] Fix some particles not updating their position after winch operation
  • [Bug] Fix beings would socialize with themselves
  • [Bug] Fix enclosed areas not recalculating automatically after winching, causing issues with heaters and oxygen pumps
  • [Bug] Fix beings would remain tethered to themselves after socializing with themselves (doh)
  • [Bug] Fix beings would fail to reach their walk destinations when socializing with themselves
  • [Bug] Fix space objects rapidly changing visual direction if both player ship and the object is moving

v0.5.272 (2022.05.04)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.3.1f1
  • [Balance] Humans and pets will seek recreational activities more frequently
  • [Feature] Add Treadmill device and research node
  • [Bug] Fix Radial menu not rebuilding if necessary when invoked through B shortcut
  • [Bug] Fix potential crash when warming up Vulcan shares on Linux
  • [Bug] Fix game modifiers menu failing to create all buttons when Sandbox scenario was selected
  • [Bug] Show the right preview sprite in slots components when slots are used
  • [Bug] Fix socializing would pick social candidates in opposite order (worst candidate first)

v0.5.271 (2022.05.02)

  • [Feature] Add Security Controls overlay to control all security devices at once
  • [Feature] Add Security Controls device and research branch
  • [UI/UX] Add huge labels next to root items in Research Tree
  • [UI/UX] Show device battery level when hovering the clock
  • [UI/UX] Virtual mouse cursor will now pan Research / Starmap view when pushing the edges
  • [Audio] Change Assembler and Auto Kitchen SFX
  • [AUdio] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix first instance of text input popup would execute game key bindings when typing
  • [Bug] Fix Steam Achievements synchronizing with local ones with incorrect unlock date
  • [Bug] Fix controller edge pan activating on the map when game was paused or in Research / Starmap

v0.5.270 (2022.04.28)

  • [Feature] Synchronize local and Steam Achievements
  • [Feature] Replace Millionaire achievement with 5 different money related achievements
  • [UI/UX] Create custom locked/unlocked images for each achievement
  • [UI/UX] Show big achievement images in UI
  • [UI/UX] Improve formatting on some of the in-game tooltips
  • [UI/UX] Warn about low battery on your gaming device
  • [UI/UX] Automatically pause when Steam overlay is open
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon water bullets not going through objects
  • [Bug] Fix some controller glyphs appearing in incorrect positions

v0.5.269 (2022.04.27)

  • [UI/UX] Change controller left stick press binding from Cycle Tool Mode to Rotate
  • [UI/UX] Show virtual keyboard automatically when selecting an input field in Steam Deck or Steam Big Screen mode
  • [UI/UX] Show a copy of input field above the virtual keyboard on Steam Deck, as keyboard often covers the input
  • [Bug] Detect gamepad flavor correctly

v0.5.268 (2022.04.26)

  • [UI/UX] Improve auto scaling for screens with unreported DPI (Steam Deck)
  • [UI/UX] Show only controller glyphs when controller is in use
  • [UI/UX] Change default controller bindings to include Shift and Ctrl modifier
  • [UI/UX] Improve fonts readability
  • [UI/UX] When applying repair limit of 25 tiles in tutorial, check the number of tiles, not the drag rect size
  • [UI/UX] Prevent wrong type of research from being started during the tutorial
  • [UI/UX] Improve research tutorial guidelines if research tree is closed without starting the required research
  • [UI/UX] Add Steam Controller glyphs for Steam Deck
  • [UI/UX] Hide keyboard controls in input settings when controller is in use
  • [Bug] Fix resetting input settings would not reset the invert UI option
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial impossible to complete with controller alone
  • [Bug] Fix cat riding a bot achievement getting unlocked while cat is still chasing the bot
  • [Bug] Fix saving / loading near the end of the tutorial could resume the tutorial without instructions what to do

v0.5.267 (2022.04.25)

  • [Feature] Add Sentry Drone - a security drone built for combat operations
  • [Balance] Increase Robot health to 150
  • [Performance] Optimize electricity grid rebuild performance
  • [UI/UX] When displaying percentages in UI, never show 100% while the value is lower than 100%;
  • [UI/UX] Add a Chart toggle button for Electricity overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add details display for disconnected sub grids
  • [UI/UX] When showing sub grid details, show visual connections only for that subgrid
  • [UI/UX] Improve electricity grid details UI
  • [Bug] Fix complex electricity grids (thousands of devices) could lead to incorrect subgrid divisions
  • [Bug] Fix colonizing a planet during an expedition or combat would get the game into an inconsistent state
  • [Bug] Fix colonizing a planet would unlock an achievement for destroying the Stasis Array
  • [Bug] Fix being particles not getting removed when beings are sent to a colonized planet
  • [Bug] Fix colonizing a planet with a paused time would not begin until time flow is resumed
  • [Bug] Prevent auto save during the planet colonization phase
  • [Bug] Fix pathfinding target change would make a being go back to the center of the current tile before moving on

v0.5.266 (2022.04.24)

  • [Feature] Add Achievements system and dozens of initial achievements
  • [UI/UX] List all achievements in Codex overlay
  • [UI/UX] List all achievements in Main Menu
  • [UI/UX] Add option to disable achievements
  • [Bug] Fix terraforming progress slowing down if more than one terraformable planet was discovered

v0.5.265 (2022.04.23)

  • [Balance] Generate more inhabitants in Stasis Array
  • [Feature] Add Modifiers system for starting new game with a set of challenges (modable)
  • [Feature] Add “No Pause” modifier
  • [Feature] Add “Resource Multiplier” modifier
  • [UI/UX] Move “Map Size” and “Ship Size” into modifiers
  • [UI/UX] Move “No Reload” save load mode into modifiers
  • [UI/UX] Turn “Enable Combat” new game setting into a modifier
  • [UI/UX] Remember last selected Radial Menu top level item
  • [Bug] Fix survivor area would generate in slightly different location from same seed
  • [Bug] Fix removing an unbuilt Beta Wave Transceiver would reset beta wave synchronization to zero
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu always selecting the 12 o’clock item when drilling into submenus
  • [Bug] Fix Emblem objects allowing to select sprites with dynamically generated rotations

v0.5.264 (2022.04.22)

  • [Feature] Add Beta Wave Transceiver for colonist mind control
  • [Feature] Add Mind Control research branch
  • [Feature] Add trait Beta Wave Resistent that would make a colonist resistent to mind control
  • [UI/UX] Improve Research Tree auto layout
  • [UI/UX] Add operations manual entry for Camera Memory and Mind Control

v0.5.263 (2022.04.21)

  • [Balance] Require Manufacturing research to produce Optical Fiber
  • [Bug] Fix Winching would make certain tasks impossible until next save/load due to pathfinding issues
  • [Bug] Fix generating maps with same seed would produce a slightly different result due to variations in structural damage
  • [Bug] Fix missing “Steel Bed” translation
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a cleanable device (toilet, shower, solar panel) would reset the dirt state
  • [Bug] Fix cleanable devices would lose accumulated dirt amount when loading the game
  • [Bug] Prevent plants appearing with incorrect offsets when loading a save

v0.5.262 (2022.04.20)

  • [Balance] Significantly reduce Terraformer material consumption
  • [Bug] Fix freshly spawned beings not showing part of sprites if directional are split across different atlas pages
  • [Bug] Fix several small internal errors in edge cases

v0.5.261 (2022.04.19)

  • [Balance] Improve firefighting system
  • [Balance] Make Directional Turret store more shots and shoot bullets faster
  • [Balance] When an object on fire is extinguished, prevent it from cathing on fire again for 15 minutes (simulation time)
  • [Misc] Detect malformed variables when validating translations
  • [UI/UX] Explain Winch failures instead of hiding “Reel In” options
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show the terraforming progress bar on Terraformer devices as it was conflicting with fuel bar
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon not able to extinguish fire properly on small objects (i.e. plants)
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array would not produce electricity after conversion to The Matrix (until save/load)

v0.5.260 (2022.04.18)

  • [Feature] Fluid cannon filled with Petroleum will shoot incendiary bullets
  • [Balance] Allow terraforming materials to be used by Matter Reactors and Fluid Cannons
  • [Balance] When forcing a direct order (ctrl+click) on a task that is already assigned to another worker, reassign the task
  • [Bug] Fix “Generate Validity Report” in Language settings would only work after switching to another language
  • [Bug] Fix Terraformers would allow being configured using any type of fuel
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon filled with Water would not hit floors that are on fire
  • [Bug] Fix some issues with AI task assignment logic related to firefighting

v0.5.259 (2022.04.17)

  • [Feature] Add “Colonize” option to settle your colony on a terraformed planet
  • [Feature] Add end credits screen
  • [Bug] Fix flight between galaxies would take forever
  • [Bug] Fix Starmap targeting broken in Universe layer

v0.5.258 (2022.04.17)

  • [Balance] Remove Battery Overload sub-events that end up with robots dying (except for Challenging difficulty)
  • [UI/UX] Notify about malformed translations when loading definitions with template variables
  • [Bug] Hotfix universe fails to generate for a new game

v0.5.257 (2022.04.16)

  • [Feature] Add Terraforming Controls device for running terraforming operations
  • [Feature] Add Atmosphere Generator device for terraforming planets
  • [Feature] Add Biosphere Generator device for terraforming planets
  • [Feature] Add Ocean Generator device for terraforming planets
  • [Feature] Add Terrain Generator device for terraforming planets
  • [Feature] Add Terraforming research branch
  • [Feature] Add new craftable materials required for terraforming: AtmosphereMix, OrganicTurf, BioEnrichedWater, MultiFertilizer
  • [Feature] Allow growing Protein in Cloning Pod
  • [Graphics] Improve glass floor and window reflections
  • [UI/UX] Show fuel type in all refillable devices when hovering them

v0.5.256 (2022.04.13)

  • [Feature] Add Telescope device that can find a terraformable planet (for end goal)
  • [Feature] Add Telescope research branch
  • [UI/UX] Update the “End Goal” section of the Operations Manual
  • [Bug] Fix merchants in ships not starting trades anymore
  • [Bug] Fix Search popup not showing up in Research Tree
  • [Bug] Fix relocating the bed to the same spot in the tutorial would lock tutorial from progressing

v0.5.255 (2022.04.12)

  • [Feature] Add AutoDoc device for patching up biological damage
  • [Feature] Add AutoDoc research branch
  • [Bug] Fix winching would break heaters and oxygen pumps
  • [Bug] Fix relocating anything with refillable storage (reactors, fluid cannons) would lose the fuel
  • [Bug] Fix winching would leave Ship Computer’s research particles in old location
  • [Bug] Fix UI pagination sometimes not showing last couple of items

v0.5.254 (2022.04.11)

  • [Feature] Add Probe device for launching probes to scan distant planets
  • [Feature] Add Probe research branch
  • [Graphics] Add smoke trail effects to Capsules, Meteors, Shuttles, etc
  • [Bug] Fix nearby merchant ship constantly changing direction if your ship moves
  • [Bug] Fix mods not loading non-english translations
  • [Bug] Fix text input popup widget would not close after submitting the input with Enter/Return

v0.5.253 (2022.04.10)

  • [Balance] Make Winch Hook and Anchor cheaper to research and build
  • [Bug] Fix possible graphics glitch after winching
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not move info icons of multi-tile objects correctly
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not move particles correctly
  • [Bug] Fix winching would not move dirt correctly
  • [Bug] Fix floating islands during ship wreck generation phase would not move dirt correctly
  • [Bug] Fix winching would fail to start when single tile objects (Thrusters, Solar Panels) were attached to the section

v0.5.252 (2022.04.09)

  • [Feature] Add Winch Hook and Winch Anchor devices
  • [Feature] Add Winch Research branch
  • [Feature] Implement moving disconnected sections using Winch Hook + Anchor
  • [Feature] Add Winch section to Operations Manual
  • [Graphics] Fix space object visually sliding into position right after load
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle visuals not disappearing from the starfield while shuttle is landing on base

v0.5.251 (2022.04.08)

  • [Bug] Hotfix for game getting stuck in loading screen if Texture Quality setting was default

v0.5.250 (2022.04.07)

  • [Bug] Fix Unity stripping new starmap shaders as they are not linked in compile time (white squares)
  • [Graphics] Make shuttles appear small in background above planets

v0.5.249 (2022.04.07)

  • [Graphics] Display space objects in-game (work in progress)
  • [Graphics] Redo planets, stars, black holes, systems and galaxies looks in Starmap
  • [Bug] Fix emerging through a black hole could get us back to old galaxy if we changed Starmap scope to Universe and back
  • [Bug] Fix changing Starmap scope to Universe and back would emerge us near the Black Hole instead of last position

v0.5.248 (2022.04.05)

  • [Feature] Add Quantum Barrier device that generates a force field to protect from asteroids and meteors
  • [Feature] Add Force Fields research branch (under Quantum Mechanics)
  • [Feature] Add automatic suggestion to disassemble a reclaimed Breach Capsule
  • [Bug] Fix socializing with enlightened humans would cause internal errors when trying to form attachments
  • [Bug] Fix Micro Meteor trails invisible

v0.5.247 (2022.04.04)

  • [Feature] Generate more interesting ships
  • [Feature] Add new types of floor tiles
  • [UX/UI] Show Research and Starmap shortcuts in overlay tooltips
  • [UX/UI] Hide Radial Menu when opening a full screen overlay (Starmap, Research)
  • [Bug] Fix emblems having 100% custom walking difficulty by default

v0.5.246 (2022.04.03)

  • [Feature] Add more content to Codex > Operations Manual
  • [Feature] Add custom walking difficulty slider to Emblem configuration UI
  • [Feature] Add Factions list to Codex
  • [Graphics] Fix Walking Difficulty overlay showing incorrect colors
  • [Balance] Generate more Oil on planets
  • [Balance] Add a Merchant type that will trade Oil and its products
  • [Bug] Fix several internal errors
  • [Bug] Fix Codex > Operations Manual button was missing in build

v0.5.245 (2022.04.02)

  • [Feature] Add the initial version of the Operations Manual (inside Codex)
  • [Balance] Make Emblems not difficult to walk over
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial getting stuck on repair step if there was no bed found for relocation step

v0.5.244 (2022.04.01)

  • [Feature] Add Codex overlay with an in-game knowledge base
  • [UI/UX] Show existing item counts in Radial Menu
  • [UI/UX] Add new crafting demand type option: One
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips in crafter configuration UI
  • [Bug] Fix socialization was completely impossible for humans with Introverted trait
  • [Bug] Fix multiple internal errors in various edge cases
  • [Bug] Fix loot generation broken for radioactive planet type
  • [Bug] Fix CPU module showing hard-coded incorrect Thz value from translations file
  • [Bug] Fix some game seeds would generate survivor area with a broken wall

v0.5.243 (2022.03.31)

  • [Feature] Add Recreational activity (low priority) - clean floors
  • [Feature] Add Trait: Enlightened. Enlightened humans will not be able to form any attachments to anything.
  • [Feature] Add Reinforced Emblem Floor tile
  • [Feature] Flight will not get cancelled when Bridge Controls are offline (engines will stop)
  • [Balance] Make engine power consumption equal to actual engine output
  • [Balance] Damaged Particle Collector will collect materials slower
  • [Balance] Spawn some water in the beginning of Wrecked ship scenario
  • [UI/UX] Add more details about replacement tasks in UI
  • [Graphics] Fix Micro Meteor trails rendering below floors
  • [Bug] Fix space traffic could be spawned during the tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix humans would not clean floors
  • [Bug] Fix auto hauling could get triggered on an object that was pending relocation
  • [Bug] Fix Construction Drone missing Recharging job type
  • [Bug] Fix Micro Meteors event notification using the wrong widget type

v0.5.242 (2022.03.31)

  • [Feature] Add relocation to the Tutorial
  • [Feature] Processing Rock may yield other materials with random chance
  • [Balance] Soil will not spawn on planets anymore
  • [Balance] Spawn more Rock on planets
  • [Balance] Change production ingredients for C42
  • [UI/UX] Improve some parts of the tutorial
  • [Performance] Generate new game scenarios faster
  • [Bug] Fix male clothing now showing color choice in Loom settings
  • [Bug] Fix mood details UI refreshing unnecessarily on every tick
  • [Bug] Fix relocation of unfinished construction was possible via shortcut
  • [Bug] Add more diagnostics and recovery for corner case with expedition member getting stuck in off state
  • [Bug] Fix relocation shortcut would activate even if nothing was selected

v0.5.241 (2022.03.30)

  • [Feature] Storage Capsule drops will sometimes try to spawn materials you lack
  • [Feature] Make it possible to upgrade / rebuild certain devices (memory modules, connectors) without removing them
  • [Feature] Attempt to keep existing connections when relocating a connector
  • [Balance] Spawn additional 50 Silicon in the beginning of Wrecked Ship and Leaving Earth scenarios
  • [Balance] Adjust production cost and ingredients for Energy Rifle
  • [Balance] Humans will have individualized set of job priorities
  • [Balance] Change production cost of the Storage Unit
  • [Balance] Wood will not be burnable into Coal anymore
  • [Balance] Remove internal job types from worker’s UI (Eating, Recharging, Sleeping, etc)
  • [UI/UX] Feedback form will remember the entered text if it was not submitted
  • [UI/UX] Add instructions for selected worker direct orders (Managed Worker > Direct Control)
  • [UI/UX] Do not squash Radial Menu submenus that have only 1 child
  • [Bug] Fix Ship Computer’s ghost showing “no research” while pending relocation
  • [Bug] Fix selected being path preview while holding Ctrl / Shift would get stuck or not update
  • [Bug] Fix Radial Menu could show items with no children (i.e. Furniture during tutorial)
  • [Bug] Job types will not show popups with missing translations

v0.5.240 (2022.03.29)

  • [Feature] Replacing walls and floors will not remove the old wall / floor during the task
  • [Feature] Allow disassembling a captured Breach Capsule after raid is over
  • [Balance] Damaged solar panels and reactors will produce less electricity
  • [Balance] Damaged connectors will have less max slots
  • [Balance] Change Space Helmet production electricity cost to 50kW (was 100kW)
  • [Balance] Adjust some market item prices and groups
  • [Balance] Merchants will buy more variety of items than they sell themselves
  • [Balance] Move “Steel Wardrobe” from Advanced Furniture to regular Furniture
  • [Balance] Planters will require Water rather than Biowaste
  • [Performance] Fix possible stutter when walls / floors were deconstructed
  • [UI/UX] Limit input field length
  • [UI/UX] Add a shortcut (“o”) to start relocating selected tiles or objects
  • [Bug] Fix clothing items would flood merchant’s inventory with color versions and other items would not get generated
  • [Bug] Replacement of a tile (i.e. door or vent) with the same item will not be allowed

v0.5.239 (2022.03.28)

  • [Balance] Add missing Gears in Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Change how Particle Collector works normally and during dust storm
  • [Graphics] Make Solar Panels unlit when their output is < 50%
  • [UI/UX] Show Particle Collector progress for currently collected material
  • [UI/UX] Change how items with colors are produced in crafters (clothing items in a Loom)
  • [Bug] Fix internal error happening when viewing task links for an object that is not movable
  • [Bug] Fix some electrical devices background lights not working when needed

v0.5.238 (2022.03.27)

  • [UI/UX] Add electricity production and consumption priority controls for compatible devices
  • [UI/UX] Show last 30 entries of colonist mood history in addition to currently ongoing effects
  • [Misc] Fix several translations after scenario intro text sequence was changed

v0.5.237 (2022.03.26)

  • [Feature] Reintroduce “Leaving Earth” scenario with balance fixes
  • [Bug] Fix aborting an expedition when a member failed to reach it would not remove the expedition controls UI
  • [Bug] Fix failing to save games when save name ended with dot character
  • [Bug] Fix combat potentially getting stuck when there are more than 16 units
  • [Bug] Plants will no longer be movable

v0.5.236 (2022.03.25)

  • [Graphics] Add transparency support for custom floor tiles
  • [Graphics] Automatically fix door / vent rotation when a new wall is built nearby
  • [Misc] Add Japanese translation by Souzen Yurama
  • [Misc] Redo the “worker forced to be offline” mechanic to allow multiple reasons
  • [Bug] Fixed robots produced in assemblers would have a “clone” tag

v0.5.235 (2022.03.24)

  • [Feature] Auto Kitchen will have an internal storage instead of dumping fresh meals on the floor
  • [Feature] Beings are going to die of old age
  • [Balance] Reduce probability of bomb in a capsule drop
  • [Balance] Spawn more plastic at the beginning of the game
  • [Balance] Loom clothing production will cost 5kW for regular clothing (was 0.1kW)
  • [Balance] Adjust ingredients for space suits and helmets (include new materials)
  • [UI/UX] Add “Switch ON/OFF” buttons to electricity grid producers / consumers / batteries view
  • [UI/UX] Add common action to order cleaning for mass selected cleanable devices (solar panels, toilets, showers, etc.)
  • [UI/UX] Add UI details for beings who are biological clones
  • [UI/UX] Display shorter version of being names when possible
  • [Bug] Fix underaged colonists being spawned looking as adults
  • [Bug] Fix mood effects list in UI not showing multiplier when it has to, and showing X1 when it doesn’t

v0.5.234 (2022.03.23)

  • [Balance] Generate one Assembler when starting a new game
  • [Graphics] Make generated floor lights dimmer
  • [Graphics] Animate human and animal food consumption
  • [UI/UX] Add display of “Next” task to worker brain UI
  • [Bug] Fix AI worker getting stuck when “Next” task source entity would get destroyed
  • [Bug] Fix humans looking naked after they switch from a space suit to regular clothing

v0.5.233 (2022.03.23)

  • [Balance] Solar panels will require copper wire instead of copper plate
  • [Balance] Doors and vents will contain transistors and copper wire
  • [Balance] Assemblers will require construction level 4 (was 5)
  • [Balance] Solar Panel Array will require construction level 5 (was 6)
  • [Balance] Reduce electricity consumption and time needed for crafting Copper Wire
  • [UI/UX] Add reservation details in slots UI (toilets, showers, etc.)
  • [Bug] Fix unreachable toilet or shower would remain reserved forever, making all toilets / showers eventually unusable

v0.5.232 (2022.03.23)

  • [UI/UX] Show appropriate “searching for clothing/weapon/headgear” message and icon when being is looking for equipment
  • [Graphics] Use HDR in game lights to make colors look more vibrant
  • [Graphics] Add gentle cursor light (configurable in video settings)
  • [Balance] Spawn 100x of each new type of resource that was introduced in v0.5.230 when loading an old game save, to make it playable again
  • [Bug] Fix Reactor efficiency never showing above 100%
  • [Bug] Change Vents algorithm to be more realistic. Fixes the constantly increasing heat issue in certain room layouts
  • [Bug] Automatically recover tiles when construction tasks gets missing on load

v0.5.231 (2022.03.22)

  • [Audio] Play selection sounds for carrier drones and cleaning bots
  • [UI/UX] Fix Research Tree nodes layout could intersect
  • [UI/UX] Show some details when clicking any reactor’s power output in UI
  • [Tech] Update Message Pack (serialization library used in save/load)

v0.5.230 (2022.03.21)

  • [Feature] Add new types of resources: Crude Oil, Petroleum, Gears, Plastic, Copper Wire, Optical Fiber, Rubber, Transistor
  • [Feature] Add Liquid Processing research branch
  • [Feature] Add Refinery for processing oil
  • [Feature] Add an early-game suggestion to relocate pieces of the Space Suit near your human survivors
  • [Misc] Temporarily remove Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Change building and crafting requirements for most blueprints
  • [Balance] Reduce the float-apart distance of pieces of the ship in Wrecked scenario
  • [UI/UX] Show owned count when displaying crafting options (excl. beings)
  • [Translations] Include unknown (removed) translation keys to the language report
  • [Bug] Fix “show hints” toggle would change a wrong setting
  • [Bug] Fix “Copy Config” broken on crafter devices since last update

v0.5.229 (2022.03.19)

  • [Balance] Make equipment and weapons consumable by Matter Reactors
  • [Balance] Processing Efficiency Upgrade will require Titanium Plate instead of Titanium ore
  • [Bug] Fix Processing Efficiency Upgrade showing up as Reactor Efficiency Upgrade when installed
  • [Bug] Fix camera numpad memory would get activated when typing numbers with UI open
  • [Bug] Fix multiple beings could have attachments to same bed, leading to various reservation and logic bugs
  • [Bug] Fix attachments would not get removed for dead beings and destroyed entities

v0.5.228 (2022.03.18)

  • [Feature] Add “Processor Efficiency Upgrade” and “Processing Efficiency” research branch
  • [Feature] Add some new things that can be spawned by a storage capsule
  • [Balance] Planters will require Biowaste as a construction material
  • [Balance] Storage capsule will not spawn 100 clothing items anymore
  • [UI/UX] Pressing Hotbar Build button with something selected would not try to build a copy anymore
  • [Bug] Fix Breach Capsule could be saved in non-detachable state even if combat is not running
  • [Bug] Fix Hotbar Build button would show empty radial wheel submenus if radial menu was not invoked manually first
  • [Bug] Fix expedition bringing back a storage capsule would spawn a capsule shadow somewhere above it
  • [Bug] Fix enemies would go into High Alert combat state, which is meant for home team only

v0.5.227 (2022.03.17)

  • [Feature] Add “Light Block” device for having a light source alternative to Floor Lights
  • [Feature] Add “Copy Config” to emblems
  • [Feature] Add “Emblem Floor” tile for floors with custom graphic
  • [UI/UX] Add camera memory quick jumps: Ctrl + Numpad digit to save location, Numpad digit to jump
  • [UI/UX] Make Breakdown notifications sticky and automatically remove them when breakdown is over
  • [Graphics] Fix proportions of damage texture to be compressable in GPU
  • [Bug] Fix ESC opening pause menu if something is selected, when ESC mode was “close menus and pause”
  • [Bug] Fix offline workers could still be ordered to move somewhere manually
  • [Bug] Fix manual order to go somewhere would get interrupted by task assignment during the walk

v0.5.226 (2022.03.16)

  • [Balance] Reset being mood to >80 after a mental breakdown (was reset to 0 before)
  • [Balance] When floor gets destroyed, collapse any walls or objects above it
  • [Balance] Sleep deprived beings will fall asleep on the floor sooner
  • [AI] Improve Combat AI
  • [Graphics] Add some restrictions on texture quality for lower end GPUs to reduce potential GPU memory issues
  • [UI/UX] Display monetary values consistently, always abbreviating large numbers (i.e. $93K)
  • [Bug] Fix walls could exist without floors underneath, causing hull integrity and room enclosure issues
  • [Bug] Fix beings in “High Alert” combat state would not do any tasks

v0.5.225 (2022.03.15)

  • [Feature] Add a setting to disable combat when starting a new game and in current game settings
  • [Feature] Eggs will be able to hatch other beings, not just crawlers
  • [Feature] Coffee Maker will have internal storage that will hold 10 cups
  • [Balance] Disallow storing objects that have specific storages in generic Storage Unit (affects clothing, upgrades)
  • [UI/UX] Dragging electrical devices will not switch into Connect tool, unless you are dragging a Connector
  • [Bug] Fix humans not able to find clothing items (when items were inside generic storage)
  • [Bug] Fix being attachments getting lost after relocating beds
  • [Bug] Fix plants not getting relocated along with the planter
  • [Bug] Remove stray plants when loading a save

v0.5.224 (2022.03.14)

  • [Tech] Add extra diagnostics to help detecting AI issues
  • [Bug] Fix High Alert combat state being suggested with incorrect weight
  • [Bug] Fix caret sometimes not displaying in text input widgets
  • [Bug] Fix “not enough hat” and similar notifications showing up when a colonist failed to equip something
  • [Bug] Fix switching into a tool after having something selected would keep displaying obsolete selection

v0.5.223 (2022.03.13)

  • [Balance] Reduce furnace queue capacity
  • [Balance] Reduce processing time for ore resources
  • [Graphics] Show visual ranges of selected and placed cannons and turrets
  • [Graphics] Show electricity connection previews when placing energy enabled devices in range of connectors
  • [Bug] Fix expedition member validation keeping worker turned off or invisible if expedition failed

v0.5.222 (2022.03.13)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.2.15f1
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce severity of Micro Meteor Strike event
  • [Bug] Fix combat not ending when presence of Crawler initiated the combat state

v0.5.221 (2022.03.11)

  • [Combat] Improve combat AI behavior
  • [Combat] Re-add raid theft mechanic
  • [Combat] Add High Alert combat state where worker would keep doing tasks unless enemy is nearby
  • [Combat] Add manual control for drafting / undrafting the worker during combat situation
  • [Combat] Crawlers will now be handled just like other enemies
  • [Graphics] Improve initial sprite packaging performance
  • [Tech] Create a separate system that manages all projectiles in an efficient way
  • [Balance] Fluid Cannon will consume constant 5KW of electricity to maintain readiness
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon creating reload task only when trying to shoot on empty
  • [Bug] Fix biological beings waiting for disconnected doors forever

v0.5.220 (2022.03.06)

  • [AI] Change immediate task assignment logic
  • [AI] Split construction tasks into hauling and building parts, allowing separate priorities on hauling
  • [Balance] Adjust default worker priorities to offload hauling to carriers
  • [Bug] Fix workers with low carry capacity carrying more than they can handle
  • [Bug] Prevent AI pathfinding from getting stuck when command queue would get overfilled

v0.5.219 (2022.03.05)

  • [Feature] Add “Carrier Drone” worker type
  • [Balance] Spawn a Robot at the beginning of Leaving Earth scenario
  • [Balance] Spawn some Carrier Drones at the beginning of Wrecked and Leaving Earth scenarios
  • [Balance] Make all reactors consume materials twice as slowly
  • [UI/UX] Make “Toggle Console” (~) rebindable
  • [UI/UX] Automatically rebind “Toggle Console” to “Scroll Lock” when switching into language that uses IME
  • [Bug] Fix beings failing to eat / drink if table was available but had no safe route to it

v0.5.218 (2022.03.04)

  • [Feature] Add Energy Rifle weapon
  • [Feature] Unequip any equipment before processing dead beings
  • [Feature] Add Melee combat when weapons are not available
  • [Feature] Most beings will have equipment and a weapon slot
  • [Balance] Increase Drone max construction skill level from 6 to 9
  • [Balance] Reduce the severity of Meteor Shower story event
  • [Balance] Make raids less frequent
  • [Graphics] Animate melee punches, rifle fire, getting shot at
  • [Graphics] Animate pets being petted
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Nutrient Extractor
  • [UI/UX] Refresh energy node UI after temporary energy connection is established or cut
  • [Bug] Fix AI pathfinding taking a lot of time when trying to reach a tile that is blocked from all directions
  • [Bug] Fix some AI tasks sending workers to invalid coordinates
  • [Bug] Fix workers getting stuck due to unresolved combat situation
  • [Bug] Fix equipment not showing up properly in certain situations

v0.5.217 (2022.02.28)

  • [Tutorial] Overhaul the tutorial, make it simpler, with less clicking
  • [Balance] Opening Research will not require the Ship Computer to be connected
  • [UI/UX] Add “Disconnect All” button to energy nodes when they have at least 1 connection
  • [Bug] Fix defending combat squad getting stuck if the team cannot reach the attackers easily

v0.5.216 (2022.02.27)

  • [Bug] Fix a few more bugs with combat AI
  • [Bug] Fix lose materials never stop floating if flight gets cancelled
  • [Bug] Fix navigation bug where human would get stuck when trying to get out of unsafe environment

v0.5.215 (2022.02.26)

  • [Balance] Change the rate of dirt produced by beings
  • [Balance] Make Cleaning Bot never produce dirt
  • [Balance] Produce less excrements during Space Diarrhea event
  • [Feature] Colonists who had Space Diarrhea will be immune for several weeks
  • [Bug] Fix storage eject button spawning infinite copies of the material
  • [Bug] Fix Cleaning Bots wandering between Dock and Charge Station when discharged

v0.5.214 (2022.02.25)

  • [Feature] New Story Event: Breach Capsule raid
  • [UI/UX] Add colors to being names
  • [UI/UX] Add combat controls overlay (Work in progress)
  • [Bug] Fix destroying a toilet would not scatter the poop around it
  • [Bug] Fix some issues with early implementation of raids and combat

v0.5.213 (2022.02.24)

  • [Balance] Workers will be able to automatically force open doors when they are not powered by electricity
  • [Feature] Add Stasis pod raid story event (Work In Progress)
  • [Feature] Add Breach Capsule for raids (Work In Progress)
  • [Misc] Disallow cancelling build tasks in Tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix freshly spawned equipped humans would be naked
  • [Bug] Fix certain game seeds would produce a starting scenario without a ship computer
  • [Bug] Add temporary workaround for ATI GPUs showing garbled overlay (Nebula setting will be “Realtime” for all ATI devices by default)
  • [Bug] Hotbar would be empty after saving/loading during the tutorial

v0.5.212 (2022.02.14)

  • [Tech] Reimplement name generation
  • [Misc] Make name generation more flexible and moddable
  • [Misc] Add persona generation templates (for “name an in-game colonist / robot”)
  • [Misc] Add space object custom name queues (for “name an in-game planet / galaxy”)
  • [Feature] Add support for custom emblems
  • [Feature] Cats and dogs will have names
  • [Balance] Make colony gayer
  • [Bug] Disabling non-essential particles would still show tons of VFX
  • [Bug] Fix light sprite packaged incorrectly, allowing potential graphics glitches

v0.5.211 (2022.02.10)

  • [Feature] Add Aesthetics overlay, make all devices contribute to overall aesthetics
  • [Feature] Make humans react to overall aesthetics instead of just dirt
  • [Feature] Add “Attachments” system that will be used to track emotional attachments of every colonist
  • [Feature] Add “Bed” emotional attachments to people and pets
  • [Balance] Reduce time required to build floors
  • [UI/UX] Add electricity charts
  • [UI/UX] Add charts for Situation history
  • [UI/UX] Display emotional attachments in the UI where possible
  • [UI/UX] Warn about duplicate input bindings
  • [Bug] Fix pets sleep action save/load would use human sleeping spot

v0.5.210 (2022.02.08)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2022.2.10f1
  • [Tech] Optimize UI to produce less memory garbage
  • [Balance] Humans will avoid taking wall or floor tile replacement tasks (due to compromising hull integrity)
  • [Graphics] Improve overlapping beings graphics (i.e. cleaning bot will not be above a cat, etc)
  • [Feature] Allow ordering relocation of mass selected objects (i.e a table with chairs)
  • [Bug] Fix some issues with object and being multi-selection visual effects
  • [Bug] Fix pet feeder graphic not updating when food was loaded

v0.5.209 (2022.02.04)

  • [Balance] Reduce heat radius for all engines
  • [Balance] Make “Nudist” trait more rare
  • [Feature] Add “Aesthetics” need and make humans do cleaning
  • [Feature] Add “Hat Person” trait that will affect how humans choose to wear hats
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltip about current blueprint when using a build tool (if less than 3 copies are built)
  • [Bug] Fix certain being traits not restored correctly after load
  • [Bug] Fix graphics not changing when human changes equipment item color
  • [Bug] Fix humans not always visually equipping a space suit when walking outside
  • [Bug] Fix cat showing below cleaning bot when riding it
  • [Bug] Fix workers would sometimes go through a closed door

v0.5.208 (2022.01.30)

  • [UI/UX] Fix rebuilding a context menu would paginate it when it could be expanded instead
  • [Bug] Fix tools could leak their configuration state from one game to another when loading
  • [Bug] Fix relocating a battery would lose its charge

v0.5.207 (2022.01.29)

  • [UI/UX] Fix a few small issues with UI

v0.5.206 (2022.01.28)

  • [Balance] Disk Modules will now use more electricity
  • [Balance] Cap max energy increment research can receive in one tick -> (10% -> 1%)
  • [Misc] Pause simulation when opening or modifying ongoing trade UI
  • [Misc] Add hint about pausing simulation while trading
  • [UI/UX] Overhaul Research Tree UI
  • [UI/UX] Expand icon buttons to be covering whole data block when possible (wider clicking area)
  • [UI/UX] Clicking on two adjacent objects will cycle between the objects instead of always selecting the same one
  • [Bug] Fix context menu not synchronizing UI updates when info panel is showing same block
  • [Bug] Fix merchant transactions sometimes removing resources but not completing the payment
  • [Bug] Fix certain tasks would get immediately retried by same worker over and over again after initial failure
  • [Bug] Fix engines and certain other objects could be attached to unbuilt floor blueprints
  • [Bug] It will no longer be possible to trade with a faction in a planet if you are not nearby

v0.5.205 (2022.01.27)

  • [UI/UX] Enable new UI

v0.5.204 (2022.01.26)

  • [Feature] ML Booth will also recharge the trainee
  • [UI/UX] Add more detail to UI
  • [UI/UX] Make most of UI modable (WIP)
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth not hailing trainee correctly
  • [Bug] Fix debris not moving in the right direction when ship is flying
  • [Bug] Fix clicking on an unbuilt blueprint with build tool selected was not cancelling the build task (broken recently)

v0.5.203 (2022.01.25)

  • [UI/UX] Add “Find” button to inventory view
  • [Tutorial] Improve the tutorial to work with new scenario changes
  • [Balance] Make research faster
  • [Bug] Fix relocating raw material pile failing and keeping the material linked to the worker
  • [Bug] Fix beings getting stuck in a loop due to urgent needs
  • [Bug] Fix cleaning bots not docking properly
  • [Bug] Fix cleaning bots failing to recharge
  • [Bug] Fix expeditions getting stuck
  • [Bug] Fix stuck expeditions not getting automatically aborted

v0.5.202 (2022.01.24)

  • [Scenario] Wrecked scenario will have a room with a couple of survivors in the beginning
  • [Balance] Reduce oxygen pump energy cost to 5kW
  • [Feature] Allow managing devices that are not connected to Ship Computer’s grid by connecting the device to a robot or drone
  • [UI/UX] Add Research overlay icon
  • [UI/UX] Show drones / robots charge level bar when charge falls below 50%
  • [Bug] Fix tools get stuck after entering / leaving pause menu

v0.5.201 (2022.01.21)

  • [Bug] Fix Stock Market overwriting market item history on load
  • [Bug] Fix a few more AI edge cases

v0.5.200 (2022.01.20)

  • [Tech] Refactor AI logic
  • [Tech] Refactor item reservations
  • [Tech] Refactor item processing
  • [Bug] Fix a lot of AI logic issues (reservations, stuck materials, race conditions)

v0.5.199 (2022.01.15)

  • [Feature] Trade with planets that are owned by other factions
  • [Feature] Start tracking standing between factions and player

v0.5.198 (2022.01.13)

  • [Feature] Start working on Factions and Diplomacy (WIP)
  • [Feature] Add several initial Factions
  • [Feature] Generate Faction ownership of planets across the Universe
  • [Balance] Generate wrecked ship with Thrusters instead of Fusion Drives
  • [Balance] Don’t automatically process biowaste when its collected from toilet (store it instead)
  • [Bug] Fix AI assignment issue introduced in 0.5.197

v0.5.197 (2022.01.11)

  • [Feature] Add “FTL Drive” - an engine capable of flying intergalactic distances
  • [Feature] Add “Void Ripper” - a device that enables traveling through black holes
  • [Feature] Add “Quantum Mechanics”, “FTL Propulsion” and “Black Holes” research
  • [Graphics] Improve object selection outline looks
  • [Balance] Introduce “Science” research branch
  • [Balance] Rearrange some items in the Research Tree
  • [Bug] Fix AI roaming getting cancelled for tasks that wouldn’t get assigned

v0.5.196 (2022.01.09)

  • [AI] When creating a new task, try to find closest non-busy worker to take the task right away
  • [Feature] Make vents electric and closeable
  • [Graphics] Make beings accelerate, decelerate and move more smoothly
  • [Balance] Reduce processors queue capacity to 5 (Processors: Furnace, Grinder, Disassembler, Recycler, Nutrient Extractor)
  • [Misc] Add hint about vents leaking atmosphere
  • [Bug] Fix vents not exchanging oxygen as much as they should after game was saved / loaded
  • [UI/UX] Copy object’s initial rotation when starting the relocation process

v0.5.195 (2022.01.08)

  • [Balance] Significantly increase chance of anomalies in planets (for new games only)
  • [Balance] Increase chance of anomaly being an Asimov Override Upgrade
  • [Graphics] Fix humans sleeping on the floor appear above others when they walk over them
  • [Graphics] Display ship motion visuals according to selected forward direction
  • [Bug] Fix someone carrying a material over an active construction site would interrupt the construction task with “site obstructed”
  • [Bug] Fix visual guidelines getting stuck on screen when pausing and exiting to main menu from the tutorial

v0.5.194 (2022.01.07)

  • [Balance] Remove Soil -> Rock processing path
  • [UI/UX] Add ship navigation overlay
  • [Misc] Continue burning engines even when ship is drifting towards destination using inertia
  • [Misc] Add version info to translation keys
  • [Misc] Add hint about increasing production capacity when configuring multiple crafters of same type
  • [Misc] Add “translations validate” console command
  • [Bug] Fix crafters flapping between producing and not producing an item when item count is hovering around crafting target

v0.5.193 (2022.01.06)

  • [Balance] Engine direction is now purely cosmetic
  • [Balance] Remove researched tech passive electricity draw on the Ship Computer
  • [UI/UX] Change research tree to display tech electricity requirements in kWh/MWh/GWh/TWh
  • [UI/UX] Add a way to see top electricity producers, consumers, and batteries
  • [Bug] Fix electricity grid ignoring device priority
  • [Bug] Fix autopilot still overshooting targets with highly overpowered engines

v0.5.192 (2022.01.05)

  • [Balance] Tie research progress to electricity consumption, not time
  • [UI/UX] Add a Hotbar
  • [Misc] Add “skip_tutorial” console command
  • [Bug] Fix completed expeditions do not increment the situation expeditions count, preventing multiple story events from happening
  • [Bug] Fix planning tool colors not matching what is actually being painted

v0.5.191 (2022.01.03)

  • [UI/UX] Add input setting: ESC behavior (close menus, toggle main menu, both)
  • [UI/UX] Add input setting: RMB behavior on hover object (radial or context menu)
  • [Misc] Add hint popups after game loads (can turn off in settings > current game)
  • [Bug] Fix plant graphics not changing along with growth state

v0.5.190 (2022.01.01)

  • [Misc] Add Steam and Discord Rich Presence
  • [Bug] Fix batteries not behaving properly
  • [Graphics] Change the particle system of Matter Reactor (mini and regular)

v0.5.189 (2021.12.31)

  • [Feature] Add Energy Automation research branch
  • [Feature] Add Auto Connect Upgrade for Ship Computer
  • [Feature] Automatically connect electric devices to closest available connectors if Auto Connect Upgrade is installed
  • [Balance] Increase production time for some objects that were produced too quickly
  • [Balance] Make certain annoying events (electricity grid malfunction) appear only in challenging difficulty level
  • [Balance] Make damaged objects relocatable, connectable and operational (until damage gets above 75%)
  • [Balance] Make tutorial skippable only if was finished within last month
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Recycler, Disassembler, ML Booth, Loom and more devices
  • [Bug] Fix auto haul behavior and auto haul priority when choosing haul targets for processable items
  • [Bug] Prevent grounded beings from attempting to relocate items that are in different islands

v0.5.188 (2021.12.28)

  • [Graphics] Reimplement being and object graphics to work through VFX graph (work in progress)
  • [Graphics] Add workaround for nebula render glitch on Radeon RX 6700 XT
  • [Bug] Fix most issues related to graphics rework and performance improvements
  • [Bug] Fix damaged devices showing up in connector auto connect list
  • [Bug] Fix energy connection not displaying right after connecting a device through energy node UI

v0.5.187 (2021.12.22)

  • [Graphics] Add workarounds for Linux rendering issues with new VFX graph based particles

v0.5.186 (2021.12.21)

  • [Performance] Improve lights rendering performance by order of magnitude
  • [Performance] Improve icons rendering performance by order of magnitude
  • [Performance] Improve dirt rendering performance by order of magnitude
  • [Performance] Make “ultra” nebula cost nothing to render, remove nebula quality options

v0.5.185 (2021.12.17)

  • [Misc] Add “find_save” and “load_save” console commands
  • [Bug] Fix workers shutting down after loading a big save due to CPU shortage
  • [Bug] Fix removing a mod would prevent loading a save if it had an object from that mod

v0.5.184 (2021.12.16)

  • [Demo] Improve demo end dialog
  • [Performance] Optimize performance for large maps
  • [Bug] Fix changing a language back to English not working
  • [Bug] Fix colonist names getting hidden when they sleep, and not showing afterwards
  • [Bug] Fix camera jumping after game loses focus and middle mouse click is used to refocus
  • [Bug] Fix missing relocation target link display when objects with pending relocation are selected

v0.5.183 (2021.12.14)

  • [Steam] Enable Steam Cloud synchronization for saves
  • [Bug] Fix workers getting stuck inside objects they build
  • [Bug] Fix beings ignoring a long but safe path when short unsafe one exists
  • [Bug] Fix translations validation showing invalid translations instead of duplicates
  • [UI/UX] Improve language selection with added details about translation quality

v0.5.182 (2021.12.14)

  • [Modding] Add support for loading mods from “Mods” folder located near save files
  • [Modding] Add initial Steam Workshop integration
  • [Balance] Introduce Permadeath as default option for new games
  • [Bug] Restore auto save that was missing for a while
  • [Bug] Fix saving right after starting a new game would not show the newly created save until next full game restart

v0.5.181 (2021.12.12)

  • [Graphics] Improve floor rendering at various distances
  • [Performance] Add video setting for choosing space nebula quality
  • [Bug] Fix disabling non essential particles would not show electricity grid

v0.5.180 (2021.12.11)

  • [Graphics] Restore missing visual effect from the beginning of the new scenario
  • [Bug] Fix workspot circle not disappearing after exiting build mode
  • [Bug] Fix behavior of cycle tool next / prev buttons ( [ / ] )
  • [Bug] Fix power grid changes not refreshing the connection view immediately
  • [Bug] Fix dust storm particles not clearing up when loading another game

v0.5.179 (2021.12.11)

  • [Bug] Fix some saves not loading after saving with corrupted expedition state
  • [Bug] Fix input bindings reset to defaults triggering an error on start
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration for crafter devices would end up crafting with wrong set of ingredients

v0.5.178 (2021.12.10)

  • [Performance] Remove self-illumination from most devices that do not need to emit light (i.e. solar panels, planters)

v0.5.177 (2021.12.09)

  • [Graphics] Rework space background to use VFX graph
  • [Graphics] Rework more particle systems to VFX graph
  • [Bug] Fix unbuilt floors not rendering

v0.5.176 (2021.12.07)

  • [Graphics] Redo several particle systems to use Visual Effect Graph (GPU particles)
  • [Misc] Remove English translation copy warning

v0.5.175 (2021.12.06)

  • [Bug] Fix icon hover outline would sometimes get stuck
  • [Bug] Fix object shadows looking too dark

v0.5.174 (2021.12.04)

  • [Graphics] Redo most line based graphic visualization to use particle systems
  • [Feature] Allow changing mirror point in Plan tool
  • [Feature] Circle mode will allow drawing both odd or even circles (depending on drag start point)

v0.5.173 (2021.12.01)

  • [Balance] Make shower hold more dirt
  • [Balance] Add worker max haul size limit to prevent workers from trying to haul excessively large piles in one trip
  • [Graphics] Add more particle systems to a few more devices (Furnace, Cloning Pod, Bridge Controls, Communicator, Auto Kitchen, Emergency Siren, etc)
  • [Bug] Workers would cancel self maintenance task over and over
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle disappearing when expedition was launched while flying away from the target

v0.5.172 (2021.11.30)

  • [Balance] Improve outer shell wall protection against meteors
  • [Graphics] Display oxygen leak direction in walls, doors and vents
  • [Graphics] Show animated sleeping Z particles
  • [AI] Being will address their urgent needs much more eagerly
  • [Bug] Fix oxygen leak particles not going away after sealing the leak
  • [Bug] Fix stasis wakeup upon request with advanced life support failing to execute
  • [Bug] Fix merchant’s stasis pod disappearing until game was resumed if trade was finished while time was paused
  • [Bug] Fix merchant taking double the amount of materials you were selling
  • [Bug] Fix loading another game would mess up particle systems
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial selecting wrong connector

v0.5.171 (2021.11.29)

  • [Balance] Change how meteors interact with outer shell walls
  • [Performance] Drastically improve particle performance with very large number of particle sources
  • [Performance] Multiple small performance optimizations

v0.5.170 (2021.11.28)

  • [Balance] Make reinforced wall resist higher temperature
  • [Balance] Pets will no longer have mental breakdowns
  • [Balance] Increase battery power output to 50 KW, and capacity to 10K
  • [Graphics] Improve door and vent auto rotation algorithm
  • [Graphics] Auto rotate any type of wall object (sockets, etc)
  • [Graphics] Add Dust Storm VFX
  • [UI/UX] Expedition UI will always try to auto fill shuttle and crew
  • [UI/UX] Open input popups in the center of the screen rather than below the mouse
  • [UI/UX] When expedition crew member fails to reach the shuttle, ask what to do instead of failing the expedition

v0.5.169 (2021.11.27)

  • [Feature] Add Wall Socket (32-8) to organize electricity connections
  • [Feature] Add Floor Socket (32-8) to organize electricity connections
  • [Feature] Remember last expedition shuttle and crew when launching new expeditions
  • [Graphics] Show leaks fvx between wall tiles when oxygen levels are different on both sides
  • [Balance] Allow collecting unknown material types with Particle Collector
  • [UI/UX] Add “copy configuration” button to context menu where applicable
  • [Bug] Fix expedition count not saving / loading properly, limiting some story events

v0.5.168 (2021.11.26)

  • [UI/UX] ESC will no longer trigger the pause panel or open radial / context menu
  • [UI/UX] Add main menu button near the game time in top right
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show unconfigured warnings on unbuilt matter reactors
  • [UI/UX] Electricity connect tool will now be able to connect floor lights even when they are below another object (multi tile or non energy enabled)
  • [UI/UX] RMB will no longer close Starmap, instead it will open a context menu with close option
  • [UI/UX] RMB will no longer close Planning overlay (ESC / clicking overlay icon will)
  • [UI/UX] When zooming, focus on center of the screen if mouse cursor is above UI
  • [Balance] Cleaning bots will take more time to clean dirt
  • [Bug] Fix connect tool hint showing sprite tag instead of tool icon in the text
  • [Bug] Fix context menu not draggable if you tried to drag by holding a progress slider
  • [Bug] Fix context menu could still be opened with top part of it above the screen height
  • [Bug] Fix controller triggers not scrolling / zooming
  • [Bug] Fix ship computer cooldown running too slow
  • [Bug] Fix ship computer cooldown percentage going up to 100% too quickly
  • [Bug] Fix ship engine showing particles when it’s not supposed to
  • [Bug] Fix ship engine flames being too wide on one side
  • [Bug] Fix simulation constantly resetting engine heat in open space to 0
  • [Bug] Humans will no longer start relocating objects if source or target location is unsafe

v0.5.167 (2021.11.25)

  • [Graphics] Add shooting stars / distant moving space objects in the background
  • [Graphics] Add damage particles
  • [Graphics] Add hull oxygen leak particles
  • [Performance] Add options to disable particles and advanced lighting in Video settings
  • [Bug] Fix “keep open” icon not showing up on doors after load

v0.5.166 (2021.11.24)

  • [AI] Beings will be able to walk diagonally around devices (but not walls)
  • [Bug] Fix failing to reach food would not cancel food reservation, eventually exhausting all food sources
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Matter Reactor (Mini & regular)
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Heater and Oxygen Pump
  • [Graphics] Add particles to Stasis Array

v0.5.165 (2021.11.24)

  • [Graphics] Add Robot trails
  • [Graphics] Add Particle Collector visual effects
  • [Graphics] Add Charge Station visual effects
  • [Graphics] Add Ship Computer visual effects
  • [Bug] Fix expedition controls not working when save contained being without skills (pets)

v0.5.164 (2021.11.23)

  • [Graphics] Add visual effects to drones
  • [Bug] Fix beings cutting corners when going through doors, sometimes resulting in humans going into a wall dropping tasks due to lack of oxygen
  • [Tech] Limit simulation updates per second to never exceed frame rate

v0.5.163 (2021.11.23)

  • [UI/UX] Rebuild radial menu to react to “Instant build” setting changes immediately
  • [Bug] Fix robots refusing to deconstruct walls and floors (self preservation bug)
  • [Bug] Fix ESC / RMB not working in any menu panel anymore
  • [Feature] Showers will get dirty and require maintenance

v0.5.162 (2021.11.23)

  • [UI/UX] Add “retry task” option to context menu
  • [UI/UX] Show context menu instead of radial when hovering a selectable object with outline
  • [UI/UX] Improve radial menu controller navigation
  • [UI/UX] Add mass “Relocate” option when multi selecting several bodies or objects
  • [Bug] Fix humans failing to navigate through doors
  • [Bug] Fix navigation safety zones not cleared in between A* executions
  • [Bug] Fix shortcuts and radial menu working while in research tree or starmap
  • [Bug] Fix backspace acting as cancel button when inside text input field
  • [Lore] Show days counter instead of specific date
  • [Balance] Reduce movement speed for all beings

v0.5.161 (2021.11.22)

  • [Balance] Reduce passive research storage electricity cost for Challenging difficulty level
  • [AI] Firefighting tasks will ignore being self preservation
  • [AI] Drones will now be self preserving and will avoid engine flames
  • [AI] Pathfinding will fail if safe path was not found (under normal conditions for self preserving beings)
  • [AI] Humans will no longer haul processable items near the door if processor is in unsafe area
  • [UI/UX] Fix gamepad controls not reacting to some buttons when mouse cursor is outside game view
  • [UI/UX] Double right click will exit the radial menu at any level of depth
  • [UI/UX] Brackets and gamepad shoulders will let quickly switch tools
  • [UI/UX] Make radial menu navigable with keyboard alone ([, ], backspace, enter)
  • [Graphics] Increase pulsating light frequencies
  • [Bug] Fix loom not seeing clothing items when they are in the wardrobe (overproducing)
  • [Bug] Fix a couple of rare exceptions
  • [Bug] Fix deactivating a tool when mode was changed would not clear the mode

v0.5.160 (2021.11.20)

  • [Bug] Fix passive research cost being 10x too high after last change
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial build energy connector getting confused due to existing connectors
  • [Bug] Fix place tiles tool failing the preview when there is no floor

v0.5.159 (2021.11.20)

  • [Balance] Generate extra devices and objects in Wrecked (Main) scenario
  • [Balance] Generate more Copper Plates in Wrecked scenario
  • [Balance] Add 3 initial difficulty levels (modable)
  • [UI/UX] Close stock market view / expedition view with RMB
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show “unconfigured” event notification for the pet bowl
  • [Bug] Fix relocation tool not exiting build mode after relocation order (dupe exploit)
  • [Bug] Fix several small bugs

v0.5.158 (2021.11.19)

  • [UI/UX] Add new input rebinding settings
  • [UI/UX] Bind Page Up / Page Down to camera zoom
  • [UI/UX] Bind 4 to ultra fast time speed, 5 to slow time
  • [UI/UX] Change “Start a research” goal to be non-recurring
  • [Graphics] Fix glitch where icons would get messed up when they changed into a sprite with different atlas than previous one (i.e. in particle collectors)

v0.5.156 (2021.11.18)

  • [UI/UX] Polish the radial menu further
  • [UI/UX] Display input glyphs for all shortcuts and bindings
  • [UI/UX] Remove rebinding UI (currently under reconstruction)
  • [Bug] Fix issues after bottom menu removal

v0.5.155 (2021.11.17)

  • [UI/UX] Polish the radial menu
  • [UI/UX] Remove the bottom tree menu

v0.5.154 (2021.11.16)

  • [UI/UX] Add radial tool menu (WIP)
  • [UI/UX] Pan camera when controller’s cursor is pushing on the screen edge
  • [UI/UX] Bind Gamepad Select button to Research Tree shortcut
  • [Balance] Add Soil, Titanium and Survival Meal to starting conditions of Leaving Earth scenario

v0.5.153 (2021.11.15)

  • [Feature] Colonists will now sometimes drink coffee for recreation or after sleep
  • [Feature] Add double beds (steel and wooden)
  • [Feature] Add pet bed
  • [Balance] Add “Advanced Furniture” research tree branch
  • [UI/UX] Fix controller scroll with triggers not working in UI scroll views

v0.5.152 (2021.11.14)

  • [Bug] Fix people preferring to eat off makeshift surfaces rather than a proper table
  • [Bug] Fix people not using a spot near the table if there is a meal left on it
  • [Bug] Fix error when generating merchant’s sellable items when they involved colors (i.e. clothing)
  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch where colonists would remain leaned forward after eating a meal
  • [Bug] Fix tool menu not getting rebuilt immediately when skipping a tutorial or unlocking the first research
  • [UI/UX] Fix gamepad map zoom inverted on Linux
  • [UI/UX] Fix UI scrolling too slow on Linux by default
  • [UI/UX] Fix UI scrolling inverted on Linux
  • [Balance] Reduce the chance of leaving unfinished food on a table
  • [Balance] People will not use beds as makeshift eating surfaces anymore
  • [Balance] Have two separate chances for leaving unfinished food on proper tables and makeshift surfaces

v0.5.151 (2021.11.13)

  • [UI/UX] Improve controller support
  • [UI/UX] Automatically resize some menus that would not fit the screen
  • [UI/UX] Use screen DPI when determining the automatic UI scale
  • [UI/UX] When opening a popup or a menu that does not fit the screen, automatically reposition it

v0.5.150 (2021.11.12)

  • [UI/UX] Support dynamic controller plug / unplug
  • [Bug] Fix virtual mouse cursor not disappearing on start

v0.5.149 (2021.11.12)

  • [UI/UX] Redo controller navigation from scratch
  • [UI/UX] Split “Manage Tasks” tool into “Cancel Tasks”, “Retry Tasks” and “Change Priority” tools
  • [UI/UX] Split “Haul” tool into “Haul” (to storage) and “Process”
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Free Select” from bottom menu
  • [Bug] Fix more than one cleaning bot docking in the same dock

v0.5.148 (2021.11.09)

  • [Performance] Rewrite audio system to significantly improve performance with hundreds of devices
  • [Performance] Hard limit max active player tasks to 4000
  • [Feature] Colonists will now use a bed as a flat surface to put food on if table is not available
  • [Bug] Fix saving arbitrary space travel destination would save incorrect coordinates
  • [Bug] Fix cats and dogs getting mental breakdowns like running around deconstructing random objects
  • [Bug] Fix mental breakdown deconstruct only targeting walls
  • [Bug] Fix Food on device story event not working
  • [Bug] Fix colonists eating off an oxygen pump when a table is available

v0.5.147 (2021.11.08)

  • [Bug] Fix crawler graphics not showing up correctly when attaching to a human
  • [Bug] Fix a copy of the crawler headgear item being dropped when crawler was attaching to a human
  • [Graphics] Add a splash screen and update main menu logo

v0.5.146 (2021.11.07)

  • [UI/UX] Make clicking any material icon show the codex entry for the material
  • [UI/UX] Make some views taller to have less pagination
  • [Bug] A few hotfixes for recently introduced bugs due to refactoring
  • [Bug] Fix crafters not counting inventory correctly
  • [Bug] Fix crafters spawning stacks with random amount of materials instead of 1
  • [Bug] Fix crafters do not merge spawned materials
  • [Bug] Fix being’s favorite color not saving / loading
  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch when relocating multi tile objects on top of themselves with different rotation
  • [Bug] Restore missing mood effects for nudity
  • [Bug] Fix Cabinets not acting as storage for upgrades
  • [Bug] Fix auto haul on storages would trigger hauling of materials that had no compatible storage
  • [Balance] Reduce chance of bullet hitting a friendly being blocking its path from 66% to 5%
  • [Balance] Change Communicator construction level requirement to 6 (was 7)

v0.5.145 (2021.11.06)

  • [Balance] Make merchants generate their cash and inventory according to your wealth
  • [Tech] Downgrade Unity back to 2021.1.x
  • [Bug] Fix remaining issues after refactoring

v0.5.144 (2021.11.04)

  • [Feature] Merge material piles when new material of same type is spawned nearby (experimental)
  • [Feature] Colonists will collect both space suits and casual clothing
  • [Feature] Colonists will wear casual clothing in livable surroundings and auto-equip suits when going outside
  • [Feature] Create clothing items of different colors (but not random colors as it was before)
  • [Feature] Colonists will have a favorite color, and will try to get clothing of that color
  • [Feature] Pet bowl will not have a choice of what it can be filled with
  • [Tech] Change how food, clothing and upgrades are implemented

v0.5.143 (2021.10.27)

  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.2.0f1
  • [Tech] Remove material storage components from workers, they will now carry materials in their hands rather than in their pockets
  • [Tech] Update MessagePack libraries to 2.3.85 (save / load serialization system)
  • [Graphics] Drag materials visually when moving them
  • [Balance] Worker can now only move one type of material at a time
  • [Balance] Workers will be able to collect and stacked moved material without stack size limits

v0.5.142 (2021.10.25)

  • [Feature] Add Coffee Tree
  • [Graphics] Set default ambient lighting to medium
  • [Graphics] Make plants look brighter
  • [Graphics] Make most materials look brighter
  • [Graphics] Make planters emit much brighter light
  • [Performance] Optimize performance with maps that contain hundreds of beings

v0.5.141 (2021.10.24)

  • [Feature] Add Coffee Maker
  • [Feature] Add Coffee
  • [Feature] Add Coffee Beans
  • [Feature] Add Coffee research tree node
  • [UI/UX] Show processing pipeline information in all object descriptions
  • [UI/UX] Make open research tree shortcut find the best option when there is more than one ship computer

v0.5.140 (2021.10.22)

  • [Feature] Add Fun need
  • [Feature] Cats can now ride cleaning bots for fun
  • [Feature] Colonists and robots will be able to pet cats and dogs
  • [Performance] Improve graphics performance especially with large amounts of beings
  • [Bug] Fix several edge case error
  • [Bug] Fix save/load of mining orders filter configuration not working correctly
  • [Bug] Fix some relocation issues
  • [Bug] Fix icons not disappearing when beings were hauled to processing

v0.5.139 (2021.10.20)

  • [Feature] Add Ship Log that tracks your space flight history and shows it in context menus on all space objects
  • [UI/UX] Only log important events to the Event Log
  • [Misc] Change how version check, changelog and news are loaded
  • [Tech] Refactor game engine internals to increase reliability
  • [Bug] Fix F12 no longer saving screenshots
  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch that showed garbled graphic instead of some icons in thought bubbles
  • [Bug] Fix carried objects still being moved after carrying is over when framerate is slower than simulation speed
  • [Bug] Fix some long menus would not get a scrollbar
  • [Bug] Fix saving a game for the first time and trying to load it right away would say that no saves are available
  • [Bug] Fix pathfinding messing up being navigation with a duplicate path result if target was not navigable
  • [Bug] Fix beings failing to sleep inside sleeping pods
  • [Bug] Fix all upgrades lost upon relocating
  • [Bug] Add diagnostics for debugging story generation issue

v0.5.138 (2021.10.15)

  • [Misc] Do not suggest building ML Booth when construction skill is < 5
  • [Misc] When hauling a big pile to storage, allow multiple workers do the hauling at the same time
  • [Bug] Fix graphics glitch that made some hauled objects have choppy motion
  • [Bug] Fix relocating multi tile objects on top of themselves would not migrate the component data correctly (Stasis Array would become empty)
  • [Bug] Fix Stasis Array spawning colonists upon relocation
  • [Bug] Fix haul to processing priority being reset for big chunks when multiple trips are needed
  • [Bug] Fix grounded beings getting stuck when going near edges of the ship while ship is moving
  • [Bug] Fix sleep slots not saving / loading correctly

v0.5.137 (2021.10.13)

  • [Bug] Fix tutorial broken with last performance optimizations

v0.5.136 (2021.10.12)

  • [Performance] Add multiple big performance optimizations
  • [Bug] Fix broken behaviors related to slow gameplay performance

v0.5.135 (2021.10.11)

  • [Feature] Add “Info” button to all space objects to explain what they are
  • [Performance] Fix several performance issues with large games
  • [Graphics] Improve new space background
  • [Graphics] Replace main menu space background with new one
  • [Bug] Fix pagination losing first item in some situations (i.e. “Try Turn On” button in Beings list)
  • [Bug] Fix a bunch of issues with space expeditions
  • [Bug] Fix scanning a planet that was already mined would not show new undiscovered resources
  • [Bug] Fix calling back shuttle while it was taking off would make shuttle disappear
  • [UI/UX] Remove the bottom tree submenu for the hamburger icon
  • [UI/UX] Make the bottom tree menu hamburger icon open the pause menu on click
  • [UI/UX] Reorder bottom menu in same way as NiksUI mod does it

v0.5.134 (2021.10.10)

  • [Bug] Fix flying objects being moved when ship was flying
  • [Bug] Fix Communicator not being an energy node
  • [Graphics] Replace the starfield background in-game
  • [Balance] Reduce egg story event chance and increase prerequisites
  • [Balance] Reduce plant fiber requirement for Soy Burger
  • [Balance] Grinding grain will output 1 flour instead of 3

v0.5.133 (2021.10.09)

  • [Feature] Require Communicator to initiate trades with merchant ships
  • [Feature] Add Search to Research Tree and Starmap
  • [Balance] Double the Construction skill level up rate
  • [Balance] Reduce Memory Module construction skill requirement from 5 to 3
  • [Balance] Rebalance the research tree
  • [Graphics] Fix floor seams
  • [Misc] require repair skill for repair tasks
  • [Misc] Add Portuguese (Brazil) translation by UNG_God
  • [UI/UX] Switch to energy connect tool when dragging between a connector and adjacent energy enabled tile (used to need a longer drag)
  • [UI/UX] Hide Dev tooling if instant build mode is disabled
  • [UI/UX] Show more details in item codex popup
  • [UI/UX] Add search button to Research Tree
  • [Bug] Fix new UI pagination issues after the rework
  • [Bug] Fix tutorial not highlighting matter reactor and connector in tree menu
  • [Bug] Fix space traffic generating every 3 minutes instead of every 3 days (too many merchants flying in)
  • [Bug] Fix merchants appearing too soon
  • [Bug] Fix Build A Copy and B shortcut not working properly with floors and other items with duplicate names
  • [Bug] Fix Research item tooltip descriptions not showing variables
  • [Bug] Fix Research Tree widget not showing up after being opened for the first time

v0.5.132 (2021.10.08)

  • [Feature] Improve Stock Market implementation
  • [UI/UX] Introduce new UI widget pair type (two widgets in a row)
  • [UI/UX] Put pagination prev / next buttons in one row
  • [Bug] Fix UI pagination sometimes showing last page with just 1 item in it

v0.5.131 (2021.10.07)

  • [Feature] Add initial version of Stock Market
  • [Misc] Add Chinese translation by YouHanHua Team
  • [Bug] Allow only one expedition setup at a time
  • [Bug] Fix loading of battery overload story event failing to restore the event properly

v0.5.130 (2021.09.26)

  • [Bug] Fix Relocate, and Build a Copy broken after tool menu descriptions fix
  • [Bug] Fix start expedition suggestion happening more than once, and when Bridge Controls is not available
  • [Misc] Split feedback reports into separate Discord channels by their type

v0.5.129 (2021.09.25)

  • [Balance] Change production requirements for Space Suits and Space Helmets
  • [Balance] Change production cost and crafting device type for most upgrades
  • [Balance] Review prices
  • [Bug] Fix tool menu descriptions not filling in the translation variables

v0.5.128 (2021.09.24)

  • [Performance] Reduce GPU memory consumption
  • [Performance] Cache sprite atlases on first load for quicker subsequent loads
  • [Balance] Reduce level up rate for construction skill by 4x
  • [Feature] Add space traffic system
  • [Feature] Add random merchant shuttles flying towards your ship and offering trades
  • [Feature] Add teleporter for short range teleportation (used for trade with merchant ships)
  • [Misc] Make space travel acceleration and deceleration tunable
  • [UI/UX] Allow entering custom amount with keyboard when selecting tradable items
  • [UI/UX] Make “increase energy production” goal non-recurring
  • [UI/UX] Improve event notification sorting
  • [Bug] Fix relocating an object would lose upgrades

v0.5.127 (2021.09.20)

  • [Feature] Add new story event: Expedition encountered a merchant
  • [Bug] Fix find object story event misleadingly telling success rate as failure rate
  • [Bug] Fix loading a save would get stuck with corrupted item relocation
  • [Misc] Reduce save file size
  • [Performance] Improve game load performance on bigger saves

v0.5.126 (2021.09.19)

  • [Misc] Do not remove anything from plan layer when structures are built
  • [Balance] Make space travel 4x slower
  • [Balance] Make meteors skip invincible tiles
  • [Balance] Thrusters will require titanium plate
  • [Balance] Make memory modules more expensive and require more of them
  • [Balance] Reduce the amount of oxygen and heat vents can transmit
  • [Balance] Stasis Array will produce much less oxygen and heat
  • [Graphics] Make space background move 20x slower when space traveling
  • [Graphics] Show ship travel direction in starmap
  • [Bug] Fix expedition members discharging after using “try turn on all” in beings overlay
  • [Bug] Fix expedition still exploring when shuttle storage is full
  • [Bug] Fix debris not floating when space traveling
  • [Bug] Fix Fabricator requiring Titanium instead of Titanium Plate
  • [Bug] Fix vents facing open space won’t leak as much as expected

v0.5.125 (2021.09.17)

  • [Bug] Fix trying to launch an expedition would say “target is too far”
  • [Bug] Fix expedition could start after Shuttle taking damage in prep stage
  • [Misc] Verify integrity of shuttles and expeditions after loading a save to fix inconsistencies introduced due to previous bugs

v0.5.124 (2021.09.16)

  • [Feature] Add upgrade: Shuttle Storage Upgrade that adds 100 storage to a shuttle (stackable)
  • [Feature] Add Advanced Manufacturing research branch
  • [Feature] Add Fabricator - a more advanced version of Assembler (unlocked in Advanced Manufacturing)
  • [Feature] Add expedition story event: found Storage Capsule
  • [Feature] Add goal: Start an expedition
  • [UI/UX] Add support for required actions in the expedition UI
  • [UI/UX] Polish expeditions UI (toggle it on and off when clicking the event icon, add way to see all expeditions, etc)
  • [Balance] Improve stasis pod targeting to do less damage to the ship
  • [Balance] Shift research tree around - split Robotics into Manufacturing and Robotics
  • [Balance] Robot is now going to be produced in a Fabricator
  • [Bug] Fix a bunch of bugs related to expeditions UI rework
  • [Bug] Fix crash while packaging textures on systems with low GPU memory
  • [Bug] Fix “copy configuration” button disappearing from info panel UI after certain actions
  • [Bug] Fix object relocation can get stuck after failing
  • [Bug] Fix processable item memory saving / loading
  • [Bug] Fix configurable processors (i.e. furnace) copy configuration not working properly

v0.5.123 (2021.09.14)

  • [UI/UX] Rebuild expeditions UI (work in progress)
  • [UI/UX] Add “Scan” button to starmap on planets (requires Radar to discover what materials planet contains)
  • [Bug] Fix several expedition related bugs
  • [Bug] Fix loading saves with old main currency name
  • [Bug] Fix manual move timeout messing up the object relocation
  • [Bug] Fix using remove tool on relocation ghost would not cancel the relocation task correctly
  • [Bug] Fix Random story generator would keep waking new colonists up every couple of days
  • [Bug] Disallow relocating objects that are not supposed to be relocated (flying items)

v0.5.122 (2021.09.12)

  • [Bug] Fix beings without construction skill would occasionally attempt deconstruction tasks
  • [Bug] Fix Actual Output showing incorrect electricity production when there is a deficit
  • [Bug] Fix Current Deficit showing incorrect electricity deficit amount
  • [Bug] Fix storage filter settings not showing materials you’ve seen before don’t currently have after load
  • [Balance] Particle Collector will only be able to collect materials you have seen before
  • [UI/UX] Prevent dragging the ui when a button is clicked down and mouse pointer moves just a bit
  • [UI/UX] Sort storage filter options alphabetically
  • [UI/UX] Make Storage, Refrigerator, Wardrobe and Cabinet filter settings copyable with Copy Configuration tool
  • [UI/UX] Add “Copy Config” button to all compatible components in the info panel details view

v0.5.121 (2021.09.11)

  • [Bug] Fix changelog loading slow and showing empty space
  • [Bug] Fix workers waiting for locked door forever while hauling materials to storage
  • [Bug] Fix several small corner case issues

v0.5.120 (2021.09.10)

  • [Feature] Implement C42 Arm/Disarm
  • [Feature] Implement relocation for objects, dead bodies, immobilized beings, etc
  • [Balance] Change how frequently colonists wake up depending on your colony size
  • [Balance] Increase wake up chance for cats and dogs
  • [Balance] Change how likely some things get damaged when on fire
  • [UI/UX] Show selectable previews when hovering objects
  • [UI/UX] Show more details when hovering objects that have tooltips while overlay with a tooltip (i.e. oxygen) is enabled

v0.5.119 (2021.09.09)

  • [Feature] Add C42 explosive (early WIP)
  • [Bug] Fix stasis pod workspot could be obstructed after landing
  • [Bug] Fix trade and wallet overlay crashing due to old currency not found (in older saves)
  • [Bug] Fix Discord reports not being sent due to missing libraries

v0.5.118 (2021.09.09)

  • [Feature] Make send feedback form post screenshots and saves to #stardeus-reports on Discord (optional)
  • [Feature] Make cats, dogs and crawlers cloneable in Cloning Pod
  • [Bug] Fix ML Booth not working after last performance tuning
  • [Bug] Fix two people able to sleep in the same bed

v0.5.117 (2021.09.08)

  • [UI/UX] Add outlines to research view
  • [UI/UX] Show chance to catch fire on damage or in general in object UI
  • [UI/UX] Show different cursor when holding Ctrl or Shift while having one worker selected
  • [Bug] Fix navigation skill not leveling up when beings move
  • [Bug] Fix fluid cannon not extinguishing fires in walls when it was not placed outside
  • [Bug] Fix beings walking through locked doors
  • [Balance] Change how likely some objects catch fire
  • [Feature] Float loose objects while doing space travel
  • [Performance] Add a few performance improvements

v0.5.116 (2021.09.07)

  • [Feature] Ctrl + LMB on a task when one worker is selected to force the task for that worker (if worker is controllable)
  • [Feature] Shift + LMB on to make a selected worker go somewhere
  • [UI/UX] Add UI button to request extinguishing of a fire if previous extinguishing task was cancelled
  • [Audio] Add new OST track
  • [Bug] Fix bullets able to pass through the target without hitting it due to high game speed or low framerate
  • [Bug] Fix dialog button remaining disabled if tutorial is skipped
  • [Bug] Fix relocating Ship Computer would reset accumulated heat
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon failing to extinguish fire on multitile objects
  • [Bug] Fix Fluid Cannon not trying to extinguish fire on walls
  • [Bug] Fix camera panning to bottom left after alt-tab if edge pan is enabled
  • [Bug] Fix Circle and Line tools in Planning overlay misbehaving on click if not dragged
  • [Bug] Fix worker lights not turned off when they enter shuttle
  • [Bug] Fix upgrades UI remaining open when selecting another device that has no available upgrades
  • [Balance] Make breakdown start fire happen less frequently

v0.5.115 (2021.09.06)

  • [Feature] Add initial implementation of firefighting for drones and robots
  • [Bug] Disable emergency siren before deconstructing or moving it
  • [Bug] Fix loading a save with expedition running would not restore expedition crew member state properly
  • [Bug] Fix Cleaning Bots getting killed while trying to clean fire marks while fire is still burning
  • [UI/UX] Show a hint about fighting fires after the first fire appears

v0.5.114 (2021.09.05)

  • [Bug] Fix the race condition when autosave would the break an ongoing manual save and prevent future saves by putting the game into inconsistent state mode
  • [Bug] Fix pet bowls not relocatable
  • [Bug] Fix relocated stasis pod not deconstructable
  • [Bug] Don’t show Matrix controls on Stasis Array before Asimov Override is installed
  • [Bug] Fix relocating ML Booth with a worker inside would keep the worker hidden
  • [Bug] Fix white (disabled) icons appearing in the UI
  • [Balance] Reactors that are not producing will not be targeted by malfunction events
  • [Balance] Reduce worker discharge rate while relocating objects by 10x
  • [UI/UX] Make popup and dialog buttons inactive while user input is disabled
  • [Graphics] Make storage capsules land closer to the center of the tile, preventing graphics cutting into adjacent objects
  • [Audio] Replace the claxon alert sound

v0.5.113 (2021.09.04)

  • [Bug] Fix loading of saves failing if Starbits miner upgrade was installed (due to currency rename)
  • [Bug] Fix “build a copy” sometimes not working through B shortcut
  • [Bug] Fix several autoreported exceptions happening in rare situations
  • [Bug] Fix ship autopilot overshooting the destination and having trouble to readjust the trajectory when engines were overpowered
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips to electricity grid details list to explain inclusion and exclusion of batteries where applicable
  • [UI/UX] Do not hide maxed out skills in ML Booth, show notification when trying to train a maxed out level
  • [UI/UX] Make Overlay icons and order moddable through Tunables/UIOverlays.json
  • [Misc] Detect issues with translations files when quote is opened but not closed on the same line

v0.5.112 (2021.09.03)

  • [Feature] Finish implementing story event: Stasis Pod Merchant
  • [Tech] Update Unity to 2021.1.19f1
  • [Bug] Fix scrolling Research Tree would also scroll the Starmap and vice versa
  • [Bug] Fix F5 both toggling an overlay and triggering autosave. Ctrl + F5 will now trigger autosave.
  • [Bug] Fix Biowaste possible to get reserved forever and not processed
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to build anything on top of disassembled storage capsule
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to eject Starcreds mining upgrade
  • [Bug] Fix bullets able to be set on fire
  • [Bug] Fix pet food would get reserved and attempted to get hauled to storage while it was already in a bowl
  • [Balance] Reduce the amount of extra materials particle collector produces during the dust storm
  • [Balance] Reduce the rate of dust accumulation during the dust storm
  • [UI/UX] Add “Refocus” button to Research Tree and Starmap top-right menu
  • [UI/UX] Add Settings.txt option for changing the bottom menu button size (default: ui.bottom.size:int:64)
  • [Performance] Optimize compute shader performance

v0.5.111 (2021.09.01)

  • [UI/UX] Prevent rebinding of controls that cannot be rebound properly (for now)
  • [UI/UX] Add options to start and stop mining of Starbits currency after the miner upgrade is installed on the Ship Computer
  • [UI/UX] Increase the range of UI rescaling
  • [UI/UX] Add “” bool option that can be added manually to Settings.txt to override UI autofixing itself when scale is out of range
  • [UI/UX] Start building a trade UI view (test with console command: “economy start_trade”)
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle graphic offset being set incorrectly when launching it
  • [Bug] Fix enqueued processable entities could take damage while inside the processor
  • [Balance] Only allow humans to be selected for expeditions if they are wearing a full space suit
  • [Performance] Fix a performance bottleneck that happened after opening the Research Tree widget for the first time
  • [Feature] Add story event: Stasis Pod Merchant (WIP)

v0.5.110 (2021.08.30)

  • [Feature] Add Starbits, the first in-game currency (WIP)
  • [Feature] Add Wallet to the overlays
  • [Feature] Add Starbits Mining research branch and Starbits Mining upgrade
  • [Balance] Adjust some material energy outputs
  • [Bug] Fix Protein and Plant Fiber not burnable in the Matter Reactor
  • [Bug] Fix clock restriction during Ship Computer cooldown sequence would make cooldown last several minutes in real time
  • [Bug] Fix cancelling relocation with deconstruct tool would leave the relocatable item in a broken state
  • [Bug] Fix material names missing in occasional UI elements
  • [UI/UX] Add “Contribute a Translation” button to the Language settings menu
  • [UI/UX] Make bottom menu tool order modable

v0.5.109 (2021.08.29)

  • [Bug] Hotfix ship generation locking up when starting a new game
  • [Bug] Fix UI sliders getting reset when switching between different menus with sliders (oxygen pumps, heaters)

v0.5.108 (2021.08.29)

  • [Feature] Visualize the relocation procedure
  • [Bug] Fix new issues related to the “Relocate” mechanic
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show items you don’t have in processor configuration UI
  • [UI/UX] Add way to see name of shuttles on the base, and rename them
  • [UI/UX] Add a choice to save or not when exiting to main menu
  • [UI/UX] Make Ctrl + F1 open the feedback form
  • [Misc] Add Czech translation (by eFkoCaptain)

v0.5.107 (2021.08.28)

  • [Feature] Add “Relocate” option to all devices
  • [Bug] Fix cleanables don’t produce a byproduct after cleaning them anymore
  • [Bug] Fix tooltips not getting hidden properly in menus
  • [UI/UX] Add buttons to explain what is a falling Storage Capsule and Stasis Pod
  • [Balance] Prevent closed stasis pod from being deconstructed

v0.5.106 (2021.08.27)

  • [Bug] Fix bullets spawned through dev tooling would never disappear
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle can be deconstructed while it’s out on a mission
  • [Bug] Fix shuttle can be selected for a mission if it’s damaged or has pending tasks
  • [Bug] Fix same object having both repair and deconstruct tasks at the same time (causing stray particles)
  • [Bug] Potential fix for fluid cannon shooting at extinguished fire forever
  • [Bug] Fix plants not restoring health after being harvested
  • [Bug] Fix empty stasis array would not get deconstructed
  • [Bug] Fix Asimov’s laws still being checked after Asimov Override is installed
  • [Bug] Fix destroyed meteors remained registered as a threat
  • [Bug] Fix space suit effects ignored for freshly spawned humans until game is saved / loaded
  • [Bug] Fix a flying copy of a landed shuttle could appear when game was saved / loaded right after the landing
  • [Balance] Show the suggestion to reach the stasis array right after the tutorial ends
  • [Balance] Generate more Titanium in metal rich planets
  • [Balance] Reinforced walls and floors will contain some Titanium Plate (only for new saves and newly built walls/floors)
  • [Balance] Make reinforced floors and walls stronger
  • [Balance] Make windows as strong as walls
  • [Balance] Make storage capsule and stasis pod drops deal less damage to the surroundings
  • [UI/UX] If the robot fails to build the matter reactor in the tutorial, show a notification
  • [UI/UX] Do not show a warning about reactor lacking materials when there is a pending refill task and enough fuel available
  • [UI/UX] Show number of available items when choosing a processable in Furnace and similar devices
  • [UI/UX] Add a button to try turn on all offline workers in the Beings overlay view

v0.5.105 (2021.08.26)

  • [Bug] Fix Asimov Override Upgrade being discovered over and over
  • [Bug] Fix reactors and electrical devices that are turned off still exploding and breaking
  • [Bug] Fix only one shuttle can mine at a time
  • [Bug] Fix devices not going on fire when surrounding temperature exceeds ignition point
  • [Bug] Fix hidden entities can catch on fire
  • [Bug] Fix upgrades not restored after load
  • [Balance] Drones will no longer haul Soil immediately after cleaning dirt from solar panels
  • [Balance] Make Matter Reactor (50 kW) 50% more efficient at burning fuel compared to Matter Reactor (15 kW)
  • [Feature] Engine flames will emit excessive amounts of heat in their visual area

v0.5.104 (2021.08.25)

  • [UI/UX] Set default edge pan speed to 0 (disabled)
  • [UI/UX] Holding Ctrl when a being is selected will show some diagnostics for anything below the mouse cursor
  • [Misc] Reduce default delay between tracks
  • [Bug] Fix after deconstructing a pet bowl it is not possible to build anything in that spot
  • [Bug] Fix impossible to construct items on top of locations where clothing used to be right before equipping it
  • [Bug] Fix device malfunction with fire not causing damage to the malfunctioning object
  • [Bug] Fix can order cleaning in dead cleaning bot’s UI
  • [Bug] Fix building an obstacle in worker’s path or removing floor, etc, would not affect the navigation if it was already calculated
  • [Bug] Fix “travel here” would not refresh Starmap UI
  • [Bug] Fix reset worker priorities does not work

v0.5.103 (2021.08.25)

  • [Bug] Hotfix for translations able to break the game if they were malformed
  • [Misc] Add initial version of German translation (thanks to K-Win)
  • [Balance] Make Asimov Override Upgrade 100x more rare

v0.5.102 (2021.08.24)

  • [Feature] Add Cabinet for storing various items (i.e. upgrade modules)
  • [Feature] Add Upgrade system
  • [Feature] Make Wood burnable in Furnace to produce Coal
  • [Feature] Add Reactor Efficiency Upgrade module
  • [Feature] Add Asimov Override Upgrade (discoverable in expeditions)
  • [Feature] Hide The Matrix research branch until Asimov Override is installed
  • [Misc] Add initial version of French translation (thanks to Shadow Office)
  • [UI/UX] Reduce the amount of dialogs and confirmations needed to handle an ongoing expedition
  • [Balance] Increase chance of finding coal on habitable planets
  • [Balance] Increase power output for most materials
  • [Balance] Reducing mining skill level up rate
  • [Balance] Reduce chance to pick up a crawler during an expedition
  • [Bug] Fix equipped damaged items leave stray health bars
  • [Bug] Fix expedition pick up crawler event failing to load in case sensitive file systems
  • [Bug] Fix items with light sources emitting light when item is hidden

v0.5.101 (2021.08.22)

  • [Balance] Change crafting requirements for Space Helmet
  • [Balance] Increase the chance of Micro Meteor Strike story event
  • [Bug] Fix Grinder, Nutrient Extractor and Recycler ignoring auto haul filter settings
  • [Feature] Processors will automatically stack their enqueued items when possible
  • [UI/UX] Hide “Toilet” settings UI on planters
  • [UI/UX] Auto refresh processor queue UI when queue changes

v0.5.100 (2021.08.21)

  • [Balance] Allow growing Quartz in Particle Collector
  • [Balance] Make Matter Reactor refillable with liquids as well as solid materials
  • [UI/UX] Do not close the storage after ejecting an item
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltip to Matter Reactor fuel choice options to show output efficiency
  • [UI/UX] Show tooltips with hints about where things have to be built
  • [UI/UX] Show a hint about rotating an object before placing
  • [UI/UX] Show a hint about the connect tool if manual connections through the menu are used too much
  • [Bug] Fix research can be completed while displaying 99%

v0.5.99 (2021.08.20)

  • [Bug] Fix pets not sleeping inside sleeping pods
  • [Bug] Fix pets not able to eat twice from the same pet bowl
  • [Bug] Fix pets not able to sleep
  • [Bug] Fix big objects not possible to repair if their bottom-left tile was not reachable
  • [Bug] Fix camera jumping to bottom-left after alt-tabbing out of the game if Edge Pan is enabled and Run In Background is disabled
  • [Bug] Fix Copy Configuration not working properly with door keep open / auto close
  • [Bug] Fix beings not getting auto-processed
  • [Feature] Make pets able to eject food from fridges
  • [UI/UX] Simplify Copy Configuration tool to remove multiple modes
  • [UI/UX] Holding Ctrl will prevent RMB from closing the overlay
  • [UI/UX] Add hint about mass deconstruction if order deconstruct was used couple of times in a row
  • [UI/UX] Make most popup notifications appear in bottom-left corner of the screen instead of in your face
  • [UI/UX] Prevent toggling the console when Shift is pressed (should fix typing @ with GB keyboard layout)

v0.5.98 (2021.08.19)

  • [UI/UX] Rebind overlay keys from digits to F1-F10
  • [UI/UX] Bind time speed controls to digit 1 2 3 keys
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Faster” and “Slower” time controls
  • [UI/UX] Remove “Slow” time speed button
  • [UI/UX] Change default key binding for Energy Connect tool to E
  • [UI/UX] Change default key binding for Haul tool to Q
  • [UI/UX] Change default key binding for Copy Configuration tool to V
  • [UI/UX] Change default key binding for Manage Tasks tool to F
  • [UI/UX] Remove list of contained resources from object context menu
  • [UI/UX] Reduce bottom menu tooltip delay
  • [Misc] Warn about Empty Ship and Random Ship scenarios not being ready
  • [Feature] Copy configuration tool will now support copying door “hold open” state
  • [Feature] Add /translations console command to help working with translation mods
  • [Bug] Fix steam client related OSX build issues
  • [Bug] Attempt to fix Mac M1 crashing on startup
  • [Bug] Make ablutophobic and showerer traits incompatible
  • [Balance] Pre-research some tech at the beginning of Empty Ship and Random Ship scenarios
  • [Balance] Move Battery to higher energy research tier

v0.5.97 (2021.08.17)

  • [Tech] Upgrade Unity to 2021.1.17f
  • [UI/UX] Remove Steam ID from version info
  • [UI/UX] Holding Ctrl while in priority increase / decrease tool will invert the tool mode
  • [UI/UX] Add Settings > Language menu
  • [Balance] Make space diarrhea story event less severe
  • [Balance] Prevent hunger causing damage while people are on mental breakdowns
  • [Bug] Fix opening starmap for the first time would show “exit system” button incorrectly
  • [Bug] Mass placing floors would not correctly calculate active orders when building on top of existing structure

v0.5.96 (2021.08.16)

  • [UI/UX] Move Recycler to Production menu
  • [Bug] Fix bullets not disposed correctly when going out of bounds
  • [Bug] Fix same seed producing slightly different starting map
  • [Bug] Fix mental breakdown sometimes targeting a dead being

v0.5.95 (2021.08.15)

  • [UI/UX] Add some missing characters to game fonts
  • [UI/UX] Keep last selected component details UI open when selecting other objects
  • [Bug] Fix mouse zoom with followed entity would try to anchor the camera to mouse cursor instead of followed entity
  • [Bug] Fix solar panels not getting auto cleaned anymore if they reached 100% dust coverage while disconnected or with auto cleaning disabled

v0.5.94 (2021.08.13)

  • [UI/UX] Add oxygen level control for Oxygen Producer devices
  • [UI/UX] Add on/off switch to Heater and Oxygen Pump components
  • [UI/UX] Show warning popup when trying to load while having no saves in a game
  • [Balance] Reduce the oxygen output from Oxygen Pump (was overpowered)
  • [Balance] Reduce chance of repeating the same story event in a row for Random storyteller
  • [Feature] Make Stasis Array produce some oxygen and heat when connected to electricity
  • [Feature] Add story event: Mental breakdown “Insanity”
  • [Bug] Most mental breakdowns will no longer make people ignore safety conditions
  • [Bug] Random storyteller would allow event duplicates regardless of the configuration (i.e. two space diarrheas at the same time)
  • [Bug] Fix ordering deconstruction on a tile that was in mid repair would keep repair visual effect playing forever
  • [Bug] Fix Save and exit to main menu from pause panel would not refresh the saves list

v0.5.93 (2021.08.12)

  • [UI/UX] Do not show tooltips after selecting a bottom menu item through Quick Search
  • [UI/UX] Change Research start / stop button from long press to regular
  • [UI/UX] Add a popup to explain why a worker would sometimes not take any task
  • [Performance] Cache more strings to reduce garbage creation
  • [Balance] Reduce damage taken from Space Diarrhea
  • [Balance] Make floor lights and doors / airlocks contain 1 copper plate
  • [Balance] Allow producing Rock from Soil in Furnace
  • [Balance] Change some device and worker construction costs
  • [Balance] Delay first story event for Random storyteller
  • [Balance] Remove separate Cleaning Bot research branch, merge it with Robotics
  • [Balance] Make Construction Speed research branch cheaper and more impactful
  • [Feature] Add Titanium Plate material and make Titanium processable into plates
  • [Misc] Rename Steel to Steel Plate (consistency)
  • [Graphics] Generate dirt in the beginning of Wrecked scenario
  • [Bug] Fix Shuttle could be generated too close to Ship Computer
  • [Bug] Stasis pod drop and storage capsule drop would lose too much materials when destroying surroundings on landing

v0.5.92 (2021.08.11)

  • [UI/UX] Open pause panel on pressing Esc
  • [UI/UX] Set more distant zoom level when focusing on items in Research Tree and Starmap
  • [UI/UX] Enable auto-haul on all compatible devices by default
  • [Tech] Add every 3rd and 4th VSync options
  • [Balance] 16-12 Connector will contain 1 copper plate instead of 2
  • [Balance] Fusion Drive will contain 10 copper plates and 1 micro chip
  • [Balance] One drone will have Construction skill lvl 2 at start of the game
  • [Balance] Damaged electrical device story event will not happen for Ship Computer or Stasis Array
  • [Bug] Storyteller was able to invoke events during the tutorial
  • [Bug] Fix Asteroid not hitting the base if its center was not landing directly on some tile
  • [Bug] Fix loading spawn crawlers on shuttle land story event failing due to missing default constructor
  • [Bug] Fix deleting a save in main menu would lock out all other saves until restart
  • [Bug] Fix camera panning to bottom left when application loses focus with edge pan enabled
  • [Bug] Fix VSync setting not being saved

v0.5.91 (2021.08.10)

  • [Balance] Even slightly open door will leak oxygen / heat as much as a vent (does not apply to powered airlocks)
  • [Feature] Explain Starmap after connecting a Bridge Controls device for the first time
  • [Tech] Improve automatic rescue for stuck grounded beings
  • [UI/UX] Add “Open Starmap” button to Bridge Controls info panel
  • [UI/UX] Add “Haul to Storage” context menu button for storable items (i.e. clothing)
  • [UI/UX] Add “Haul to Storage” action for multi-selected storable items (clothing)
  • [UI/UX] Don’t show dead beings in Quick Search results
  • [Performance] Fix selecting active engine would introduce lag because of constant UI rebuild
  • [Performance] Fix displaying expedition details would introduce lag because of constant UI rebuild
  • [Performance] Cache most translation strings to reduce dictionary lookups and allocation of garbage
  • [Bug] Fix dragging the camera after game was unfocused would result in game view jumping to the side
  • [Bug] Fix failing to navigate to an equipment item would keep the item reserved forever (or until manually unreserving it)
  • [Bug] Fix item health bar not hiding when items gets put into a storage
  • [Bug] Changing starmap scope was disabling the starmap while screen drop was fading out
  • [Bug] Cleanable items with cancelled cleaning task would not get auto cleaned

v0.5.90 (2021.08.09)

  • [Feature] Add way to rescue stuck beings
  • [Balance] Start “Wrecked Empty Ship” scenario with 1 robot and 4 drones
  • [Balance] Start “Leaving Earth” scenario with 3 drones
  • [Balance] Do not set haul priority to 9 when building objects on top of debris
  • [Balance] Do not automatically haul debris when building floors above it
  • [Balance] Allow robot to build floors
  • [Tech] Persist last load time in metadata rather than relying on OS file access time
  • [Tech] Only open feedback form if play session is over 10 minutes and if it was never opened before
  • [UI/UX] Add UI with details about worker AI state
  • [Bug] Fix found ore expedition story event getting stuck when planet is fully mined
  • [Bug] Fix Mining skill not increasing on expeditions
  • [Bug] Workers do not haul materials to closest storage unit
  • [Bug] Fix processable items not getting reprocessed after processing task was rejected
  • [Bug] Fix feedback form not saving open count and always opening after quitting the game

v0.5.89 (2021.08.07)

  • [Misc] Increase “Slow” clock speed
  • [Bug] Fix replacing a unfinished wall with a door blueprint would keep construction particles playing
  • [Bug] Fix in-game console not scrollable
  • [Bug] Fix grounded workers possibility to get stuck in a loop when failing to collect multiple resources
  • [Bug] Fix a lot of small rare bugs
  • [UI/UX] Automatically close the bottom menu if it is expanded for 5 seconds without mouse over it
  • [Feature] Add Storyteller: Random

v0.5.88 (2021.08.04)

  • [Feature] Finish Biowaste Bullets implementation
  • [Feature] Add story event: Space Diarrhea
  • [Balance] Do not trigger mental breakdowns for colonists who exit a damaged stasis array
  • [Balance] Increase processing time for most materials
  • [Tech] Add situational awareness tracking to examine current game state
  • [Tech] Refactor storyteller events to use situational awareness
  • [Tech] Refactor mental breakdowns to be pure story events
  • [Bug] Ensure that story events will not repeat
  • [Bug] Fix bullets flying through walls at high game speed or lower frame rate
  • [Bug] Fix Expedition crew members taking heat damage when shuttle landing pad area is burning
  • [Bug] Fix beings and objects sometimes getting stuck inside big structures
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Processor (i.e. Recycler) Auto Haul setting not saved / loaded
  • [Bug] Fix construction particles not cleaned up if construction task was cancelled using the removal tool
  • [Bug] UI tooltips not showing up for some smaller material piles
  • [Bug] Fix some tools acting weird when clicking and dragging out of map bounds
  • [Bug] Fix “Increase Energy Production” suggestion not ignoring battery power
  • [Bug] Fix Repair tool miscalculating active order limit
  • [Bug] Fix dead robots emitting light
  • [Bug] Fix Crawlers appearing as blank name in Beings list
  • [Bug] Fix entity link not disappearing if context menu is closed via ESC
  • [Bug] Fix possibility to build walls on top of floor lights when dragging a line
  • [Bug] Fix robotic workers having a “birth date”
  • [Bug] Fix cloned and produced beings having an incorrect age
  • [UI/UX] Add “Animate UI” setting
  • [UI/UX] Add a way to cancel current event in expedition view (without calling back the whole expedition)
  • [UI/UX] Show hostile beings with red and bold color in Beings list
  • [UI/UX] Order potential expedition crew members by mining skill
  • [UI/UX] Show mining skill level when choosing expedition crew memebers
  • [UI/UX] Disallow entering extremely long names
  • [Performance] Make bottom menu much more responsive

v0.5.87 (2021.08.01)

  • [Feature] Add Story Event: Food on device
  • [Bug] Fix “start a research” suggestion popping up immediately after cancelling a research
  • [Bug] Replacing an object would not guarantee that replacement build task would be execute immediately or with same priority
  • [Bug] Fix space suit not applying effective temperature correctly
  • [Bug] Fix removing an equipped item would not restore it properly
  • [Bug] Fix possibility of crawler attaching to a dead colonist
  • [UI/UX] Add “Periodic Auto Save” setting
  • [UI/UX] Add “Auto Save on Exit” setting
  • [UI/UX] Add a hint about managing event notifications when time is not stopped
  • [Tech] Add compression to save files
  • [Performance] Fix framedrop at the end of game save

v0.5.86 (2021.07.31)

  • [Balance] Remove all Rock material requirements for device construction
  • [Balance] Tune some construction requirements
  • [Balance] Generate more iron and copper on planets
  • [Balance] Make Space Shuttle storage bigger (150)
  • [Balance] Double the amount of planets in every star system
  • [Balance] Set different chance to pick up crawler on way back from a planet depending on planet type
  • [Balance] Make food more difficult to produce
  • [QOL] Water bullets will not damage structures and devices, only beings
  • [QOL] Water bullets will shoot through the objects
  • [Bug] Fix save/load occasionally making a colonist use the toilet forever
  • [Bug] Fix meal graphic not being moved on the table while eating
  • [Bug] Fix auto haul setting not saved on fridges, wardrobes
  • [Bug] Fix story events not happening if spawn egg is pending
  • [Bug] Disconnected electric devices will not get auto-cleaning (solar panels)
  • [Bug] Fix Crawlers bringing meals to the table and eating like gentlemen
  • [Bug] Fix Humans searching for clothing while having a mental breakdown
  • [Bug] Fix hull integrity not recalculating properly for damaged tiles after load
  • [Bug] Fix some story events not popping up a dialogue
  • [Bug] Fix Fast Metabolism and Always Hungry traits generating on the same being
  • [Bug] Fix attached crawler location not synchronizing with host location correctly
  • [Bug] Fix humans using planters when a proper toilet is available
  • [UI/UX] Add “Auto Clean” toggler for cleanable devices
  • [Feature] Allow travel to arbitrary locations on starmap
  • [Feature] Add Story Event: Humans who had crawler attached die and hatch new crawlers
  • [Feature] Kill the crawler parasite when its host human dies

v0.5.85 (2021.07.28)

  • [Bug] Fix cancelling a construction task does not cleanup the particle effect
  • [Bug] Fix conflicting suggestions shown when The Matrix is enabled
  • [Bug] Fix AI getting stuck when grounded beings failed navigating when running to safety
  • [Bug] Fix new navigation issues after the grounded being task fix introduced new bugs
  • [Performance] Fix UI rebuilding every frame when being was selected during execution of a need
  • [Feature] New Story Event: Storage Capsule spawns a being
  • [Feature] New Story Event: Surprise Crawler returns with expedition Shuttle
  • [Feature] New Story Event: Micro meteor strike
  • [Balance] Make reinforced walls and floors have 200 health

v0.5.84 (2021.07.27)

  • [AI] Change how grounded being navigation failures are handled when working on tasks
  • [Feature] Generate airlocks on all ships
  • [Bug] Fix ship generation occasionally producing areas without doors
  • [Bug] Grounded workers will not fail tasks just because they cannot reach the spot
  • [UI/UX] autodetect areas without indirect access to space and warn about them

v0.5.83 (2021.07.25)

  • [UI/UX] Remove load game options from in-game menu
  • [UI/UX] Allow loading same game when in-game
  • [Bug] Fix connectors not auto-creating properly on drag in Sandbox mode
  • [Graphics] Improve lighting
  • [Feature] Add Space Suit

v0.5.82 (2021.07.21)

  • [UI/UX] Do not require entering feedback message in the F1 feedback form
  • [UI/UX] Show range for unconstructed connectors when they are selected
  • [UI/UX] Allow dragging and ordering a new connector from an unconstructed one
  • [UI/UX] Do not show “Connected to 0” in energy node if there are no connections
  • [UI/UX] Show hints about auto hauling items to storages and processors
  • [UI/UX] Use darker red for research tree lacking resources text
  • [UI/UX] Fix mouse tooltips showing behind dropdown options
  • [Graphics] Fix gaps between floor tiles appearing when you zoom out
  • [Bug] Fix build tool Ctrl+Alt deletion mode not working without dragging a rectangle
  • [Bug] Fix various build tool modes (circle, line) not ordering debris cleanup
  • [Bug] Fix ambient lighting not reacting to lights correctly after multiple games were loaded / started
  • [Bug] Fix hints not being reset when starting a new game after playing another one
  • [Misc] Move Twitch integration away from core game into a mod (broken at this point)

v0.5.81 (2021.07.20)

  • [Graphics] Add visual effect for drone camera at the beginning of main scenario
  • [Graphics] Fix Window02 using same wall color as Window01
  • [Graphics] Fix Window tiles not showing up while hovered above a wall in build tool
  • [Graphics] Fix Drone shadows being rendered in open space
  • [Graphics] Lighten the environment when playing in Immersive Dim and Fog of War while there are no light sources
  • [Graphics] Change the default ambient light setting to Immersive Dim
  • [UI/UX] Show the names of compatible devices when warning about missing processors
  • [UI/UX] Show scenario and playtime in main menu load list below the save name
  • [Balance] Change the Particle Collector energy cost formula to prevent infinite Uranium
  • [Bug] Fix destroyed stasis pod still spawning a crew through a delayed event
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration tool not forgetting the first copied device after exiting the tool
  • [Bug] Fix chaining multiple energy connectors would sometimes result in an invisible connection link

v0.5.80 (2021.07.18)

  • [UI/UX] Show flight requirement for constructable items in space
  • [UI/UX] Change repair tool drag rect color to orange
  • [UI/UX] Add tooltips for most main menu panel items
  • [Audio] Move audio cutoff gradually to avoid instant jumps when switching scenes
  • [Bug] Fix research tree looking broken when UI scale is not 1
  • [Bug] Fix music not playing when entering a game session

v0.5.79 (2021.07.16)

  • [Graphics] Do not rotate Stasis Array graphic (work spot will still rotate)
  • [Feature] Add research branch for The Matrix (changes function of Stasis Array)
  • [Feature] Add Matrix Efficiency research branch
  • [Feature] Add “Tube Feeder” device for The Matrix
  • [Feature] Show notification about changing the electricity grid while time is stopped
  • [UI/UX] Automatically layout the Research Tree nodes
  • [UI/UX] Change Research key binding from R to T (tech)
  • [UI/UX] Change Rotate key binding from Z to R (rotate)
  • [UI/UX] Change Copy/Paste tool key binding from P to G (grab)
  • [UI/UX] Change Tasks tool key binding from T to J (jobs)
  • [UI/UX] Change Repair key binding from G to Z
  • [UI/UX] Make notification popups wider, flash when showing them
  • [Bug] Make “Ensure CPU Ventilation” suggestion properly detect temperature changes
  • [Misc] Add auto reporting option and consent popup on startup

v0.5.78 (2021.07.12)

  • [Bug] Fix trying to enqueue mass deconstruction validates rectangle size rather than actual deconstruction task count
  • [Bug] Fix copy configuration allowing copying incorrect materials from matter reactor to nuclear reactor
  • [Bug] Fix disconnecting two connectors would not rebuild the grid properly (after recent optimization)
  • [Bug] Fix workers sometimes collecting too many raw materials during construction
  • [Bug] Fix workers not hiding thought bubble after maintenance
  • [Bug] Fix Charge / Repair stations not stopping Charge / Repair if task was dropped due to taken damage
  • [UI/UX] Add hints about line, circle, pencil, fill and delete modes in build tool
  • [Graphics] Fix Z order of some beings
  • [Balance] Prevent two ship computers being on the same electricity grid

v0.5.77 (2021.07.11)

  • [UI/UX] Hide the bottom menu when entering starmap or research tree
  • [Graphics] Add explosion flash effect when stasis pod destroys an object upon landing
  • [Performance] Optimize rendering
  • [Performance] Optimize save load time
  • [Bug] Fix workers not filling up their storage fully when gathering materials
  • [Bug] Fix F5 not working

v0.5.76 (2021.07.08)

  • [UI/UX] Show what is being loaded
  • [UI/UX] Move Demo Mode to F9
  • [UI/UX] Trigger quick save via F5
  • [Bug] Fix workers not performing emergency recharge properly
  • [Feature] Add console command to change the storyteller in mid-game
  • [Feature] Add “import image as ship” for sandbox mode
  • [Balance] Make emergency recharge faster and tunable

v0.5.75 (2021.07.06)

  • [Performance] Improve Energy graph rebuilding speed
  • [Performance] Don’t rebuild whole energy graph for minor changes when possible
  • [Performance] Throttle the in-game clock if it tries to tick faster than it can render
  • [Technical] Increase the connector search cache to allow extremely large electricity grids
  • [Technical] Add diagnostics for in-game clock

v0.5.74 (2021.07.05)

  • [Rendering] Detect recommended space background scale on first boot instead of suggesting “Half” by default
  • [Bug] Prevent processing of living beings (i.e. crawlers)
  • [Bug] Drop current task properly when starting a mental breakdown (fixes food fights)
  • [UI/UX] Add bucket fill mode for Build / Planning (Ctrl + Shift)
  • [UI/UX] Add Circle mode for Build / Planning (Shift)
  • [UI/UX] Add Line mode for Build / Planning (Ctrl)
  • [UI/UX] Add Pencil mode for Build / Planning (Alt)
  • [UI/UX] Add Eraser mode for Build / Planning (Ctrl + Alt)
  • [UI/UX] Make perfect 1-tile circles using the tools

v0.5.73 (2021.07.04)

  • [UI/UX] ESC / RMB will close the active overlay only in free select mode
  • [UI/UX] Add Line function and Mirror X / Y togglers for the Planning tool
  • [Balance] Increase capacity of mini Disk Module to 8ZB
  • [Feature] Implement a mechanic where Ship Computer’s Memory limits the amount of pending tasks you can issue

v0.5.72 (2021.07.03)

  • [Bug] Fix Pencil and Eraser cursor graphics not working in Planning mode
  • [Bug] Fix humans shuffling their sleep positions after loading a game where they were sleeping
  • [Bug] Fix Auto Haul option not saving propertly in Storage Unit
  • [UI/UX] Change sorting order of certain game menus and dialogs to prevent them from obstructing each other
  • [UI/UX] Show task job type in all info popups
  • [UI/UX] Flash the new event notifications as they appear
  • [UI/UX] Overhaul the planning tool: Add circles, ruler, guidelines and position display
  • [Balance] Delay electricity grid malfunction and drone battery discharge story events
  • [Balance] Significantly reduce heat produced by the Ship Computer

v0.5.71 (2021.07.02)

  • [Feature] Add Battery Cell material
  • [Balance] Make Batteries and robotic beings require Battery Cell for building / crafting them
  • [Scenario] Tell about the Shuttle and space travel capabilities in the beginning of Wrecked scenario
  • [Rendering] Fix carried object position lagging behind actual being graphics
  • [Bug] Fix people reshuffling their positions at tables after load when saved while eating
  • [Bug] Fix workers sometimes fully discharging after expeditions

v0.5.70 (2021.06.29)

  • [Bug] Fix race conditions in being navigation component (fixes a lot of bugs)

v0.5.69 (2021.06.28)

  • [Bug] Fix toilet showing dirt bar while not constructed
  • [Bug] Fix biowaste extracted from toilet always attempted to be processed even if processor was not available
  • [Bug] Prevent race conditions in pathfinding system
  • [Bug] Fix vents and doors possible to place on top of other objects
  • [Bug] Fix audio levels ignoring camera distance when camera is locked on a being
  • [Feature] Add toilet overflow mechanic. Humans will not use toilets that are overflowing.
  • [Feature] Add Quartz material
  • [Balance] Use Quartz instead of Silicon to produce Glass
  • [Balance] Ensure Asteroid story event does not harm Ship Computer and Stasis Array
  • [Balance] Reduce plant growth speed
  • [Balance] Reduce mining speed
  • [UI/UX] Add Manage Tasks > Retry tool
  • [UI/UX] Add new cursor styles for Planning tool

v0.5.68 (2021.06.27)

  • Fix info bars not following moving entities
  • Fix offline workers holding active tasks
  • Fix charge station becoming unusable under certain conditions
  • Fix stasis pod and storage capsule invisible when dropping
  • Fix cleaning options failing to show up for non-energy connected objects (toilet)
  • Fix sprite ghosting when beings changed their facing while moving
  • Change stasis array stability change rate to be non-linear
  • Fix curve interpolation failing when curves were declining (technical internals)

v0.5.67 (2021.06.25)

  • Fix removed objects (like Storage Capsule) would prevent construction on their past locations
  • Fix edge pan not working when mouse pointer is touching the edge
  • Reduce edge pan delay
  • Make edge pan delay and acceleration tunable
  • Fix storage capsule often missing the ship
  • Add Screen Shake and Space Background Animation options to Video Settings
  • Fix deconstructing a processor would not re-register materials ejected from the queue to the inventory system
  • Prevent storage capsule from missing the ship
  • Prevent storage capsule and stasis pod drops from destroying important devices

v0.5.66 (2021.06.24)

  • Fix deconstruct object mental breakdown able to target Stasis Array and Ship Computer
  • Adjust wakeup with mental breakdown chance correlation to Stasis Array stability
  • Fix exception when trying to display a menu tooltip for the first time when game is paused
  • Show precise skill level in a tooltip when hovering a skill list
  • Do not show certain suggestions in irrelevant scenarios
  • Hint the right tab if Environment tab is activated during the tutorial
  • Fix cancelling the tutorial would sometimes keep the tutorial dialog open
  • Do not show drag to connect hint when player drags to connect
  • Fix processors ordering hauling even when processing queue is full
  • Show more details about refillable storages that are not on the grid
  • Fix Storage Capsule loot being overly abundant for common materials

v0.5.65 (2021.06.23)

  • Make auto-haul in processors and storages configurable and off by default
  • Improve starting Shuttle generation to pick better location
  • Do not run research if Ship Computer is lacking Memory or Disk resources
  • Fix broken components on load not being removed completely
  • Make harvested plants produce raw materials rather than objects
  • Add Flour material
  • Add Log material
  • Add Grain material
  • Add Bread food item
  • Show correct input bindings for non-QWERTY keyboards
  • Overhaul planet loot generation

v0.5.64 (2021.06.22)

  • Fix some new AI issues with auto hauling components
  • Fix autosave not working since recent change
  • Fix space travel broken with fusion drive engines
  • Make space travel faster
  • Fix dirt changing rotation after load
  • Improve Timelapse capture
  • Generate a Shuttle when starting a new wrecked scenario
  • Increase shuttle pickup distance

v0.5.63 (2021.06.22)

  • Do not include unconfigured Matter Reactors to the grid max output
  • Do not show 0KW for idle matter reactors
  • Increase power output of Uranium by order of magnitude
  • Restrict Matter Reactors to only burn solid fuel (not liquids or nuclear items)
  • Fix sounds occasionally being way too loud
  • Fix immobilized beings not clearing immobilized thought bubble
  • Make music volume 50% by default
  • Fix AI task assignment failure at certain rare conditions
  • Make Survival Meal recipe contain protein instead of plant fiber
  • Change how AI assigns auto-haul tasks

v0.5.62 (2021.06.21)

  • Fix playtest clock speed
  • Change how build tool cancels blueprints (cancel on click up)
  • Make timelapse saveable / loadable
  • Reduce research time for some early game tech
  • Fix reactor refills getting neglected if drones are too far away busy with lots of other tasks

v0.5.61 (2021.06.21)

  • Fix Leaving Earth scenario generation getting stuck
  • Change how store tool works on processable materials
  • Fix “0 items do not have a processor” notification count
  • Prevent pets from waking up early in game
  • Rebalance space flight
  • Rebalance resources in planets

v0.5.61 (2021.06.20)

  • Make repair station part of Technology research
  • Improve in-game console up/down arrow navigation
  • Improve timelapse
  • Add console command to override tunables on the fly
  • Reduce bottom menu icon sizes
  • Fix electricity grid not rebuilding when manipulating connections with stopped time
  • Rebalance the Research Tree
  • Prevent materials from being generated on the edges of the wrecked ship
  • Increase clock speeds significantly for playtest builds

v0.5.60 (2021.06.19)

  • Make clock speeds tunable
  • Slow down construction speeds
  • Slow down clock speeds
  • Slow down research speed
  • Show required skills in build menu tooltips
  • Adjust construction costs for everything
  • Fix CPU usage not showing up correctly

v0.5.59 (2021.06.18)

  • Don’t create auto-cleaning tasks for devices that are pending removal
  • Add new story event: stasis pod friendly crew wake up
  • Redo Storage and Disk module graphics
  • Add Overclocking and Advanced Overcloking research nodes
  • Add CPU Modules (1 & 4 Thz)
  • Do not attempt to dock Cleaning Bots that are turned off
  • Fix Quick Search saves search not working after creating a new save
  • Add “Don’t show again” option to energy connection warnings
  • Fix energy connectors failing to autoconnect in certain conditions
  • Fix out of bounds overflow for energy connector range display
  • Fix news panel not displaying image if news fail to load the update from server on startup
  • Limit the amount of workers Ship Computer can handle at the same time (CPU restriction)

v0.5.58 (2021.06.17)

  • Fix drone shadows hiding structure damage around them
  • Add timelapse console command
  • Change starmap scales and space travel speeds
  • Make plants produce oxygen
  • Add auto harvest toggler to the planter configuration
  • Change how ship generation retry works to prevent any possible state leakage bugs
  • Improve the reliability and success rate of Stasis Array and Ship Computer generation stages
  • Change how build more repair stations / charge stations suggestions are activated
  • Make crafting/production/processing options available in context menu
  • Fix several objects showing UI items while not constructed or not reachable by ship computer

v0.5.57 (2021.06.15)

  • Make Rock resource more common in all types of planets
  • Fix tree menu auto wrapping to be compatible with centered position
  • Add version check
  • Fix hitting ESC while holding RMB in build mode making the drag placement on hover
  • Fix save games not grouped and not ordered correctly in the tree menu
  • Fix expeditions finding empty ore deposits
  • Fix only one processor (Furnace, Grinder, Nutrient Extractor) used when more than one was available
  • Fix hauling unstored raw material pile with bigger stack size than worker capacity would fail if there’s no storage, resulting in forever obstructed construction site
  • Workers will now get themselves unstuck if they end up trapped inside a large object
  • Fix processor creating hauling processable items tasks when such items are not available (materials only)
  • Significantly reduce planet material contents and shuttle storage capacity (balancing)
  • Fix the graphics glitch where materials would cut into other objects

v0.5.56 (2021.06.13)

  • Fix furnace processing issues
  • Fix a more reservation issues
  • Begin adding support for systems that don’t have compute shaders capabilities
  • Don’t remove unbuilt floors when trying to build an object on top
  • Fix Template mod being enabled while it says it’s disabled in mods list
  • Fix construction failing if work site was obstructed before there was a storage unit
  • Fix Stasis Array can be switched off
  • Make workers move materials aside even if there is no storage

v0.5.55 (2021.06.12)

  • Fix menu button tooltip failing to get displayed at certain time
  • Fix Pathfinding overlay still not appearing once in a while
  • Include all versions the game was saved with in feedback report
  • Holding shift while changing wanted refill / output amounts in the UI will increase / decrease the value in higher quantities
  • Fix releasing energy tool on open space producing an error

v0.5.54 (2021.06.11)

  • Adjust starting materials for Leaving Earth scenario
  • Add Stasis Pod device (WIP)
  • Add Stasis Pod story event (WIP)
  • Add tunable configuration for Leaving Earth and Wrecked Empty Ship scenarios (JSON)
  • Add sound alert when clicking B (build shortcut) when non-researched object is selected
  • Fix electricity grid rebuilding multiple times per tick if multiple electric devices are destroyed

v0.5.53 (2021.06.10)

  • Make Grinder and other auto processors take processable materials from storages
  • Fix humans stepping outside the door into unsafe conditions
  • Fix Pathfinding overlay not appearing
  • Fix airlocks not updating hull integrity after being loaded with object stuck inside
  • Fix humans occasionally dropping tasks because of unsafe conditions inside a doorway
  • Fix raw material reservation logic

v0.5.52 (2021.06.09)

  • Add new scenario: Leaving Earth
  • Make Matter Reactor construction skill requirement 6

v0.5.51 (2021.06.09)

  • Fix copper definition missing a processable material type (furnace processing bug)
  • Fix worker stuck in build loop forever if there are no materials and no storages
  • Fix worker failing to gather processable materials from Particle Collector
  • Fix incorrect material icon in Particle Collector when target material is changed
  • Show currently collected material icon on top of Particle Collector
  • Fix engine graphics sometimes getting cut in half after generating a ship
  • Fix save names overwriting device blueprint names in quick search index
  • Fix dead beings showing their job task priorities in context menu
  • Fix stasis array spamming duplicate “life support lacks electricity” events
  • Prevent Slow Metabolism and Always Hungry traits from being generated on same being
  • Remove concept of read-only storage
  • Fix problems while entering Research or showing Electricity Overlay with game paused
  • Fix focusing on Ship Computer using a shortcut (C) would kill active tool
  • Pressing C after focusing on Ship Computer shows the whole ship
  • Fix dirt reservation not working (Cleaning Bot trains)
  • Allow deconstructing the Ship Computer when you have more than one

v0.5.50 (2021.06.08)

  • Make configurable processors (i.e Furnace) process materials directly from storages
  • Remake the bottom tree menu to sit in the middle of the screen

v0.5.49 (2021.06.07)

  • Ensure enough rocks are generated on start
  • Fix construction broken in 0.5.48
  • Fix tree menu tooltips going out of screen bounds
  • Prevent processors (i.e. Furnace) from showing unconfigured warnings while not constructed
  • Fix shuttles overshooting the planet when trying to land on it
  • Fix crawlers not attaching to colonists in non enclosed areas

v0.5.48 (2021.06.06)

  • Fix saves directory not getting created for new installations
  • Fix resources failing to load in mac builds
  • Fix Quick Search navigation not going backwards properly
  • Clicking an unconstructed object in build mode will cancel the construction
  • Selecting an object and pressing B (build tool shortcut) will enter build mode with selected object blueprint (if researched)
  • Allow ordering construction of objects on top of material debris without waiting for it to get cleaned

v0.5.47 (2021.06.04)

  • Handle edge case when ordering hauling tasks while placing a tile
  • Add human trait: Cleaning OCD
  • Destroy equipment when removing a being that had something on (i.e. from explosion damage)
  • Fix particle collector impossible to build because of skill requirements
  • Fix popup widget with input crashing on tall characters (Chinese input)
  • Fix cleaning bots showing failed task bubbles without fail reason when someone else has cleaned their targeted dirt
  • Fix research tree tooltips getting stuck if tree was closed while showing a tooltip
  • Remove mechanic where beings would drop current task due to urgent need
  • Fix incorrect “Run In Background” value showing up in settings
  • Fix occasional sprite bleeding edges at a distance

v0.5.46 (2021.06.04)

  • Fix save preview images not loading with file names containing certain special characters
  • Finish the Pet Bowl refill logic
  • Add pet dog
  • Change how expedition is stumbling upon ore deposits
  • Ensure certain amount of copper plates generated on start
  • Make UI tree menu automatically wrap if it goes out of bounds horizontally

v0.5.45 (2021.06.03)

  • Fix autosave not working properly
  • Reduce passive research storage electricity cost to 10%
  • Fix sprite scale not working in being looks
  • Make robots bigger
  • Start working on pets
  • Add cat (WIP)
  • Make cat spawn with 10% chance from stasis arrays
  • Add option to make pets invincible
  • Make cats sleep in colonist beds along with humans
  • Make cats and humans use planters as makeshift toilets when necessary
  • Add Pet Bowl (WIP)

v0.5.44 (2021.06.02)

  • Make research storage cost passive electricity
  • Fix research storage requirement being overwritten with memory value
  • Prevent grounded beings from attempting to repair or deconstruct objects in space
  • Fix texts overlapping in ML Booth info panel and research storage list
  • Overhaul the save / load system to group games together
  • Colonists will wake up with mood and health depending on stasis array stability
  • Colonists will have mental breakdowns if they wake up from unstable stasis array

v0.5.43 (2021.06.01)

  • Make Stasis Array configurable when plugged into electricity
  • Fix cycling through build options with a shortcut switches into not yet researched items
  • Fix research tree showing 0 resources if it is first opened with game clock stopped
  • Improve how electricity values are displayed
  • Build copies of an object when holding the place button down and dragging
  • Rearrange a few items in research tree

v0.5.42 (2021.05.31)

  • Do not notify about fire if it dies down too quickly
  • Automatically construct and connect a connector when releasing an energy connection link on a floor
  • Fix shuttle overshooting a planet from time to time
  • Add Microchip
  • Require Microchips to build certain things
  • Add dead workers when generating new game (for extracting microchips)
  • Rearrange the research tree
  • Adjust certain construction and production costs

v0.5.41 (2021.05.31)

  • Add UI scroll invert and speed settings (to solve issues for Linux users)
  • Fix dead beings triggering event notifications about receiving damage
  • Increase heat damage amounts to beings, especially biological ones
  • Disable culling of beings and materials
  • Fix processing raw material piles creating duplicate AI tasks in the wrong way
  • Make Furnace configurable to smelt just one type of ore at a time

v0.5.40 (2021.05.30)

  • Fix scrollbar not clickable with mouse inside menu panels
  • Start reducing research speed when Ship Computer efficiency goes below 50%
  • Show IRL time when hovering game time
  • Show unavailable research options differently in research tree
  • Remove dynamic deserialization that prevents using IL2CPP (Warning: saved Expeditions and Dirt will be lost!)
  • Add multi-select action for processable objects
  • Make Cleaning Bots processable into scrap metal
  • Make Crawlers processable into protein
  • Fix ghost fires that were reintroduced again with a recent change
  • Fix dead or inactive objects counting towards inventory count in crafting devices
  • Fix cleaning a toilet won’t produce any biowaste

v0.5.39 (2021.05.28)

  • Fix electricity driven workers trying to recharge on non-powered charge stations over and over again
  • Fix fire sound effects not getting removed after the fire dies out
  • Lower the automatic haul priority to 4
  • Fix workers not going for repair station when damaged
  • Fix all cleaning bots going for the same spot at once
  • Fix “crawler attached to colonist” mental breakdown being dealt for non-crawler prey
  • Fix fire not damaging the wall and not spreading if only a wall tile is on fire
  • Put Loom in Weaving research node, and require Weaving for Clothing
  • Keep tool menu permanently expanded
  • Rearrange bottom left menu options

v0.5.38 (2021.05.27)

  • Generate space object names
  • Fix processable raw material items getting hauled after processing was requested
  • Add tooltips with required skill levels and required materials to constructable objects
  • Fix space looking weird after flying too far away from origin
  • Allow selecting a ship size when starting a new game
  • Reintroduce experimental “Wrecked With Stuff” scenario
  • Restore the “Build A Copy” button!
  • Add a goal to build an ML booth when worker skills are lacking

v0.5.37 (2021.05.27)

  • Add multiple performance optimizations
  • Fix cancelling wall replacement leaving progress bar and sparks
  • Refactor how game plumbing is handling saves and loads
  • Fix ambience not stopping after device gets disconnected
  • Fix shower not showing if it’s occupied
  • Fix shower, toilet, beds, etc not updating UI correctly
  • Make materials ejectable from all storages
  • Fix unbuilt shuttle could be selected for an expedition
  • Fix planters configurable while not connected
  • Fix planters not showing unconfigured warning right after being constructed
  • Fix all refillable storages false-promising AI workers electricity as a reward
  • Equipment will now receive damage and could get destroyed while equipped

v0.5.36 (2021.05.25)

  • Fix new bugs with Auto Processors
  • Fix Oak getting selected from a distance
  • Make planters walkable
  • Fix plant harvesting issues
  • Fix destroying a planter would leave plants intact
  • Add a Nuclear Reactor

v0.5.35 (2021.05.24)

  • Ship Computer’s energy node will no longer be controllable through mass actions
  • Begin adding ambient sounds
  • Fix hauling of items that are already being hauled
  • Change how Furnace and Grinder works - allow batching items
  • Change how Storage Unit creates hauling tasks
  • Change how item storages (Wardrobes, Fridges) create hauling tasks

v0.5.34 (2021.05.23)

  • Make it impossible to select equipment by clicking a colonist multiple times
  • Fix ordering hauling for reserved and hidden items
  • Show circular outlines on selected beings
  • Show diamond outlines on selected materials, items and loose objects
  • Fix shuttle expeditions failing to launch with “worker failed to enter the shuttle” false error
  • Fix shuttle launch fumes appearing when they are not supposed to
  • Fix Quick Search and Build A Copy working incorrectly with bottom left menu
  • Hide any being thought bubbles during death
  • Fix haul to storage tool failing to work with beings and other non reservable entities
  • Check for Asimov’s First Law violation when trying to process human beings
  • Fix plants being harvestable even at seed stage
  • Fix non harvested plants being processable

v0.5.33 (2021.05.21)

  • Do not show dead and immobilized beings as potential expedition members
  • Do not allow selecting crawlers and cleaning bots as expedition crew
  • Update checkered lit floor graphic to look more pleasant
  • Fix planning view not updating if clock is stopped
  • Show food and clothing items next to raw materials in inventory overlay
  • Make mouse forward / back buttons and keyboard [ and ] cycle through active tool branch
  • Redo how planters and harvesting works
  • Make large planter fit either 1 large plant or 4 small ones

v0.5.32 (2021.05.20)

  • Fix window behavior when placing it over an existing wall
  • Make floors visible through windows
  • Fix window reflection noise
  • Remove flashing effect from plants
  • Prevent saving during mass construction order creation
  • Implement Shuttle takeoff and landing animation

v0.5.31 (2021.05.19)

  • Fix engines not cooling down after work
  • Add big planter
  • Add Oak tree
  • Fix Nutrient Extractor destroying processed goods when its storage full
  • Fix Emergency Siren turning on after electrical device breaks down
  • Fix Storage Capsule disappearing after being opened

v0.5.30 (2021.05.19)

  • Add keyboard shortcut for Planning tool (L)
  • Fix mods failing to load definitions on case sensitive file systems (Linux)
  • Fix cancelling ML Training task on a robot would still leave ML Booth configured
  • Fix tutorial not being cancelled properly during camera move / zoom stage
  • Make Task Management tool work properly with large objects
  • Make skill level up 10x faster for playtesting
  • Make asteroids and meteor showers avoidable by flying away
  • Prevent changing Starmap scope when there is a pending space object story event
  • Do not trigger Emergency Siren for meteor shower heads up warning
  • Fix refillable component failing to create executable AI task when device had no workspot

v0.5.29 (2021.05.18)

  • Replace Atlas Size option with Texture Quality and downscale textures properly
  • Show what is happening during the game boot phase
  • Increase main menu boot performance with large amount of save files
  • Fix asteroids, meteors and bullets hitting unconstructed tiles
  • Fix tree menu behavior with Quick Search and Build a Copy
  • Make tree menu more usable
  • Fix hidden tree menu items could be selected with keyboard / controller
  • Make it possible to select multiple types of different entities (Beings, Objects, Tiles) at the same time
  • Add common multi-select actions for planters
  • Add Planning tool and overlay

v0.5.28 (2021.05.17)

  • Improve translations system performance
  • Fix switching off a device in a complex electricity grid sometimes would end up with unreachable device
  • Fix lights not shining on objects right after generating a wrecked ship
  • Fix glass floor shader
  • Add Windows (regular and reinforced versions)
  • Add ML Booth for training worker skills
  • Fix research tree showing blurry fonts after being closed while zoomed out
  • Create Mods section in Main Menu
  • Allow toggling mods on and off
  • Fix crash on pasting component config

v0.5.27 (2021.05.15)

  • Fix workers stuck in a loop when doing a hauling task where item was lost after load
  • Add Switch device
  • Fix disconnecting an object that was linking two connectors sometimes ending up with disconnected object being unreachable
  • Add common actions for electrical devices
  • Show emergency recharge progress bar as percentage (more accurate display)
  • Increase emergency recharge speed 2x
  • Fix cycling icons not getting removed correctly

v0.5.26 (2021.05.14)

  • Update Unity to 2021.1.7f1
  • Implement automatic texture atlas pagination (capability to show more and higher quality textures)
  • Make Ship Computer and Stasis Array rotatable
  • Handle event notification icon hover for entities that are no longer available
  • Fix AI actions failing without a parent task hiding worker thought bubbles
  • Fix AI tasks attached to moving entities (beings, hauled objects) not synchronizing task location
  • Add “Build A Copy” to Ship Computer context menu
  • Fix Emergency Siren failing to trigger sound on right after load
  • Fix error when trying to cancel storable item (clothing) haul to storage task
  • Add system for creating common actions for mass-selected objects
  • Add common actions for mass selected raw material piles (hauling)
  • Add common actions for all selected objects with AI tasks (cancel task, adjust priority)
  • Add common actions for all refillable storages like Matter Reactors, Weapons, Crafter

v0.5.25 (2021.05.13)

  • Fix quick search not working properly after loading another save or starting a second new game
  • Automatically hide certain events (death, taking damage) after some time has passed
  • Fix Emergency Siren getting triggered for non critical events
  • Show human comfortable temperature range
  • Fix everyone going to the same toilet / shower
  • Fix reservations not restored correctly in unstored item haul task after load
  • Make engines heat up the surrounding areas while they are operating
  • Fix being blood not showing up properly
  • Fix loading a new save messing up the heat state of a loaded ship
  • Fix Quick Search not allowing proper activation of main menu items while it was showing
  • Fix unplaced transparent floor tiles not showing up as red when placement is not possible
  • Fix ship still flying after being split in half
  • Fix ship still flying after disconnecting Bridge Controls
  • Fix game preferences not resetting correctly after starting a new game or loading
  • Fix cancelling of processing tasks not getting affected by manage tasks tool if source object was moved
  • Add Disassembler device that can deconstruct robots and drones
  • Fix some processing bugs
  • Make the game more stable when incompatible / malformed mods are being loaded

v0.5.24 (2021.05.12)

  • Fix removing an object does not update pathfinding obstacle (broke in v0.5.23)
  • Fix Emergency Siren activating while not powered and even when not yet constructed
  • Add UI button to toggle Emergency Siren sound alert
  • Fix threats that are no longer active still lingering in security system (Fluid Cannon trying to put out fires that no longer burn)
  • Prevent humans from dropping activities in order to search for clothing
  • Fix electricity displaying incorrect values in megawatts range
  • Fix TAB menu index overwriting items with same title (i.e. Floor)
  • Update the ShipOS icon
  • Fix Heat Sink only placeable in bottom and left sides of Ship Computer
  • Fix Solar Panels of different size not chaining correctly
  • Fix Heater temperature controls not working properly
  • Fix placement ability preview not working correctly with floors and walls
  • Do not automatically replace existing floors when creating new ones (except for floor light tiles)

v0.5.23 (2021.05.11)

  • Fix dirt system issues
  • Fix Cleaning Bot trying to clean same unreachable spot over and over again
  • Fix Sola Panels attempted to be cleaned by grounded workers
  • Fix ship wreck island floating apart bulldozing entities without properly removing them (fixes ghost “no connection” icons)
  • Move “Run in background” option from Input to Gameplay settings panel
  • Fix meteors dealing very little blast radius damage
  • Make oxygen / heat simulation more accurate
  • Fix ghost fires making things infinitely hot and impossible to cool down
  • Fix cleaning bots dropping recharge task to go randomly search for dirt
  • Fix flickering tooltips on oxygen / heat overlay when event notifications were updating frequently

v0.5.22 (2021.05.10)

  • Fix doors not closing after being locked while open
  • Prevent humans from taking tasks that can compromise their safety (i.e. deconstructing floors)
  • Fix a couple of expedition errors that were making the expedition stuck
  • Fix repair damage tool erroring out with out of bounds
  • Fix planter not able to load saved plant preventing save from loading successfully
  • Unpowered airlocks will leak oxygen and heat though if stuck open
  • Add passive research to increase construction speed
  • Fix colonists becoming invisible after receiving damage while in toilet or a shower
  • Add copy configuration support to all crafters (Assembler, Loom, etc) and cleaning bots
  • Allow cancelling tool drag with RMB without exiting to Free Select mode
  • Do not require to reselect currently placed object in order to place it where a pile of debris was lying before hauling
  • Add more explanations about unreachable task failures

v0.5.21 (2021.05.09)

  • Add a safety check where under rare conditions rendering loop failed with out of bounds error resulting in blank graphics
  • Fix colonist equipment not restored properly after loading a save
  • Fix cleaning bots still attempting to clean a dirty spot that was already cleaned by someone else
  • Sanitize save file names to remove illegal path characters
  • Trim hex color code string before parsing it when it’s pasted into a light source component UI
  • Fix exception in Demo Mode where it was unable to find a next target
  • Fix ship computer exploding when construction is cancelled or when it is removed in sandbox mode
  • Fix game over getting triggered when removing last Ship Computer instance in sandbox mode
  • Fix graphics crash on potentially updating a tile that is out of bounds

v0.5.20 (2021.05.08)

  • Fix potential reservation failure when processing materials
  • Fix tile hashcode crash when graphics component is not available
  • Hide red cross icon on dead colonists when they are being processed
  • Fix possible to launch same being on two expeditions at once
  • Add expedition options to Shuttle UI
  • Fix expedition abort while it was preparing for takeoff not working properly
  • Add “Texture Atlas Size” to video settings to reduce video memory consumption on systems with less memory
  • Fix intergalactic space flight happening 100 times faster than it should

v0.5.19 (2021.05.07)

  • Fix vents spreading oxygen / heat too quickly
  • Fix dirt leaking from one save to another
  • Limit fire spread too quickly through vents
  • Fix mouse tooltip appearing below context popup
  • Fix cancelling a tool mid drag transferring the dragged area to free select tool
  • Fix blood sprites not correctly linked to being species
  • Fix occasional AI error for beings without material storage
  • Do not show large operation warnings in sandbox mode
  • Add warning when trying to mass construct more than 250 objects
  • Hide thought bubbles
  • Fix damage decals not updating properly

v0.5.18 (2021.05.07)

  • Fix placing any electrical device would draw connector preview from same distance for both short and long range connectors
  • Prevent crawler showing thought bubbles while its attached to a colonist
  • Add dev tool for placing dirt decals
  • Add configuration settings for Cleaning Bot
  • Improve fire marks display in generated ship
  • Improve bleeding
  • Make robotic beings leak dirt when their maintenance level is low
  • Fix dirt system issue with removing multi tile objects
  • Fix unconstructed doors blocking worker path
  • Fix solar panels accumulating dust while not constructed yet
  • Make .save files loadable without .meta
  • Fix solar panels are not supposed to be walkable
  • Fix cleanable component displaying dirt accumulation incorrectly
  • Prevent scrolling and zooming at the same time in research tree and starmap
  • Fix obsolete Printer device trying to be created in random ship
  • Fix refilling reactors with more than worker can carry ending up destroying materials

v0.5.17 (2021.05.06)

  • Start building graphs at
  • Add Fluid Cannon
  • Add dirt system
  • Add Cleaning Bot
  • Add Cleaning Bot Dock
  • Implement cleaning bot behaviors

v0.5.16 (2021.05.03)

  • Fix fire not lighting objects
  • Add explosion visual effect
  • Show turret fire range
  • Make turrets fire only at defined angle
  • Make turrets work against meteors (not asteroids)
  • Mark dead beings with red X

v0.5.15 (2021.05.02)

  • Fix game save/load not serializing skill levels properly
  • Fix game load producing weird state if equipped item is not found during load
  • Add hint about managing ad priorities quickly
  • Make vents useful
  • Don’t show a health bar for damaged crawler when it is attached on a colonist
  • Fix occasional object graphic override rendering race condition on save load

v0.5.14 (2021.04.30)

  • Fix humans getting stuck while trying to do repairs
  • Fix materials being lost if unfinished construction is cancelled using deconstruction order tool
  • Notify about tasks that no worker has skill or ability to perform
  • Limit the max size of all tooltips
  • Show tooltips above truncated ui data block titles
  • Fix traits not being loaded correctly
  • Fix item storage fill bar not refreshing after load until device is selected
  • Fix need modifier traits preventing some needs from ever dropping or getting fulfilled
  • Add initial implementation of turret firing bullets

v0.5.13 (2021.04.29)

  • Implement egg hatch crawlers story event
  • Fix equipment reservation failure
  • Fix inventory system leaking items into another game
  • Implement crawlers attaching to colonist faces
  • Add initial implementation of a directional turret
  • Add “Crawler Attached” mental breakdown

v0.5.12 (2021.04.28)

  • Fix some entity components not cleaned up completely after multiple scenario generation attempts
  • Add Emergency Siren device
  • Add Stress need for humans
  • Fix occasional “eternal flames”
  • Make bottom left menu work with small resolutions

v0.5.11 (2021.04.27)

  • Show more accurate tile placement preview when placing floors and walls
  • Fix floor tile replacement destroying an adjacent floor tile
  • Redo the reservation system for non-stackable objects
  • Fix expedition failing to save or load when one of the expedition members have died or disappeared
  • Reduce default autocleaning amount for solar panels to 33%
  • Make planet mining speed tunable
  • Increase planet mining speed 5x for playtesting
  • Fix some errors during scenario generation
  • Remove electricity from sleeping pods
  • Fix several small issues
  • Make Stasis Array graphic bigger

v0.5.10 (2021.04.26)

  • Fix cancelling ongoing deconstruction task keeps showing progress bar
  • Rename Storage Module to Disk Module to avoid confusion with Storage Unit
  • Fix inventory search algorithm failing when there are more than 256 items available
  • Refactor Nutrient Extractor to be a Processor rather than a unique device
  • Show more information about failed or rejected tasks
  • Make humans equip hats at will
  • Fix tall objects near walls catching light incorrectly
  • Refactor food to be a generic storable item
  • Refactor Fridge to be a generic storage component
  • Add Steel Wardrobe furniture item
  • Workers will haul unused clothing items to wardrobes

v0.5.9 (2021.04.25)

  • Fix research widget not refreshing when research is finished while widget is open
  • Add Config/Tunable folder in mods to configure various game balance parameters
  • Fix a few internal errors with deconstruction task and processor component
  • Add a setting for selecting units of measurement (Celsius / Farenheit)
  • Add Hint system that will track certain actions and show hint popups
  • Add hint after manually cancelling several tasks
  • Add hint for ordering mass nutrient extraction
  • Add hint for ordering mass hauling
  • Add hint after manually disconnecting several devices from electricity grid
  • Add hint for adjusting and mass copying automatic cleaning threshold for cleanable devices
  • Make crafter component menu item more informative
  • Rename “Remove” tool to “Deconstruct”
  • Prevent a situation where an object can end up being built without a floor beneath it
  • Fix ore mining expedition event ending up in a loop when shuttle storage is full
  • Auto fix door rotation if it is incorrect when loading a save
  • Make story events more frequent
  • Make stasis wake up events more frequent

v0.5.8 (2021.04.23)

  • Add “Short Sleeper” being trait
  • Add “Long Sleeper” being trait
  • Add “Insomniac” being trait
  • Add “Nudist” being trait
  • Add “Showerer” being trait
  • Add “Fast Metabolism” being trait
  • Add “Slow Metabolism” being trait
  • Add “Slow Pooper” being trait
  • Add “Ablutophobic” being trait
  • Add “Always Hungry” being trait
  • Move keyboard shortcuts around
  • Change Stasis Array art

v0.5.7 (2021.04.22)

  • Fix multiple people being able to use the same shower / toilet at the same time
  • Mark last loaded save as latest for “continue”
  • Make crafting devices more flexible and verbose about their state
  • Improve pathfinding to make items stuck in walls or objects reachable from nearby
  • Polish crafter and producer components (lots of devices based on these)
  • Fix toilet and shower AI task loading issue
  • Fix replacing an wall with a door or a vent would not create the construction task
  • Show oxygen pump and heater radius when they are placed or selected
  • Fix tutorial not waiting for a tile being selected underneath the ship computer
  • Fix dead beings trying to get dressed
  • Allow opening research view when Electricity research is not complete
  • Fix beings sleeping in unconstructed bed

v0.5.6 (2021.04.20)

  • Display suggestion dialogue as soon as the suggestion appears
  • Repair tool will show damaged tiles as red
  • Replace percentage displays with progress bars in construction and repairs
  • Add progress bar displays where necessary
  • Ensure correct worker facing after loading the game with task in progress
  • Fix incorrectly displayed actual and peak output values in electricity grid details
  • Add electricity grid, memory and storage bars to research view
  • Block research view from opening if ship computer is not connected to a powered grid
  • Turn Stasis Array into an electrical device
  • Encourage the player to connect to Stasis Array early in game
  • Build tool will show green tiles where current object can be placed
  • Implement fridge as food storage unit
  • Accumulate biowaste when Toilet is used
  • Implement toilet cleaning
  • Add Cloning Pods
  • Heal injured humans when they are sleeping in a bed with satisfied hunger need
  • Humans will seek and equip available clothing items
  • Add Sleeping Pod
  • Automatically haul unstored food items to the fridge
  • Fix batteries not charging in bigger electricity grids

v0.5.5 (2021.04.14)

  • Add maintenance need for robots and drones
  • Add Repair Station to fix damaged robots and do their maintenance
  • Add Haul to Storage tool
  • Fix task management tool not working properly with non-tile based tasks
  • Add Loom device
  • Separate Thought Bubble and regular Icon to make them displayable at the same time
  • Make it possible to haul dropped harvested wheat
  • Fix harvesting task save / load issues
  • Change cursor depending on the active tool
  • Fix a rendering bug that would sometimes display damage overlay incorrectly
  • Improve ship wreckage generation
  • Fix broken generation of Empty and Random ships
  • Make ship generation more resilient to missing object definitions
  • Fix ambience sources autoplaying when they shouldn’t
  • Break down attachable space objects if adjacent floors get destroyed
  • Generate brighter floor lights
  • Add dev inspect tool
  • Fix object rotation generation ending up with half cut sprites in random ship scenario
  • Add health bars
  • Add initial implementation of Crawler
  • Allow building floors on top of material debris in open space

v0.5.4 (2021.04.09)

  • Fix tutorial getting occasionally stuck at energy connection phase
  • Fix some bugs with door passability and info icons not updating
  • Make meteor shower multi directional
  • Make meteor and asteroid impacts drop materials
  • Disallow building tiles based objects on top of lose objects
  • Make it possible to haul raw materials to storage
  • Fix drones getting stuck in distant space after deconstructing something far away
  • Add Heat Sink device for Ship Computer
  • Make ambient light configurable in video settings
  • Improve grouped events behavior
  • Add new Story Event: “Dust Storm”
  • Make multi tile objects look properly on fire
  • Change how fire looks
  • Make fresh fire linger for at least 5 minutes before dying out if there is no oxygen
  • Fix a bunch of small bugs

v0.5.3 (2021.04.07)

  • Upgrade Unity to 2021.1.1f
  • Fix ship engines not being generated properly
  • Fix some sounds not playing after 48 days of computer uptime
  • Make game brighter
  • Remove cursor light
  • Fix floor lights not turning off when their energy node gets switched off
  • Fix info icons occasionally not showing up on an object after an icon of a group was hidden
  • Fix some electricity grid bugs related to devices taking damage
  • Add new Story Event: “Matter Reactor malfunction”
  • Add new Story Event: “Electrical device broke down”
  • Add new Story Event: “Capsule Loot: Random Material”
  • Add a way to disassemble opened storage capsules
  • Rename Printer to Assembler
  • Make game load resilient to missing object definitions

v0.5.2 (2021.04.06)

  • Fix human graphics rotation when using a bed
  • Realign eating graphic offsets after graphics overhaul
  • Make all beings move faster
  • Fix battery discharge story event stuck forever, preventing new events
  • Balance and rearrange some tech in research tree
  • Make Research Tree and Starmap widgets draggable with middle and left mouse buttons
  • Add “Build a Storage” goal
  • Fix a few minor goal and story event related bugs

v0.5.1 (2021.04.03)

  • Fix workers possibly getting stuck inside big objects (like Storage) right after constructing them
  • Fix ghost electricity icons appearing if wrecked ship needs regenerating
  • Make starting conditions generation more reliable
  • Fix new bugs related to enlarged object areas
  • Increase ambient color brightness

v0.5.0 (2021.04.02)

  • Replace all graphics
  • Show full object with red overlay when placement is impossible
  • Fix engines and solar panels placement validation
  • Fix workspot rotation incorrect with larger objects
  • Fix lighting not applied correctly on tall objects close to walls

v0.4.6 (2021.03.07)

  • Fix pulsating light source pulse working incorrectly
  • Fix video settings not showing current resolution properly
  • Set “run in background” setting to false by default
  • Fix electricity glitch where battery would show both production and consumption at the same time
  • Fix suggestion to expand electricity grid failing to initialize

v0.4.5 (2021.03.07)

  • Fix being graphics not properly restored after using a shower / toilet
  • Fix unreachable charge station no longer usable after 1 failure to reach it
  • Fix missing Carbon graphics
  • Unlock Construction right from the start
  • Make glass floor reflection more visible
  • Fix trying connect a node to not constructed connector showing wrong error
  • Make electricity grid overlay more understandable

v0.4.4 (2021.03.04)

  • Get rid of long press buttons where possible
  • Prevent clearing notifications while in tutorial
  • Create dialogue queue instead of replacing dialogs
  • Redo tutorial to work with new dialog queue mechanic
  • Improve graphics at further zoom levels
  • Fix some tooltips getting stuck when mouse moves over a dialog or UI element
  • Generate various types of ore deposits in discovered planets
  • Implement full space expedition cycle
  • Implement first space expedition event: finding mineable ore
  • Add new OST track

v0.4.3 (2021.03.02)

  • Fix ship generation getting stuck in a loop if starting area failed to generate in first attempt
  • Fix objects not being cleaned up in between ship regeneration attempts
  • Fix objects destroyed during generation cleanup still showing info icons
  • Fix Unity crash when error reporting was triggered not in main thread

v0.4.2 (2021.03.01)

  • Change planet looks generation in Starmap
  • Fix electricity deficit notification duplicating itself
  • Fix electricity connector bug that prevented creating connections if an unfinished connection was released on a non energy tile
  • Add new Materials
  • Add Furnace for smelting ores into alloys
  • Fix trying to open Starmap overlay messing up the tutorial
  • Fix Engine sounds playing after load while engine is off
  • Fix game being unplayable on Mac

v0.4.1 (2021.02.25)

  • Dump contents of a storage when it is removed
  • Anchor zoom to mouse cursor
  • Fix Starmap view scales and offsets
  • Improve Starmap looks
  • Add Shuttle and initial implementation of space expeditions
  • Normalize volume of all OST tracks
  • Normalize volume of all sfx
  • Change UI sound fx

v0.4.0 (2021.02.21)

  • Stop and play ship engine ambience sound when engines are off / on
  • Show current goal events after loading the game
  • Fix reach stasis arrays goal not getting completed
  • Fix charge station task being stuck if rejected by a worker, leading to workers failing to recharge
  • Add more functionality to Tasks overlay menu
  • Add confirmation for mass removal and repairs
  • Implement being sleep
  • Implement being toilet use
  • Implement being shower use
  • Refactor Needs to be loadable from JSON files through mods
  • Refactor Materials to be loadable from JSON files through mods
  • Make Starmap part of overlay buttons
  • Require powered and connected Bridge Controls for using Starmap
  • Make mouse zoom smoother

v0.3.6 (2021.02.14)

  • Leak oxygen/heat through damaged floors
  • Show damage type in “being taking damage” notifications
  • Fix generation placing stasis arrays differently for same seed
  • Fix AI need drop rates to be more precise
  • Add tooltips for all info icons and texts
  • Fix hitting ESC while showing areas overlay with hovered icon not hiding area preview
  • Fix enclosed areas and islands count not updating in area overlay
  • Fix camera zoom not restored when loading
  • Add “Build a Copy” button to constructable object details and context menu
  • Add goal system that guides the player with suggestions of what should be done next
  • Add a dozen of different early-game goals

v0.3.5 (2021.02.10)

  • Add function to hold doors open and release them
  • Add new event notification type that will contain an extra info button
  • Fix Research Tree and Starmap widget WASD pan speed depending on in-game camera zoom
  • Show less components on unreachable devices
  • Expand electricity connection failure warning popups with more details on how to solve the problem
  • Fix error in environment tab when section has become unavailable
  • Make Heater’s target temperature configurable
  • Improve heat exchange simulation
  • Reorder overlay icons
  • Make storage haul priority configurable
  • Switch to energy connect tool when dragging any energy node in free select
  • Redo info icon system to support cycling multiple icons
  • Make energy connect tool visual feedback easier to see and understand
  • Improve Planter
  • Improve Storage
  • Fix Drone light source requiring energy
  • Add refill priority to Matter Reactor
  • Make Matter Reactor configuration mass-copyable
  • Restrict copying component configuration for non-reachable devices
  • Fix sparks not going away after cancelling an ongoing construction task
  • Fix worker priorities being modified for each workers of same species at the same time
  • Fix Starmap not loading saved destination properly

v0.3.4 (2021.02.06)

  • Fix space travel ship taking forever to stop
  • Change haul icon
  • Add a way to mute all game sounds
  • Retarget the entity link to next entity when clicking an icon on group event widget
  • Split Labor component into Labor and Worker
  • Add controllable and non controllable worker types
  • Implement worker priority management

v0.3.3 (2021.02.04)

  • Don’t show non existent shortcuts when controller is in use
  • Improve gameplay with controller
  • Improve random ship generation algorithms
  • Show more details in rooms and section overlays
  • Show oxygen, temperature, insulation and airtightness levels under mouse cursor when these overlays are activated
  • Make environment tab more consistent with overlay buttons
  • Toggle overlays by clicking environment tab icons
  • Update Unity to 2020.2.3f1

v0.3.2 (2021.02.03)

  • Restore the ability to connect electricity node to multiple connectors at once for grid redundancy
  • Make repeated press of the shortcut toggle tool on / off
  • Automatically refresh electricity grid UI elements
  • Put Doors on electricity grid
  • Fix electricity grid not active right after loading the game
  • Fix mouse wheel scrolling game camera beneath some scrollable widgets
  • Disable in-game lights when showing a color overlay
  • Remove electricity node switch from connectors
  • Refactor the UI creation code

v0.3.1 (2021.02.02)

  • Fix WIP Starmap component on Ship Computer drawing -20kW
  • Don’t play dialog sounds multiple times if text changed too quickly (i.e. when loading a tutorial)
  • Fix a few small issues with tutorial
  • Fix broken feedback form text area widget
  • Improve research tree / starmap widget navigation
  • Reorder save menu items
  • Add shortcut for build menu (b)
  • Reorganize build menu
  • Don’t show zero production on some producer components (i.e. battery)
  • Make space background show actual ship motion vector in the universe
  • Begin initial implementation of space travel
  • Change main menu space background
  • Fix battery energy production / consumption value ranges being zero in energy node UI
  • Start work on Ship system
  • Implement engine autopilot
  • Organize energy connections in better way
  • Switch research and starmap widgets to full screen
  • Show cooldown prompt when clicking the overheating event icon
  • Fix energy connector failing to disconnect components outside CPU grid in sandbox mode
  • Fix load game panel incorrectly resizing itself after showing a save without image
  • Fix drone pathfinding failing to reach tightly packed solar panels for cleaning
  • Fix loading saved game would not correctly restore some worker tasks
  • Make default lights dimmer
  • Add shortcut for energy connect tool (G, as in Grid)
  • Add shortcut for repair and remove tools (F and V)
  • Add shortcut for task priority tool (J, as in jobs)
  • Add copy paste configuration tool (P shortcut)
  • Change overlay colors to be less aggressive
  • Improve tool shortcut behavior
  • Change how removal tool works
  • Prevent silent energy connector backlink failures that resulted in ghost energy grids
  • Fix some events showing incorrect start time
  • Make electricity grids without ship computer show up in a different way
  • Don’t show energy consumption in energy overlay for grids that are disconnected from the ship computer
  • Improve energy connect tool visual feedback
  • Fix energy connection tool visual problems
  • Automatically enable electricity overlay when switching into grid connect tool
  • Add a full discharge robot / drone recharge lockdown mechanic
  • Fix energy grid split brain situation in certain connector configurations
  • Add more restrictions to energy node connectivity
  • Show tool shortcuts where possible

v0.3.0 (2021.01.22)

  • Create multi-map support (incompatible with 0.2.x saves)
  • Create space object hierarchy
  • Generate the initial version of the universe
  • Begin the work on starmap
  • Add initial Bridge Controls implementation
  • Do not reset the position of overlay popup menu
  • Fix custom UI scale resetting itself unnecessarily
  • Switch to bigger square shaped maps
  • Do not try to load saves from incompatible versions
  • Make research widget and starmap zoomable and panable with all input devices
  • Make max charge rate configurable for charge station component
  • Fix ship computer not updating memory / storage amounts
  • Increase battery capacity 10x
  • Reduce the max range of Energy Connector v2
  • Add descriptions for most items
  • Fix popups autosizing

v0.2.17 (2021.01.18)

  • Fix consequent saving failing due to being unable to replace a backup
  • Show warning popup immediately if saving the game fails
  • Make colonist wakeup events less frequent
  • Add “Run in background” setting
  • Make charge stations consume more energy when a being is charging
  • Reduce power output of solar panels
  • Add solar panel cleaning mechanic
  • Prevent energy grid recalculation from happening while game is still loading
  • Fix charge station not promising robots/drones electricity for construction
  • Prevent grounded beings from trying to build stuff that is supposed to be built in space
  • Make charge station unusable when it’s not powered
  • Show last deficit text when looking at energy nodes
  • Simplify electricity grid overlay
  • Fix battery overcharging
  • Fix matter reactor showing production when it’s not in use

v0.2.16 (2021.01.17)

  • Do not rebuild the whole game menu after game is saved (won’t hide the menu after save anymore)
  • Fix RMB opening context menu in addition to disabling active overlay
  • Fix raw material storage component save / load inconsistency
  • Review construction material requirements and work amounts for all objects
  • Add input setting to adjust (or remove) “hold to click” button duration
  • Tune UI colors
  • Add Airlocks
  • Reduce save loading time, especially with large map sizes
  • Fix energy node on/off switch not being available when it should
  • Add extra security measures to prevent corrupt saves from happening (pre-save validation, auto backups)
  • Fix remove tool producing an error when empty space got selected
  • Make constructable component load logic compatible with future changes in blueprint material amounts
  • Rework Oxygen Pump and Heater graphics

v0.2.15 (2021.01.16)

  • Fix quick search result icon not being clickable with mouse
  • Fix glass reflections missing
  • Remove “Wrecked with Stuff” scenario
  • Make “Wrecked” scenario compatible with smallest map size
  • Add support for more map sizes
  • Fix several edge case errors
  • Fix re-selecting the same entity wouldn’t focus on it
  • Optimize large electricity grid display performance at high time speed
  • Make Robots and Drones seek charge station even sooner
  • Add story event: Robot/Drone battery malfunction (instant discharge)

v0.2.14 (2021.01.15)

  • Try to satisfy robot and drone energy needs before they run out of juice
  • Show energy thought bubble for robots and drones when they couldn’t find a free charge station
  • Show icon on disconnected energy nodes
  • Do not auto-adjust the time speed in tutorial when it’s not necessary
  • Prevent energy research from completing ahead of time during the tutorial
  • Improve energy grid rendering performance with large grids
  • Show outline of hovered tile in energy connection tool

v0.2.13 (2021.01.14)

  • Show correct power production and consumption values in grid overlay
  • Add tooltip hints in research widget
  • Fix energy connector not showing auto connect option in context menu when grid is reachable
  • Fix energy connector numbers not updating when connection between two connectors changes
  • Fix auto connect showing bogus warning about auto connection being incomplete
  • Show list of unlocked blueprints after researching something
  • Do not progress the research while CPU is cooling down
  • Show damage cracks on even slightly damaged tiles
  • Make beings reluctant to try the same failed task right away
  • Make storage capsule drop event obey radar presence
  • Show “!” next to connectors that are off CPU grid
  • Show live link to grid area when hovering grid icon in energy overlay
  • Wake up colonists separately from other story events
  • Add Energy Connector v2 with longer range and twice the connection capacity

v0.2.12 (2021.01.13)

  • Prevent multiple instances of same sound playing at the same time
  • Show link between task and worker on object hover
  • Show link between all tasks and workers when Tasks overlay is enabled
  • Automatically restrict clock speed when dangerous events occur
  • Fix energy connector count text not updating in real time
  • Fix 3D printer allowing to print anything without researching it first
  • Do not render duplicate electricity link between two energy connectors
  • Add close button to all menus
  • Add new OST track
  • Fix feedback form trying to save the game in main menu
  • Make clicking on event notification open log entry when applicable
  • Add story event: Mental break
  • Add explosion sound effect and camera shake
  • Toggle the research panel when clicking on no research event icon rather than just opening it
  • Improve in-game console
  • Add different sound for emergency notifications
  • Track moving objects when they are focused (asteroids)
  • Redo asteroids to target specific locations instead of random fall
  • Add story event: Electricity grid malfunction (heavy)
  • Show tooltip with event timer
  • Fix energy connector autoconnect sometimes resulting in 9/8 overconnection
  • Notify about electricity deficit
  • Add Storage Capsules
  • Automatically disconnect damaged electrical devices
  • Disallow connecting damaged electrical devices
  • Add story event: Storage capsule drop
  • Implement Radar
  • Make Asteroid warning appear only if there is an operational Radar on ship
  • Add watermark logo for screenshotting and video capture
  • Show current task link when being with a task is selected
  • Add functions to copy/paste light colors
  • Do not show light color controls for turned off or unavailable lights
  • Fix misleading “Lacking raw material” notification when material is unreachable by grounded being
  • Fix multitile objects not working correctly before saved / loaded
  • Energy Connector will only auto-connect to unconnected devices
  • Kill distant sounds sooner
  • Rebalance a lot of component research requirements
  • Rethink the research tree

v0.2.11 (2021.01.08)

  • Add event log that will contain your generated story
  • Add way to create custom event log entries
  • Add soft failure recovery for corrupt save files
  • Make UI more flexible
  • Reduce the number of dead bodies in wrecked ship scenario generation
  • Make zoom sensitivity configurable in input settings
  • Begin work on AI storyteller
  • Add story event: Asteroid
  • Add story event: Stasis wake up
  • Add story event: Drone battery overload
  • Add story event: Spawn egg
  • Add story event: Electricity grid malfunction (light)

v0.2.10 (2021.01.05)

  • Add traits system
  • Implement first traits: introvert and extrovert
  • Add relationships system
  • Add mood system
  • Add Persona component
  • Fix RMB not cancelling a tool properly
  • Improve performance with extreme amounts of beings (thousands)
  • Make species definition more flexible
  • Make genders, sexual orientations and attractions moddable for any species
  • Show warning triangles instead of missing sprites
  • Link being looks generation to species config
  • Add support for complex names with nicknames
  • Fix incorrectly displayed time in some UI elements
  • Show deconstruction progress percentage
  • Fix damageable component’s repair menu
  • Make floor lights cost much less electricity
  • Add mental breakdown type: Start fire
  • Add mental breakdown type: Roam around
  • Add mental breakdown type: Deconstruct random objects
  • Add mood effect: Naked
  • Add mood effect: Lonely
  • Add mood effect: Surrounded by people
  • Add mood effect: Ate at / without table
  • Add mood effect: Ate at makeshift table

v0.2.9 (2020.12.25)

  • Add asteroids
  • Generate people naked
  • Make hats and clothing 3D printable and equippable separately
  • Fix ship computer not showing energy use during research
  • Show more details in electricity grid overlay
  • Make ignored drag distance configurable in input settings
  • Keep overlays activated while dragging with right mouse button
  • Make mouse controls and RMB behavior more consistent
  • Change how beings behave in dangerous conditions

v0.2.8 (2020.12.20)

  • Show construction progress
  • Fix some errors reported by playtesters
  • Make it possible to attach your save in feedback form
  • Fix being and object rendering z order
  • Add slot system for placing objects on surfaces
  • Implement food system
  • Implement Crafting component
  • Add Robotics research
  • Make drones craftable
  • Add a craftable Soy Burger
  • Make humans go eat available food to satisfy hunger
  • Fix lights flickering when walls or floors are built or removed
  • Fix broken fire implementation
  • Change how fire spreads and how fire damage is being dealt
  • Fix context menu occasionally unnecessarily paginating itself
  • Prevent camera from panning too far away from the ship
  • Don’t list dead bodies in beings list
  • Change object rotation to go in one direction only (less key bindings needed)
  • Change default key bindings to be more convenient
  • Add options to configure how space background looks
  • Add Changelog panel to main menu
  • Add 3D printable survival meal
  • Make damage look more organic

v0.2.7 (2020.12.11)

  • Make middle mouse button rotate objects before placement
  • Prevent confirm and input popups from producing duplicates
  • Add input settings panel with interactive rebinding support
  • Change UI lines from mouse to object to be straight
  • Fix slider background not being auto-styled
  • Fix templates generating objects with gaps
  • Quick Search will also find your workers and other beings
  • Optimize energy grid performance

v0.2.6 (2020.12.10)

  • Fix bottom left menu not reacting to hover if root button was clicked
  • Add Twitch settings panel
  • Add UI scale controls to video settings panel
  • Add cutoff controls to audio settings panel
  • Add Gameplay options panel
  • Make manual UI scale confined to sane values
  • Automatically reset UI scale if resolution change made UI too big / too small
  • Start building blueprints system for 3D printing
  • Start building meals and food system
  • Add Vegetarian Food to research tree
  • Add Soy Burger item

v0.2.5 (2020.12.09)

  • Polish the tutorial, handle more edge cases
  • Hint objects that need to be clicked with lines from cursor in tutorial
  • Fix a couple of bugs
  • Fix race condition with multiple coroutines using same waiter object

v0.2.4 (2020.12.08)

  • Add Carbon raw material
  • add Ship Computer overheating and cooldown mechanics
  • Add mysterious eggs
  • Visualize connection previews
  • Change how energy connections look like
  • Fix a couple of random generation bugs
  • Make sure Ship Computer and Robot are generated in safe area
  • Produce natural debris from ship destruction
  • Add hover links showing target objects for some UI elements

v0.2.3 (2020.12.05)

  • Fix lose material pile hauling issues
  • Change roaming logic to prevent stopping in doorways
  • Make it impossible to “shutdown” humans
  • Fix some deconstruction ads being marked as unreachable after save/load
  • Make updates public on Discord
  • Toggle Quick Search with Tab
  • Add pagination to Quick Search
  • Improve Quick Search result accuracy
  • Improve Context Menu behavior
  • Make Research run 5x faster for playtesting
  • Make beings take cold and oxygen damage again

v0.2.2 (2020.12.03)

  • Add camera dolly motion tooling for trailer capture
  • Change some key bindings
  • Fix research widget blocks sized incorrectly
  • Fix bottom left menu sometimes being stuck in wrong position
  • Make tutorial skippable via ESC
  • Make detached UI dialogs and boxes draggable
  • Confine draggable UI to never leave screen area
  • Add quick search (Space)
  • Lots of small improvements in gameplay
  • Lots of bugfixes
  • Balance improvements
  • Controller UI enhancements

v0.2.1 (2020.11.27)

  • Improve lights
  • Add UI context menus
  • Redo the main menu
  • Too much to write down
  • Fix some issues with UI scaling
  • Properly autoscale UI

v0.1.7 (2020.11.24)

  • Add UI for many internal components
  • Add Tasks and Beings overlays
  • Visualize being navigation path
  • Fix more bugs
  • Fix issues with software / hardware cursor switching

v0.1.6 (2020.11.22)

  • Flash resources on the map with brighter color
  • Fix some AI bugs
  • Make printer rotatable
  • Automatically update available resources count when overlay is shown
  • Fix Charge Station producing more than one charge task at a time after save / load
  • Add mass removal to the tutorial
  • Fix some energy system bugs
  • Change how energy grid is visualized
  • Redo how construction tasks are executed

v0.1.5 (2020.11.18)

  • Make ambient light darker
  • Change how construction happens
  • Add more tools to control task priorities

v0.1.4 (2020.11.17)

  • Add sound settings panel
  • Start adding more sounds and effects
  • Rework the bootstrap and game switching architecture

v0.1.3-alpha (2020.11.15)

  • Add multiple small enhancements
  • Rework the UI

v0.1.2-alpha (2020.11.14)

  • Significantly increase energy efficiency to reduce Matter Reactor burn rate
  • Add UI sounds
  • Implement autosave
  • Show more metadata in load game panel
  • Fix linux mouse wheel zooming being reversed
  • Fix R / F zooming being reversed

v0.1.1-alpha (2020.11.12)

  • Address some feedback from Efmi

v0.1.0-alpha (2020.11.11)

  • Begin Alpha playtesting
  • Establish the Changelog